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  2. What?!? Jeff Lied, Again?!!?
  3. Hard On The Wind

    Scrap F-35 buy J-20

    Better a J120.
  4. Raz'r

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    My pathfinder has a Bowman exchanger as well. Only issue is that damn little offset waterpump pulley. Probably need a machine shop to make one for me. Waterpump itself was $35 or so from Partsplace. They actually had an old pulley which I bought, but it's fairly pitted. I'm a bit odd, but I find the maintenance and rebirth of this little engine quite fun. Runs like a champ for the moment. Only thing expensive is the injectors, but I can get a set for $500. I might do that since I'm assuming these are original, and would hate to have them fail coming back from Hawaii. There's a guy advertising one for sale here local for $2250. I'm about to ask him to part out the marinized pieces like the heat exchanger, pulleys, etc. I offered him $500 for the whole thing, he didn't bite. Yet.
  5. dyslexic dog

    Electrical cost/consumption question, home use.

    What about power factor corrections for capacitance?
  6. Somehow Trump seems to get away with those kinds of actions with impunity.
  7. HuronBouy

    Highland Park Ban on AW's and LCM's Upheld

    probably insignificant are you arguing for a wider ban say on hand guns which do most of the killing??
  8. toecutter

    Tee Vee on a boat. Stoopid question

    Ba-Humbug! Don't listen to these guys. TV is great. TV with great sound is even better. Get a plug pack telly that runs on 12 volts and it will work fine plugged into the 12 volt supply. 24" is about the best combination of size and power consumption for most purposes. It'll have a good enough picture (although unlikely to be full HD), but crap sound. To fix that, either get one with bluetooth audio output built in or buy a cheap usb powered bluetooth converter off ebay and stick on it. Next, get hold of a decent bluetooth speaker and bingo! - cinematic experience on a boat. And anyone that says a laptop is better for movies has never experienced the above setup.
  9. ALL@SEA

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I was enthralled by the Ultim finish, but never saw if Joyon was able to clear the fishing nets from his rudder(s?)? Nerve wracking stuff!
  10. Deplorable1

    Trump is losing it

    Democrats fail to recognize their own hypocrisy.
  11. Innocent Bystander

    F1 2018...

    Max is growing up and the results show it. He just needs to grow up more. He didn't like Lewis' comment in cool down but it was spot on. MV had it all to lose and gave it away by not playing a long game. Vibroman is right. Strange to see Lewis in the elder statesman role but he has grown the last several seasons and is a better driver for his maturity.
  12. Navig8tor

    Trump is losing it

    Good coming from a hypocrite such as yourself, never indulges in personal attacks do we? It shows everyone, what a deluded little universe you must live in, cut down on the Fox News drivel and Hannity , it's a pathway to regaining your sanity.
  13. Grande Mastere Dreade


    a friend had similar experience with a border and his wine cellar... he caught him before he could get to the "good stuff"
  14. jack_sparrow

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    That was more a pre Internet approach. Much quicker now where someone somewhere has said something.
  15. Ed Lada

    Stan Lee DTS

    Sad it had to end that way, but he had an awful lot of good years. Excelsior!
  16. hermetic

    As The Nation Honors Veterans Day, Trump Doesn't

    uh .... veterans day is 11 november (yesterday) I went to the parade
  17. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Stan Lee DTS

    it's sad as he had won his recent lawsuit letting him control his own life,
  18. We thought about trying to use a Google Mini with my GF's mom in a home. She had limited success with the lanyard things and I think that something like the Mini could be of help in her feeling in touch, until I watched this;
  19. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2018

    though Tom has denied it .. it's been touted as he was the person who outed him in the first place..
  20. More Cowbell2

    Stan Lee DTS

    RIP Mr. Lee.
  21. Raz'r


    Ed - enjoy! I wont be in germany till probably December....
  22. Ed Lada


    Oh no! My friends cellar is in the basement of his clinic. It has no direct outside access and is temperature and humidity controlled and has an alarm. This is in addition to the locks and alarm on the building itself. Since I met him about 8 years ago, the cellar has shrunk by a few hundred bottles, but there are plenty more. We have given up on the idea we that could drink it dry before our lives are over.
  23. Left Shift

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    My boat needs to be moving forward. It's much closer to a VOR boat than anything mentioned here, but a bit smaller. At 50-60K I've put up a tri-sail and storm jib and thought about streaming lines to help keep directional stability but not drogues. With active driving and a crew. Over 60K, I have almost no experience, but probably just the storm jib and lines streamed is what I'd try first. Getting out of the way is the smartest of all.
  24. Fakenews

    College Football 2018

    How so..
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