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CSKA Moscow certainly will not make



Sky Sports transfer market expert Lucca - Marchetti for Keisuke Honda views and Peiduliya basically the same, he thinks the Japanese will be the meat and potatoes of the transfer market this summer: "There is no doubt that Honda Keisuke lot of teams will be the introduction of goal, I do not know if other teams have been in close contact with him started, but I think AC Milan greatest likelihood of success. "" slow motion "also revealed that the current Japanese coach Zaccheroni Galliani also strongly recommended to his own disciples. Although AC Milan Tevez is still the first choice, but its worth is higher, and there is competition from Juventus and other teams, are not financially strong Rossoneri want to win quite difficult. Once Galliani determined to abandon the Argentines, then Keisuke Honda will be just around the corner. cheap soccer jerseys

Keisuke Honda, who does have a very attractive advantages 2:00 AC Milan: 1, the Japanese will be December 31 after a free agent, so CSKA Moscow certainly will not make expensive; 2, the position of the field Keisuke Honda is a playmaker, taking into account the change team formation (from the 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2), Keisuke Honda's ability to meet this position move the ball as well as the work of his teammates conveying shells, Allegri surely that can use him.Borussia Dortmund jersey

In the "Corriere dello Sport", the "whole market" also talked about AC Milan and Keisuke Honda getting close, but they are reported in this message also acknowledged, Keisuke Honda is not the first choice of AC Milan. In Colombia, the young defender Vergara after joining Galliani only want to rest a non-EU player quota reserved for Tevez, but the premise is the Argentines can succeed Apennine landing. Chelsea jersey


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