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popular in the eighties



September 21, 2006, Earl Scott Armani exhibition center in London for its latest masterpiece - "Product Red (red product)" series held a grand fashion show. Bright warm red exudes human solidarity and love, simple, elegant style reflects the sincere and frank personality.armani sunglasses

For charity, Giorgio Armani liken it to decorate the beautiful dream of the brush, just as designs, should be integrated into their emotions, filling in the heart and mind. He will use genuine, deep feeling to create a new world, no sorrow and pain, just like Armani-like comfortable, cozy.Herve Leger Swimming Suit

As the famous Armani's decks, Armani Exchange targeted consumer group is young fashion trendsetters, more avant-garde design and bold. This season's Armani Exchange to "Night sexy" as the theme, the color to black-based play, the use of denim, knitwear and other fabrics, creating the temptation of young dynamic style. In the sexy temptation, but also the continuation of the Armani man known for elegant and charming, sexy, wild but not kitsch.

Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani buttressed by the pomp, popular in the eighties, was an indirect branch to open a from Milan open to Americas Asia. In recent years, more around the world twelve different cities such as Paris, Osaka and other open Emporio Armani Caffe, music, food, interior design aesthetic concepts mix together, for the homes of ordinary people show a generation of Italian teacher's leisure life philosophy


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