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      Underdawg did an excellent job of explaining the rules.  Here's the simplified version: Don't insinuate Pedo.  Warning and or timeout for a first offense.  PermaFlick for any subsequent offenses Don't out members.  See above for penalties.  Caveat:  if you have ever used your own real name or personal information here on the forums since, like, ever - it doesn't count and you are fair game. If you see spam posts, report it to the mods.  We do not hang out in every thread 24/7 If you see any of the above, report it to the mods by hitting the Report button in the offending post.   We do not take action for foul language, off-subject content, or abusive behavior unless it escalates to persistent stalking.  There may be times that we might warn someone or flick someone for something particularly egregious.  There is no standard, we will know it when we see it.  If you continually report things that do not fall into rules #1 or 2 above, you may very well get a timeout yourself for annoying the Mods with repeated whining.  Use your best judgement. Warnings, timeouts, suspensions and flicks are arbitrary and capricious.  Deal with it.  Welcome to anarchy.   If you are a newbie, there are unwritten rules to adhere to.  They will be explained to you soon enough.  
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Hampus "hampus" Poser and Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson have departed passions—the group formerly known as Red Reserve.

The news of the two members leaving passions comes just a few weeks after the group parted ways with their former organization, as well as ex-NiP member Mikail "Maikelele" Bill.

According to the players, the group could no longer carry on together due to disagreements and personal issues. This means that passions decreased down to just 3 members: Daniel"djL" Narancic and the twins Fredrik "FREDDyFROG"Gustafsson and Joakim "Relaxa" Gustafsson. The rest of the Cheap CSGO Skins trio has decided to revert back to their old team title, Japaleno, and will be actively playing ESEA Premier S26 under that banner ad.

Meanwhile, it's not known where the former Epsilon Hype duoAlfred "RuStY" Karlsson and Hampus "hampus" Poser find yourself, but it's expected that they will continue actively playing together.


DreamHack has issued a statement about the decision to get Immortals forfeit the very first map of the grand final in Montreal.

The DreamHack Open up Montreal title decider began with Northgetting an automatic one-map lead due to three of Immortals' players failing to show up with time for the match.

Having a quick 16-9 triumph on Cobblestone, To the north were crowned champions, winning their first event since becoming a member of the organisation created by F. C. Copenhagen and Nordisk Film at the start of the yr.

In a statement, DreamHack explained that the Brazilian team had been educated that the final would start one hour after the second semi-final, featuring North and CLG, had concluded, included in the "accelerated scheduled that the entire tournament continues to be running on. inch

With the second semi-final ending after just two maps, DreamHack changed the starting time of final to 03: 30. Fifteen minutes previous that time, Immortals still were not ready to perform, forcing them to forfeit the first map from the final. The team was then provided "an additional 15 minutes to be ready", with the second map starting only at goal: 56.

You can read DreamHack's statement below:

"The grand final of DreamHack ASTRO Open up in Montreal had been scheduled to start at 3: 30PM nearby time, following the bottom line of the second somewhat final between To the north and Cloud9. The time was set with a one hour interval, from the second semi final concluding to the start of the grand final.

"Following the first semi final, in which Immortals won against CLG, the actual team was educated that the grand final would be scheduled to start one hour after the second semi final experienced concluded, as a part of the actual accelerated scheduled that the entire tournament continues to be running on, communicated to all attending teams ahead of time.

"During the second semi final, Immortals was once more educated about the start time of the grand final, as this match had been nearing its end. Once the semi final concluded, Immortals were informed that they ought to now setup on stage for the final. At 3: 05PM, Immortals had just two of the players present and ready.

"Immortals had been informed that if these were not ready by 3: 45PM - 15 minutes after scheduled start time - then they would forfeit the first map, in accordance with our rulebook.

"Immortals were not ready by 3: 45PM and thus forfeited the first chart against North. Immortals were given an additional 15 minutes to be ready, otherwise they were subject to forfeit the entire match, according to our rulebook. Per 3: 56PM the actual match was live.

"Thanks for the audience on site within Montreal and viewers at home for tuning in for another DreamHack ASTRO Open occasion, we continue within Denver on Oct 20-22. For more information regarding our Denver occasion go here. "

Within a Facebook post, Immortals member Lucas "LUCAS1"Teles blamed fatigued for the incident and stated that his team's players are jet lagged after venturing from Malmö earlier in this week, which made him, Henrique "HEN1" Teles and Vito"kNgV-" Giuseppe rest through their alarm clocks after determining to take a 30-minute nap in between fits. www.csgo4skin.com


SK have booked their spot in the ESG Tour Mykonos semi-finals after beating Gambit 16-12 upon Overpass in the Team A winners' match.

SK started out the match for a place in the playoffs as Terrorists, and, in spite of securing the gun round, they could not really prevail against Gambit's force-buy. Still, the Brazilians took the 4-2 lead prior to losing their third round of the video game.

Gambit were near to securing a conserve round, but Gabriel"FalleN" Toledo clutched the 1v3 situation, setting his team up for a 9-3 lead. The Kazakhs were just able to respond in the 13th round, that eventually helped all of them reduce the deficit in order to 10-5 by half-time.

After prevailing in the early stages of the 2nd half, Gambitbrought the gap to a minimum. In the next round, however , a double and a triple-kill from Dropped and João "felps"Vasconcellos, respectively, marked the beginning of a five-round streak from SK.

Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev's men were still in a position to reach their twelfth round, but Marcelo "coldzera" David as well as co. did not let a comeback occur and closed out the game to safe their place in the playoffs. www.csgo4skin.com

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