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Ibrahimovic is not satisfied



Ibrahimovic unwilling to waste time or stay in Paris defected to return to Serie A Milan

Just won the French championship for Paris Saint-Germain, the lineup Ancelotti leaves may cause instability. "Mediaset" reported that because of the coaching change problem, Ibrahimovic reluctant to stay in Paris Saint-Germain waste of time, he wanted to leave,cheap soccer jerseys they may return to Serie.

Ancelotti Paris Saint-Germain last season, led the good record, after a lapse of 19 years led his unit won the French championship, the Champions League against Barcelona doing well. For Paris Saint-Germain, this is just the beginning of revival. However, the revival of the cornerstone Ancelotti select defected to Real Madrid. In the course of handsome, Paris St Germain met a lot of trouble, and finally only took the second choice of the former France coach Laurent Blanc. More than a media that just over candidates Blanc, Paris Saint-Germain and other hired Wenger took over in 2014. Look handsome link from Paris Saint-Germain new season record may be affected, Bayern Munchen jersey that the new season is over season.

Paris Saint-Germain for the coaching change, Ibrahimovic is not satisfied, the Swedes mainly taking into account his career prospects. October 3, 1981, Ibrahimovic was born. In a few months, Ibrahimovic will be 32 years old. As a center, the pinnacle of his career Ibrahimovic left a few years time. "Mediaset" that do not want to travel with the team to play over the season Ibrahimovic, unwilling to waste time. Now, Ibrahimovic wants to leave Paris St Germain. Although there may be alluvial Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain's hegemony, but Ibrahimovic would like to join a more competitive league, it is possible to return to Serie A, joining one can play the Champions League, Barcelona jersey Serie A champions have the ability to compete in the club.

Who can compete Scudetto? This question was not answered. However, to qualify for the Champions League next season only three clubs: Juventus, Naples and Milan. Among them, Juventus successive acquisition of Carlos Tevez and Llorente, striker very bloated, pending layoffs. Naples and Ibrahimovic also preached scandal. However, the deal depends on how much to sell Cavani. Milan Ibrahimovic's old club. After leaving San Siro Stadium, Milan, Ibrahimovic has repeatedly shown good that he remembered the time spent in Milan. If Galliani intentionally shot Buy, presumably Ibrahimovic will not refuse, and now depends on the willingness of Milan Ibrahimovic acquisition.

Three Italian clubs have a problem: Ibrahimovic's salary is too high. In contrast, a more solid financial ability to pay Swedes Real Madrid salary. Agent Layiaola revealed that Ibrahimovic Yuansui Ancelotti defected to Real Madrid, and even willing to take a pay cut.


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