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Galliani has fulfilled the commitment



Milan officially announced the first signings this summer, three-year contract buyout Zapata

Yahoo Mail While 2013 summer cheap jerseys transfer window is not open, but Milan Galliani has fulfilled the commitment after an interview, that the introduction of the first signings defender. Rossoneri through the club's official website confirmed that Chicago Blackhawks jersey Zapatistas have been activated in the lease contract buyout clause from Villareal to buy the Colombian gates, and signed through 2016.

Local time on May 23, 16:00, AC Milan club's official website through a brief announcement, which reads as follows: AC Milan club announced permanent buyout from Villareal Christian - Zapata's ownership, Columbia defender with the team contractMontreal Canadiens jersey was extended to June 30, 2016. Although Milan official did not disclose specific costs Zapata buyout, but according to "Milan News" and other Italian media sources, the Rossoneri the amount paid to Villareal at 500 million euros, lower than before the two sides agreed 6000000.


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