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  2. Movable Ballast

    Stiglitz - The Truth About The Trump "Booming Economy"

    So fuck all your mates in the marine industry, so long as you get your cheap house. What a guy.
  3. NeedAClew

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Keep taking notes. You have the GoPro right?
  4. the English Git

    Elan Sailboats

    Elan have a big range, sailing ability depends on which model. I have an Elan 384 Impression, (California) Build quality is above average, very comfortable, but even with a vertical battened main, it is not the best sailor. True, I have a fixed three bladed prop on the sail drive, but this boat is not quick. Wife loves it for all the cruising reasons. Ours is 2013 and in very good shape. As good as a Bene, perhaps not as good as a Jenneau.
  5. gspot

    shipping sport boat SF to NY

    Does it come with a trailer? If so rent a U-Haul 10' truck and tow it yourself.
  6. Currying favor with Vlad.... Like selling arms to Ukraine, (Obama gave them blankets)? Like promoting US energy sales to Europe? Like bombing his guys in Syria? Like promoting a stronger NATO?
  7. surf nazi

    Good videos or books on reading wind shifts?

    this is the correct answer.
  8. dachopper

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Have a look at the top field when you rotate your watch, the very top. This is GPS track, however it will be compass if GPS track is not valid. If that is also increasing / decreasing it means no gps signal, or your not fast enough to log a track..
  9. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I for one welcome the French challenging again, it's just a shame we haven't seen the only American entry, stars and stripes, on the water yet.
  10. Left Shift


    Never been past 3rd Base, eh, Woody?
  11. I don't know. Hunter getting 80k per month for a job for which he has no qualifications is enough to raise suspicion enough to take a look. If there is nothing there, that is a win for Biden.
  12. Gouvernail

    Trump Trail your opinion

    I must admit, I considered Donald J. Trump to be unfit for office by the middle of the first debate he attended. In the interim, he has repeatedly proved my position to be correct. Therefore, I am somewhat biased about the impeachment process. I sincerely hope it succeeds in removing the guy from office. However, I am paying attention to the Impeachment process Because I want to know enough about it to formulate a well supported opinion about how the process is happening. Constitutionality: The Chief Justice is supposed to Preside. The idea the Senate gets to vote on procedure seems utterly ludicrous. It is a trial, The Chief Justice is the presiding judge. The Senators are the jury. The jury has no business deciding whether and when to hear testimony. The Chief Justice should be PRESIDING!!!. **** Therefire, I find the entire process to be unconstitutional ***** So far I have paid attention for three or four hours... lots of time for listening in Austin Traffic The Folks representing the House of Representatives of the United States of America have spelled out a precise and compelling description of the misbehavior of Donald J. Trump . In fact, they did so repeatedly in just the few hours I listened. I see no good reason for them to continue their repetition other than in hopes people like me might tune in and listen to at least one repetition. I think the House Managers have made a compelling case Without effectively proving the charges to be false, I do not see how anyone will change my current opinion Donald J. Trump should be removed from office.
  13. Laker

    Canadian political crisis

    I'd vote to include Santa Maria, Solvang, Santa Barbara and the Ojai, but that is about it.
  14. Rasputin22

    Coolboats to admire

    Bob, that sheer line just looks like it got end for ended to me. Same with the cove stripe.
  15. SloopJonB

    material for steering wheel rim covers

    How about coach whipping it with some nice line?
  16. Cal20sailor

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Warbird stupid or Jeff stupid?
  17. I must have missed your comment regarding timeliness of the US builder announcement and ILCA's hidden fees. First I have heard of it!
  18. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2019

    in other acc vs sec news.... some apr scores for the football teams.. some of the reasons that not all top rated athletes can come to clemson.... Schoo Latest Score Vanderbilt 993 top for sec Alabama 984 Florida 975 Georgia 963 LSU 951 Clemson 992 top for acc Duke 992 Florida State 936
  19. B.J. Porter

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    To be fair, you are arguing with a very stupid person.
  20. Cal20sailor

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Reports of his 'reported' net worth? Currying favors with Vlad and MBS will result in a future pay day if nothing else. Please don't be so naive, it's below you.
  21. I suspect that hard core racing monohull'ers will spend a similar amount to most multihullers-performance is important to them too. But a faster boat means bigger breeze going over the sailplan which means they'll wear out a little quicker (flag in calm air versus one flogging in 30 kt breeze). nets are obviously not something that is on a monohull-and they need replacement occasionally. More surface area to maintain. AND, "they" see you coming with your fancy boat and charge a fancy price figuring you will pay it since you have enough money for the fancy toy.
  22. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Reports were his children wouldn’t be involved in politics and he’d release his taxes. its good to see you working hard at making his brand more toxic and divisive though.
  23. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Atlas Hidrografico de Chile?

    Well, proving that the journey is more interesting than the destination, my oldest (childhood) friend lives in Ecuador and has for several years. Turns out he happens to have a sailor friend in Santiago, Chile (where he’s also a member of the naval auxiliary) who said he’ll put me in touch with to look into the Atlas Hidrografico (since the Armada de Chile chart office hasn’t replied to my email in incorrect but intelligible Spanish inquiring about buying the book. Latin nonchalance? Or did the email go through?)
  24. Anyone have a good experience with a shipper cross country? I am thinking of shipping a open 5.70 from SF to NY, but Uship quotes are around $3500. That is far more than I would have thought, and I get a lot of private DM from small one-person shippers with sketchy reviews, not ideal. I know you get what you pay for, but over $2800 and the total cost is over my excel spreadsheet fixed total. I have learned from various other endevours to stick with your cost targets or it becomes open season on the wallet. at a certain cost I will just give up and there are tons of viper 640 local to pick up. Googling boat shippers becomes an endless list of fake review/ads and companies with multiple names, and Uship seems more focused on 'ship it now' and not good for estimating total expense for boat/parts/shipping prior to pulling the trigger on a boat. thanks for any insight and thanks ahead for not taking a dump on me for this being not boat sailing specific.
  25. SloopJonB

    Coolboats to admire

    There is something slightly off about that sheer line - it makes it look like it's down by the stern a little. Or is it just me?
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