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Third time the charm?

Ok, its been over three years since my last blog post.  That's beyond laziness and firmly in the worthless category.  Having said that, the third time is the charm right?  I think it is....

A lot has happened in my life over the last 3+ years.  I lost a parent to Cancer (Fuck you!), transitioned from private sector employment to the government sector (paid more for less work!) and I have slowly watched my oldest daughter start the process of becoming a woman (Help me Jesus!).  There has been more taking place in my life over the last 3 years, but those three things are the most significant life affecting moments.  Its been a rough three years to say the least, but I am looking forward to starting a new and it begins with this blog entry.

More significant to this blog is what has happened in regards to the America's Cup over the last 3+ years.  Lets see, Uncle Larry Ellison and Cousin Russell Coutts decided to take their Oracle TEAM USA to Bermuda, of all places, and defend the America's Cup.  That right there was a gut punch of significance to me as an American America's Cup fan.  Although American didn't put the America in the America's Cup, it was the home of said Cup for 130+ years.  At no point should a defense of the AC by an American team ever take place outside America.  Simply absurd and the final straw forcing me to end my support of Oracle.  After that decision I lost a lot of interest in the AC.  Sure I kept track from time to time on what was going, but I never watched more than a 30 second clip of any of the ACWS events that took place leading up to AC35 and became a ghost on ACA.  When the LVC started in Bermuda this past May I started paying attention but it wasn't the same.  OD boats and Bermuda, not very compelling to me.  Luckily for  me, I hope, ETNZ whooped OR-BDA's ass and the Cup has been pried out of Uncle Larry's semi-cold/dead hands.  And with that a new era in the Cup is hopefully born.  We shall see.

Speaking of this potentially new era of the Cup, as I expected, Kiwi fan boys are slobbering all over themselves on ACA with any and every bit of news that ETNZ produces on their much deserved victory tour of the Underworld (New Zealand).  The latest dribble of drool is about ETNZ letting average folk, commoners, actually touch the Cup.  Oh boy.  Reading about that also jogged my memory about what happened around the turn of the century the first time the Kiwi's brought the Cup down to the Underworld and shared it with the commoner's.


Ah, yeah, I'd just assume ETNZ and the Kiwi authorities be a bit selective about whom touches the Cup while it resides, temporarily, in the Underworld.  All joking aside, ETNZ and their fans deserve to celebrate however they choose.  Its just tough for a guy like me who subscribes to the saying "Act like you've been there before" when it comes to sports.  ETNZ and their fans have been there before but you wouldn't know it based on their current euphoria.  Crazy.

Now for a bit of venting on a personal level.  Primarily in regards to the fact that I am the sole male in my house.  My lovely wife and two daughters are the best things to ever happen to me, no question, but man is it tough being the only one in the house that pee's standing up.  Especially considering the fact that my oldest daughter is in the initial phases of blossoming into being a woman.  Luckily for me my wife gets the brunt of my oldest's wrath but I do get the collateral damage.  The current issue that threatens to end the world according to my oldest is she is getting tiny pimples on her face.  I made the mistake the other night of making a smart ass remark about her new friends and my oldest decided to Jimmy Superfly Snuka me off her top bunk bed.  After that I knew this shit was serious.  The oldest is demanding Proactive, and I am ready to buy her a truck load after she Snuka'ed me, but my Wife is preaching patience and I am forced to agree.  All the while my youngest is obvious to anything not involving her iPad and won't eat anything accept mac-n-cheese.  That's a topic for another venting moment right there.  I also forget to mention the cat is also a female, needed around $500 worth of teeth removed from her head and recently has started to try and sit on my head while I sleep for some unknown reason.  Regardless, I am truly blessed.

Well that will do for right now.  I started this late in my work day and I need to start wrapping up my so called work so I can get out on time and miss traffic.  For those who have been blessed like me and had to endure rush hour traffic on the DC Beltway you know why its important to leave promptly when the day is over.  I will say I feel confident this won't be my last blog entry for another 6 years or so.  There is so much to talk about, like dumb ass Trump and his equally dumb offspring and the details of AC36, there is no reason I can't shoot out blog entry's on a more consistent basis.  Especially considering I am a Government employee now, I have a lot of free time during my work day.  No promises though.  

WetHog  :ph34r:

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