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  2. Rasputin22

    Sinking car (DUKW ) Anarchy

    The DUKW that sank was only a couple hundred yards from the lee of the big casino boat and the docks/breakwater that combined to form a safe haven to sit out the brief squall. Looks like the were determined to return to their home dock 'come hell or high water' which was upwind and they were already taking on water over the bow when the videos taken from the casino boat were made. I don't understand why the skipper/driver didn't just turn and go with the wind and waves downwind as the hull shape was designed for the stern to take breaking surf from astern as it would encounter in its original mission. Not like it is going to go aground on a lee shore doing so, remember the thing has WHEELS! You can see the little island in the videos taken from the Branson Belle and it looks like the duck sank about where I placed the red X. I watched video coverage that showed the Belle from downwind and that cove where I drew the red circle was well protected from the breaking waves that were coming around the little point at the top of the screenshot. Best thing might have to just approached the little island from leeward and engaged the wheels and pulled up a bit and sat the blow out. Press on regardless to return to dock was a huge error on the part of the crew. I heard that there is a designated captain and a driver on these deathtraps. RIP
  3. SloopJonB

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    You do - if it's true it's news. If it comes from Trumps gang it's propaganda.
  4. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    Depending on where you race will depend on whether the 3600 is right for you. If you race in a venue where the breeze is mostly under 10kts and you race with a full crew then there are probably better boats out there, a J112 would be better suited for this. If like us you race mostly short handed both inshore and offshore in a variety of wind strengths then the 3600 is a great all round boat. There will be boats that are faster in the light airs and there will be boats that are faster in a heavy downwind blow but these boats do the all round pretty well if you get the base boat right. To answer your question LI_sailor we find our boat can sail to it’s rating (1.056) in light airs upwind. We have big sails and weigh in at around 4850kg. Downwind in sub 8kts we can manage but an asymmetric rigged boat would be better here (also we lack an A1 or A1.5 kite which would help) mpbeagle congratulations on your order, we also couldn’t understand the need for the German mainsheet setup on the 3600 unless you were buying it to cruise however there is a Swedish boat that sails with a large square top main with twin back stays, if you ever planned something like that then the extra winches would make sense but we haven’t had a situation yet where we have felt we have needed extra winches. It seems that a few people don’t understand irc all that well and therefore don’t understand the concept of the 3600. It is not and never was designed to be an out and out downwind flying machine designed to trouble an Elliott 35, if you want that then buy a Figaro 3 or Class 40... Instead it’s a boat designed to fit within the Transquadra rating limits (1.050) that performs well in a wide range of conditions you get in Northern Europe and be an easy boat to push hard. Downwind it behaves well and will happily sit on the autopilot for days on end crunching miles but at the same time it wouldn’t be fazed by a long upwind slog.
  5. Bad wording on my part - I knew there was compensation, just not the $100 Mil per referred in the Russian shootdown.
  6. Shootist Jeff

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    I've been saying for years here who's pushing us apart. Our corporate overlords DO NOT want us to get along with each other. Divide and conquer. The more the masses are told to hate each other, the less time they have to figure out that the corporate overlords are fucking them in the ass. Because otherwise, there would be masses torches and pitchforks at the gated communities of the Uber rich. @Sol Rosenberg approves this message.
  7. SloopJonB

    Just a Reminder

    Only cowards wear masks - they may have many "reasons" but it all comes down to cowardice.
  8. SloopJonB

    Just a Reminder

    Thank God we're on top.
  9. Bull City

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I think I corrected my "reactions" to "Like."
  10. Shootist Jeff

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    Yes it is. Who decides when its news or propaganda?
  11. Steam Flyer

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    The problem that I see is that "granting corporations the same rights as a person" just grants them superior rights because of their scope vs an individual. Very few individual citizens can make billion dollar campaign donations...... very few individual citizens can produce chemicals on a scale to effect the entire planet...... etc etc -DSK
  12. Shootist Jeff

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    But yet you admit they originally voted for obama for 8 years. The point is they were "center" enough to vote across party lines AND they didn't vote for the orange shitstain because of racism.
  13. USA 236

