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  2. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Kushner - " couple of face book ads" - libs please vent here

    It's always good to see you speak so definitively from the deep well of your ignorance.
  3. sailhmb

    Whiskeytown Regatta Crew Needed May 25-26

    I'll be there too with a VX one. Game on! Have you contacted the WT race committee about needing a crew?
  4. Importunate Tom

    Kushner - " couple of face book ads" - libs please vent here

    He's only partially right. They were largely amusingly incompetent social media posts, unlikely to do anything but make a viewer laugh. I never saw one of them before the election and had to ask around to get Rainbow Bernie. They threw a match at the inferno! It changed EVERYTHING!!! Actually, as I said, a kind of a dud of a match but it probably burned a bit anyway because, you know, the inferno. This place is a good example. Lots of little Jussie Smollets around here looking for that elusive Russian shill.
  5. dcnblues

    Gunboat 68

    Well, real life sure likes drain tubes in sunroofs and deck hatches. Works in cars, seems to work on the GB 68. I wonder why experienced sailors like yourself haven't created a demand for hatches with drains which would defeat the surface tension trying to otherwise make those hatches leaky? Hmm, I wonder whether it might be an attitude that condemns anything not done the old way as 'stupid,' and is arrogant enough to use personal attacks even when they can't get their facts straight. I'll tell you what, Sparky: You stick with tradition. I'll stick with innovation (and thank god you weren't anywhere near the design board for the GB 68).
  6. TQA

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Bernard Moitessier tried trailing warps and stuff in a survival storm in the Southern Ocean. He eventually cut it away and ran before the storm under bare poles saying it was safer. Worth looking up the chapter on this.
  7. sailhmb

    Fareast 19R

    The VX One fits your requirements. There are fleets in Toronto and Boston who you contact for a check ride.
  8. Monkey

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    Yep. We’re all going to die.
  9. rh2600

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I doubt it... ETNZ give as much of a fuck about this thing as anyone else does... ie zero....
  10. Marcjsmith

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well it’s got two beer can holders, so it’s got that going for no leak. Would that be a holy trinity?
  11. sailorman44

    Baltoplate and 355 Thinner?

    Call Interlux and ask. In my experience Baltoplate is finicky, I would follow the instructions on the can. A bottom job is too expensive in turns of cost and labor to take a chance.
  12. Shortforbob


    For how many generations should that apply? Your second Citizenship rights varies depending on the policy of the country of your parent. and as I pointed out, we can't make anyone stateless as per our agreement with International law. And how can you say that there's the same set of Punishments when one Australian can be deported and others can't. You want to create 2nd class citizens?
  13. Gladiator Sailing

    Junk on the trunk

    Tell me about it! Picking our way around them in 8’ of water to anchor was a chore! Especially the ones with 100:1 scope!! This particular gem was outbound yesterday and inbound today, so it’s pretty evident that the “permit” system probably isn’t being enforced! We’ve actually watched a few rafts of boats migrate in and anchor in a spot vacated by a boat leaving only to see the “placeholder” boat come back and raft up the next day. I thought the Vancouver PD marine patrol were a bunch of balaclava wearing badasses!!
  14. Varan

    Needing good shoes

    $17 USD at Costco a few years ago. Edit.. add some Gortex socks and you are good to go when the weather takes a turn.
  15. JK4

    Need Advice - C&C 34/36+

    Don't know how much downwind sailing you plan on doing, but be warned that the 34 downwind cannot be described as "stable" under kite. Raced on one for a number of years and in a good breeze under kite it was not a question of if, but only when was she going to wipeout. She simply has too small a spade to keep her stable downwind in a good breeze.
  16. See Level

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    It's not just the wind It's also the water. :-(
  17. Fah Kiew Tu


    Wrong way to look at it IMO. I can't by international treaty get rid of *all* the arseholes about the place but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get rid of those I can manage. There's only one set of values. Only one set of expected behaviours. Same set of laws and punishments. So you're full of crap there. Yeah, there's extra consequences if you're not a citizen or not a native-born citizen. So what, living here as a migrant is a privilege not a right. Break too many of our laws and you lose that privilege. I get that you don't approve. Tough shit. FKT
  18. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Ah, now it makes sense. The Liberal Party is for sale and the conspiracy theorist was a high bidder... Senate candidate Gerard Rennick donated $30k to LNP ahead of preselection
  19. Rasputin22

    Gunboat 68

    Thanks, that all makes sense now.
  20. jzk

    Climate news

    More fear mongering? Add that to the list of dumbass predictions that didn't come true. The cool thing is that the dumbasses aren't even smart enough to make their predictions of doom for farther out in the future. $70 trillion in climate change cost by 2030? Good luck with that one!
  21. Well, he is pathetic, no? SynonymsEdit (arousing pity): pitiful, wretched, miserable, deplorable, pathetisad (arousing scorn): disgraceful, shameful, despicable, dishonorable
  22. dcnblues

    Gunboat 68

    a) most people (including myself) forget that without oxygen, stainless isn't really stainless and corrodes / cracks (so if you've ever put tape over any part of your standing rigging, you may want to dye test those parts), and b) it's weaker than painted steel and several times weaker than carbon (I thought it was around 1/2 the strength, but it's apparently more like 5x weaker. My bad). Still, when SpaceX decided to switch manufacturing to SS because it's 60x cheaper than carbon and would do the job for a big spacecraft (even so far as to have a porous outer layer on one side to sweat out methane as an evaporative cooling technique), I thought it was interesting enough to share a link on this topic with the hot carbon boat and ask for clarification about the above facts. I probably shouldn't have. Sorry.
  23. d'ranger

    Climate news

    Your bullshit doesn't fly dude - your 1 trick CO2 pony has been explained and debunked and now - today FOX has a piece Of course FOX makes it a bit hard to find but when you have lost FOX, well the writing is on the wall. Enjoy basking in your ignorance.
  24. Shortforbob


    Nah..It's bullshit . It's just perpetuates the idea that Naturalized Australians are somehow lesser than "real Australians" Two sets of values and expected behaviours...You really want all non Australian born kids growing up from a tender age with the idea that they have to behave "better" than the "real Australian" kid in the next desk or risk some awful punishment in the future they really don't understand?
  25. jzk

    Climate news

    Like AOC says, the internet records everything. Like Dick Dumbass. There are hundreds of climate clown fear mongering dumbass statements that have been recorded. Meanwhile, no one is buying the nonsense, except maybe some in Germany and a few other places. Let those be the test cases. This year, China is bringing online as much additional coal powerplant capacity as the US has in its entire fleet. China knows how to bring its people out of poverty.
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