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  2. Leggs: I'm still working on the significance of my old ROTC uniform. Not something I often think about.
  3. Cuba. ETA: Sorry, thought we were talking about Cruz's father.... Ted was theoretically born in Canada.
  4. You'd be safe there. Nobody in those parts wants knowledge anymore.
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/22/us/politics/mitch-mcconnell-trump.html That makes Sen. McConnell a witness for an obstruction case.
  6. It would appear they are doing OK financially. Looks like the Grand Banks 42 may sell for about $100,000 to over $200,000? His newsletter & financial course? Entrepreneurship, in action, subscribing to either is voluntary.
  7. NYYC ought to be applauded (loudly) for its innovation. This initiative may not work but it is calculated to address many of the issues that have caused boat owners to bow out of racing. And it seems to be better than anything being tried by other clubs/organizations. It will be interesting to see if the interests of NYYC and its partners (mills, North, Melges, Westerly Marine. etc.) diverge and how the conflict is managed. The partners will want to see a lot more than 20 hulls, including privately owned boats. That could lead to variations (e.g., hull fairing, rigging) that will test notions of absolute equality, not necessarily for the NYYC Invitational, but for other regattas. But that's both down the road and, ultimately, a high-class problem.
  8. The Titanic search was in fact cover for USN funded deep sea recovery efforts of the Thresher and Scorpion wrecks... http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/06/080602-titanic-secret.html The 1985 discovery of the Titanic stemmed from a secret United States Navy investigation of two wrecked nuclear submarines, according to the oceanographer who found the infamous ocean liner.
  9. 'Old school' on the starboard side 'unruly' on port?
  10. Your imagination is running wild today Dabs, did the doctor change your meds on you that you are unaware of?
  11. So the other obstruction is moot????
  12. Pics posted https://twitter.com/USNavy/status/900357822101278720
  13. Not unless Mexico is a province in Canada!
  14. Oh dear, she was offended. I wonder if "Kill whitey", "Kill cops", "Bleed, white girl, bleed" offends her?
  15. Does the "generalist" approach of the Navy for its officers spread them too thin on depth of experience in bridge watchstanding compared to the merchant marine approach? Here's an article from Naval Institute Proceedings suggesting it may: https://gcaptain.com/separate-equal-look-officer-training-us-navy-merchant-marine/ It's common to hear complaints that the seagoing merchant ships have "no one on the bridge", which can be true of some of them for brief periods of time (day watch, autopilot at sea, watch AB is doing something else temporarily--or longer-- while the watch mate has stepped into the chart room or the head, or is attending to some "look down, not up" task). They do get by, such as they do, with no more than two on the bridge, maybe more in coastal/approach waters, and more still in pilot waters. The idea that "more is better" in a bridge watch may stumble, though, when it's too many and responsibilty for specific nav tasks gets spread out too thin, or distractions come from the "crowd". Is this a problem for the bridge on a Navy ship? The article seems to think so, and also mentions a parallel issue of task (assignment?) overload--the CO, XO, OOW, JOOW, are not in a "bridge navigation experience" career path in the same way a merchant officer would be. They've got too many other job and billet "tickets" to punch in their career path.
  16. the hateful left vandalized a statue of Christopher Columbus with a sledgehammer and spray painted racist grafitti on it in Baltimore last night.
  17. And the deplorables protested the loudest because she called them deplorable. Obviously, some realized the shoes fit them well.
  18. Kid gets $750,000 to have sex with his teacher. How do I get in on that action? https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/249f55b4-40a6-3723-9ba6-9eac8a7cc963/ss_student-seduced-by-teacher-is.html
  19. I'm sure that you're giddy with glee,
  20. "Bundy associates"? First trial was a mistrial, & even with the Judge's restrictions, this one went nowhere. Looks like the Judge or prosecutor didn't properly 'Screen" the jurors? Third trial a charm?
  21. I moved on to my loose cannon-ness when I switched to A-cats and ocean racing multihulls, but I believe that was my reservoir dogs name on Hustler.
  22. I had a Bruce Farr alien abduction dream last night: The aliens, all Asian looking had small, raggedy holes in their fore heads. They had abducted Bruce and me and were intending to drill holes in our heads to suck out all our knowledge. Probably a quick procedure in my case. Bruce and I were waiting the procedure in a small bar. I was wearing my college ROTC uniform which, in dream time, still fit quite well. I was trying to get Bruce to buy me a drink saying things like, "Come on Bruce, buy an old soldier a drink." Bruce said he didn't have enough money to buy himself a drink. I thought that odd. The aliens gave us tiny cups with a few drops of brownish liquid in them intended to dull the pain of the drilling. I threw mine out. The the dream stopped. Then I had a dream about being stranded on the roof of the White House.
  23. I guess that's another thing she got right.
  24. Granted, the peasants needed to choose their moment, instead of enjoying their anger (sound familiar, Trump supporters?), but it is a good argument for the labeling of Afghanistan as medieval...
  25. Gold fleet is going back on water
  26. you might like reading about the history of taxation- up until recently, any government imposing any tax was pretty much a trigger for armed revolt; not just marching around with signs it was more like "let's burn down the courthouse and kill a bunch of the king's (or local lord's, whatever) soldiers." "Old-school unruly" sounds like a great slogan but in reality it's a recipe for a medieval peasant lifestyle. We are far too interdependent nowadays for it to work. Little of both? I love 'Old School Unruly' although it's a bit awkward for a boat name. And as a guiding principle it would lead to a sucky (IMHO) life. -DSK
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