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  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Oh dear, has he shit in another nest?
  3. NFL Memo To Players

    Wrong! They are 24/7/365 representatives of the NFL and their team. Before retiring I had a position where what I said or did 24/7/365 could affect my employment. These turkeys get paid way more than I did and work far fewer hours. It is well within the rights of any employer to expect staff to act a certain way while “on property”. .
  4. That Republicans have not fixed the Democrat's piece of shit law is not their failure. That they failed to enact something better after shooting their mouths off for seven years is. They felt safe criticizing Democrats believing they would have a Democrat in the White House who could be relied on to veto anything they passed.
  5. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Who says? If it quacks like a duck, a lot, then it's probably a duck. Would you call bump stock guns semi automatic? Really? Your bottom line, and the spirit of your lips when they move, sounds very much like a lie to me...while calling me a liar. Let's go to the SA Gun Club's loudmouth, the Shootist Princess, for his definition: he tells us that if one squeeze of the trigger emits constant fire, you have fully automatic, a machine gun. If one squeeze gives you one shot, you have a semi-automatic. Paddock's extended fire over ten minutes sounded like one or more machine guns. Cops reported fully automatic fire. Civilians recorded fully automatic fire. 200 rounds fired into the hallway (alone representing a total greater than Adam Lanza's 154 shots) sounds like a machine gun. I hate to say it, but I think you are the fibber, chinabald, by introducing semantics, not function.
  6. Motorcycle Threads

    But is it too tall for your wife riding 3 inches above your head?
  7. Middle Sea race

    The ECMWF-GC model in Squid does show stronger winds (30kts average, plus if you consider those forecast are always under estimated) for the 23rd in the morning ... the big boats will probably have crossed the line before ... "smaller" one's will be affected probably and the model is not always accurate with very local venturi effects ... so, keep an eye on the weather for sure here attached forecast is for 23rd 09.00 AM GMT
  8. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    *60/40 mix* This Shipman's been on the market (cough) for sometime.... the carbon build should bring points-n-prizes performance wise... http://uk.boats.com/sailing-boats/2007-shipman-50-5954508/ Still time to get it over this fall/winter via the trade wind route to St. Lucia... then bring it home to the USA... Just remember its on 220v so you'd need to buy EU rated electricals appliances... like a hair-dryer if your other half has long hair....or a Laptop if you're using that for admin/nav back-up. Tis why few folk this side of the pond will buy a USA 110v fitted boat...too much hassle to change out.
  9. He knew what he signed up for

    Sober indeed. “Which convention, John Kelly? Was it when at the Democratic Convention, a Gold Star family that happens to be Muslim spoke out against DONALD “MUSLIM BAN” TRUMP and asked if their son, who gave his life for this country, would even be welcome in Donald Trump’s America? And then Donald Fucking Trump proceeded to ATTACK THAT FAMILY FOR DAYS ON END, because their comments got under his pussy thin skin? Was it Khizr and Ghazala Khan who took away the “sacredness” of Gold Star families, or was it YOUR FUCKING BOSS, GENERAL? Read more at https://wonkette.com/624558/general-john-kelly-fucks-self-with-donald-trumps-sword#hv7qOH1xzLKYUbV7.99
  10. I don't even know what I'm ignoring
  11. Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate

    And blonde.
  12. Fuck! and you guys think our politicians are wacky.
  13. Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate

    Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know. But probably more than you think.
  14. He knew what he signed up for

    I had a family member in Iraq that was flying in the Marines and he said the airplane was safer than driving but walking around town looking for a DVD to buy or something was worth your life Kind of backwards to what you might think, job is safe and downtime is dangerous.
  15. there is no doubt about that the gop is claiming the economy is going to grow, yet the first expense they want to cut is healthcare
  16. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    Do we know if Johnson was killed in the ambush or captured and tortured for 48 hours?
  17. Good post. But the inherent conflict is that a low-ride, low-performance keelboat does not achieve the stated goal of 40 minute races (and apologies if I got the time target from the protocol wrong) ... a 40-minute race in low-performance keelboats would have to be on an INCREDIBLY short course, and then you have removed the opportunity to match race. So they MUST be thinking of a high-performance high-speed boat. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Both BA and the NYYC teams have mentioned, in one form or another, that the design brief from what they know so far will be for a monohull that the world has never before seen.
  18. Puerto Rico

