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  2. Xharlie

    TIps for new sailors

    1. Don't forget to put the bung in. Preferably *before* you leave the shore. 2. Teach your wife to sail your boat, then get her into her own boat. (Assuming single-handers.) 3. Don't moan when your wife starts to sail quicker than you. 4. Hold on to the main if you fall out -- it's easier than swimming.
  3. Steam Flyer

    TIps for new sailors

    All good tips. My suggestions- Always always -always- know the wind direction. Practice stopping Learn how the placement and movement of your body affects the boat; sit where you're supposed to sit Hold it like either a microphone or a frying pan, never never a tennis racket Every so often, ignore tedious bullshit instructions from "better" sailors, and just have fun with the boat & wind & water FB- Doug
  4. bacq2bacq

    Brexit, WTF

    Can I get some fries and mayonnaise to go?
  5. ProaSailor

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Her domain name / web server (blog) is down this morning: She is ~39 nm. NE of Dunedin, NZ: 27/05/2019 11:44:53 Address: Canterbury, New Zealand Lat/Lng: -45.494800, 171.297000 Speed: 0.0 knots Heading: 22°,170.233,8,m:cpkakUE Wind NE 8 knots gusting to 11 knots, Waves E 3 feet @ 7 secs.
  6. That’ll teach the guy: should have funded an AC entry instead!
  7. Doug Lord

    Dynamic RM-cat vs tri : Vincent Prevost

    Dynamic Lift: Gitana 17-- (lift from daggerboard foil up to 20+% of total RM) :
  8. Who has a $25,000 home owners deductable? I sweated the decision to go from $500 to $1000.
  9. Doug Lord

    Dynamic RM-cat vs tri : Vincent Prevost

    Dynamic Lift-mono hulls(offset to lee main lifting foil) : pix by Yvan Zedda-
  10. VhmSays

    Drip Drip Drip

    What lead the investigators to Russia?
  11. Steam Flyer

    Trump in Japan

    That shit is for pussies Trump is a master of the Book Of SIX Rings, motherfuckers!! No, 7 !!!!! -DSK
  12. Tornado-Cat

    Foil arm testing successful

    You rewrite what I said to fit your later points, I said that if we keep the same RM that the increase of weight of the foil arm AND the location on the side would affect foiling, even with small numbers. You don't seem to understand that, again I think you are not a sailor. Will the figure change ? we will see but I stand to my guess. On your side the more you post the more you write contradictions. - You told us that there is option 4 but never explained it - You told us that the weight you would not change, then in your post 104 you estimate an increase of 33 kg or 3 kg, and then you say that if they tell it stays the same you will laugh. I guess that whatever they tell us you will prove yourself, right? - You begin to explain that the increase of the total mass will be minor and not affect the foiling, then I think you agreed that it could have impact, and now ? - If I understand you correctly you tell us that extra weight on the side does not affect the stability of a boat, please explain. And what is your point ?
  13. Steam Flyer

    Drip Drip Drip

    Up is down and black is white. Facts in Trumpworld Remind me to never ever drive over any bridges that you helped design or build IIRC it was Rubio's campaign that initiated it. The FBI was already watching Carter and probably Manafort too. When you consort with people working for Russia, or people who brag about being connected to Russian intel, and hire them, you ought to expect a small amount of attention from US intel IMHO -DSK
  14. Left Shift

    Tariffs: Donnie wants more.

    Two scoops
  15. hermetic

    Drip Drip Drip

    I thought it was mccain that gave the dossier to the fbi?
  16. Steam Flyer

    Trump in Japan

    Wow, I see you learned a new word! Excellent vocabulary, please continue the lessons -DSK
  17. Doug Halsey

    Craigslist Finds

    Wow! You bought that boat? If you have its sail #, maybe we can fill in its history some more. There's a class for Classic Moths, with a website, Facebook page, and regatta schedules. Lots of people who can help you figure things out. Good luck & have fun!
  18. Max Rockatansky


    Apologize if this redundant
  19. Terry Hollis

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    America's Cup: Luna Rossa takes delivery of their AC75 spar by 26 May 22:54 NZST
  20. Importunate Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    Got several pics of that coon as it took a lap around the run looking for weaknesses. It didn't find any, as we still have four chickens. 2 pm is a weird time for a coon to be out foraging. I get shots of them at night most every night but very rarely in daylight. Especially when the temp in the shade is 90.
  21. Importunate Tom

    Rabid Fox

    Being friendly is bad too. Around here people feed gators and make them friendly. I think the answer to that is to make them gumbo. Or fried. Don't feed wildlife, kill friendly wildlife to stop whatever idiot is feeding it.
  22. Chimp too

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    These toys employ a lot of us, directly or indirectly. When billionaires decide to spend their money in a way that puts it into the yachting industry we should embrace it and not bitch. Would you prefer they just left it in a bank volt? That side, was a beautiful yacht with some really innovative features. A lot of very talented and passionate people worked on the project and I feel sorry for them and all involved for seeing her come to such an end. And I feel for the owner, he put a lot of time, passion and money into the project and it was looking to have produced just what he wanted for years to come.
  23. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Are you going anywhere near Lake Macquarie? There's a disenchanted Bent Sailor who's gone MIA, and not just in this thread. Tis very quiet without Random & Bent but it's good to see LB back. And if Meli doesn't find some good wifi in Greece it'll be even quieter!
  24. Today
  25. crankcall

    'Catch ride' and end for end gybing

    The people in the back of the boat will make your day easy or painful. If its a regular crew in the back and your new ask them how they set up and go with that. As long as the driver squares the boat up you cant go too wrong and the loads are civilized. If you have one of those drivers that likes to reach into the mark and have you douse on a reach, best of luck. Get out early and do half a dozen gybes to see what your working with. Make sure the clever lads in the back don't want to load up the pole before you've yelled made. And be safe and have fun, racing is supposed to be fun if your not paid to do it.
  26. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip

    This Is spin... That Hillary's campaign use intermediaries to procure the dirt from Kremlin officials does not excuse them for doing it. Nor does it excuse those bureaucrats in our own government who used that unverified Russian supplied dirt to fraudulently obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Hillary was supposed to win and all this was to be burried. These are facts and all you can do is spin.
  27. Carbon_Cartel

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    The Company who was contracted for the shipping of My Song was Peters and May. Name of vessel BRATTINGSBORG
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