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Perpignan will reconfirm their stay at AC Milan



AC Milan striker Niang Table faithful I want to be strong

AC Milan is still Ljajic for the introduction of a final effort, which player will be leaving because Ljajic also attracted media attention, 19-year-old young striker Niang also caught up in this transfer Among the rumors, cheap jerseys but Niang said in an interview insisted that he will not leave AC Milan.

"No, no, I do not want to leave AC Milan, I absolutely want to stay here, not just next year, I want to stay here as long as possible,"Vancouver Canucks jersey Niang insists he will not leave AC Milan. Niang since last summer to join AC Milan, the team performed very well, some bright spots, the Champions League game against Barcelona is also unafraid, at the Nou Camp dedicated to a wonderful show, but unfortunately missed scoring opportunities failed to help the team qualify. In Ljajic transfer stalled when the Italian media reports, AC Milan may be in the 18-year-old striker as a bargaining chip transactions Ljajic, Niang soon stand in a BBC interview.

Attending the news conference, Perpignan will reconfirm their stay at AC Milan: "I am preparing the new season, I am one hundred percent will stay at AC Milan and I hope to perform better than last season, improved to complete the final blow ability I train hard, because I want to become stronger, I've heard some people think he is a big trouble,Toronto Maple Leafs jersey I do not agree with this view, in fact, he is a great player, very easy to get along with, and he gave me many suggestions, I have a lot of great players from the team who learn something useful, Boateng and Philippe Mexes also gave me a lot of help, I can play center or the video front, but everything will be in compliance with the coach arrangement, I have enough performance to do better career last season with the Barcelona game's single-handedly? I've forgotten, that was the past tense, and now I just focus on the new season. "

In the conference, Niang also expressed his expectations for the new season, AC Milan won the league last season, third season, Perpignan targeting the Serie A title, he said: "We still have a lot of ground to make up, such moves and tactical understanding, this is normal, because our team is still young. competitiveness? we welcome the strength of the players joined the team and I hope that through the excellent performance to win a pre-season starting position and I think we are more than Juventus strong, looking at it, we will achieve great results, full strength to compete for the position of the first name last season I learned a lot in the game, Allegri always reminds me me, I was still young, the need to continue efforts to improve the ability of my relationship with him very closely. "


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