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  2. Hopefully damage control is good on this ship as well. Clearly the Navy has some institutional failures they are blaming their captains for. Maybe they need to fire the admiral too (no pension).
  3. Kind of what I'm talking about. TMS wants people to consider him a "reasonable, middle of the road conservative put upon by hateful leftists". Kind of hard to pull that off when the only people sharing your view about the "insult" levelled your way are an irrational right-wing troll and sad, leg-humping sock looking for someone to validate his existence. Sol says he's good people. Perhaps once he was. Seems he's spiralling and that really taking some time away from PA might do the man some good. Perhaps if he actually goes away for a while, rather than lurk until he feels "safe", he might come back as the person Sol sees in him rather than the sad, paranoid, blinkered right-winger he's been acting like for the past year. I know. Then again, have you ever noticed how those that can't man up to straight-forwardly stating their opinion think everyone else is the same way? TMS has that in spades.
  4. Yep its a thing, maybe we will now have a "war on merchant ships" since we have a war on virtually every fucking thing these days that gets Americans scared.
  5. Who threw the first punch is very relevant, but not definitive. Person A throws a punch or a grenade or an insult or whatever at Person B. That's an attack or an assault or a provocation. But it's not a fight until Person B responds in kind. If person B has the option of walking away, then they have some control over whether to allow the attack/assault/provocation to become a fight. Unless they are unable to escape, they can choose whether the fight continues. This was not a bar brawl with someone cornered while the bottles and chairs rain down on their head. It's social media, where we have a block/mute/ignore button, to make the other person disappear. Either side was free to disengage; neither side chose to do so. You're a lawyer, so consider e.g. the self-defence tests at http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/s_to_u/self_defence/#Reasonable_Force. Applying that sort of test, was retaliatory abuse absolutely necessary when the ignore button was available?
  6. I have to say the quality of argument has increased markedly since BS left.
  7. He could probably make a very compelling case that the hull separated from the keel, not the other way around. It's all a matter of your frame of reference, of course...
  8. WTF??? Again? USS John McCain. Near Singapore.
  9. Forget it. TM believes what he believes. He has hermetic and some new sock cheering him on. If I wanted to call him a name, I'd call him a name.
  10. You guys are getting good at this.
  11. Touchy, paranoid, once again looking deflect attention away from an accusation he cannot back up. There are so many options to choose from.
  12. All that's saying is that the winning skipper wants the AC boats to stay the same. Charlie Barr, Mike Vanderbilt and Dennis Conner would have said the same thing. A while back the winner AC skipper said the Cup should remain in leadmines. There is no logical reason to say that the view of 2017's winning skipper is any more valid than the view of 1987's winning skipper.
  13. Well, let's see how your philosophy can muck this up: Did the keel separate from the hull? Without parsing possible causes, it's a yes or no question. Can you handle that? Do you see a keel? No? Do you see broken keel bolts? Yes? Guess what, we have an actual fact: The keel separated from the hull. Are you uncomforable with that? Would you like to bring in moral equivalence? Deficits of perception? Skewed value systems guiding the reasoning? Good luck. I seriously doubt we could ever agree on a common ground.
  14. From Nic Douglas, someone must know who has bought what "Comanche is currently in Brisbane (being refitted with rumours of a sale), Perpetual Loyal has been sold (waiting to hear where this has gone) ."
  15. Driving home, CNN just said it happened again. No details. Merchant ship hit or is hit by destroyer! https://www.dvidshub.net/news/245407/uss-john-s-mccain-collides-with-merchant-ship-near-strait-malacca http://wavy.com/2017/08/20/uss-john-mccain-collision/
  16. Yesterday
  17. Einstein vs. Newton is an excellent example. Einstein is right in pretty much all conditions. Newton was right in those conditions where relativistic effects are so small as to be negligible, e.g. every day life. So we can build ships and buildings comfortably using Newtonian physics because we're not likely to ever encounter conditions where relativistic effects are relevant. I imagine if we ever decide we need to accelerate an object faster than a rounding error of C, we'll have to use different math for the engineering. In this case, the false narrative that Bob follows Brent around hurling personal insults and invective, and that Brent is the unwitting victim of mob justice is quite relevant. Because it's flat out bullshit.
  18. Nothing, since the only quotes are for "classical Liberals"
  19. All the sort of people who showed up from 1970 to 2007 knew that the AC boats were comparatively slow. It didn't stop them turning up then. Only the sort of people who ran around with their eyes closed and thought 505s were really fast thought 12s and IACC boats were very fast. Not many people really care if the sport they watch is the fastest thing of its kind. Michael Phelps' world record is 20% slower than the world swimming record of a teenage girl (Vera Ilyushina) but people still watch Phelps. People turn up to NASCAR, whereas the racing for the least-restricted and possibly fastest cars ever (Can Am) died out years ago. People turn up to the Super Bowl despite the fact that other forms of football and ball sports have higher scores and faster moving balls. People watch the Tour de France despite the fact that the bikes are slow. Stinger's ideas seem to revolve around the assumption that faster is better in sailing, but looking at other sports shows us that faster is not better per se. And if faster craft are better craft then AC50s are inferior to SailRocket, Hydroptere, kites and windsurfers. His vision is not of "The Best Sailors in the Fastest Boats". It would be more truthfully called "The Best Sailors at medium speeds in the Fastest Boats with the wind at a particular strength, in waves of a certain range, on a course of a particular length" which is not so snappy.
  20. Mate, when you're indulging in the same paranoia as the sole poster in this thread who shares your view on the matter - you need to give yourself a timeout. Seriously. Think about it, when has BD ever had a qualm calling someone out? You overreacted. Again. No-one called you a Nazi. No-one even thinks you are one. You're flat out imagining the vitriol you have an issue with.
  21. The factual one...
  22. Wait, you are not Rimas?
  23. I won't play this game anymore. I could go back to my 20's, drop a hit of acid, argue that nothing is real--and even if it were, how would we know it? I could tie you up in knots with this shit you're spewing now. I mastered it. I'm over it. I grew up. I keep my two legs on the ground (or deck). You? You might have two legs, but you seem to be supported by half a wit. Seriously, get real, go outside, pick up a rock, then drop it. Enjoy your inner debate about what you observe.
  24. They'd be lying to themselves and everyone else, because they would have neither the fastest boat or the best sailors. Put it this way, one billionaire starts a rogue series involving second placed AC50's with second placed sailors, and wins a second place, meaningless trophy, meanwhile his billionaire friend enters the Americas Cup, defeats the best team in the world and sits atop the sailing mountain, takes his place in the history books and gets his teams name etched on sports oldest trophy and now gets to enact his vision. One Billionaire will live forever in history, while the other will scream "But what about Me...I couldn't beat the Kiwi's, but at least I'm sailing an AC50, and i've got a shiny piece of metal too"!
  25. huh. a post from you I agree with. will wonders never cease.
  26. I see the list in the above sentence does not include the following: ...or the US Constitution in our city in quotation marks! What does that suggest to you?
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