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  2. Post-Trump de-Nazification

    Post-Trump, the country needs its own, domestic version of the de-Nazification program established in Germany after World War II, an inquiry into how so many alleged neo-Nazi, white-supremacist sympathizers had input into this presidency, and their connection with neo-Nazi and nativist movements overseas. Trump has legitimized the hate militias like no president ever before, one of his many blighting legacies and perhaps his most lasting. The domestic threat posed by white-supremacist militias and other violent extremists armed to the steel teeth has been minimized by Republicans, who, jerked around by their Fox News puppet masters, prefer fulminating against Black Lives Matter and antifa street fighters. But white people’s grievances are always given precedence, reflecting the racial makeup of newsrooms and corporate hierarchies. WILL WE EVER RETURN TO NORMAL AFTER TRUMP?
  3. More Examples of Fine People

    Im casting off manana. Trying a rhumb line to SD from Kona. Ill let y'all know how it works. You are sailors, arent you?
  4. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    That is mostly because you have a very narrow focused media driven point of view enhanced by a lack of intellect , critical thinking skills and common sense. Yeah, that's it exactly. I'm just a dumbfuck. I'll just mail back my diploma. In truth, I don't often worry what people like you that are on the upslope of Mt. Stupid their whole lives have to say about intellect.
  5. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Dt apart from the weight it looks as though he puts a lot of stock in keeping the team tight and not dropping people out. Also maybe one of reasons Annemieke Bes jumped off the Paintwagon apart from money was she was going to a team with only one women not two, and less at risk of being bumped on one or more legs.
  6. More Examples of Fine People

    Is it wrong to shoot at commies?
  7. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    That is mostly because you have a very narrow focused media driven point of view enhanced by a lack of intellect , critical thinking skills and common sense.
  8. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Dr.s like it because they are garraunteed payment, but you might have missed that angle. Doctors actually tend to make less in a single payer system, sometimes significantly less. From a completely unscientific poll of the doctor sitting ten feet away from me, the idea is appealing because they can focus on patient care instead of dicking around with insurance companies and being forced to practice defensive medicine.
  9. Death panels come to the UK. Smoke? Fat? die.

    serious answer From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
  10. Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    Tough times, my thoughts are with you. My brain clock stopped at 34. Get a walker. My friend with arterial sclerosis bought a walker because he can't walk more than a block without stopping and resting. He's embarrassed to use it outside. Fer fucks sake... Why am I telling you this? You know it already.
  11. VOR 2017-18

    Also the part about being able to plane more easily as a decision to go one crew less.
  12. He knew what he signed up for

    Your party needs to invoke s25 and remove this unfit malignant sloth from office
  13. VOR 2017-18

    Yeah southern he is certainly not boring with that said in the context of weight on board and he feels it is safer being at sea than ashore. His answer to the question about the future of foiling in this race was a classic.."in 10 years if your not foiling you're dead'
  14. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Dr.s like it because they are garraunteed payment, but you might have missed that angle.
  15. Stop eating beef?

    Stink bugs are worse. They let you think you'll have a nice big juicy tomato tomorrow, and then that night, they'll stick their freaking needle dick thing into your tomato, and you'll have what looks like an innocent little bruise. But go to cut that out, and you find the whole inside is turned to gross mush..... Then they start laying their eggs in the less than ripe ones, so you end up with a plant that has what look like saggy orange used condoms hanging off of it.... Then the plant dies. Evil fucking critters.
  16. Help me replace this ancient sliding gooseneck

