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  2. Anyone know where I can get a virtual eye or video replay of today's races? The AC app isn't letting me use virtual eye due to geo blocking despite their site saying NZ should have " virtual graphics with commentary only"
  3. The package on Sky NZ was frustrating. Way too many crowd cheering shots, close ups of nothing in particular, and complete lack of anything that provided information comparing the boats relative to each other or the course. Finally in the last race there was some virtual eye that did this, but way way too late in proceedings.
  4. Oracle needed one less tack on that leg as well.
  5. One would have thought that after a fair few races in the ACWS that his nervousness would have disappeared, but his presser performances to date in AC35 don't generate much confidence, especially after such a rookie error as letting Jimminy go when their lead had vapourised. You're absolutely right that what happens on the water is what matters!! And he was taught a lesson by Jimminy on the water today.
  6. Saw this when looking at the whale link, made me think of Mikewoof. Oh dear, all that fossil fuel smoke. Best action starts at about :54 Maybe the smoke drifted off shore & killed the whale? I think they breath air? Poor whale.
  7. I agree. Despite what the Kiwi media and probably their audience including Indio want, it is ~not~ professional wrestling and nor should it ever get there. All of the ETNZ guys are pretty great with their video appearances and interviews. Ashby is my favorite to hear from but Burling is plenty good for these helmsman conf's. Things will likely evolve over time anyway, it won't be just the helms for the next gawd-knows-how many of them are ahead.
  8. I did wear the webbed gloves for a while in the winter......
  9. I thought Jimmy was pretty good in the press interview. apart from the Bermuda is great push as if he is still trying to sell it. The Boys - very kiwi
  10. That's not all she does...
  11. Back in the day people used to have to dig a little deeper for reasons to criticize the president.
  12. At least right now STJ are talking about racing tomorrow:
  13. Wow - BAR definitely hit SBTJ's sb foil. If that wasn't there, or was somehow snapped off, it could've been MUCH worse.
  14. I use an ascender and a gri-gri. I have a static climbing rope I use only for going up the mast. On my boat, with a Warpspeed halyard in good condition, I'll attach the climbing rope to the the halyard and hoist it to the masthead. On other people's boats, if I have the slightest doubt of their halyard, I'll reeve my climbing rope using their halyard,so I am only relying on my climbing rope.
  15. Nobody knows the Bible better than Trump. He said so. Two Corinthians.
  16. I thought NZ had a couple of touch downs up that leg, too. Wasn't the slickest. Hard to tell, though, because the TV director is more interested in closeups and using all his toys than tracking the race.
  17. If BAR can't race tomorrow, they will concede 1 point to Oracle and 1 point to ETNZ If Japan gets the redress thing (24 hours) would both of tomorrows races with Japan (vs oracle and etnz) move to the day after? Japan would then have 3 races in a day like oracle has tomorrow - i don't want to put days in as I am in nz and tomorrow is monday... sunday for you - i also do not know if today is day 1 or 2 given yesterdays postponement
  18. Unless BAR gets a Point Penalty by the Jury Cammas Chances surviving now look pretty slim to non-existent after BAR pulled off that surprising win against Artemis. BAR looked pretty fast in speeds comperable to ART and TJ. Without the damage the next Races against them would be 50/50 proposition after the 1st Day, now I am not so sure.
  19. Here's a scary angle!
  20. Burling just needs to be himself. Interviews and press conferences don't matter. What happens on the water is what matters. This is his first Americas Cup. Whatever "Beef" there is, is between GD and JS. Burling does his talking on the water. And today he proved he's one of, if not THE best challenger. He is also only a helmsman. This isn't professional wrestling so there's no need for him to talk smack about his competitors.
  21. Pretty sure Sky Go is showing exactly the same 'world feed' as everywhere else - same data overlay, etc. Virtual eye was also ahead of NBC. Not sure if by more or less and Sky Go, but maybe I'll compare the two tomorrow.
  22. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/other/watch-he-did-again-ben-ainslie-slams-into-dean-barkers-japan-in-pre-race-blunder-his-bar-ends-up-top-boat?auto=5450840465001
  23. Mostly a decent shift but also pretty average tactics by the Kiwis
  24. Got good breeze on the right, ETNZ let them go, the old chestnut - Stay between the mark & opposition. OR had awesome hieght & speed mid course towards the top mark
  25. Where can the race reruns be watched? paste your links to this thread and state which country they are accessible from
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