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  2. LeoV

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Let them have this one. But you wonder his passports; Italian American or more precise American Italian. Where did he spend the first 3 months this year, at home in Berkely. What did he want when he showed up; something he could head. But problem that was already in place with another director that had taken all the cash he wanted. (Horizon project with covid department) He probably has some points, EU is not perfect, but this is overreacting and grandstanding. Last time an American passport holder will have a big job in the EU. EU thought to get an experienced dedicated a-political man, but he turned 100% political.
  3. hobot


    Good job China! Only 3,333 deaths out of 83.783 cases. Man, how do they achieve such a low number, I mean being the unfortunate launching pad of the virus and all? /s
  4. Forourselves

    INEOS Team GB

    Agreed. The problem is, the Government also have a public that is heavily invested in eliminating the Covid-19 threat. Some smaller towns are so vigilant about their own security that they've taken the law into their own hands and blocked off entries and exits to their towns and are policing the blockades themselves. The public won't take kindly to the Labour government in the next election if they relax the border restrictions early or allow AC teams privileges the public don't enjoy. Yes the AC is a huge opportunity for the country, and one that is very much needed right now, but even as an AC fan and ETNZ supporter myself, I would be the first person to vote against this government if they allow AC teams privileges outside of those offered to the general public when hundreds of people have already lost their jobs, with a lot more job losses to come.
  5. mad


    Good, the UK could do with that as well....... the next jogger/runner that’s goes past right next to me is going to get there fucking head removed!

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Yer, if you hover the cursor over the UNKNOWN square icon on the graph linked , 1 shows up as being in their 80's, 2/3 unknown, 4 elderly man.
  7. phill_nz

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    we had a royal navy " loan " officer in our gunnery school didn't end well last time they ever allowed a "foreign expert" in to run a training school both incompetent and trump like honesty .. you would think they would not allow the dross to represent them in foreign establishments .. esp any anzac one .. given the history and all
  8. LeoV


    Let him downvote, does not hurt me, and he is ready to be placed on ignore And PM's I only read from gentleman.
  9. 44forty

    Old pics you found

    Don’t want to open a can of worms here ...but I can’t see many similarities between the above boat and any T boats , except for maybe topside flare and plumb bow . Can’t understand the whole T copied E’s designs handbag fight . Can you battle axes from the 80s can shed some light on how it kicked off
  10. mad


    Be careful Leo, he’ll be following you around and having screaming tantrums in every thread soon....... might need to block his PM’s as well, there’ll be a few of those heading your way soon......along with a downvoting frenzy. He/She is not a well person at the best of times.
  11. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Jeezus Jack - you'll find yourself on the poison dwarf's hit list if he finds you suggested something that might increase costs and threaten his bonus! Hide!
  12. Fah Kiew Tu

    I still call Australia home

    You don't have to judge the jurors - they got the verdict *wrong* and the DNA evidence showed that. Now you can argue that they got it wrong because of defects in the prosecution leading evidence or the defence not demolishing the evidence led, but really, you can't dispute that in those cases the jury was wrong. If you want to argue that a jury verdict must stand regardless - good luck with that. FKT
  13. phillipdb

    ac 2021? fuggedaboudit!

    The sailing world will still benefit, the local exposure will amp up a few more Burlings & Tukes to continue on the NZ dominance!
  14. Today
  15. That should help her overcome Trump's automatic dislike of a woman with no tits, even if she's a lying sycophantic mad bitch.
  16. Sailbydate

    Corona Virus

    No argument from me.
  17. Fah Kiew Tu

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That, in a nutshell, is why I have a Macbook. I go to a secure lab in a Govt building, With correct authorisation keys, on the network in seconds, connect to databases and get to work. Shift to a different lab in a different city, different Govt, do it again. Go back 12 months later, my computer still knows all the settings - might have to update the password or something. Windows used to be a NIGHTMARE. Linux regularly forgot my network & video settings. Apple's OS X is basically unix under the GUI so I can shell out to a CLI any time I want, use ssh or sftp or other unix level tools to get stuff done if the GUI is getting in my way. I can set up my laptop to be a sftp server or allow remote access via ssh or similar, not just something like remote desktop. I started programming on mainframes, in FORTRAN, using punched cards. Computers are *tools* as far as I'm concerned. The Windows o/s is a major productivity killer, not enhancer. Apple hardware is pretty nice but my GF has a pretty old Toshiba 13" laptop with early SSD and that thing is bulletproof - and has more ports than my new Macbook. I wish she'd buy a new computer just so I can have her Toshiba to put a linux distro and OpenCPN on. FKT
  18. LeoV


    Just to show how brilliant Schakel is, he heard a rumour and is now a believer.. Wuhan is placed in a malaria area, Wuhan is placed just above Taiwan. oh and look up Spanish Flu to see what would have happened if nobody did anything.
  19. Bugger. Now I actually feel bad for posting that. A very good friend did exactly the same thing at age 38-ish. Mother, aunt, grandmother all died early of breast cancer. When she found a small lump, it was bye-bye to her breasts, and she had beautiful titties. She had a farewell party, got up on the table and danced topless to a Rolling Stones tune at the end of the night. She's now 70 and still having a great life.
  20. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    What you or I had read is entirely irrelevant. Neither one of us were part of the trial. Neither one of us got to look at the witnesses as they gave evidence. Robert Richter was Pell's lawyer. And he's fucking good. I'm surprised that he didn't turn the accuser into a quivering, blubbering fool. The accuser must have been a very impressive witness. I can understand why the jury had no doubts. Without knowing the evidence presented in those cases. It's difficult to judge the jurors.
  21. Sailbydate

    ac 2021? fuggedaboudit!

    Just what we need. Another opinionated 'Merican.
  22. New US Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ran a racist, right-wing conspiracy blog
  23. You were certainly exaggerating and I knew that, but someone else reading might not know and take you seriously. Apple makes nice design and their OS is likely better for someone who doesn't like tinker with their computer (I have no first hand experience with it though). When you mention keyboards, first thing that come come to my mind is butterfly keyboard. And the ease of replacement when dealing with non Apple stuff. No need to fear that your data will be erased in service. Apple does things easier for someone who doesn't want or need to spec things and who is willing to pay the price. Outside of their ecosystem you have to be more careful as there isn't big brother to watching out for you. There will be corners shaved during the race to the bottom. And back to the topic of girls and hot places, here is dude in cold place:
  24. Fah Kiew Tu

    I still call Australia home

    Just on that point - there are a hell of a lot of people in the USA whose convictions have been overturned since the advent of DNA testing. The jury was clearly wrong in those cases. FKT
  25. LeCanard

    Bulkhead Compass fix

    If you dont find Isopar B, White spirit usually works perfectly as well. Alcohol is rarely used these Days.
  26. jack_sparrow

    Medical Professionals: A Dissenting Opinion

    Hey AMS I wonder if you can help me out. I see you are a published scientist and willing to explain things. Can you help me understand what this Dr Fauci dude is saying. Like he says; "we're fucked" and on shelter-at-home, "if you catch yourself looking out the fucking window, punch yourself in the dick." Mate you seem to have this virus bitch wired, please tell me he is exagerating.
  27. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    There should be doubt? The jury, the arbiters of reality disagree..... So who wins when the arbiters of reality disagree with the arbiters of concepts?
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