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  2. Let me guess you were that naked guy who became stuck in a washing machine.
  3. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharson. Weighed, Weighed, Measured, Divided. The handwriting on the wall. Those that lie, steal and dishonor their nation and the kingdom of god shall be judged. Catholic boys should know that, and perhaps they will when their testosterone and zits are diminished to adult levels.
  4. IStream

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Solid effort.
  5. SloopJonB

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    And not even a stetson - only a worn out straw boater.
  6. Ahhh, ye be with stone and without sin, be ye SJB?
  7. Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:1-2) I'm sure there are others who will correct you, but my high school interpretation said that be true to yourself before you judge.
  8. paulrtullos

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    unlike yourself, i have things to do out-of-doors that involve talent, technique and time. posting on and keeping up with anonymous blogs holds no interest me. that is until someone as ignorant as yourself attacks my work and demonstrates without a doubt the you are truly a hack who would have great difficulty fabricating anything more involved than a birdhouse.
  9. Did you hear it differently?
  10. The Jesuits would be so proud of me.
  11. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Trumpeters caught on video taunting American Indian.

    always love the quoting of a 17th century translation of the bible as the word of Jesus. particularly amusing in this case.
  12. SloopJonB

    Racist Oklahoma University President??

    Any literate person knows it's "misunderestimate".
  13. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    So your outrage about dead pets is selective?
  14. Cause for what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Pretty clear.
  15. Left Shift

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Well, of course it has lasted. All that floating ice keeps those nasty waves from bending it and beer canning it to little Budweiser sized pieces.
  16. Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, yeshall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye. Pretty clear.
  17. Big Bob

    Bonded Stores, a term from pre EU days.

    Back in 64 got a job on purse seiner going to Alaska for the season salmon fishing. The skipper asked what booze and cigs I would like for my time on the boat. Explained it was duty free could only be consumed while offshore. We went up the inside passage thru Canadian waters, it was under lock and key for the trip up. We had engine problems on the way up, the Canadian authorities came aboard, inspected the boat, were interested in the seastores and made it clear we were confined to the boat except for the skipper. Before we could leave a couple of days later we had to be cleared out, again the major deal was the seastores. and that they were all accounted for.
  18. When Jesus said that he was not implying that we could not judge whether someone's choices were wrong. You know that, right?
  19. dogwatch

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    High performance gliders do change camber. Flaps. Positive for low-speed themalling, negative for high speed flight. Adjust twist, no.
  20. SloopJonB

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    "Collectivist" - the right wing nutter counterpart to the left wing nutter "Bourgeois". Tiresome, formulaic drivel that only succeeds in making the user look like a fool.
  21. Whoah the fuck up. They absolutely DID disrespect and mock Elder Phillips. The correction is that they didn't do it out of nowhere, unprovoked - he interposed himself into a pre-existing conflict, they were already riled up. Doesn't change the fact they disrespected him.
  22. Dorado

    NFL 2018

    Damn, I just tried to post a a pic that portrays Belichick as Satan. It didn't work. It wouldn't load. The software gagged on it and froze. Coincidence ? I think not.
  23. Boo Hoo Hoo, try repeating that until you fall asleep.
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