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  2. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    You forgot last one standing at the bar afterwards Jack!
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Safe Water Mark...not to confused with potable water
  4. Florida wants to BAN my .22

    major dave. our buddy the fucking dinosaur.
  5. Team NYYC

    What makes you think they are so uncertain about it? Anything new has to be tested. That much is obvious. The reason ETNZ are doing all the testing and simulation themselves is because NO ONE, even themselves has sailed anything close to what they have come up with. The Optic is great, as it proves, and continues the reputation ETNZ has of being able to introduce a brand new, unique and innovative concept. There's no doubt ETNZ have always been the one team to innovate more than anyone. No one has been as continually innovative as Team New Zealand, in whatever iteration they have been involved.
  6. Proa w/ roller furling

    We're installing a tackable staysail stay with a reefable jib. Furlable at full hoist.
  7. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Safe Water Mark
  8. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    "sea boy "has been ripe for the plucking in this tiff....surprised it took this long...could have been used by either LB or RK....I've been waiting
  9. Delay & delay until after an un-gerrymandered election and then let the legislature draw a new map.
  10. Wayne LaPierre what an evil bastard

    mittey okes growe
  11. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    ^^^ Three greatest skills for an offshore racer ..don't get sick, sleep through anything and wake before you're needed.
  12. carrier landing

    Thanks IB, makes sense. Looks like a hell of a ride.
  13. You mean, to windward, imagine the future heavy ballasted windward foils in a lull, or even better, when luffed by a faster boat. The first falling to ww is out
  14. EC2018 Thread

    WindyTV is calling for 64 deg. and 19 knts. at 7:00.
  15. E-nav on the cheap

    That could work. I have a similar one from Lenovo (Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14" Portable USB LED Monitor, not made anymore), and it only draws an extra 350mA @ 12V. One minor detail was that there is apparently no way to reduce the brightness under software control, and the brightness slider is mounted on the back of the display. That wasn't a problem for my particular installation, but if would be if you wanted to bulkhead-mount it. Perhaps that AOC display is different. Also, the dimmest the display could get wasn't quite dark enough for my taste. I ended up throwing a dishtowel over it at night when I wasn't using it. Some smoked plastic would have worked too.
  16. Taking NRA money? VOTE THEM OUT!

    This is on you, mate. Your sweeping statement remains un-substantiated. In better company, you finally quoted some history, for Elle. It was Feb, 2013, just after Sandy Hook, and you used a Scalia/Heller quote. which featured footnotes to both Lois Schwoerer and Joyce Lee Malcolm. They are oil and water, you can't quote both in context. Lois disproved Joyce in a scholarly work in 1983. Schwoerer is incompatible with the use of the Standard Model. Setting aside the foolishness of squirrel guns, do you care to comment? You are five years wiser, and you have been exposed by SAILING ANARCHY.
  17. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    I'm not going to post on this thread.
  18. Wayne LaPierre what an evil bastard

    From little acorns.......
  19. A safe Water Mark is used to mark the beginning of a navigatable and buoyed channel or entrance from seaward As the name suggests it is placed in deep or safe water. These are authorised and widly used in both IALA regions A and B but not apparently in the recently identified region C . A 'sea buoy' is a term used in the USA to describe any buoy (or oddly beacon) placed offshore to assist those with limited ability to locate the entrance. These may be a SWM or anything else. The term does not appear anywhere in the official IALA terminology. These should not be confused with the term 'sea boy' which is used to describe 11 years old lads using RDF receivers. I hope that clears this up.
  20. Maybe they are scared of tipping?...lol
  21. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Yes! Hinged masts for the "Unhinged."
  22. So there WAS a good guy with a gun

    Currently the entire U.S. government is nothing short of disgraceful. The "leader" sets the tone.
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