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  2. What part of "Obviously it was a road-rage incident" are you ignoring? When they interview the witnesses they will learn that the motorcycle driver started out kicking the passenger side then slowed pulled up on the drivers side and continued to rage" and yes the first charge will be hit and run
  3. I expect he will get a FB nanny tow, as last time he muffed his approach badly. How hard can it be to drift in downwind? https://www.ventusky.com/?p=-14.34;-170.95;8&l=wind
  4. Where did that thread go?
  5. Probably true. But now all the European teams are gone, I am hoping for an ETNZ win. Wussell-vision has just squeezed all the eccentric joy out of it.
  6. Sometimes it is best to get kids using safety equipment in low risk situations so the behavior becomes automatic as they advance to higher risk stuff. Soon there is no inhibition about its use and young minds do not have to do complex safety analysis every time. Some parents at my marina have there kids put on pfds as they exit the car, seems silly at first but does make sense.
  7. Does Obama run the Justice department? No? Why won't Trump prosecute?
  8. In California, any driver involved in an accident is required to stop. That's interpreted as a hit and run right there.
  9. Supposedly, Aus2 could go lower & faster downwind. Their weakness was starts. If only Dennis had covered on that last upwind leg!! FB- Doug
  10. I may be mixing up his conspiracy theories a bit, I think his cgi theory is the one that says the planes never actually hit the buildings. That one doesn't fit with the A and E conclusions though. Hey RandumbFuckApple, how do you reconcile that?
  11. Thanks MN now I see what you are saying my response is Having worked with youtube for so many years I did know that google owns them.... however, I think it unlikely that the Russians would be doing something so obvious as buying places for the films from Shydux, jon snow, etc etc etc I assume that their involvement in the politics of the United states would be a bit more sophisticated than buying places at the top of the google or youtube search results. -which would be counterproductive. I have been running a website for ten years and most weeks I get offers from people who will push me up the search engines - I think that promoting films up the youtube search results would require a fair bit of guile. More than the average seo spammer could deliver Dylan
  12. Bouwe just told me "you know i love you but if you post that you will look like an idiot" In other words, it is not the Bouwe and Meg show. Damn! If I wasn't so balls deep in this AC right now I'd start digging
  13. Re Freya being solo, nor did I.... And losing your anchor is a bummer.... I wonder how he parked last night? It looks like he is still resting, meanwhile HOG is on the move. With a bit of luck, he might finish this evening.....
  14. I'm with you. I would also love to hear Percy's take on matters but as he's about to be a father he's focusing on the important stuff.
  15. Nacra 20 for sale, KTN.Nacra Inter 20 - boats - by owner - marine sale
  16. We did it for 25 years. not all the trips were that much. Except for the last 4 years, we fished on out own, without a guide because: 1. We were cheap 2. We preferred to fish on our own We generally did as well, & at times, better than the guided boats. However, as I got older, & the best fishing evolved into a 50 mile run, crossing Hakai Pass, which could get very rough on the way back, & the Lodge owner required a guide to go there, we had a guide the last 4 years. "Man's got to know his limitations" There isn't enough money available to pay me to go to a rock concert, or a mall. As mentioned, "To each his own"
  17. yeah can you go live?
  18. I did. Very cool. There's a stretch of highway outside of Milan, I recall, with an imperious Cimbali factory on one side, staring down the Faema equivalent on the other side of the road. I hope Italy joins the next Cup.
  19. I agree that it was stability. The big problem with a 'light' 12M was that the scantlings meant the hulls were already at minimum weight...lightening the boat meant the weight reduction had to come from reduced ballast, thus less stability, Australia II's keel design compensated for that with a lower CG. The lighter weight also was a bit of an advantage in maneuvering. IIRC, Liberty did OK in upwind speed... not much off the pace....seems to indicate there wasn't a big hydrodynamic advantage to A2's keel.
  20. Randy, i have some good friends who have done this route, as well as R2AK in reverse, as as part of their pacific rim circuit from Tasmania, including Cape Horn and up the east coast to Panama and them back across to Tasmania...... From what they tell me, it is very much as Norse Horse has described. Also hard to get spare parts and the squalls off the mountains can be more severe than BC so you would be lucky to do it non stop. My youngest son's partner and In laws are Chilean, so you never know, if I ever do R2AK, I may as well sail down and do your race as well if it gets off the ground. Rob
  21. Not exactly: “Obviously it was a road-rage incident. He was seen kicking the vehicle,” CHP Officer Josh Greengard told KNBC-TV.
  22. Seems so. This is a rather difficult "bar" to walk into right off the "sidewalk", and start having a conversation.
  23. Let me remind you that without high-minded principles,, WE are the bad guys. FB- Doug
  24. Google owns youtube, just as in the old media days one bought a size of page on a masthead or 10-60 second slots on tv, google can provide for a fee "SEO (search engine optimisation) to anyone or organisations for specific geographical zones.
  25. Kocher: Yes, I would agree. It's not a shape that would use. Even in a relatively heavy design, say D/L around 300, I try to keep the butts as flat as possible and push volume into the ends to control Cp. But I start with target numbers and play with hull form until I get them. My hull shapes are not artifacts of a geometry process. Each hull is an attempt not to leave any potential performance on the table, relative to the type obviously and make each hull better than the last. There is a clear line of evolution that runs through my work despite the wide variety of hull shapes I have produced. While the Estonian build 45' DE shares some features with the old Valiant 40 hull, it is a very different hull shape. You do learn a thing or two in 40 years.
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