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PUBG: how do we play as a team?

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Who has played virtually any game as a semi-professional team, they recognize how much is all about good communication.

It's not unique in PUBG.

Kihangsulyoznank is early, and the description below doesn't reflect his own feel.

A "Shats299" has been called to the user, met with friends,csgoskins, and tried to discover a coherent communication product that was A great being successful throughout.

We'll this to you, totally in reference to his ideas.

Equipment combat mission

All four competitors have a special factor to play throughout the game, giving them the equipment focal points they can provide regarding them, and we will produce a specific fight.

This is often discovered, because and consequently very rare 4-ja Kar98 4 x almost eight times range, PET, so somehow your place should be a lootolt unit.

These four characters: sniper, shooter, default and Flex.

Sniper: his job could be to liquidate his opposition from a distance, so his preferred weapon's top priority, she will first receive Kar98 or possibly SKS, because it is usually the highest range.

There are some downsides, given that she likes the main helmet, the jacket, the bag belonging to the viratusbol, the lowest emphasis has the HVP in the future I'm going to call.

Additional weapons are usually shotguns or SMG lower so that they can protect themselves from flankerekkel.

Sagittarius: his assignment is very clear so you can get good AR, a 2 or 5 fold range, commonly installed, and the secondary weapon is a much better shotgun or UMP.

You can have the main concern of HVP in addition to vice weapons, therefore, the sniper has acknowledged his share from the weapon, and he is definitely a sniper to help fill it.

The chief task is to get alongside his opponent during the medium term, given that someone should do this or flankelni.

Default: he is an early master of houses and online games, and usually you get a t-s12k and Vector as well as UMP.

The factor is to be responsible for a couple of, one, he should be the most important struggle, as well as other is to provide a fire partition teammate.

The breakthrough acquired the most grenade, having been the first to gain a very high level of HVP, Where to buy csgo skins,he got the most highly effective SMG, but your dog should be the first of raflankel's opponents.

Hardness: dr. murphy is the fourth member of the team worthy of the name, it really is considered to be a strange, who is trying to repair in addition to boostokkal everyone, however when it comes to play, can not hide, because they needs a man, as you die or get enough loot is a role of szerepb ő l 1 another.

Communication role

Transmission is divided into a couple of parts, the tasks that will two people must embark on.

Hiro: his job is to start the video game, to organize, to autumn, when it comes to time to proceed circles and whitened circles.

As a battle, it will take over Microsoft's role.

Microsoft: the fighting general, preparing the fight, enjoying you don't run out, they gave a command word of fire, everyone said, after seeing the challenger.


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