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Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million



After the news, Juve great sense of dissatisfaction with the Bianconeri a month ago on an agreement with Tevez, but the treatment is much higher than in Milan, € 6,000,000 + bonus, up to 800 million euros, so Huolabuqin sides please practice is regarded as shill means Marotta, Juventus general manager first time said he "Juve have an agreement with Tevez, will not adjust existing programs."cheap jerseys

Juve dissatisfaction, but nothing, after all, Galliani Huolabuqin very good personal relationship with Milan, is by virtue of this human brand, to achieve the Bianconeri to overtake. However, this does not mean that Tevez would definitely join Heijun finalize the players after the Manchester City Galliani needs to get through a clearance. Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million -1200 million euros, want Argentines, Galliani must come up with the cash, money in hand, only to wash the existing lineup of budget financing. Robinho bear the brunt.AC Milan jerseys

Right now most love for Robbie team is Santos, Brazil will want to sign the ball Jiujiang, replace switch Barcelona Neymar, approached the work has been completed, the Brazilians agreed to return to fame. "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Santos, Robinho again before asking, still 6 million euros, 10 million euros from Milan requirements are still gaps. But this moment was, Galliani was quoted rejected because they do not rush shots, now urgent budget Tevez scored therefore likely to reduce the price, € 8 million to release.Arsenal jersey

8000000 definitely not astronomical, but there may be used wisely "good steel", when it recovered the money, will largely affect the acquisition of Milan Tevez process. Turati headquarters far to finalize the extent of the beast, if the offer is higher than Milan Juventus words, total and Huolabuqin agreement may not be useful.


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