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  2. Rasputin22

    Taste Test Tanya's Pussy

    There was a Greenhouse Bar on the waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie but I think there might have been one in Dutch St Martin as well. All I remember (for the same reasons you state) was Chesterfields which was usually ground zero for the Heineken Regatta.
  3. wal'

    Team NZ

    Re Bean Rock Light Remember when some bright spark had the wizard idea to replace the lighthouse with a 100' high statue of Jesus? ....... yeah that didn't go down so well.........
  4. Olsonist

    Time to impeach?

    I know. I was just having some fun re-asking a question I knew the Mutt would dodge.
  5. Bus Driver

    Tulsi Gabbard

    I found Rep. Gabbard to be robotic and uninspiring. I appreciate her message of getting out of the business of unending and regime-change wars. I just find her performance last night to have been flat.
  6. The EXACT same thing happened with Nixon. There's just something which reeks impeach about illegally bombing Cambodia and Laos. Back benchers wanted Nixon impeached for that but there was no political momentum for it. House Judiciary voted 21-12 against that. That's because impeachment is a POLITICAL act and you have to line up your ducks, a shit ton of ducks, to get Republicans to bail on their boy in the Senate (2/3s of those present). Ford was defending Nixon two weeks before Nixon resigned. Speaker Pelosi being careful is not surprising.
  7. Cazzate

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    That pogo reminds me of when Land Rover started making defenders with V8s and leather seats plus AC . But I think the pogo 50 would be much more comfortable than a defender !
  8. Rat's ass

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Oh yeah Harris is a full blown sociopath and Warren is a communist who played herself off as a native American to get into Harvard. It doesn't get any better. Gabbard does not have the backing of the corporate media that you worship, or the weapons industry so she's weak. Nevertheless I'm predicting a market crash just prior to the election so the US can get back on track. The threat of pulling out of syria was the last straw.
  9. I spotted this in Milatos, a village in Crete. I'm not sure what you would call it. There was no one around to ask. I also spotted this mooring line, made off to some old rock.
  10. jocal505

    Is this a racist comment?

    I think that either you know better, or that you are a douche. FACT The guns are grinding up the blacks at a worse rate than the whites. It is not racebaiting to post stats about this during a discussion of MLK...which is the context of the quote. You keep showing up, without contribution. I think Tom used half a dozen race-baiter tools, how about you? Remember this gem?
  11. Bus Driver


    You misquoted the 11th Commandment.
  12. PaulK


    Maiden is being shown in CT at the Fairfield Theater Company (FTC) at 7:30 PM on 20 NOV. Dawn Riley, who crewed in the 1989 race, will host a Q&A session afterwards. Student admission is free.
  13. Bus Driver

    Time to impeach?

    When I typed it out the first time, I asked if Dog felt President Trump was "fit" for office. I figured that would allow him to doggy-style it as "degrees of fitness that don't actually go to being unfit". By asking if he would offer his view if the President is unfit, the degrees are removed. As usual, he avoided the simple question. Kinda like when I ask a student in the hall "Where are you supposed to be?" They answer with "I'm headed to....." Not what I asked. That Dog plays those games should surprise exactly no one.
  14. BravoBravo

    Random PicThread

  15. Autonomous

    Taste Test Tanya's Pussy

    You'r not listening. Nothing but the finest ingredients were enlisted in this comparison. Nothing tasted like dated or farm raised shrimp.
  16. Olsonist

    Tulsi Gabbard

    You're misreading Warren and progressives in general. As for including Williamson in your list of candidates Democrats are failing to take seriously, I'll remind you that the United States of America has a population of 327 million and a GDP of $19.3T. It's government spends $4.4T and employs 2.1M. It's armed forces have 1.3M active duty and 800K reserve; they span the globe and possess about 4100 nuclear weapons. We've already had close to 3 years of an insane clown in the White House. Please forgive Democrats for failing to take a spiritual book author and tv host seriously as a Presidential candidate.
  17. The Joker


    Yep. They are good at deflecting while accusing others of the same. It’s their religion Thou shall never talk about any Democrat, at any time, in a negative light. AMEN
  18. Cazzate

    what is it?

    Behind the curtain at the Stars and Stripes build shed
  19. Sail4beer

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Nice guy had his 30’ catamaran hauled last season, sandblasted and asked me to stop and take a look. Told him what I could do to get him sanded, barrier coated, painted and floating in a couple of days for about $1,000. Pretty straightforward work. I sanded both hulls in about 2 hours and told him I’d grind, ’glass, fill and block sand a few areas before I barrier coated and painted. He said he wanted to “work” on a few areas himself first. So now he has a $600 generator instead of a heavy duty 100’ extension cord, hundreds dollars of epoxy “fills” the electric tools and another $2,000 summer storage bill in addition to the extra width $2,000 slip at our club. I feel bad for him, he lost a whole season and now has to pay another $2000 winter storage bill
  20. RImike

    Main halyard locks

    @Rasputin22 Last month at the Newport Boat Show. He showed how the lock composes of 4 parts (2 halves and 2 gears/rotating mechanism). Interesting but pricey and seems like it's a start to something better yet to come.
  21. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2019

    Did he get flicked?
  22. Captainjp

    East coast where to move to?

    You cant tell what I have from my Avatar? that sucks! I looked at some videos on Smith Lake it is like 190 feet deep 20K Acres of water that is a nice place I need to go visit it. My Boat if that isn't a cat I don't know what is then.
  23. eric1207

    Windlass setup on trimarans

    Did you see this thread. There's ton of info there and your query is probably addressed. or you could just ask your question on the thread. There are also threads on Cross and Piver trimarans that might help you. Use the advanced search and select "look in thread titles only". A boat your size I'd be tempted to get an electric windless. I only have ~10 meters of chain on my 9 meter trimaran and often lead the rope rode back to my cabin top halyard winch and grind in the first 6 or 7 meters of chain. Then I can hand haul the rest.
  24. Sailfasss

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Not a problem , so yes it’s personal lol
  25. cmilliken

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Imho, Democrats want revenge. They feel betrayed by Republicans running out the clock on Obama in general and Garland specifically. Both were cheap moves that 'worked'. Democrats are as deeply frustrated by the status quo and feel as betrayed by 'the system ' as any trailer trash Republican. Where they differ is blame. And they've had their fill of half measures and losing on technicalities. Full Monty in your face poster jam or nothing. That's not Gabbard or klobuchar or yang or Williamson or even Biden really. I'm betting on warren - Harris. Anger gets people to the polls. And warren actually has a plan. She's gonna grind it out imho.
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