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  2. nieptun

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Interesting theory about muscles and fat. By the way, is it possible to find results of your last EASTER LASER REGATTA (WITH AEROS)? Any conclusion after Aero and Laser regatta?
  3. Snaggletooth

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    SC lickes it when he dose that. and you realley shoude use worde 'plesae'. Iist magice and sondes nicere.
  4. mikewof

    Mex. Army disarms US troops

    If they were off-duty Army guys doing militia, then at least this whole thing would make some sense ... a few guys having some fun doing the militia thing, with either the Mexicans or the Americans having wandered over the border, but we're told that the Americans were on our side of the Rio Grande, and the Mexicans were the ones who fucked up. I'm not sure that I buy that, I suspect that it was the Americans who wandered over the border based on President Trump's vitriol in the media over this. But it being Mexico's fuckup is the official story, so it's truth at this point. But if it's as you suggest, and these were officially sanctioned Army (not National Guard) who were on order from command to roam around that border, and they were on an official mission and then let themselves be disarmed by an invasion force from Mexico, then we have a real problem. Because then it would be militia guys who disarmed, but the U.S. Army. That suggests that they didn't have Hopefully you're wrong, and it was just some guys who fucked up, and we can all forget about it. Because if you're not wrong, then the U.S. Army apparently violated their own rules of engagement. The rules here are very clear from the Pentagon (link) ... "DoD personnel are not authorized to carry individual service weapons during a mission, unless specifically authorized ... In addition, all ammunition and weapons must be transported in sealed containers, and no service member is authorized to bring a personal weapon." So yeah, I am going to be someone optimistic, throw Trump a bone and assume that these guys were not in fact in violation of their rules of engagement, and were just having fun doing their militia thing. They would be legally allowed to do what they did as part of a civilian militia, they would not be allowed to do what they did in their day jobs with the U.S. Army.
  5. Ajax

    4 / 24

    God damnit, I'm sorry to hear this. We're all thinking of you. I hope it all works out.
  6. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    unsafe blah blah, multihulls blah blah SailGP blah blah
  7. Movable Ballast


  8. LaurenZ

    Amalfi Coast - Bareboat

    We went last summer. Any of the typical stops on Amalfi Coast are worth doing. We based out of Salerno and did Positano, Ischia, Procida, Capri, and Amalfi. Depending on when you go, mooring fees are astronomical and require reservations in advance.
  9. Amati


    What is reality, anyway?
  10. Movable Ballast


    Could well be. The whole thing could be a construct of an Agent Smith software bug...
  11. JohnPearce

    Siebel Sailors: Southern Yahoos Need Not Apply

    Hi Jim- Thanks for your interest in this program! Going back to the first post, I just wanted to follow up on those points. We're excited to launch the Siebel Sailors Program to add more support for young sailors at Community Sailing Centers who are interested in exploring the sport, advancing their skills, and getting into racing. The goal is to provide fun sailing and racing opportunities for kids at an important time in their lives, and offer options for staying in the sport as a participant, as a career, as a leader, etc. We are excited to partner with some of the best public access sailing centers in each region to make that happen. The first three regions were selected because they have the elements necessary for the program to be a success, but they are certainly not the only places where that's the case. We hope this model will prove to be successful in many locations. In 2020, the Siebel Sailors Program will add two additional networks in regions that express interest and are likely to be successful. The locations you point out such as Texas and the Gulf Coast would be great, as would many other regions of the country where community sailing is thriving. Our long-term goal is to help as many regions as possible with this program, and as a group we hope to find some creative solutions for implementing this model beyond the first five Siebel Networks. The lessons learned will help create a more inclusive, accessible model for the sport as a whole. It's all new and a bit different, so please keep the feedback coming and don't hesitate to start the conversation within your area about how we can offer more opportunities to young people so that they can enjoy the sport and become lifelong participants. John
  12. chuso007

    Around the Americas with a chicken - Monique

    Those are things the chicken's missing, not me. Well, not really because the chicken was in Cape Town...
  13. Amati


    Collusion is not a legal term. It is a political term. So this is just spinning up..... Frankly, I believe the Republicans have been behind this because it represents a classic stalling technique, and gets Liberal heads exploding. The next step is goading the Liberals into impeachment. More stalling. More brains splattered on the wall. The real test will be corruption, but that is months off, maybe a year, and mainly counts only if Trump really wants a 2nd term. But the stalling there has been going on for more than 3 years, if you think about it, so it is well entrenched. As you mention every day. My compliments! So it is 3D chess, or at least 3 boards going on concurrently, with a Sicilian flavor, but more like the strategy that Big Blue was employing in the early days....
  14. Tharsheblows

    Does Anyone Know of a Private Bareboat Charter in Maui?

