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Seahawks before the training of the giant cornerback Rogers Scrooti

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In the offseason,Seahawks' proud defensive lineup fell apart.Richard Sherman turned to 49,and Earl Thomas did not want to play for the Seahawks.Camp-Chansler (Kam Chancellor) has drawn a big question mark because of Madden NFL 19 Coins a serious neck injury career.Recently,Seahawks focused on a veteran who defended the backcourt.

Informed person NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport broke the news that the former giant cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is going to Seattle for a workout.

Rogersque Romati played 30 times in the two seasons after the professional bowl nomination in the 2015 season,with only 15 starts.Before Rogerscroft was cut off by the Giants on March 11 this year,the Giants were also reported to ask Rogers Romanti to drop his salary or change his position to play security.At present,both lightning and sea eagle are interested in this veteran.

Seahawk's current defensive lineup,in addition to the development potential of the second-year cornerback Shaq Griffin (Shaq Griffin),defensive second-line lack of generals.If the Rogers Romanti training is successful,the Seahawks may be able to give a contract before he visits the lightning.

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