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  2. A Republican President who wasn't really stupid, a fucking psycho, a known crook, and fucked up on drugs and dementia would do nicely, thanks.
  3. The Dark Knight

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    D'ranged has a fascination with male bottoms, so maybe he can advise...
  4. Fah Kiew Tu

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    Not *quite* true. You can clear into Nelson, you just need a good enough excuse. Friends of mine did it not so long ago. Another friend has permission to clear into Bluff if he wants. FKT
  5. The Dark Knight

    Brexit, WTF

    haha, those maps have been around since 2016. I wonder how many people are so dumb to believe it. No effort was put into trying to fake the BSE map, lazy hoaxers...
  6. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Leo that's not right. DUP are in second place behind the Spartans for supporting Brexit. Those pricks are chasing No Deal and don't care about a hard border. The DUP's position is all about domestic politics. They never want to own a solution otherwise their fingerprints are over things that accelerate reunification/diminish the union. They have the shits now because Community Consent pendulum arguably now swung the Nationalists way with default being the Customs Partnership if Stormont collapses.
  7. obviously ... the pretty dam good kind
  8. OP said something about Trump "giving" Turkey 50 nukes. There is no way that would ever happen. It would probably be something more like 5 nukes for a 5,000-acre 5-star coastal golf course/resort, land and construction costs donated by the Turkish government, as well as a back-end payment of a few hundred million. From there they could move onto a Yuge Deal, a Beautiful Deal, where Donnie sells them Incerlik Airbase for $10 Billion. After Putin takes his cut, Donnie will still have enough money to permanently avoid extradition from wherever he ends up.
  9. Fah Kiew Tu

    Apple's Fight With the Feds

    I'm a bit surprised something like this hasn't happened a lot sooner. It's kind of obvious if you want to be really sure there's nothing to find. Might want to ensure the messages aren't buffered to any sort of mass storage device though - some form of RAM storage would be best with no buffering to any solid state device. FKT
  10. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF

    EU concessions; There could be no unilateral exit mechanism for NI —There now is with Stormont majority, but not a DUP veto. That NI should, legally, be EU customs territory —No longer, but technically it is. EU defended; Succeeded in protecting the open border in Ireland Remained united and showed small states they have considerable power by working together. Stuck to its red lines on cherry picking Oh and WAB bill on outstanding money, citizens right is still the same as in May's time. So no 33 Billion to play with. And for Great Brittian; it is basically managed No Deal. There will be carnets, tariffs, work permits, visas, customs declarations.
  11. The Dark Knight


    I'd bet he's more of a vending machine guy
  12. "If you want 50 of our nukes, you may well get them, but I doubt that you'll be pleased with the outcome - assuming the deep hole you find is deep enough to see the end result"....... FKT
  13. Raptorsailor

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    I think it's simply because they're basically empty in the test.
  14. Happy

    Cookin' the Books

    Trump has spent a lifetime cheating, lying, welshing, litigating, going bankrupt, and cooking the books, in a furious attempt to get super-rich and famous so he can spit on those people who would have nothing to do with him or laughed at him. As is well-known, he would have been much richer if he'd simply banked his inheritance at standard rates. So, even with a massive financial starting base and platoons of top lawyers, he's been pretty shit at being a crook. How the fuck this mutt became president of a superpower still boggles the mind.
  15. The Dark Knight

    Australian Sailing

    You have me now wondering if RPYC has a dress standard for profile photos on sailing forums. If so then you would be in trouble
  16. JALhazmat


    He morphed into dg sailing twat, strangely still denies it though
  17. phill_nz


    looks like really nice sailing weather on the solent ( portsmouth webcams )
  18. And SA members are surprised when they don't get media accreditation...
  19. inebriated


    whatever happened to A4E?? he was pissing people off pretty well, and then i left for a couple of months and then he was gone when i came back not the biggest loss
  20. DanimalNZ

    Australian Sailing

    And you pay a $hit tonne to be told what you can wear
  21. Rainbow Spirit

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Here is my pick for the podium in the IMOCA fleet, 1st Charal, 2nd HB, 3rd Apivia.
  22. The Dark Knight

    Australian Sailing

    I wasn't sure either.... I guess clubs like RPYC give sailing, especially "royal" clubs, the bad upperclass rep...
  23. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF

    This morning DUP says NO. No surprise there, it is going the same route as May's deal. Use your time wisely.... not, doing all the same again. idiots. Party leader Arlene Foster and deputy leader Nigel Dodds issued a joint statement saying three key issues were holding up a breakthrough. “As things stand, we could not support what is being suggested on customs and consent issues and there is a lack of clarity on VAT,” the pair said. When are the Tories going to learn that DUP is blocking a Brexit. Was it not 300.000 voters for the DUP ? Blocking the 17.4 M. At least the EU gave some ground, and showed flexibility in Backstop nr 3. Not much, but they are willing to take the risk of Stormont consent.
  24. Ease the sheet.

    Australian Sailing

    Welcoming helps pay for their fancy restaurant, weddings help too......
  25. Today
  26. Rushman

    Australian Sailing

    I laughed out loud when I first encountered the Royal Perth fleet... Yes they all wear WHITE! Even better was they all had to give way to our fleet from SOPYC
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