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    They towed out around 11am and the breeze was light and puffy to start with. Foiled down the Channel and headed out to the Bays. The breeze started to build around midday and they got some long runs in, multiple tacks and gybes. As you can see, there is still a bit of haze from the smoke and they were quite a way out. The third pic was taken while the breeze was still soft, midway through a tack which was followed by a brief kiss. The last (distant) pic was taken about 15 mins later and shows the exit from a dry gybe, stbd foil just coming out of the water.
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    LR going deep, breeze and lumpy sea.
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    Jeff is talking shit with his chest puffed out and swaggering around in his silk scarf and nothing else on. He is running around moving his hands like little let bombers and making whooshing noises, which makes his little penis hard. Sure let's start a war with Iran. Those 2 little wars in Iraq went so well, why Iraq is a stable democracy, just like we planned, and Afghanistan is certainly a success story too. The problem is not decimating the enemy army and laying waste to the country, the problem is what to do afterward. Trump has 3 weapons in his foreign policy arsenal. Sanctions, tariffs and war. The very stable genius has no concept of diplomacy, in his book diplomacy is for pussies. So Trump is showing those ragheads that they can't push us around, which is fine and dandy. And then what happens when Iran is a shambles like Iraq and Afghanistan. Why the only reason that Iran is in Iraq is because of the power vacuum we left there after the 2nd war. Meanwhile Putin is sitting in the Kremlin, smiling and rubbing his hands together. His chosen candidate made into the oval office and is performing even better than Putin had hoped. The most disgusting part of this whole thing, besides the million or so victims of these wars is that nobody would give a shit about that part of the world if it weren't for the oil. Capitalism uber allles! Let's invite the destruction of the world as we know it for some dead dinosaurs FFS. Trump always was the wrong president at the wrong time, but this shows how truly catastrophic the elevation of that twit to a position of power really was. It was only a matter of time before he fucked up big time, and now we will see what truly terrible consequences will be the result of his bluster and stupidity. It won't be pretty , that's for sure. Whomever thought that having a narcissistic ignoramus, completely clueless as to how the world works, as our president was a good idea, is beyond comprehension. Did people really think that Trump would actually be good for our country let alone the world? What a bunch of selfish morans.
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    Sad to see one of our designs lost, and relieved that crew are all ok. I should clarify However that that particular keel was not designed by us or built by McConaghy, Apparently there were lower cost alternatives locally which were chosen.
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    Windy tracker is also working this year: https://gis.ee/sh/
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    I'm involved in that my name is on the boat, to which someone has attached a keel which it was not designed to carry, issuing a construction method we would never agree to use and have refused to in the past. Rather than waiting months or years for an accident report to likely state the obvious I prefer to get the information out as soon as possible.
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    We've designed many keels and not lost one. Our reputation is important to us, and in all other cases of keel replacement that I know of for our designs, we've done the designs and it would be natural for people to assume that was the case here if I didn't state the facts.
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    Yeah, they're still 1930's technology but fun. A few years ago I got picked up as last minute crew for a guy. Here's a watercolor my wife did from a picture she took this summer while on the RC boat.
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    Thank goodness that boat is back on the water and this forum topic can get back on topic, if that's actually possible in these parts!!! You Weta, are a dead-set bloody champion!!! Keep the pics and the good times coming, we are back on track!!!!
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    As some here know I am one of the owners of Showtime and do all the offshore races in it. Just to throw a few facts into the uninformed opinion. The keel was designed by Andy Dovell, to a similar design he has used for many other yachts. The design and the fabrication plan were then certified by DNV-GL. The builder then signed off on the fabrication report and provided 100% NDT for certification. All of this was required to obtain the ISAF certificate you need to be able to race offshore these days. Not exactly a half assed exercise. The new keel design has reduced bulb weight by 369kg and fin by 318kg, despite the increase in length of 400mm this has reduced the righting moment of the boat and resulted in lower loads on the structure than under the original configuration. So despite Jason Ker's self serving bleating's, he remains solely responsible for the adequacy of the internal structural design. Whether this in anyway caused or contributed to the keel lose, I don't know, nor does anyone else at this time. The delivery crew, who were quite experienced and who can be credited with the positive outcome in a very dangerous situation can not be faulted in their seamanship under difficult conditions. I am only happy that all crew got off safely from what was a harrowing experience where only cool thinking averted a tragedy. I have no interest in playing some blame game. if the boat is recovered, then we will likely be able to positively identify the failure mechanism, but until then it is pure speculation to say who is or isn't responsible.
