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  2. Ease the sheet.

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Give the fella a chance. I mean, he was nice enough to offer prayers....
  3. Lark

    Building A Bridge

    Tom. Please make it biodegradable. The next time there is a ‘500 year’ or ‘thousand year’ flood (next month?) it will end up somewhere else. Can you make a floating bridge you can deploy as needed? Allow me to channel my boring version of Rasputin. About 16 years ago I was canoeing a Northern Indiana river when I came across a levee of 1950’s cars protecting a farm field. Several had fallen into the river, creating a rusty hazard. I reported it to the state department of natural resources, who wanted the location in longitude and latitude, plus photos. This was long before smart phones, but by coincidence I had been lent a GPS and digital camera by homeland security. (Disclosure, this wasn’t because I was a super secret agent. They couldn’t figure out how to spend all their money, and a state appointee let me volunteer to borrow a bunch of high tech electronics, laptop and databases until they became obsolete. At that time I coincidentally resigned.) Anyway, I went back and got a memory card full of evidence. The state was amazed even though they had been rusting, leaking and falling into the water for decades, assuming they were 10-15 years old when junked. They saw a foot bridge made out of deck material in the background of one of my photos, crossing a tributary. Indiana decided they didn’t have authority over junk cars in the river, but the foot bridge lacked a permit.
  4. Sean

    Slip Sliding Away

    I checked, it’s not The Onion. It’s the DES MOINES REGISTER Iowa Poll: Democrat Fred Hubbell narrowly leads Republican Kim Reynolds in governor's race
  5. harrygee

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    There is no single factor that has brought about this outcome. The boats are slow but there would be little benefit in faster boats in terms of navigating away from weather systems that are poorly plotted (from the point of view of the competitors). Faster boats may handle better, hand-steered in the worst of it but not under wind vane. At least the boats are strong. The paucity of weather information adds to their risk. Forty south at this time of year is not a good place to be exposed, out of reach of shelter. Knockdowns and rolls were not unexpected from the start; Don warned of the possibility before the start and Chay has posted something similar. A serious injury is something else and negates the efforts that were made to ensure the boats could extract themselves from serious situations. I hope Abilhash's injuries turn out to be temporary and not life-changing.
  6. Mrleft8

    I Took a Shit Again

    usually call my morning routine A "BIG FELLA" followed by judicious swipes/wipes with a Scot. Habbit I guess when it becomes so natural.
  7. daddle

    I was right again.

    Did they calculate how many of these ‘illegals’ are employed by corporations whose owners are disciples of the Orange One? That would be an interesting number. Somebody hires them and benefits from the savings. I’m guessing right-wing meat packers and farmers more than left-wing Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
  8. weightless

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    Just going out and sailing around probably isn't the answer to life, the universe and everything, but sometimes if feels pretty close. There are lots of sailboats that are a pleasure to day sail. I've had some wonderful sails in some very imperfect boats. Whatever you get access to is likely to be amusing. FWIW, here are my thoughts on your list: 1. Do you have some specific day sailing area in mind? Perhaps there are some specific places you want to go and some particular things you want to do? Comfort, speed (in as much as such a thing is to be had in sailing) and cost are always a compromise. The best balance is going to depend on the specifics of your service and your skill level. I don't think there is a generic best solution. 2. The women will put things down the heads. The heads will clog. The women will be embarrassed. They will dissemble and you will disassemble. Everyone will be sad. Perhaps a portable head is not such a bad thing on a day boat? 3. If you really must but unless your day boat is huge it's hard to see any benefit. 4. Yes!
  9. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    As we are waiting for info twiddling our thumbs. I'm not one to get too uptight about a bit of thread drift that often is generated by a quick simple question and answer exchange, suddenly one aspect of that exchange is taken it up as matching a personel cause by someone else, there are challenges and counter challenges, then the perpetrator finding themselves on the losing end plays the "take it to PA card" to avoid scrutiny and blames everyone else for faning the off topic flames. I do find those people to be amusing souls until they get abusive and where it fits the bill here unfortunately, (with my emphasis). So @sidmon take note: ^^^ ignore this bit can't delete So @sidmon take note At this juncture all is going well..however enter the "climate sceptic". I apologise to other room dwellers here for extending this matter but you have the luxury if being spared the personel attacks, possibly by having the commonsense not to engage the turnip. So what we have here @sidmon is anyone who has an opinion contrary to yours on climate and weather and in a postcode you have never ventured into, you respond with abuse not facts or even a supported argument. Now all three of us you have labled as "bullshitters" however on account I have a scored the "bloviating bullshitter" label I feel compelled as unofficial leader to advise you of our collective as follows. We consider you a rude, argumentative and simple little cunt whom we regret having wasted valuable oxygen on, particularly as the O:CO2 ratio is diminishing on our planet. We can only pray your on Elon Musk's first rocket into outer space and you ignore the baggage weight limit. Goodbye.
  10. IPLore

    Team UK

    Haas Automation and Haas F1 were founded by and remain owned by the same guy, Gene Haas. Haas also owns Wind Sheer, the most advanced wind sheer tunnel in the world. He is personally interested in the AC, especially since it went to foils. There is no way that Ineos just happened to pick Haas CNC machines without Gene playing a role. Currently the team with the most F1 involvement is ETNZ and it certainly seemed to work for them.
  11. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    My track is on the rail so the jib is outside the lifelines. Does that mean I shouldn't care how high? The lifelines goes to the deck at the bow so there is an opening and the jib does not have to go over the lifelines to clear it
  12. benwynn

    When Rosenstein gets fired

    Rest easy. Trump's chief advisor just recommended that he not fire Rosenstein. I'm not sure why. It may have to do with keeping the content flow going for ratings.
  13. benwynn

    I was right again.

    I think that prediction falls under the narcissistic trait of never taking accountability. He's fucking textbook. I honestly feel sorry for the women he is married to. We just have to live with him here.
  14. ExOmo

    Are boat shoes cool?

    You tell'em Scooter...
  15. sshow bob

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Sidmon's response is better.
  16. Bute Burnout

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    You on "gudgeon" by chance ? Good job so far .
  17. Rasputin22


    Flo 2.0
  18. Fair weather is also fleeting in the West of Ireland. But luckily the goddess invented oilskins
  19. I do like that, Bull. Elegant, and with the security of bulwarks but with fast-drain scuppers
  20. Whatever. Fair weather is fleeting in the PNW. Stick to the Med.
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