    I appreciate the input and although I didn't respond previously, I took it into consideration. I weighed many options based on time and cost. In the end I designed a piece that would adapt the mast section to fit the gooseneck. I brought the template and a scrap piece of 10 gauge 316 to a local sheet metal shop (that usually does HVAC ducting) and had them bend it into shape for me. The sheet metal cost me $20 and the bending cost me $80. I was being quoted between $600 - $1,200 to have a new gooseneck fabricated to fit my mast section...this solution made much more sense to me. Anyone in the Bay Area that needs sheet metal work done I recommend Metalmen Sheet Metal located in SF. For 316, check out Alan Steel & Supply in Redwood City
  17. Medicare for the old. Medicaid for the poor. Been that way most of my life. You apparently know nothing about health care in the US. What should be free? Please list everything you think the government should provide for free to its citizens. Serious question.
  18. Neither of Chevalier and Taglang's boats are suitable for close-quarters match racing because the foils extend outside the beam of the hulls. The boat has to be able to sideswipe another boat without hooking the foils or the shrouds. For example, the AC50 Design Rule limited how much the retracted foils could extend outside the beam so they couldn't hook another boat's shrouds. I think you'd need to have a similar kind of envelope for the foils on the new monohull. I don't see Dali or DSS foils fitting into that envelope. To get the power to foil, you need righting moment, and that means putting the foils out wide, whether it's a multihull or a monohull. You can draw the rig and foils flying independently, then draw the boat that encloses the foils and mast step. I think a more suitable approach would be put L foils on something like a 75' KZ1 with wider wings - a scaled up version of Mark Pivac's Moth that Brett Burville sailed (and was subsequently classified as a multihull). The restriction on moving parts for the foils in the AC72 and AC50 Design Rules was a bit silly. I realize they didn't want to get into an arms race designing radical morphing structures, etc., but they forced the control systems to be unwieldy and inefficient. It would be sufficient to only allow moving parts in, say, the aft 40% of the chord with all parts at their maximum extension. That would ensure the load-bearing structure is fixed and flaps are allowed for control, which make for a much simpler, lower power control system than moving the entire foil. It would also allow Fowler flaps so the crew could change the wetted area between upwind & downwind, or to tune for different wind speeds. I would also eliminate the use of electrically controlled valves. This would force the use of hydromechanical controls similar to the state of the art in aircraft flight control systems of the 1960's to early 1970's. The only stored energy would be hydraulic accumulators and mechanical springs. Other than those restrictions, anything goes. The big drawbacks to this are today's controls engineers aren't proficient at designing systems that don't use digital controls, and it's more expensive to machine close tolerance parts to make changes than it is to load modified software. But it would eliminate the notion that the computers are sailing the boat and the crew is just following the bouncing ball. If there are fewer things that can be programmed, then the crew has more things they need to do and are more involved with the sailing. As for sail handling, physics says that if the boat is fast - meaning able to sail at some multiple of the true wind speed - then lots of different sails are a detriment rather than an asset because you can't stand the drag of all the extra wetted area. So no matter what kind of boat it is, if it's a fast boat it just doesn't need more than a mainsail/wingsail and a jib. Which means you need a helm and one or two wing trimmers. Everyone else on the boat is doing some kind of auxiliary function, like grinding, making fine adjustments, or rail meat. If you want to see a return to classical sail handling, setting and dowsing of downwind sails, the boats have to be slow.
  19. So who is paying for the wall?

    Which wall?..... The wall to keep Mexicans out, or the new wall to keep Puerto Ricans from coming to the main land and voting?
  20. So, if the problem that they want to solve is "how do we bring back tactics that worked for International Rule boats", one requirement is slow boats. NTTAWWT. However, as pointed out by rgeek, the mooted designs aren't that. What problem are they trying to solve?
  21. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Remarkably like PA........ WL
  22. He knew what he signed up for

    My party needs to stop politicking for a while. This isn't a game and this daily exercise to find any obscure reason to bash the other side is harming America.
  23. The Other Day the music died

    Ronnie loved Neil Young and they supposedly jammed together, he even wore his Neil Young t-shirt on stage. There was no animosity, there was love between those two, Young even wrote two songs for LS that were not recorded before the plane crash ... RVZ was an anti-racist, and he was Southern, and I've known probably a hundred times more rednecks in Alabama who hate racism with every cell than I've known actual racists down there. He was singing to Young that he already knew about the problems of Southern racism, because he lived it. And he SANG about it too, "in Birmingham they love the Governor (Wallace) ... boo boo boo." How much more anti racist can a man be than literally booing the symbol of hate in his state? I agree that Freebird touches something deep, those songs are like children, how can I love one more than the other? That show in Oakland, I play it for my six year old son, he gets it, by the time the guitar solo peels in, I catch a glimpse of him with his eyes closed and his head nodding, he knows. And then he looks at the videos and asks if we can go see them. Little man breaks my heart ... even though RVZ's brother still has (had?) the tribute band, LS is dead, it's more a political statement more than it is music.
  24. He knew what he signed up for

    Heh,,I remember when Lauren was about 3, James and I were walking with her down Fitzroy St St Kilda past the Prince of Wales pub..a country and western band were playing...Lauren starts stompin' (out of time) the expression on Jimmy's face was worth bottling She's improved her taste immeasurably. You have "the wiggles" in America :eek
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