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    Certainly when someone modifies our design without our involvement it ceases to be our problem technically, but it remains important to make sure people are aware of that as our name is in on the boat. Put simply 100% of our keel designs have remained attached to their boats, 100% of keels designed by others for our boats have not.
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    Raw commiserations and glad to hear Rob & Co off safe. You say Ker is "self serving bleating" and "...he (Kerr) remains solely responsible for the adequacy of the internal structural design." My only comment would be that no such structural delineation exists. Hull structure and keel structure are "homogeneous" not seperate structures. Simply commenting as such your inference is the hull structure is responsible for this keel loss in priority to other possible causes. Apart from that yours an appropriate and considered response concluding with. "..but until then it is pure speculation to say who is or isn't responsible." But then you go against your own advice when the OEM is defending his design reputation in real time here for a vessel built under licence with no involvment beyond that to understandably distance himself for things beyond his responsibility and knowledge. To be clear that is distance himself from both the build itself and your subsequent modifications of that design/build where that exact same modification is now sitting on the bottom of the ocean. I read that as not distancing himself from original design responsibility or "bleating," but simply ensuring it is well known where his responsibility started and finished. Without that explanation the automatic conclusion is his design name only and no-one elses is prejudiced pending an investigation. Unfortunately that investigation may never happen unless physical evidence is retrieved, so all the more reason to have responsibilities at least understood at now the time of incident. Raw my suggestion. Follow your own original advice ..."it is pure speculation to say who is or isn't responsible" and STFU.
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    It should be floating nearby.
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    Let's step back and think about this. The US attacks an admittedly bad guy at the major airport of an ally. The Iraqi parliament was already considering a bill asking the US to get out of the country. The attack will change this to Iraq telling the US to get out of the country, say within 30 days. Iraq then becomes totally becomes a client state of Iran - a big win for Iran. Iran was already having naval exercises with Russia and China, so that growing alliance becomes stronger. China firms up its oil supply from Iran and Iraq - big win for Xi. Pretty easy for Iran to stop oil passing through Hormuz which causes a world energy and financial crisis. US sends troops but they can only be sent to Kuwait, SA, Qatar, and UAE. The only one of these that is remotely defensible is SA, but the Saudis don't want infidel troops on their soil. Do we see a Gulf War III launching from Kuwait before Kuwait is overrun by I squared? US fights this war with only the dubious help of SA who do not have time to hire enough mercs to fight on their behalf. The US's normal allies want to have nothing to do with the erratic, dangerous moran in Washington. On a lighter note, Eric Trump joins the military because he has been promised a really big gun and is made at least a brigadier because he is the boss's boy and smarter than everyone but Daddy. Who wins in this - no one other than possibly Putin and Xi who stay on the sideline cheering both sides and watching it all go down.
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    Merry Christmas To all CA'ers:
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    BREAKING: Man who makes money on war excited about new war.
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    Not what I saw on the live footage. WO never had to alter course to avoid. SW was clear ahead and below. Almost perfect lee-bow.
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    This Christmas, may we remember that Jesus supposedly taught about things other than Santa and buying shit to show how much you love your family.
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    From the office.... Merry Christmas, Slackers.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all SAAC regulars.
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    What a waste of a thread. Most people come here for the boats and now we have to scroll through pages of this rubbish. Take it to DMs, dicks. Can the admin delete all these junk posts?
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    My favourite from within the last year. Approaching Tasman last years Hobart.
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    Team New Zealand returning to the harbour this afternoon, with a little excitement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o1o13ghu0c Sorry for the shakey video, was caught off guard and had to shoot without a tripod.
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    Oh look loads of new posts on the Ineos thread, must get in and read the latest.... did they capsize? did the break 50 knots on vid?New foils? Err No! just more handbags! Lads its an internet forum about the AC! chill the fuck out!!!!
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    Maybe lay off posting until you sober up.