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      Underdawg did an excellent job of explaining the rules.  Here's the simplified version: Don't insinuate Pedo.  Warning and or timeout for a first offense.  PermaFlick for any subsequent offenses Don't out members.  See above for penalties.  Caveat:  if you have ever used your own real name or personal information here on the forums since, like, ever - it doesn't count and you are fair game. If you see spam posts, report it to the mods.  We do not hang out in every thread 24/7 If you see any of the above, report it to the mods by hitting the Report button in the offending post.   We do not take action for foul language, off-subject content, or abusive behavior unless it escalates to persistent stalking.  There may be times that we might warn someone or flick someone for something particularly egregious.  There is no standard, we will know it when we see it.  If you continually report things that do not fall into rules #1 or 2 above, you may very well get a timeout yourself for annoying the Mods with repeated whining.  Use your best judgement. Warnings, timeouts, suspensions and flicks are arbitrary and capricious.  Deal with it.  Welcome to anarchy.   If you are a newbie, there are unwritten rules to adhere to.  They will be explained to you soon enough.  
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Things Ocean Racing, American Politics, and Modern Haiku

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Captain Gigi


"Salute!" —Captain Gigi, in my whites, getting ready for the 2018 RIMPAC...still following VOR, especially from Newport across the Atlantic and eventually home port.

The only easy day was yesterday!  —U.S. Navy Seals Motto

“In God We Trust, All Others We Track.”  —U.S. Navy   © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante.jpg

Salute!  —Captain Gigi, in my whites, getting ready for 2018 RIMPAC.png

Captain Gigi

Such a focus of attention, am I. Get over it, gang. They're only 1s and 0s. (FYI, someone in an unguarded moment of glee, decided to slap up four posts of 30 Downvotes each on my account on October 31, drastically escalating my negative community reputation here. It snowballed from that point on, amusing everyone to no end. I took no notice of it, but everyone else did.)

Updated 04.22.2018: Speaking Different Languages —Captain Gigi  04.22.2018 • Tempesta: I found only one person, who could do that on SA, and it wasn't you or your cohorts. ("I'll tell it not in Gath.") • SB: They just don't get that they've hacked Drive, not my account. Stupid, huh?

Still they try to figure it out. Get over it, gang.  —Captain Gigi, Captain Gigi's 'Sailing Anarchy' Blog, 03.23.2018.PNG

Speaking Different Languages  —Captain Gigi  04.22.2018.jpg

Captain Gigi

This will be a topic of discussion below deck this weekend, after we drop anchor in a favourite cove on Saltspring Island. Yes, we're well stocked on our fav scotch.

Re-reading the "Redacted Intelligence Community Report on 2016 U.S. Election, Trump et al." (Notated by Gloria Rhea ‘Captain Gigi’ Grante, via “Buzzfeed,” January 10, 2017), I was again impressed with the extent of the involvement of Donald J. Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen ("Company Intelligence Report 2016/135," p32). Then today I read that there's a request to change the Wikimedia entry on Michael Cohen (accessed March 23, 2018; screenshot attached).

G+ post on the latest in the 2016 U.S. Election investigation, 03.23.2018.PNG

Captain Gigi

Reading threads in Sailing Anarchy's Forums constitutes 'stalking' by some anarchists, who clearly know nothing about ocean racing, where 'stealth mode' is a well known strategy used by racers who have an 'ace up their sleeve' as they attempt to outmanoeuvre their competitors. Here in SA, stealth mode translates into stalking supposedly.

I'm proud to have received a 'STALKING' notice from webmaster Zapata, when in actual fact, I was just reading the Forums. (I was no slouch on the high seas; ditto here in SA. Stealth, I know.) He's demonstrated he knows nothing about how SA Users follow their favorite topics much less anything about ocean racing. And he sure as shootin' knows squat about stealth. Sad, as the Prez would say.

SA Blog, 02.22.2018.PNG

Captain Gigi

Former director of external affairs for Oracle, Tom Ehman, told the New Zealand Radio Sport on February 10:  "There's a bit of a conspiracy theory... Team Brunel has [Kiwi] Peter Burling aboard and is leading right now, and many people think that Team Brunel will end up winning this leg into Auckland just because they've got Peter Burling aboard.
"The other notable Kiwi sailor is Blair Tuke; he's on MAPFRE, and I'll bet you anything one of those two boats wins."

That was then, this is now, February 22, 2018 1854UTC:
          TTOP leads!
          bitter pill for Scallywag
          MAPFRE swallows hard
          —Captain Gigi


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