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  2. stymied by the wall— we should re-group, re-think this all's not what it seems © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante Haiku & Design (05.21.2019)

    Authorizing Unitary Military Forever!

    So you voted for Obama? That's very cool and surprising!

    The debate over assault weapons

    You got it, in general. Liability attaches to things that are inherently dangerous if you leave them lying around. Statutes and regs define what is inherently dangerous. i don't think TNT is particularly dangerous because I don't do anything stupid with it and I know how to store it. But if someone gets my TNT and blows up the white house and I was negligent in storing it, I'm going to jail.
  5. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    Please tell me which credit card companies are breaking usury laws. I don’t know of any. In any event the laws are a joke and easily circumvented. If you mean do I think lenders and borrowers should set whatever rate they like and be influenced by competition and market forces, yes. It opens up options to more people wanting to access debt. A national interest rate cap of 15% would dry up access to debt for many of the folks OAC and Bernie think they are helping. But it fits into their campaign promise of ‘free shit for everyone’.

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    But I didn't respond in this thread. are you off your meds?
  7. Mrleft8

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson on Oreos

    I just figured that he was stoned on oxys, like he usually seems to be. "Oreo? Like the snack cookie? I like Oreos.... You got Oreos?"
  8. Gantt

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    JB, 80 kgs less weight is significant in the 49er/29er. Acceleration is already pretty wild in modern skiffs. (Love the old pics of water skiing behind an 18 footer, so it is not new.) Amazing speed difference in a blow uphill with smaller rigs - seen it with number 3 rig vs number 1 rig on skiffs... then downhill it changes. (Gusty, variable winds on small lakes lead to different rig choices). Not surprised that the 29er is faster. Remember when Bruce Farr entered a one man 12 footer in the Q class? They changed the rules so you had to have two people in the Q - and the 3.7 was born. I'd love to see the Musto / RS900 or similar in the Olympics one day. (Though still like the Finn, go figure.) Maybe the pathway should be to have more than 10 classes... might fix a few 'problems'. Foiling versus not is makes it more technical from an equipment point of view and while it is way more expensive now, I expect that to drop over time. The sailing aspect makes foiling more mental and less physical, especially in relation to waves. Kind of like having suspension in a car - and it literally is suspension! (Until you hit the back of the wave when foiling - then it gets real physical. Haven't foiled myself, but have been one of two fallen off the back of a boat due to extreme acceleration. Is on the bucket list). Yeah, the tropics are a big issue in electronics too. All the solutions allowing it to breathe are good - or it starts to breath at the weakest point on its own. Still getting over the 150C. (Maybe it can be used to heat lunch. Good temperature to slow roast a potato? New product idea, the Bethwaite solar cooker!) Amazing difference in bend for square heads, masts lasting longer is good. Makes sense to me. Hooking the leach is bad news, will change trim techniques for the ILCA dinghy / Laser when introduced. (Soon, I hope)
  9. godolkin

    I still call Australia home

    OK - that is bloody awesome!
  10. justsomeguy!

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    He says he's in a good mood. I hope he remains there.
  11. rh2600

    How many challengers will there be?

    Sigh... that would be news to the other two teams Oracle and Artemis who actually complained to the International Jury that foiling wasn’t allowed under the Protocol or Class Rule for the AC72, but the case was dismissed. Further odd given that Melvin was an employee of OTUSA before being contracted by them to draft the class rule for Oracle! So one would assume if foiling was his and Oracle's intention at the time, it would have been apparent to Oracle, who then wouldn't have either been a) behind ETNZ in foil dev, or b) complained it's against the rules they themselves had Melvin write. Perhaps Melvin's subsequent statements that the class rule didn't exclude foiling was more to do with the fact that Oracle let him go and he wound up at ETNZ right about the time they started foiling. Do you see how this works now? ;-) It's called plausible deniability...
  12. Mrleft8

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    If there was a rubber ball in the vent, the sewer gasses would have indicated a problem years ago.
  13. Fakenews

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    Well Tom suffers from acute mental illness so......
  14. Sugarscoop

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Leopard 3 sold to new owner. I wonder if she will come and do the 75th Hobart. Also any rumours of Rambler 88 coming out again?
  15. Kiwing

    How many challengers will there be?

    ^ I think the soft wing is the major difference!
  16. Mrleft8

    Job Growth Slowing

    Time to move to PA (IE: Political not Pennsylvania)?
  17. A guy in the Chesapeake

    The debate over assault weapons

    To be honest- I dont know. I would think that if you have an established responsibility articulated in statute, and you were non-compliant with that statute, that your bear some liability, but I really dont know what the law says in this regard.
  18. justsomeguy!

    Job Growth Slowing

    I didn't mean stay in the US.
  19. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    Please point out anything I've said that supports your premise. You cant, and this is simply more of your baseless projection.
  20. hasher

    Job Growth Slowing

    I am not sure that there many states who will do better and many will do much worse.
  21. sbwriter


    Price is now $15K.
  22. WetHog

    How many challengers will there be?

    The number of hulls is the only difference between the AC72 and the AC75. And considering the foiling system of the AC75 it is far from a certainty they will prove to be comparable match racing wise to the AC72. And the AC72 wasn’t that great at match racing. Some good examples is prestart action or a dial up at any point in the race. AC72s could function off their foils at low speed. Can an AC75? AM has had issues with their trial boat haven’t they? I think I remember the Brits having issues. If the AC75 can’t perform in displacement mode that’s a problem. Early days to be sure but... WetHog
  23. Importunate Tom

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    He needs a faster mower. When I'm riding mine and wearing my hearing protection, a violent lefty like his neighbor could definitely surprise me and punch me, but he'd have to be moving pretty quickly.
  24. justsomeguy!

    Job Growth Slowing

    Time to move?
  25. Cal20sailor

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    Animal? Can't take a punch for shit (although it did sound like he was sucker punched).
  26. Importunate Tom

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    Wishes come true at Wish Key.
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