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Dr. Teeth and The Electric Acid Mayhem Band




My children are staring blank faced at the boob tube.


On the screen Lady Gaga is dancing with the muppets to a song. I couldn't tell you what it was, shock was haveing its way with me. No that's not correct, I was waiting for the punch line that never came. There was a brief comic interlude. A muppet magician who made his buddy rabbit disappear, by swallowing him! I laughed out loud. Then Gaga again dancing this time. Kids Christmas special?


Then she played a duet with Elton John, he is amazing. She does have some talent. His piano was red.


"His piano is red dad."


"It's Christmas."


"Hers should be green then."


Yep, you're right


Next up Ru Paul.




"Any body watching this?"


We're at a friends house now. I'm in a basement with 15 kids mostly watching Rudolph save Christmas. I'm enjoying Burl Ives sing "Holly Jolly Christmas". Rock on Mr. Ives.


I understand that in this good old U S of A we can do pretty much anything we want. Let's take steaks and tacos. Result Tex-Mex! African stringed instrument and a bunch of scottish hillbillies= bluegrass! The world watches us because we think convention is a challenge not a guideline.


In the natural world their are laws. The moon orbits the earth because of gravity. Boys orbit girls because of biology. Electrons orbit protons because of elven magic and bungee cords. These thing have exceptions, but they are just that, exceptions not randomness, they still comply to rules.


So how do I apply this to my world. Americas Cup racers that fly and have more technology then the Apollo program. Really? I'm no sailor, well if Gilligan was a sailor maybe I am but, is the crew competing or are the design houses/ financiers embroiled in battle. My brother raced amateur bicycles in Belgium one season. EVERYBODY was dopeing. Who's racing?


Gaga was lip synching. Oooo. That's ok. I know you can't layer your voice easily to do what she does. But who thought," hey, let put a sexually provocative pop star on this years kids Christmas special!"

Hey let's let Rush Limbaugh be grand Marshall at the gay pride parade......


I eat refried beans, halupkis, fish&chips, knochwurst und sushi, just not (usually) at the same time. I love this place, sometimes, I just don't get it.