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soft reefable wings for AC cats



Rigid wings on big cats are dangerous.The question of safety in all forms of sport should over ride all other considerations. Today motorcycle racing still takes lives, although not as frequently as in the early days before body amour and best practice track design. Changes to passive systems like those just mentioned are robust and dont require expert skills to work. The active systems are the areas that require intervention and control, at least the rider of a 150hp moto GP bike can control the power of the machine via the throttle , not so the winged cats. The AC 72 cats are equipped with massive solid wings that are like a V12 engine that once started is running at full throttle. The active areas lack suitable control, passive design changes to the hulls, water foils and such will only increase the point at which the whole thing gets unstable, however this means that the big crash will come at much higher speeds and energy loads. One answer is to increase the reserve buoyancy and strength of the structure but again you just push the whole problem up the energy curve. Yachts must be able to maneuver in all kinds of conditions and be able to adjust the power of the propulsion system to enable these maneuvers to be done in safety. Catamarans and high performance yachts generally dont like gybing its their weakness both the 72,s that have capsized did so while attempting gybes. Putting spoilers on the tops of the wings may assist in pushing the control limit into higher wind strengths, again the crash will come when the projected area of the wing over comes the hulls ability to resist the tripping moment (reserve buoyancy used up). The rigid wings are unable to be adequately depowered due to their design and construction, they can only twist a little and most importantly they are unable to be reefed. The answer is replacing the rigid wing with a semi rigid reefable wing, while not as powerful in terms of lift per unit area, these wings can be massive and impressive in light conditions and made much smaller in real time in the heavy weather. Gybing downwind can be done with much greater control due to the ability of the soft wing to twist and depower at the top of the span. In a reefed configuration the tripping force being applied to the vessel is reduced this reduces all the loads, in effect the crews would have the ability to throttle up or down by way of simple adjustments. The technology is available.(see advancedwingsystems.com) The boat must be able to alter its rig geometry to accommodate all the conditions the more flexible the systems are the greater the safety margins are. So people do the numbers and remember that the wind and the weather can change in a heart beat. Solid wings belong on planes not boats, planes dont gybe or capsize.


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