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Accurate to say that it was January 17



Silva: I'm sorry to join Milan fans willing to return to Paris, Milan

Tiago - Silva future Zhongpi AC Milan shirt This is a lot of red and black fans dream, but also Tiago - Silva I dream. In an interview with Simone - Montreal Canadiens jersey Ventura in a telephone interview, Tiago - Silva said publicly that he longed for AC Milan and the red and black fans. If in the future the chance, he would choose to return to the familiar San Siro stadium.

"Now, I have been very happy in Paris." Tiago - Silva said, "For this move, I'm going to say sorry to the fans red and black, they are always in my heart." For three years, red and black career, Tiago - silva is full of nostalgic.Toronto Maple Leafs jersey Simone - Ventura took the opportunity to ask a question, "If you decide the future fate of whether they are willing to return to AC Milan?" Tiago - Silva replied without hesitation, "of course, is likely to be. Career So far,、AC Milan had a lot of good times, is still often miss. "

In early 2009, Tiago - Silva can not run the risk of ignoring half to join AC Milan. "Now, I still remember the first time to the San Siro stadium, I watched in the stands with AC Milan Fiorentina." Accurate to say that it was January 17, 2009, by virtue of goal Pato, AC Milan 1 -0 victory over Florence. "Now think of those memories,cheap jerseys still exciting. At the time, I wanted to make history at the San Siro stadium. Unfortunately, I only stayed in the AC Milan three years." During his squad won a Serie A title and an Italian Super Cup champion.

AC Milan 3 seasons, Tiago - Silva grown into the world's top defender. The summer of 2012, taking into account the club financial pressure, Berlusconi sold expensive Brazilians. Tiago - Silva soon became the leader of a new club Paris Saint-Germain players wear the captain's armband. So far this season, Tiago - Silva in all competitions in 33 appearances on behalf of the new owner, the team rounded out the Top 8 in the Champions League. In the French championship, leading second-placed Paris St Germain Marseille 9 points. If this weekend to beat Valenciennes, Tiago - Silva led the team most likely to win in advance.


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