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They're still trying to figure it out.

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Captain Gigi


Such a focus of attention, am I. Get over it, gang. They're only 1s and 0s. (FYI, someone in an unguarded moment of glee, decided to slap up four posts of 30 Downvotes each on my account on October 31, drastically escalating my negative community reputation here. It snowballed from that point on, amusing everyone to no end. I took no notice of it, but everyone else did.)

Updated 04.22.2018: Speaking Different Languages —Captain Gigi  04.22.2018 • Tempesta: I found only one person, who could do that on SA, and it wasn't you or your cohorts. ("I'll tell it not in Gath.") • SB: They just don't get that they've hacked Drive, not my account. Stupid, huh?

Still they try to figure it out. Get over it, gang.  —Captain Gigi, Captain Gigi's 'Sailing Anarchy' Blog, 03.23.2018.PNG

Speaking Different Languages  —Captain Gigi  04.22.2018.jpg

Sailing Anarchy forums  are echoes of abusive, combative, and downright vicious posters, promoting contempt and hatred towards women, especially..jpg

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