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  2. Yep, definitely drones are a must have for ongoing VOR editions.
  3. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Paul's a fucktard. The answer of course is more immigration
  4. bi-directional Proa

    Safety in numbers, but one of the problems with early biplanes was the drag from wire stays. As design progressed, they went away. And all those attachment points- leaks and hard points? I've tried combining multiple hard points with sheer clamps, and it gets tricky as far as how much meat you need for screws, surface areas for gluing, weight, joint moving, that sort of thing. One of the reasons I'm moving back to more monolithic light structures more akin to solid surfboard practice, foam or light woods.
  5. Chris Craft for Sale (Wilmington)

    God is that thing ugly. DNR / Coast Guard should fine you for excessive eye pollution.
  6. Leg 3, Cape Town to Melbourne, day xx, on board AkzoNobel. Photo by James Blake/Volvo Ocean Race. 15 December, 2017. Martine repairing the main.
  7. Surprised how many albatross there are in the middle of nothing.
  8. you make the call

    So my guess is a little different. My guess is that P in-the-collision was trying hard not to bear away a degree lower than she absolutely had to, so as not to sail into the lee of, and the dirty air of, the other boat ahead and on P in the video... I think the only mistake on S part was to hoist before clearing P in-the-collision. Had he waited, in the end it'd have been a better tactical decision (no ripped chute to get down and a replacement hoisted) and he still could have protested P in-the-collision had he decided to...
  9. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Republicans are always suckers for Ponzi schemes.
  10. Jones wins.... what now?:

    I know that's not what you were specifically referring to. But if I let you just gloss over these inconvenient facts... in THIS thread? I'd be derelict in my duties as the loyal opposition. I mean... come on... I was supposed to let that go? I also think, in the wider context, outside this forum, you're becoming more & more wrong on the point you were trying to make. Trump won, and is presiding, largely by playing the culture wars. Not just against dems, but also against the GOP "establishment".
  11. Really a treat to get such great footage direct from the SO.
  12. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Look at India and Africa. When I was a kid the books said we had less than 4 billion people. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/news/population/2015-report.html The us ruling party is doing everything it can to encourage this,
  13. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    I'm by nature a glass-half-full guy. I remember the end of stagflation and the working class being destroyed, yet it came back. Adjustments were made. People WANT to work. in the bilge of an old steam ship? not really. But look at cars, my boss has a Tesla, 18k miles. maintenance needed? Adding washer fluid. Ships will use this tech as well. Not necessarily batteries, but elect engines. Isn't that how cruise ships already run? Economies will adapt, maybe a base-income for those who are ok with "their fare share" of machine created goods/services + more. I don't know, and am likely not creative enough to really think it through. A bit more creative than Slug and JerkBoy, however. As Eva Dent.
  14. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Speaking of @Dog......WOOF!
  15. Motorcycle Threads

    I suppose there might be some aerodynamic advantage to the goofy handlebars but now I'm thinking the guy might have some kind of broken arm / shoulder disability that he is compensating for.
  16. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    And here we have Paul Ryan telling us to get busy making more babies to provide for us in our retirement.
  17. Had to pull this shot from the Live. Some very good drone handling. Leg 3, Cape Town to Melbourne, day 6, on board AkzoNobel. The slowed pace of the boat has meant we have had 8 or more Albatrosses soaring around the boat. Maybe one wing flap seen in the last 6 hours.
  18. B&G H5000 - Computer Connection Questions

    The websocket via Ethernet is the prefered connection option, although a lot of boats still use h_link with a serial to USB converter successfully. Depending on what you want to do with the data on the PC side h_link may still be required. Deckman requires Hlink. Expedition works well with either. Using the Wifi-1 as a switch will likely work in practice but it is officially not recommended and you may find some instability. The reliable option would be to either replace the Wifi-1 with a standard router or add a cheap 4-port switch for <£20.
  19. Tax “Reform”

    We won't need taxes because robots will work for the government. No pensions.
  20. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Not a new idea. The French even have a word for it. from the 19th century. The verb "saboter" is also found in 1873–1874 in the Dictionnaire de la langue française of Émile Littré.[3] But it is at the end of the 19th century that it really began to be used with the meaning of "deliberately and maliciously destroying property" or "working slower". In 1897, Émile Pouget, a famous syndicalist and anarchist wrote "action de saboter un travail" (action of sabotaging a work) in Le Père Peinard[4] and in 1911 he also wrote a book entitled Le Sabotage.[5]
  21. Repeating myself but you could throw in this k-car Ish. (It's really more of a Buick Lesabre)
  22. Drone of Akzo, including guys up the mast... http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/raw/3740.html
  23. Jones wins.... what now?:

  24. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Yet productivity has not risen much in years. I agree that seems about to change as three workers and five robots replace 15 workers. Yet we live in a world where it’s easier and safer to rob a bank virtually than with a gun, hospitals are held hostage by ransomware, and my antivirus software keeps me from wasting time on my home office desktop while malware or poorly designed interactions between programs slow it to a crawl. I have trouble believing unemployed programers wouldnt fight back, and underemployed mechanics wouldn’t do the high tech equivelant of adding sand to the grease. If vast swaths are made obsolete we can build new prisons or start a new war to consume them around the world. We can reduce the workweek or pay people not to work, but I cannot imagine that in a country whose leaders dream of privatizing social security. The only scenarios that don’t require forsight, compromise and skilled negotiation end in violence.
  25. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Gitana is home--- GitanaTeam (@GitanaTeam) | Twitter https://twitter.com/GitanaTeam
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