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Brand new Patch Drops with regard to FIFA 18 and Players Are Not Happy About How Difficult It can Turned

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FIFA eighteen has been here for a while now. The first plot has arrived to metal out any wrinkles, but it doesn’t seem gamers are as well happy about it.

The first patch usually arrives shortly after the game in order to eradicate any issues that have arisen. In the most recent patch, goalkeepers have better response time, while outfield players have had their own shot accuracy decreased. If you put both of these together, it all of a sudden means that scoring objectives has become quite difficult, a lot to the annoyance of gamers.

Professional gamers such as Benedikt Saltzer have weighed within on the issue. He explained on a current Facebook post: “The goalkeeper has been enormously improved. Suddenly, you will find significantly fewer objectives from positions where you have Fifa 18 Player Auction coins scored an objective before. ”

The frustration doesn’t only lie with expert players, it appears that most are claiming that the trouble of the game has spiked since the intro of the patch.

But what we know about FIFA players is that they may be very loyal. No matter what occurs in the game, they will continue to play and purchase it.


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