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  2. Marcjsmith

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    most of the cushions are rectangles... or triangle for the V berth. the backrests are a bit more complex. with the curved bolstered backrest. Not my boat pictured figure if I had to, I could go with plain rectangular or slightly wedge shape and just by new foam for the backrests. All the existing foam is in good shape. Yeah I am asking around. I got a friend that's done some seamstress type work, trying to talk them into the project. Figure if I'm going to give money to someone might as well give to someone I know. all of the material on the cushions is shot, but good enough that I can use for patterns.
  3. Voyageur

    Arrogant Elites

  4. yl75

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Sam's boat visit (automatic subtitles work quite well) :
  5. Voyageur

    Arrogant Elites
  6. Shortforbob

    There's Hope For COVID Spreading Families

    Gets crazier every day..just think..American families PAY these idiots.
  7. Mid

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Sanders did 3 .
  8. BravoBravo

    Arrogant Elites

  9. Morgan Crewed

    Random PicThread

  10. Voyageur

    Arrogant Elites
  11. US economy grew a record 33.1% annual rate last quarter It represented a sharp, albeit partial, recovery from the prior three months, when the economy contracted at an annualized, seasonally adjusted rate of 31.4%. simple maths 33.1 minus 31.4 equals 1.7 ... nothing to see here , move along ....
  12. Your Mom

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Thanks. I hadn't realized he was at the back of the cockpit.
  13. jack_sparrow

    The Swedish Experiment

    La poursuite de l’immunité collective est à la fois futile et immorale Where are WeaselWordsWes, BlatentlyBullshitting and CuntShortforBob?? They are normally not short of words??
  14. For families who are suffering the bullying from mask lovers, Florida state senator Joe Gruters (R) is here to help. Joe Gruters proposes ‘Face Freedom Scholarships’ for anti-masker families to attend private school He wants them to work the same as scholarships that save kids from bullies. Sen. Joe Gruters promised he will file legislation providing school vouchers to anti-maskers unhappy with public school face covering mandates. The Sarasota Republican on Facebook said he wants a program similar to HOPE Scholarships, which provide funding for bullied students to transfer to private schools. He dubbed the proposed program “Face Freedom Scholarships.” “With families, not elected officials and bureaucrats, being the best decision makers for their children, I believe that all families should have choice in education,” he wrote, “from deciding which academic programs best fit the needs of their children to whether they believe their child should or should not be forced to wear a mask in school all day.” Gruters said he wants any family with a student enrolled in a school with a mask mandate to be given the option to transfer to an eligible private school on a scholarship.
  15. tillerman

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    I don't know why they didn't just photoshop ILCA logos on to the Laser sails.
  16. hoom

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Any new boat with some novel systems. I dunno how many more days before things get worrying but a few days with a new boat isn't it.
  17. Seems like "postmarked by" would be a much better criteria?
  18. Steam Flyer

    Fake NUNS

    But fake nuns can still have nice cans - DSK
  19. TUBBY

    What Is This Knot?

    Did the Tall Ships race, (well we were entered and did the course, not a lot of sailing involved), on a Hobart fishing boat back in '88. They had a reel of silver line on board that got used for just about everything. Never knotted it though. They would cut a piece for the job and splice it as required. The skipper could drop a splice into that stuff quicker than I could tie a knot!
  20. Admiral Hornblower

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    I don't need a gallon of Bondo!
  21. Admiral Hornblower

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Pardon me, but what language do you write in? Are you a follower of Snaggy?
  22. Steam Flyer

    A brief message from AGITC

    I dunno, his halo seemed to pinch some times and it made him cranky Wishing him well from here - DSK
  23. Black Sox

    What Is This Knot?

    Yeah, Jules. Full of mistakes.Don't know how you can bear to look at it. Oh all right, I'll get rid of it for you.
  24. Flaming

    Melges 37 win

    If it's fun enough and affordable enough then it'll happen. I think the thing the last decade or so has shown is that no class has a god given right to exist in the Solent, and classes can go from 40 boat nationals and 20+ in the winter series to losing their start in a very short space of time. In a way I think the P40 model is probably the best short-medium bet in the Solent. The way things are going now, we probably need to concentrate on getting existing boats racing regularly over the next few years, rather than argue over which hot new OD to back...
  25. BravoBravo

    Bidens Laptop

    Can’t make this shit up !
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