    Yes I am aware of that and your post is further thread drift. My post was in response to someone stating there was a specific bacteria in “the system”. When one speaks of a water system it is an enclosed system of pipes versus what the person should have said - that the bacteria was in “surface waters”. My original post specifically exempted my comment to surface waters. But WtF this is PA so criticize. That said, I wonder if some package plants with generators would help get potable water to some of the areas?
  19. Masthead VHF antenna and cable

    Again? Shit.
  20. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    Where is the outrage? Are we all BENGHAZIED out?
  21. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    This is exactly why I suggest a 1 year cruise that starts and ends in the USA and doesn't get too far away. For the most part it will be MUCH easier to fix anything here in a major yachting port than elsewhere. If the radar craps out halfway between Annapolis and Newport, buy a new one. At the end of the year everything should be sorted.
  22. He knew what he signed up for

    A few years ago on a disagreement and a claim somebody made that the commute was more dangerous then the duty for most military personal, I collected data from department of labor and compared it to department of defense. I looked at total fatality rate, not injuries. That was a weakness of my comparison but many farmers an hour or two from a hospital glue their own wounds and keep working through injuries without medivac so minor injuries are overreported for the military. Since debilitating traumatic head injuries were more of a concern to ambushed soldiers than death at that time, it did underrepresent their danger of life changing events. I just looked at fatalities per all active duty soldiers including full time or deployed reservists. That seems the more fair comparison since so many airmen are deployed to hell holes like Dayton and the Air Force drone bombers fly strike missions from cargo pods in California without leaving the ground. It also included deaths due to accidents on bases and car accidents of soldiers driving on the government dime from base to base since that’s how the DOD website reported it. My data was based on 2007 or 8, since I was looking in 2010 and there was a lag on reporting. That was a time we still had a lot of shit going on. .https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_War_on_Terror I did not save my work, you are welcome to repeat the study. The bottom line was farming at that time was number 8. The military would have ended up around 7 or 6 if inserted to the DOL charts. You are surely correct that special forces do much riskier jobs then most military. When I mined the data convoy duty was scary risky work done by reservists. Your fatality rate may be low since 30000 sit in Korea, others are in Germany, many run offices stateside, and Alaska counts as overseas deployment. But dead is dead. As I said, the death should count for something, In my lifetime it generally has not, The package is quite generous for pilots, A reservist I know wasn’t unusual in his effort to stay full time first as a bureaucrat then as a drone pilot, since the pay (total compensation) was 40% better, the time off greater, the extra time off after a business trip to Rota appreciated. etc. I’m sure the scenario is different on a ship or in the desert, but most military enlisted men have less opportunity, harder work, and less money if they stay in dying towns or rust belt cities like I left. Working a side gig plus a day job with few days off and no benefits is not easier or more lucrative That is why so many join. It may seem like low pay if you live on the coast, though housing allowances help make up for that too. Maybe people on the coasts don’t work very hard, But that’s not uniformly true.
  23. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    are you sailing a beach cat?
  24. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    it seems the us is not allowed to have armed aircraft in niger (the french are). it will be interesting to hear what that is about I heard on the radio that an unarmed contractor helicopter was used to go get the sgt's body
  25. Middle Sea race

    Maybe a bit exagerated, but last time i made it in 2014, meteoweb was just right: after three days of nowind, we saw 65 kts on the anemo in the sicilia canale: http://www.meteoweb.eu/foto/previsioni-meteo-il-centrosud-si-prepara-alla-grande-tempesta-mediterranea-della-prossima-settimana-alto-rischio-tornado-nelle-zone-costiere/id/988389/#1
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