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From: Commentator thread......On the merits of AC34






Good to see you out and about after your health issues. I hope AC35 is in a new monhull class: the multis are fun for the novelty value, but the AC for me is monohulls.


I agree mate, but it needn't be a monohull only event. In monos the AC32 event worked brilliantly using a box rule and had more to give the spectators than any of this nonsense and in actual fact the big screens gave the land spectators a better view than us reporters had out on the water. If the cup continues as a multi event then the box rule has to go and we revert to the old J-Class format which was " Make a challenge and throw money at it". I'd be interested in seeing that. Ten multihulls of different designs and configurations racing under a box rule of max loa 75', min loa 60' x max beam 50', min beam 30' x max draft 10'. This would make the designers work for their money and create all kinds of innovations that would gradually trickle down through the system in the form of build techniques and development materials. It would also create intrigue, spygates, and bankrupt ex millionaires. That is what the AC is all about. It WAS the sailing worlds most prestigeous trophy because of those things. It is now a borefest. I really hate to say it , but, I now wish Bertarelli had won the last event because no matter what we all thought of him, he had panache, he built a brilliant infrastructure, he created intrigue, and he did a lot to help the poorer teams stay the course and keep the entries to an acceptable level. Yes, it was all about money, but then the AC has always been about money. The difference I see between AC 32 and AC34 is that the money is flowing the wrong way. The AC has always been about making the contestants poorer with a trophy for the winner. It now seems to be about making a very few inner elite a huge amount of money and to hell with what happens on the water. We win, great,,, We lose, no problem, and we made a buck either way.

Whoever wins this event is of little importance because the only loser has been the event itself. WcW



Source: Commentator thread......


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