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Stealth Mode vs. Stalking

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Captain Gigi


Reading threads in Sailing Anarchy's Forums constitutes 'stalking' by some anarchists, who clearly know nothing about ocean racing, where 'stealth mode' is a well known strategy used by racers who have an 'ace up their sleeve' as they attempt to outmanoeuvre their competitors. Here in SA, stealth mode translates into stalking supposedly.

I'm proud to have received a 'STALKING' notice from webmaster Zapata, when in actual fact, I was just reading the Forums. (I was no slouch on the high seas; ditto here in SA. Stealth, I know.) He's demonstrated he knows nothing about how SA Users follow their favorite topics much less anything about ocean racing. And he sure as shootin' knows squat about stealth. Sad, as the Prez would say.


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