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Adriano Galliani today celebrated his 69 birthday



According to Sky Sports experts DiMaggio revealed that Inter Milan Galliani had agreed to hire Argentine defender Silvestre's proposal, but I hope to get 1.5 million euros from the rental fee, but was Galliani refused. Galliani then asked to sign GenoaMontreal Canadiens jersey Main Grand Qwest Swedish defender possibility Preziosi was 28-year-old Grand Qwest reserves the right to open a total of 2.5 million euros for price .

"Gazzetta dello Sport" message, Ljajic's agent Rama Dani today and Florence senior telephone discussions on the renewal of the player, the player's demand 1.8 million euros annual salary of less than 10 million euros and the surrender terms, which Florence Toronto Maple Leafs jersey difficult to accept. Florence manager Prader yesterday let it be said the players need to want to stay full of fighting spirit and intention, otherwise you will be immediately sold, Ljajic is currently priced 10 million euros.

Finally, today is a special day, AC Milan vice-president and general manager Adriano Galliani today celebrated his 69 birthday. Galliani since 1986 in charge of the club, AC Milan scored during the Champions League five times and eight Serie A championship,cheap nhl jerseys the effectiveness of Milan's five players received a Golden Globe. Superior bargaining power, the introduction of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Pirlo, Seedorf and other very high cost of the players.

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