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My Personal Opnions About MoP in Warmane

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I might not speak approximately pve becouse i did not strive it in Warmane MoP however only in Wotlk, besides about pvp i suppose it's quiet useless evaluate them. they may be one of a kind, absolutely distinct. Wotlk is rapid, Mop is slow. Wotlk is damage targeted, Mop is cc centered. Wotlk is greater approximately positioning and predict, Mop is greater about reacting and control.

besides is you want to analize MoP pvp and Wotlk pvp we are able to say that snowfall took everything turned into wrong in wotlk (elegance who can cc 2 people for a long time like warlocks and insane instant recuperation of Hpaladin) and that they provide it to all instructions or almost all. i'm now not claiming that MoP is unbalanced, certainly it is genuinely balanced however we misplaced some additives of pvp that have been without a doubt crucial to wotlk.

1: Too hard to Position

In mop you've got surely too much cd to move from a point to another of the arena in a brief time period, think about MW clergymen as an instance, their dps will in no way be able to loss his healer, although he is stupid as ****. yes, you may cc the MW however this actually require an action while in wotlk you simply get raped if u price behind a pillar without three lifeblooms or with out sacred defend. simply for instance.

2: Too many dashes

Any magnificence have this, nothing against it however if u suppose that warmane has normally lag spikes than while you are on your target and also you examine OUT OF range all the time becouse of lag it is no longer desirable. (that is a warmane problem anyway)

3: Too many tank training

On wotlk you both have cc or resistance. You can not have both. On mop cloth instructions like warlocks, mages, boomy ecc have a ridicolous amount of cc and ofc they can't be one-shotted if you get them when they fucked up on CC. 

4: Too hard to make gold

Yes, it's really not easy to farm more gold in Warmane, so I need to buy Warmane gold from a site called R4PG, which is the mmo gold supplier that I found on Google, I searched "Warmane gold" and ''WOW Waramne gold", then I found this r4pg.com, it's price is reliable. So I always buy gold from this site, everything is good and nothing bad happens. But I am still not happy with Warmane gold farming, it's so hard and take so long times, and my time is so precious:(

i can go on however i assume i made my factor. anyway atm i am playing of frostwolf. it's no longer bad however nothing brilliant, maybe with more players might be better but nonetheless, i assume wotlk pvp is higher. despite shadowmourne. you can whinge about this weapon however always understand that lessons on wotlk aren't intended to tank human beings unless they're melee with an healer as associate. it's kill or be killed, if they got you, you're useless

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I just had to comment on this bullshit about not making money. Bro i make 10k a day just minning thats it. my level 1 horde toon is still level 1 and has made over 1500 gold to start out on the horde when i decide to go there. you just dont know anything about wow and where and what to do. you cant say you cant make money on a server when i started 2 weeks ago . im level 90 with just about 500ilvl pve gear , i have a bought ilvl 467 gladiator set, a full gbank with every tab ( two are filled with ore) . so to say you cant make money but i make 10k a day easy . Thats called an opinion based on the fact you dont know shit about wow ( if you did you would know how to make money period)

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On 2017/11/4 at 8:52 PM, squince187haha said:

O and if you have to buy gold from a site , your just another google retard

What do you want to say, you know, I don't wnat to buy gold, I can sell gold to you guys 

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