    No, I'm just not a big fan of being treated like a tourist...even when I'm a tourist. (and I have a mild aversion to authority of any kind!) I've sailed Hawaii several times before and understand its not for newbies but its also not crazy difficult either. I suspect the local government makes it tough to run a bareboat charter business out of a desire to protect the tourism industry and the belief that most tourists are idiots and will require rescue if you leave them unsupervised (which is probably mostly true). Don't you find it a bit odd that you can bareboat charter a yacht in Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, New Caledonia, and even Cuba...but not in Hawaii? That said, I enjoy being on the water any way that I can and if I must be a passenger I would like to go out with people who truly enjoy sailing, and I think the options that MauiPunter and others have provided are all very good and I truely appreciate their input.
  15. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Horseshit. It has been seen by all of us here that: Match racing at 30+ knots is not possible in the classical sense. The sailing world accepts spectacle over purity. The SAAC longer term members talk a lot of shit right up to the point where boats are racing around and then they convert to fanboys. That AC36 is truly going to be a contest where we see some yawning gaps between first and last place during the racing. may well be a dreaded one sided victory by any team that gets the class rule combination tuned just right. My only worry at this stage is the safety of all sailors competing in all races aboard these boats. (Except Spitball, he's flushed).
  16. Raz'r


  17. Amati


    An argument can be made that Trump looked at the Clintons (he used to support them and give them money, remember?), saw how much money they made after Bill left office, and decided to run for President. If anything , he should be having them over for dinner. I didn’t like the Clintons especially, but my outrage ended when they left and lost. W too. We can learn from history, but our tradition of leaving ex office holders in peace (even Nixon!) separates us from barbarian nations that hunt down, jail, and kill vanquished opponents.
  18. barfy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I would have hoped that being man of class he would not have had such a good, long, media cry about his lot. Especially as he was probably already well down the road with JS and OR by the time he went public. Especially as there were some feelings towards OR by the general populace. It certainly was not good for etnz, and truly a disgrace to deano.
  19. Movable Ballast


    One could say the same about this entire thread. No collusion, get over it. Yet here we are...
  20. macca

    N2E changes

    We are mostly a bunch of muppets that stumbled on a boat that is way to fast for any of us to comprehend or manage But there are a couple of adults in the room, so we might be ok. Lets see see how it goes on Friday, then we can either celebrate or hide..
  21. IStream

    Around the Americas with a chicken - Monique

    Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia/Oceania, Antarctica
  22. phillysailor

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    As I see it, the left is not as monolithic as the right. Views expressed by one lefty may or may not find agreement from another lefty, but the overarching concerns are very similar, as is the openness to alternative lifestyles. The right is insular these days, resisting outside thoughts, ideas and people. Alternative lifestyles are degenerate, minorities are outsiders and women’s rights are what men tell them they are. This is not hyperbole, it is the stance of GOP leadership accepted without demur by party members. Not a week goes by that another Republican representative or nominee is outed for espousing ideas of the Confederate south, hatred of LGBTQ types, or overt misogyny. This week has provided three notable examples. Democrats have these dolts too, and although results vary, quite often they are drummed out of office but at minimum they suffer a great political cost. Republicans basically campaign with this mantra, sometimes more, sometimes less camouflaged by careful wording. The other major difference is the agreement on truth and the value of scientific consensus. Any individual God-fearing Republican feels fully capable of rebutting thousands of hours and hundreds of papers by saying “nuh-uh”. The NYT May have a lefty bias, but their researchers are the best in the business, and they have a strong factual basis for everything they write. FOXy news leaves its viewers poorly educated and most often stirs emotions more than the intellect. I’ve never been ready to grab a Tiki torch after watching Shields & Brooks debate on PBS, but it seems a number of talking heads on FOX are trying to start riots. Its hard having this conversation with Conservatives because even the best of them are feeling defensive and poorly represented. Ever since we squandered the opportunity to unite the world after 9/11 in a fight against terrorism, but starting with “trickle down economics” & continuing through letting bankers off the hook for crashing our economy, America has been repeatedly screwed by the willful incompetence if the GOP. With Trump, the destruction of American civics continues, but conservatives have yet to open their eyes to the damage they have enabled through apathy and laziness. If you care about our country, I really can’t tell. You seem ok with our president and your leadership. Stop blaming Democrats and libbyruls for everything you don’t like and take action.
  23. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Dems Overreach and Trump calls their bluff

    Thanks for the opinion of the media now quote the Mueller report where he said the president asked , pressured or encouraged someone to lie.
  24. CyberBOB

    Wise Words

    You're Dad didn't care how you learned the lesson, he was just laughing his ass off at your antics, same as his Dad did to him.
  25. Snaggletooth

    Lest We Forget

  26. Olsonist


    If it's what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer.
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