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  2. He's not gonna make it. He's out of range of a tow, and it's very iffy that he can sail close-hauled enough to make any harbor. He's drifting past his second destination. I think he can make Fiji in 7-10 days...IDK if he's capable of getting in range of a concierge tow though, seems to have little control over his drifting.
  3. having said that how cool would the ac50 be in a acws event. fleet racing these puppies would be brilliant. I think that the match racing part should be part of the ACWS again also
  4. I've always wanted to serve on a jury - I think it would be an interesting experience. I got called twice but didn't get selected. Both trials turned out to be good ones too - the first one was a murder trial where the prosecutor opened with "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury this trial will contain sex, drugs and rock & roll". The second one turned out to be the Air India trial - the biggest mass murder in Canadian history. It ended up being tried by judge alone.
  5. agree that it should be something new and relevant to the ac class that are raced in the acws. happy for the acws to continue but not sure about any points carrying into the finals.
  6. This man is neither crazy nor dumb. He is the philosophical leader of the Republican Party. He demonstrates the pinnacle of Republican thought. He's new to DC, that's all.
  7. I dislike Hillary because she made limousine liberals acceptable, she subtly changed party focus on regular people to the privileged. She didn't care about people as much as she cared about her own celebrity and whether she hung out with Katy Perry, Madonna, or Barbra Streisand. Had she stuck to the message, Donald Trump's ambitions would have never been born.
  8. Thank you Jonas, it is.
  9. It's not either-or, it's both!
  10. I've looked at Asau Bay (note spelling fyi)...there is no way...NO WAY rimas can get back there (or close). right now his tracking is slowly showing him coming up with but with the turning radius of a supertanker..... also when I look at the Bay itself I do see a smallish dock but no boats (maybe I wrong...but no boats to tow is not part of the Rimas Paradigm)
  11. latest from our hero says he hasn't a clue where he will land on island, but 'leau' knows eekend. I am not sure the island of sawai it has harbors apia it has big. Leau from apia she knows better need food and fix sailboat.weekend. I am not sure the island of sawai it has harbors apia it has big. Leau from apia she knows better need food and fix sailboat. weekend. I am not sure the island of sawai it has harbors apia it has big. Leau from apia she knows better need food and fix sailboat.
  12. Huh? You talkin' ta me?
  13. The good thing about Hillary is, following her, the door is much more accessible now for likable folks such as Al Franken
  14. We were on a boat delivery and stopped in Jamaica. While on an Island tour we bought the soup packs and tucked them deep into the bottom of the two crew girls duffel bags. Wish I could have been there when they got home and Mom dug in the bag to do the laundry.
  15. Go to your local Laser dealer and ask what events that business is sponsoring. You can also visit the factory where Lasers are built and discuss the events they plan to sponsor and support near your home. Your nearby Laser fleet's weekday evening races are peaking at this time of year. Try dropping by and riding along on the Race Committee boat. After the races at the weekly dinner, seek out advice about good available boats and which upcoming events should be fun for you.
  16. Most of the fleet has dropped out. Most remaining boats have traveled less than 20 miles not yet to the first shortened course in 11ish hours and likely won't get in before the time limit. RC mostly unresponsive to put it nicely.
  17. No anchorage is safe...Rimas has only a small anchor and no chain, coral will chafe through his anchor line in a few hours. Gap is irrelevant, Rimas is incapable of sailing in to any harbor without a tow. Since he doesn't have any money, this towing and re supply operation is going to cost Jean and the enablers a good chunk of change...I don't think Rimas's 2 months of SS checks will cover it.
  18. Why is New York's Finest tweeting about pardons when we don't even have a crime yet? It's crazy stuff. No conviction, no crime. I neither support nor criticize him, and Hillary was worse. She used email.
  19. Colbert's show of 7/20. He does the first ten minute monologue on all the crazy things Trump said in his recent NYT interview, like pondering why Sessions didn't recuse himself before nomination...for something that hadn't happened yet. There are multiple layers of stupid in that one alone. There were other things just as nuts but the media has become so habituated to him being nuts they don't notice it anymore...I guess. There is either something very wrong with his brain or he doesn't give a shit and wants to be fired.
  20. I called DFG several pages back
  21. Yes, that was incredibly stupid on her part.
  22. Many of us have been aware of this fact for 4 decades. And it is not "perception"; he has been documented many times, to be a lying crook, with self-interest being an all consuming, overarching personality trait...
  23. I would add the "deplorables" comment to your short list. Self inflicted wound.
  24. Does it sell at all to straight guys? Be fun to have some around just to startle dinner guests with.
  25. Sorry Shagy I should have warned you. Take them to the sea safety course today. They make great bailers for life rafts and ashtrays. But put the rest in the crew truck- we won't need them until keppel. The ground is very rough. They don't call it Rocky for northing!
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