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Time, Time, Time...




(note: I began this before my march 22 entry)


Sorry for the delay. Life got in the way. But, now I'm AOK.


Life comes at you fast.


My counsler said that. An insurance company uses it too.


Sometimes it's fun, other times not so much.


I remember when I moved away from home, met my wife, married, moved, new job, children, house, and, and, and...


Good times.


I'm in a classroom with 13 other students learning how to help our local communities. I just clicked over to 44 years of age. Thank you. There's a kid 20, a retired fella 63, and everywhere in between. 80 hours of instruction at a pretty good clip for a guy who has been out of the public education machine for a while.


At work we're wrapping up a phase of a project, so punch lists are being filled and new ones generated. You're never bored and usually frustrated by someone else not being on the same page when you think they should be.


My kids.


If you have any, you're nodding your head. I love them.


A few years ago I stopped asking people what they "did" for a living. It always became the focus of attention and limited my definition of an individual. People are wonderful for there nooks and crannies as much as the broad strokes.


I didn't drink coffee until 5 years ago when I went to work for a startup coffee equipment business. Now I am an unapologetic snob. I have preferred barista/process combinations.


Some musicians play classical, others, punk. Few do both WELL.


The snow is melting, birds are singing, spring showed up on the calendar at least.


I'm looking forward to another season of growth and renewal.


I just need to make some time.