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  2. Steam Flyer

    Gay Test

    I dunno, I like the way that looks much more than the standard Laser. The rounded inner cockpit edge would be a treat. FB- Doug
  3. TWAT!

    Best Lyrics Ever

    I was thinking Pulp. The Shatner version is different...
  4. bridhb


    You take that back right now! :-)
  5. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

  6. A guy in the Chesapeake


    No - I honestly don't think that she is consciously telling a lie.
  7. Steam Flyer


    that's not plywood that's Stirling board, AKA oriented strand board aka OSB.. OSB can be tougher than plywood. Always read the specs. I was programmed in an earlier more primitive time to sneer at "chipboard" and to think that REAL wood was always better. But times (and technology) have changed. I had a big load of lumber of all types including marine ply and some OSB and some really nice cedar-face plywood paneling, stored in a rack I built at about the 10' elevation (above normal water level) under our back porch. It all got scattered thru the neighborhood, what I've seen is warped and soaked in sewage. Might be able to save some epé and some of the OSB, but I haven't finished mucking out the basement/garage yet. It was worse than a stable. OTOH we are very lucky, our community has had a good water supply (thanks to good leadership & planning) and we're getting power restored quickly. House took only slight/trivial damage (assuming we can get the mold/mildew under control). So the Steam Flight Command Center is almost up & running! FB- Doug
  8. A guy in the Chesapeake


    Haven't read anything yet this AM, but wanted to toss this out: I was thinking about this last night - and I think that there a lot of similarities between Kavanaugh's nomination and Hillary Clinton's: 1) Both are considered to be extremely qualified by their supporters 2) Both have an incredible amount of animus from their opponents 3) If elected/confirmed - their occupation of the office is likely to be contentious and ineffective due to that distraction I think that both nominating groups are completely ignoring the 3rd point, and think that that's a mistake - why get a "win" if that win is going to cost you more than it benefits you in the future? It'd be like winning the HGTV dream home, but not being able to keep it because you can't afford the mortgage you'd have to take out to pay the taxes on it. Thinking about this a little more - the biggest political coup that the Rs could achieve right now would be to convince Kavanaugh to decline the nomination, and to nominate Garland instead. The Rs could prove that they are interested in fairness ( though I doubt most are), that nomination would negate most of the LWNM talking points, and put a substantial deposit in the Rs political capital account. I don't expect them to do this - but, I did send a note last night to Barbara Comstock that closely follows the thoughts I expressed in this post.
  9. Dog


    Sometimes I have no opinion and quote things simply because they are pertenant, sometimes I do have an opinion. In all cases the quote remains the responsibility of the person being quoted whether someone attempts to doggie style it or not.
  10. tamaozy

    Tasar Single handed

    Depends how heavy you are. I do it ok but I'm pretty fat at 230lb / 105kg.
  11. QBF

    Random PicThread

    That's "Conan the Librarian" from the movie UHF.
  12. Clove Hitch

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    Of course, that's not why Trump hates him. Sessions is as bad as it gets on the drugs, immigration, pretty much everything. Just seems weird that a grown ass man would take such humiliation from his boss.
  13. Shortforbob

    Whacking The Children

    well, appalling as it still legally kill prisoners too, so I'm not exactly surprised schools are still allowed to whack students. You have a very violent culture.
  14. some dude

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    what's it rate?
  15. some dude

    Is giving a flying fuck about what other people wear cool?

    I just want you to look good. I do this for you.
  16. Steam Flyer

    Nuclear Option

    You can thank Harry for that. A long long time ago, both parties needed to compromise on a nominee, hence the need to circulate a list. I would love to get back to that time. But there is one party that is responsible for the current state of play. If the D's ever get the senate back, they are more than welcome to change the rules back to a 2/3 confirmation vote required. Right, it's all those goddam libby-rull Democrats fault. It always is! The fact that Republicans were acting stupidly and ostinately obstructionist plays no part in the scenario. FWIW the rules should not have been changed IMHO, and I would tend to blame the Democratic leaders of the time more than the Republicans. But the Repubtards are certainly not lily-white blameless little victims here. -DSK
  17. cyclone

    Best Lyrics Ever
  18. Give us some stats on kids hit by cars and shotgun suicide to put it into context.
  19. Black Sox

    Random PicThread

    Meli? Is that you?
  20. dacapo


    i was a Tuesday I was in my third week of High School and I ate exactly what I ate every day ....a bowl of frosted flakes and a glass of OJ.....I still didn't drink coffee...but the FF and OJ WAS my routine that I stood by for almost 2 years
  21. Black Sox

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    He can't hoist. He's trying to hide the hardon he as over how fucking cool he is. Is that a tiller in his hand or is he just glad to see himself?
  22. Mickey Rat


    Just listen to this conspiracy nut case. Nobody here could possibly fall for this...
  23. kent_island_sailor


    I well remember the "type" you describe and they never failed to say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am while the parents were around Your parents wound NOT believe it if you told them what they were really like. OTOH neither of us know the judge and maybe this thing never happened and maybe it did and he learned from it and decided to treat women with respect for the rest of his life or maybe his wife threatened to cut his balls off if he kept it up. We have no way of knowing as of yet. I would hate for my job to rest on 3rd hand rumors from high school in 1980. How about we shit-can the douche because we KNOW FOR A FACT he is a liar
  24. kent_island_sailor


    And in your case it also means you have no opinion on the veracity of said quote, you just like to randomly post things that may or may not be true.
  25. barfy

    Team NYYC

    I might add,emerati brings steini to the party packed in salt ice in the back of a ute. That's nationality
  26. richiec

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    Having sailed 32s for over 10 years. And now downsized to Melges 20s, I would say the fun/speed/excitement/grin factor is not in line with the price of the two boats. Even second hand. I have had more fun, gone almost as fast down wind, with just two other crew. Not seven. And can buy new sails for the 20 - full set, for less than the price of a 32 main.
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