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  2. terrafirma

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    The Italians clapping as Luna Rossa leaves the dock.! Only to return and not sail again. Perhaps they should leave the clapping until when their B2 actually sails around a course.!
  3. Remodel

    Trump was correct V shaped economic recovery.

    Close to 250,000 dead because of tRump and Co, and you think that is the single best quarter ever. Wow, I knew you were a tRump Cockholster, but I didn't think you were that shitty a human being. Boy was I wrong.
  4. Varan

    Sail-World's "Americas Cup Rialto"

    New Zealand celebrated Labour Day And I thought Labor Day was almost two months ago. How short sighted us Americans can be.. Or maybe its just me.. sorry.
  5. MaxHugen

    Boats and foils comparison

    No, that 1t of force is required to counter the mass-force on the rudder foil. If we can then determine the wind speed needed to create that force, we can calc boat speed...and then we'd roughly know where the equilibrium point (in terms of boat speed) is.
  6. Remodel

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Well... Shit. shit, shit. I got nothing.
  7. Lickindip

    Boats and foils comparison

    just wait till someone points out that this is all a static equilibrium equation ... add in the fact that you want to accelerate the boat and continue on at top speed ... if you state above that the sail is producing approx 1T of forward force ... in real life, it looks to have a much better acceleration rate then the 7:1 weight to power ratio
  8. chum

    Herd Immunity

    What we’re getting at is that you should really just speak for yourself.

    Vertical windlass - Anchor chain markings

    I don't know what they use but the marking paint on ships chain lasts really well, pretty thick whatever it is. Have always wondered how long the tool dip stuff would last, probably at least one night maybe two.
  10. Kolibri

    To Lust Over on

    Here's another one for @Bull City to contemplate.
  11. MaxHugen

    Boats and foils comparison

    If that first video didn't give you indigestion, there's another short video with multiple masses spread out on a "plane", which is much closer to what we actually have: Moments of Force
  12. roundthebuoys

    2020 polls & endorsements

    I think so too. Luckily it looks like he's sleeping it off.

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Better hope no-one sets a record... Or the french government sets the bar pretty low. Maybe they could do 2 laps.
  14. pusslicker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    How has it not resulted in this cycle? You cunts will never get over that choke.
  15. chum

    Herd Immunity

    I see this from you often, and you don’t give a straight answer. Are you referring to yourself?
  16. chum

    Herd Immunity

    I actually feel genuine pity for you, It must suck to be you. Peace be upon you.
  17. Frakka

    The Swedish Experiment

    Sweden hits highest daily COVID-19 spread as chief epidemiologist says herd immunity not 'ethically justifiable' Unfortunately the White House has no such qualms about the ethics of their situation..........
  18. Judge Sullivan puts his foot down.
  19. Sail4beer

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Damn! Maybe that’s why my dinghy is so “apparent”to the eye! I’ll just keep the dinghy the same “color” for safety sake CL, as Two Legged notes, you can’t miss it at sea. I also understand the reason you don’t want to expose yourself... to the manTL...
  20. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Herd Immunity

    Charlie McCarthy is Einstein compared to you chump. Yer just a clown getting fisted in an alleyway.
  21. pusslicker

    AC 75 foils legal (shit)storm?

    Seems like this fuck went to Trump University School of Naval Architecture.
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