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  2. Well ... the first picture that came to my mind was cheers of joy, hugs and laugther in relief, followed by champagne corks popping - at the Trump campaign headquarters. The NRA is one thing, but the millions of 2A or gun nuts are another. Keep an eye on voter registration numbers. I fear a lot of people are signing up right now and will be dragging their kin to the ballots, too. To be clear: I find the NRA and their lobbying disgusting, but this year, in 2020, they are a non-issue. Except today they have likely become a deciding factor in the vote, because gunz.
  3. tusa22

    Too Expen$ive

    I highly encourage you to check out Vela Sailing Supply. Their the other VX One dealer for the US. Anyone who knows Rod knows that he's an awesome guy and will do whatever he can to make you happy and hook you up. If you are truly interested in a new VX One, call him. Otherwise, look at the class forums and snag a used boat when they come up. The boats hold up their value incredibly well. Source: I've done work for so many of those boats I've lost count.
  4. somebody doesn't know their drug terms Somebody doesn't know much of anything...
  5. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Which Trumpalo would you like to punch?

  6. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Which Trumpalo would you like to punch?

    Nah, it’s just his fucking stupid troll act. Maddox got her TV start as a regular guest on Tucker’s show. And fishstick is punchable because all faux populists are punchable.
  7. And yeah, Joker, when you see the NSA guy playing footsie with the Russians, while being paid by the Turks, no need to do your job. It just takes a Sally Yates to set you straight.
  8. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    I say no such thing. There were people that saw the injustices and there was progress and that is well worth reporting on. There is a huge difference between examining how things were and applying 2020 standards to people 80 years ago. You can be kicked out of the service for cheating on your wife in 2020. In almost any past war I can think of that would have lost us the war right then, there wouldn't have been enough men left to fight I actually got to meet some Tuskegee Airman and that was quite an experience. We drove the Black Student Union girl who organized it nuts though. Me: So what manifold pressure could you run with the 100/130 octane gas? Did you ever get 145? Tuskegee Airman: I think we ran about 50 inches, but don't forget we weren't paying for the gas or the engine repairs. Girl: But what about civil rights????? Another pilot: What about negative G, how long did it take to cut the fuel supply? Tuskegee Airman: We would half roll and then be + on the way down. Rinse-Repeat Poor girl didn't understand pilots be pilots and rather talk about airplanes all day more than anything
  9. Mike G


    Trump likes to brag about anything that he thinks makes him look good. From his cognitive test to Covid testing in parking lots to lowering drug prices, the list goes on. Unsolicited bragging. We've all seen it. So he COULD come out and say he investigated/dealt with this problem and get a TON of good press. There's a reason why he hasn't.
  10. Masons are quite attractive and seem to tick a lot of boxes but I don’t know a lot about them.
  11. smackdaddy

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Well, except for the proof I posted. See ya later Four.
  12. No, it's not. It's an acknowledgement that what looks like a second wave on the graph is in fact not a second wave.
  13. Laser1

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Behind a 'kin pay wall :-( edit : Not this one :
  14. AJ Oliver

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    It is pretty clear by now that Truman knew an invasion of Japan would not be necessary, and that the nuclear bombings would not save lives. (He knew it because many of his top advisors told him so.) So in the interests of honesty, if you think the bombings were a good idea, you should come up with reasons that have not been discredited. If you disagree with me, please read this . . (good 'ol Common Dreams !)
  15. Forourselves

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Is it? Based on what? your opinion? lol
  16. Irina beats the third by one minute.. I knew she is good.. She did well on Tiptop -- now 800# lombard superlightweight
  17. Oh I knew he said it, but it was all caused by his stutter. Just channeling the Elk here defending their great white geriatric hope.
  18. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Did you notice the new white bustle running across the bottom? Four can tell you all about it.
  19. Sol Rosenberg

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    That’s not a cite to a legitimate authority stating that this is a second wave. A simple “no” would have sufficed. Project “get Dog to turn over a new, honest leaf” is off to a terrible start. Disaster.
  20. DRIFTW00D


    My 1982 McCulloch Pro 24" monsters are still my go to for big stuff. When the works done with any saw I blow it off with compressed air ,pop the cover off the air cleaner and hit it with air too. +1 one the drain the gas thing. Next is drain the bar oil. Then sharpen and oil/ grease the chain and bar. last is the plastic bar guard sleeve. If you have a impossible to start / won't idle saw check the exhaust port spark arrester screen. No air out = no air in.. My mac was getting to be a pain to keep running till I saw the spark arrester screen covered by blacked oil carbon. It burned off with a blow touch, after the arrester screen was removed. Now the thing will sit there and purr at idle as long as you want. For cutting small stuff around the house I use 120v electrics. I find then at garage sales for around $10.00. I'll burn one up but always have a spare. The Gater lopper saw is a sweet 120v ac trim saw for branches and stuff under 3". Try it you will love it. We heat with wood. 4 to 6 full cords of scrounged wood cut, split and Stacked a year.
  21. frenchie

    Which Trumpalo would you like to punch?

    What makes him stand out, vs, say, Ben Shapiro? (Not singly out Shapiro, he's just the first one that came to mind. Could have said Candace Owens, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones... )
  22. Kinda like all that lock her up bullshit? Drip, drip, drip...
  23. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    I don't think the hull/bow shape itself has a whole lot to do with how "spectacular" the splashdown is. Te Ahmed's bow is 8 freakin' meters underwater when the Emiratis violently lose control as we've seen. That's spectacular.
  24. RMac

    INEOS Team GB

    As someone who has relentlessly and joyfully bagged on Ben and his boxboat, I have to say this is for sure an aesthetic improvement. My apologies, Sir.
  25. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Remember the excuse for his total inaction was “There are only fifteen sick people and they are all getting better.” Every time the Gropenfuhrer has thought there was a choice between his almighty dollar and human life he has chosen death to humans. Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States 4.9M +51,884 2.42M 160K +1,328
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