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  2. Rafael

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Yep, totally agree... his vessel is more relaible cause experiences/time,.... maybe this time he had just luck, but as I say, dont think is just that... seamanship, talent and experience, a real maestro
  3. aaronbuchanan

    C31 or c28r ?

    Assuming condition was comparable, for mostly single and occasional double handed cruising around Florida (week long trip max) would you rather have an older c31 (1994-1996) with an aluminum mast or a little newer c28 with a carbon mast?
  4. Yeah but they are smart enough not to build multimillion dollar mansions in the ffire zone.
  5. JL92S

    Route du Rhum 2018

    That boat has already had it’s major fuckups, what happened to BP in this race has already happened to idec sport when it was Groupama 3 in it’s first round the world attempt. Don’t forget though even if idec sport were to hit something in the water it would still break a foil or tear a rudder off, there are some dangers of a fast multi you’ll never get rid of.
  6. Grande Mastere Dreade


    had a Mich State roommate '90 , highball drinker... i had gotten back into drinking wine, '76 was considered vintage of the century for cali cabs at the time, buying them for <20$ a bottle.. one day roomie goes , 'whatch drinking there'' , gave him some.. "wow that's some good shit" about year 1/2 later, after he got married , he had a 300 bottle breezer in his living room and boxes of wine stashed around the house.. his kids were making forts out of the boxes.. he wouldn't go buy just a bottle, min 4 at a time.. years later went with ex-roomie to a wine release party by BV here in dallas.. at the door you dropped a business card for a drawing.. around the time of the drawing , I slurred to my friend, they're going to butcher my name, I better move up front.. I won the bottle drawing and yes, they butchered my name.. drank it this year.. it was superb, I can't imagine what you're going to taste eddie..
  7. .22 Tom

    Building A Bridge

    The water in the spring has cleared up substantially but still not back to normal. Still unsure of the cause. Other projects have prevented me from pulling power poles from the pile but I'm pretty sure I have a couple that will work to make my bridge. An unusually sociable otter showed up this morning. I don't know one from another but this one saw me and came right over, which is not normal. I guess it's one that has been here before and knows I'm harmless to otters. They like to play with my cowdog, Luke, but this one vanished when he came out.
  8. Rafael

    Route du Rhum 2018

    So ALL the Ultimes have had major fuckups this crossing, Jackal, Coville, Josse, Gabart... but not the old boat of maestro Francis Joyon... interesant and really demostrative the kind of superbe marin he is
  9. Soley

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    Of course its being elitist. Yacht ownership is not for the common man. This is the only regularly scheduled race coverage I know of. What in the AC world has a regular schedule?
  10. WCB

    Need a new vehicle

    The Chevy Colorado in diesel would be the way to go. Slightly smaller for daily driving, strong diesel for towing and better fuel economy. They should be showing up used in good numbers now.
  11. The operative word is “little.” Those are 2014 numbers and you also failed to use the SPM which in California is 23.8%, the highest in the nation. Democrats always mange to quote inaccurate numbers to bolster their already weak positions.
  12. ScowLover

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    I understand the reasoning, I'm simply asking if there is a reasonable alternative to inflatable. I own a regularly serviced inflatable, but this incident certainly has me (and I'm probably not alone) wondering if there is a type 1 that is reasonable for use on a high performance race boat.
  13. freewheelin

    CG ends search, 29' sailboat missing, east coast

    i mean, he could have written a note....
  14. bourdidn

    Vector rudder upgrade

    That's interesting. I had never thought about it this way. I grew up sailing in Normandy. North-South very flat beach with predominantly western wind. There is no way a boat without kicking rudder would survive beach start and landing in these conditions. Great. That is super useful. Designing a head does not worry me too much, and I can get help welding pintles if necessary. I was more concerned about modifying the rudder blade. Thanks a lot. FWIT, I really enjoy sailing the boat. I really wish these and other alike had gained more traction in my area. Regards, Blaise
  15. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    If solo, I’d be a bit more carefree. I won’t be. (Kid on board; stakes are higher.)
  16. .22 Tom

    NRA gets It's medicine

    CDC research, as noted: If you don't find their research credible, perhaps taxpayers should quit funding it?
  17. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    There was a report somewhere about how the first foil arms that Persico produced broke in stress testing. Later, we got the ETNZ video showing them testing the FCS, but using an aluminum (was it?) arm designed to simulate the characteristics of the real arm, perhaps because of them not having a real arm to use.
  18. Saorsa

    US could lose a war with China

    Avoid foreign entanglements anyone?
  19. Just keep voting Republican - that's what they are bringing you.
  20. .22 Tom

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Says the guy whose has not checked ONE SINGLE REFERENCE I have given in years. Actually, I check yours and others, even from random and jocal. You were the one who admitted not checking the source I offered. Now you're acting like I engage in your behavior and it's bad. WTF?
  21. .22 Tom

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Close enough that I could fix it with one word. Of course, still no link to the previous occurrence you were talking about, but no matter. We can at least agree with the NRA's latest affiliate group on the thread topic. What do you think of their positions on other second amendment issues?
  22. Norse Horse

    Another interesting boat

    It looks like the ODay 39 cabin top, you are right about the Jeanneau link.
  23. This is what it looks like when Democrats run/ruin a state.
  24. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Do I need more tinfoil, or just wait for the black helicopters?

    back in the 00's during the prep to ruin sadam's day, we were driving up hwy 16 and came around the bend of a hill and one of those puppies was hanging there about 50 ' off the ground.. ft hood nearby, they were out practicing .. definitely made you think if the local police were trying some new speed deterrents.. and btw, that meme should be updated to a predator drone..
  25. hobot

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    Rimas would go.
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