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    The J/27 is the best of bunch and easy to get it going fast. Its also ridiculously simple, so you can get your head out of the boat. I currently own won and would have a hard time moving out of it! The only draw back in my opinion is the heavier four stroke motors are a bitch to take off before racing and I couldn't see leaving it back there. If you are going to do any cruising or serious motoring, 5hp is as low as you will care to go.... You could pm and we could talk more.
  14. Saorsa

    New report from DOJ

    I would have them on a secure network from their district headquarters (funded by the state, not federal). In fact, I would have the state pay them and their staff so that more control is local. I would still have the senate based in DC. Each state would pay their own and provide a state office in DC (like an embassy as it were) with living quarters for the two State senators, a few guest suites and conference and office facilities.
  15. Shootist Jeff

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    Yeah, like the white evangelical born-again christians were going to vote for hillary in the general. [facepalm]
  16. SloopJonB

    The Zombie Fleet

    JG is right - the asshole owner charged about $12/foot for dockage there. You can't really comprehend what is going on there without knowing how he operates "his" businesses - actually they were all his fathers. If you care, Google "Joe Carhoun" lawsuits and business troubles. It's actually kind of entertaining - you'll learn about how true slumlords operate.
  17. RKoch

    New report from DOJ

    Interesting ideas. Certainly much of Congress's business could be conducted away from DC. And having Congress-critters operate primarily from home district offices would make them more accessible to constituents, and less so to lobbyists.
  18. Lark

    New report from DOJ

    Hmmm. So increase the number of representatives. Would the obvious solution be building a new Capitol? Or Just vote electronically from their home district offices and skip DC altogether except for committee and the those entertaining interrogations that substitute for governance.
  19. SemiSalt

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    My impression was that for boats less than 30 feet, Euro-style meant shrinking the v-berth to a size only good for storage, and moving the seats and permanent table far forward. I say "seats" because they not not very good for sleeping. LIke the Jeanneau Fantasia 27:
  20. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    I never said the hulls were great out the factory, if you read one of my previous notes you would have seen that. I think we should stop feeding the troll now
  21. Saorsa

    New report from DOJ

    The revolving door would get very crowded as more folks entered the field. It wouldn't hurt if the press outed a lot of them too. There isn't much we can do to eliminate lobbying. Accept is as it happens and keep an eye on your congress critter. My other suggestion was making the the house of representatives more representative so that we had one for every 50K people or so. Then you would require most to remain in their home districts most of their term. Only letting 500 into DC for each session would make it tough to get lobbyists to all of them. Especially when most of them would be in their home districts most of the time and their actions and lifestyle visible to their constituents.
  22. Panoramix

    New imoca boats

    Not sure what's so new...
  23. LeoV

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Back to Brexit entailments; Dutch carpet company, 40% sales in the Uk, is preparing for Brexit. He is not afraid that Uk producers will eat in his sales, as tariffs hit them as well on raw material. (70% of cost). He is worried about the Pound dropping and economy of the UK slumping meaning less orders. Looking for other markets.
  24. From the mythical front page. Sounds like the guy with the captains license (as is usually the case) was slow to realize how bad it was and didn’t get his people into jackets. Do they address this paychological tendency in training? Quickly getting midwestern vacationers, some with large bodies or limited mobility, many without much water experience, out from under the hard canopy sealed by what looks like a plastic spray shield might have been impossible while wearing a bulky jacket anyway. At what point should have they abandoned truck when carrying a bunch of old people and children? This design looks like the exception to ‘step up to get off the sinking boat’ rule, likely in common with those sunset tour boats that look like a cross between a hayride and a whaleboat. On the other hand, the jackets would have lacked a spray hood, so there could have been fatalities in the water as well. Leaving the truck before it turned into a rock would have carried significant liability. The front page questions the decision to go out. If their forcast was like ours, duh. Since I got caught under sail by 54 mph winds this spring in sweatshirt weather when there was under a 25% chance of rain (the rain missed me, not the gale), I’ll admit that doesn’t always work. That was in cold weather where I didn’t expect the clouds to carry much energy. Like this captain, I didn’t think it would get that bad. I haven’t sailed Table Rock lake, but am no stranger to prairie boomers and the violence they bring. Ohio storms are relatively boring by comparison.
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