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When you acquire the best active back, you're not declared to Madden 18 Coins acquire the best advanced receiver. The Steelers do, with Antonio Brown, who denticulate accession touchdown on Sunday. They aswell acquire an arising adolescent wideout in JuJu Smith-Schuster, who has added accepting touchdowns above-mentioned to his 21st altogether than any added abecedarian in NFL history.

Mike Tomlin's face at the end of that was incredible, although it feels like the play was based on something they saw on the field, not necessarily a "let's coffin these guys in atrocious fashion" move. Whatever the case, the Steelers acquire a acute altercation for accepting the best accretion in the NFL.

There are not abounding teams in the NFL that can avowal a top-five assemblage above the board. The Steelers adeptness not acquire that at every position, but they acquire an top degree quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger, an aristocratic active back, an aristocratic accumulation of wideouts, a highly-rated abhorrent bandage and a arresting that is brimming of first-round picks at every position. They can put austere accountability on quarterbacks up foreground and force teams to accomplish bad mistakes that advance to turnovers on the ashamed end.

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