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  2. The boat is 33 yrs old, so they only would have covered 20% of those things without it.
  3. Cristoforo

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Meli, We all think the best thing you can do is find a local Chinese wet market and suck the tonsils out of the little old guy behind the bat soup concession.
  4. NeedAClew


    It's not just a #boomerremover, a baby died in Illinois.
  5. 964racer

    Looking for a J/32 in California

    Thanks all, I am actually considering a non J/Boat at the moment as I saw something recently I liked locally that is available - I didn't realize that there were very few J/32's out in California and I'm not really interested in trucking one in... In case this one falls through for some reason, I certainly will keep the channel open on potential J/Boats that might fit my profile.
  6. blunderfull

    Surf Anarchy

    Yup, it’s the Ranch.
  7. SloopJonB


    Don't winches all rotate counterclockwise down there?
  8. When I finish decrappifying my nest I will learn how to use my underwater camera. Indonesia in fall 2021 or 2022 or be dead.
  9. I did get the Geico "Partial Waiver of Depreciation". The annual cost for this addition seemed reasonable (around $60) as I recall. With this, there is no deduction deduction for repairs or replacement of the hull, mast, spars, metal supports and deck railing. Awhile back they were not providing it in California, but they are now.
  10. SloopJonB

    Random PicThread

    You had a good dad. I got a fuckin' watch.
  11. Now there is a challenge for Trump, the worlds smartest, best, most perfect New York billionaire... Match Bloomberg dollar for dollar........ or even just like Trump’s bankruptcies, a few cents to Bloomberg’s dollar....
  12. That is a really helpful thread! And I admit, I never looked at my Pantaenius policy closely enough to know whether I had the depreciation issue or not. Interesting, and good to know for when I try to get quotes in the Mad Max wasteland we find ourselves in this spring. Two policies enter, one policy leave! @mvk512: no idea on the age of your boat, but I commend you to the thread that @Oceanconcepts just linked to for Geico. Curious if the issue persists.
  13. Snaggletooth

    Random PicThread

    Greate avattare!
  14. 2airishuman

    Pantaenius "restructured" me out of a policy

    I too use State Farm (albeit for just a 4ksb) and find them very easy to work with. No survey, broad navigation area covering most of the waters surrounding the U.S., Canada, and the Bahamas, no weasel clauses in the contract.
  15. NeedAClew

    New protocol

    1. Keep your sailing, shore teams, and builders and families distanced and alive. 2. Set off for NZ, long voyage. Freight will keep moving. 3. Quarantine in some supervised NZ facility. 4. Train, fucking run the regattas streaming and free to
  16. Yeah - don't do it. Devote the time to your Random Pics thread instead. Thanks in advance Transfer the favourites from the thread onto the website for others that don’t come to SA
  17. Left Shift

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    But he didn't offer a portrait to go with? The cheap bastard.
  18. hobot

    Random PicThread

    I remember the screen name. What ever happened to onephatdiva?
  19. Are they running tests on you guys before the transfer?? I hope so?
  20. He also gave 1.8B for student financial aid.
  21. As I said, evidence that kids are super spreaders of CV19 is non-existant. Otherwise post some evidence. They may be spreaders based on previous experience with other viruses. But at this point in time there is zero evidence. Now would you like your 'super preaders' in one location or charging all around the community?
  22. NeedAClew

    Good Bye 2021 Americas CUP ...... RIP

    ^that has happened even without covid. #letthemrace
  23. Happy


    Here by us Down Under everything is upside-down back-to-front and frequently drunk. You may ask but don't expect an answer that makes sense.
  24. Recidivist

    Random PicThread

    Ozrick is one - he already had the name when I joined, so I had to come up with something different. He died a year or so later from cancer. We had arranged to meet up when I was visiting Brisbane, but he was too fatigued, so we never met in person.
  25. There has been no children under the age of 9 to have died to any sort of corona virus infection. In the adult population we are looking at nearly 20% of SARS-CoV-2 being low symptom/asymptotic. In children the data isn’t there yet but is expected to be even higher. No obvious symptoms. They don’t rest in bed. They carry on playing. Touching. Think about how diseases transfer. You go to work. You stay in your personal office. You’re safe. Children next to each other? One kid gets it. The R isn’t 2.7 or whatever the mean is now - it is like 10. they take it home to a multigenerational household - voila now mom and dad and grandma and nursing homes have it. do you guys calling bullshit have never interacted with physicians, children, have family of your own, parents and grandparents or something? Like all orphans with no friends?
  26. burndoc

    2020 Fishing Thread

    Safe social distancing hook em if they get too close, that will keep a safe distance
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