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    Ok - make that 100%. This is my dad's boat in 77 or 78 at the first Atlantic City race week - photo from the committee boat, pretty sure we won our class. That's me driving, with my brother the blond on the weather rail looking back and my dad just to his right in his beloved Peter Storm sweater. The treadmaster was a work in progress at the time (we added the additional pieces later on that summer), but you can see the seams on what's there exactly match the photos above, plus in the 5th photo you can see the yellow under the blue where the dock line has chafed it. We won a lot of races on that thing - it was a beast.
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    That was difficult to masturbate to.
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    Well, it took me a long time to get there, but today I raised the mast for the first time. Just a few more things to do before I finally can go sailing
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    Years ago I went into a liquor store to buy some Appletons, the Asian guy serving had a mask on and I asked him why because I was curious after years of seeing only Asian people wear them. He said he was feeling unwell with a cold, so dumbarse here asks yeah but why the mask how is that going to help? He said Oh no its not about me its about protecting you! I was humbled by his genuine social responsibility, the whitey tighteys in our office would come in all the time coughing and spluttering with out a thought about the next man.
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    To bring things back to sailing.... Here's 10mins of Emirates Team New Zealand throwing around Te Kāhu, yesterday out by Motukorea/Browns Island. A spy boat was back out again yesterday. It's back to working in the office on Monday so will likely only be videos from me if they're out over the weekends.
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    So here is the thing about southern culture and you obviously didn't snap that there was never a whiter group of people on the planet there - let's say you are a teacher on a field group and you come to a display of the confederate battle flag or a statue of RE Lee or any other general and a black child asks why is that being honored? Do you answer honestly, that it's a symbol of when the southern states fought for the right to own people like you? Because it's not "culture" it's a representation when Americans fought and died countless bloody battles to determine whether or not it was right and proper to own other humans if their skin was dark. Since you aren't a southerner (though you claim to have lived every single place on the planet) you don't know what you are writing about - I grew up here, every thing was segregated, community, schools, churches, everything and I didn't know better until for many years. All those symbols and statues represent the fight to own slaves, that is a piss poor culture and any effort to represent it differently is no acceptable in society. Good Day.
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    Thanks for asking. Getting better, fatigue subsiding. Resting heart rate has been a bit high - 90 to 100 when I'm usually 60 or 70 so Doc said lets give the antibiotic another run and add some prednisone ( and I hate that drug) for 5 days and see if any improvement. They are working on the notion there was a secondary opportunistic bacterial infection in the lungs as well and recent data shows the combination of pred and an antibiotic is working well for post COVID lingering lung bacterial "stuff". Im two days into the 5 course and feeling lots better already resting heart rate is already down in the 80's and the fatigue is better as well. Oh....played my second round of 9 since the COVID with Mrs PB at our course. I sucked......shot a 61...but felt pretty good physically and it was really nice to just toddle around in the cart with the Mrs. So...........things are looking up!!
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    that's because you are a misogynist douchebag.
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    I've grown used to the wider definition of a Karen, which is someone who orders a stranger what to do with an absolute belief in his or her own rightness and impunity regardless of the lack of accuracy of said belief. Someone who treats others like shit deserves consequences. Beating their ass lands you in jail and there's no law against being an asshole to people. Whereas broadcasting their faces seems like a legal and relatively harmless way to let them earn those consequences. And it's fun to watch.
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    I stand corrected. Newly released photos show the stadium is packed full of supporters.
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    a 1976 freshwater e-35-2. almost totally redone, new inboard, etc. very stoked.
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    That flag was replaced at the end of the war.
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    people are idiots. Simple as that...
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    I posted an earlier picture of my Cape Dory Typhoon when I purchased last fall....heres a couple of shots after teak and nonskid refinish and new bottom paint and rudder repaiir...
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    Heritage one ton. I'm 99% sure that's my dad's old boat from the 70s - it not only has the blue Treadmaster (rubberized cork deck) that I personally cut and applied to the deck as a teenager, but I recognize the Swifter hydraulic backstay adjuster (unusual at the time but very cool). Those are the original Merriman jibsheet leads too. It was originally a color Charlie Morgan told us was called 'Armadillo Yellow', and had a 9" wide electric blue stripe at the deck.
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    Nothing like a finish that's been lovingly hand-rubbed with $100 bills.
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    The team are just heading back to base. A bit of excitement at 26 seconds:
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    Master rigger Brion Toss has succumbed to cancer. Fuck cancer. Here's an article from Good Old Boat where he was featured in 2003. https://goodoldboat.com/brion-toss-master-rigger/?fbclid=IwAR3i6lKfxvLNbuDyWrtGU9VFOSKfHZ9RP6_B6Gp_8xmayMtr9rirWkSsb2o I think the sailing world was better for having had him in it. Fair winds.
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    I disagree. People who get in other people's faces and scream should ALWAYS be displayed for the world to enjoy. Always.
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    Restive splashes tomorrow.
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    You sound like you want to have your cake and eat it too.... So what is the actual unemployment rate in NZ? The only info that I can find is stating a rate of 4.2% in early May. It has to have gotten higher than that, but that is a level that every other country would love to have in this Covid-19. And how long did you have to shut down the country to eradicate the virus? 2 months? And now you have all restrictions eased. I think you clearly underestimate the devastation that has taken place to all of the other countries caused by this Covid-19. Because of the "strict" lockdown in NZ you can now go back to normal activities, you can dine out, you can travel, most local economic activities can return to normal. NO OTHER place in the world can do that (except maybe Iceland). Imagine living where they are slowly allowing some businesses to open up at 25-50% capacity and still have the risk of catching the virus that is killing thousands of people a day. Imagine the extra costs of having to sanitize every table, shopping cart, door handle or having all employees wear masks, gloves, etc while having only 10-20% of your normal customers stop by? NZ went through a tough spell, but the cost of doing business is going back to normal, customers can feel comfortable that they can move about. That is not what it is like in other countries, many counties that have been under restrictions much longer than NZ and will be under restrictions for another 6 months to a year.... Was everything done perfectly, most likely not, but you should feel very lucky to be living in NZ at this time because of the actions that your government took. Other economic problems with imports or international travel can be dealt with to improve employment or the economy, but controlling the spread of the virus has to be the key underlying goal. This is a major world event and some will suffer more than others, but we will find a way to overcome. It is nothing compared to our fathers who had to fight in WWII, that makes us complaining we can't find toilet paper or get a haircut seems like spoiled little brats.
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    Sometimes you can actually see it happening.
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    Mine hasn’t. Once again, died isn’t the only or possibly even most important metric. I didn’t die but I may have permanent lung damage.....I don’t know yet. I have a colleague still hospitalized on a vent. Looks like he may “survive” But after a blood clot in the brain followed by two brain surgeries to address the clot......he may not die.....he will be listed as a survivor.....but his life will never be the same. In my humble opinion.....you have plenty of reasons to be very concerned. Certainly your mileage may vary.