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    Who gives a rat's ass what someone else has on their head? Go back to Junior High if you do. And say hi to the Ed while you're there.
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    A couple of days ago I port tacked the entire fleet. Margo Robbie was on one of the other boats and she was so impressed that she jumped from the bow of WOXI on to the stern of my boat as we crossed and spent the rest of the race licking my balls and blowing me. Hey this telling bullshit stories is fun!
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    Before Tesla was a thing, I converted a 1974 VW Beetle to 100% battery electric drive. People told me "You can't do that." I did it. I drove it all over the Washington DC/Baltimore region for 2 years and some months. It had a top speed of 70 mph and a range of 35-40 miles. I drove it every day. It satisfied 90% of my driving needs. I fueled up my gasoline vehicle maybe once per month, sometimes less. In two years, I put 23,000 miles on that car which is near the national average per year. CNN asked to interview me twice, but I declined. Those who say it can't be done, shouldn't get in the way of people who are actually doing it.
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    When I am rich & famous I’m going to have a Cookson 50 w/ the following inventory: The largest spin will have the four boys from South Park mooning, giving the finger etc The next size down will have three of boys Then two & the last will just have Kenny so I can one day say when it is blowing dogs off chains “go get Kenny” & 20 minutes later when it blows up “oh my god they killed Kenny!!”
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    10 minutes of boat building magic. If this has been posted before, I apologize.
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    I'm not sure if this is LONQR, but its hilarious!
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    This place is like a dementia ward when the TV is broken.
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    Fear not you despicable denizens of this dreadful hell hole, I am still around. It warms the crusty cockle burrs of my slightly damaged heart to read the heartfelt wishes, concern and advice, I appreciate it. Except for PB. There is nothing funny about the Grateful Dead, they suck and we all know it! Bruuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!!!!!!! Since I returned from the US to Poland at the end of June, I made a few decisions. The biggest one is that there is no way I can ever live in the US again. I haven't lived in the US for 22 years now, and I spent about 5 years total outside of the country on other occasions prior to leaving this time around. I just can't live there, too much of the culture has passed me by. I felt like a complete stranger in my home country this last trip. I will visit the grand kids if I am able and they can come see me here as well. I have a feeling that they won't be old enough to really know me, but that's life. I did buy a 'Grandfather Journal' while I was in the US, it's pretty cool. It has places to write many things about my life and experiences and I think it will be a great thing to have when they are older. Right now, my physical condition has deteriorated quite a bit. I can't walk easily and anything more than a few feet is slow and arduous and I get tired easily. I am also noticing weakness in my arms which has started in the last month. I moved back in with my wife after a 3 year hiatus, we are working on getting along and so far, so good. In spite of my physical problems, I have been renovating the deck I built 9 years ago. When I originally built it, I got a great deal on some 8' lengths of pressure treated pine deck boards for about $1.00 a board. I knew it wasn't the best wood but for the price I couldn't pass it up an I built the deck with replacement of the wood at some point, in mind. he underlying frame I made of steel, so that's fine and I am redoing the top of the flower box walls and the deck surface. I have managed to do all of the work on top, I am waiting for an order of 100 10' Douglas Fir deck boards (at about $12.00 each), they will be here in about 3 weeks. I manage to work slowly for about 4-5 hours and then the next day I don't do much, and recover from the prior day's effort. Rinse and repeat. I have been doing this for about 6 weeks now. It's hell on my body and I get exhausted and it's painful, however it keeps me busy and my mind of of other things. I envision the day will come soon when I won't even be able to do this much so I am moving while I can. I have to say, even though I could have done the whole job in about 2 weeks of 10-12 hour days a few years ago, by working and moving slowly, I noticed the quality of my work is better. So there's that. I indulge nightly in some cannabis which helps with the pain and every Thursday, a very nice looking young Polish massage therapist comes to our house and my wife and I each get a wonderful 1 hour massage. And today is Thursday she will be here in a couple of hours! The physical problems are worse to me than the mental stuff. My wife and I are flying to the Canary Islands, specifically the southern tip of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, at the end of October for some sun, fresh fish, and good Rioja. We booked an apartment at a small place we have been to before, it's right on the promenade overlooking the ocean. There are some nice restaurants down the promenade a little ways, we will just walk slowly. I love to walk on the beach but I probably won't do much of that but just sitting and seeing the ocean and hearing the waves while eating good food and drinking good wine will be fine with me. It is one of my favorite beach holiday places. Our family doctor is an old Prussian German guy, he is quite cool and been a doctor for about 50 years. He also sings in my wife's choir. The other day after choir practice he asked my wife how I was doing. She explained my condition to him and he pondered the news. Then he told her; "You know Eddie has lived many places and done many things, he has done twice as much in his life as a normal person, so he is wearing out because he has lived 2 lifetimes, he isn't 62 years old, he is 124 years old!" I like that idea and that's my story from now on. Actually for 124 years old, I am in pretty good condition. And I'll be 126 in November. I always wanted to live the life I wanted, to do it my way and somehow I did. My motto over the years is 'no regrets' and I can honestly say I have enjoyed my life very much, the freedom, the travel, the adventures and the good as well as the bad. Life is about learning and I learned a lot and if I had it to do over, I wouldn't change a thing. Having a career, stability, and a normal life isn't for me. Thanks again for the kind thoughts and words, don't worry, I won't get a swelled head over it. I re-read a good part of the thread today, and I don't have any memory of posting most of what I posted in the past here. If I didn't comment or thank each one of you, please forgive me and consider it done. So that's where I am at at this point. If I remember, I will post now and then and keep y'all informed.
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    Earlier, @A guy in the Chesapeake was asking if intent matters, or can we judge protestors based on our perception of their protest? I guess that will always depend, but if you insist your opinion is the only one that matters, then you are creating a power play, ie, who gets to interpret another's actions. Consider the Sailing Anarchy flag. What if someone came up to you complaining that it is the sign of "Asshole" and stop flying it in front of her daughter. NOW. You'd explain what the flag actually meant, and expect her to understand. If she didn't? Well, smile and walk away. When it comes to issues of race, you've got to be careful else run afoul of preconceived notions and stereotypes... this really does come down to who gets to interpret the action of black men. If we let President Bone Spurs and his ilk define their actions, then kneeling becomes treason and abhorrent on the contrived basis that it disrespects servicemen. If we let the black men themselves tell us what their words and their actions mean, then we have to confront a serious issue facing them in society. But like the Million Man March and BLM, much of society chooses to tell black men and women to shut up and sit down, or stand up, or go play ball and not act all uppity. I know you hate talk about racism, but it's definitely part of this conversation. Next, consider kneeling as a gesture. Troops do it beside a fallen comrade. I've taken a knee many a time on the ball field or the ice, showing respect and attention to my coach. Knights did it before their liege, to show their subservience. NEVER has it before been seen as a sign of DISrespect; that would require a 180 degree reversal of its traditional meaning. Finally, the Star Spangled Banner ends with a question mark. Are we brave enough to handle our freedoms? ARE we the home of the brave? Seems to me Kapernick is the one showing courage, sticking to his guns and representing those who would be forced voiceless. The songs, the symbols are the trappings of our country & are not as important as our rights and freedoms. People fought and died for these rights not only on the battlefield, but in Selma, Memphis and Gettysburg and a myriad other places where our civil union has been defined by those individuals of purpose and moral courage. Donald Trump is the standard bearer of those who would question the birthright of our citizens of color, be they presidents or residents born near the border with the help of midwives. He would have this issue drive us apart. Why give him that satisfaction or privilege?
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    I am not sure where you got the idea that the rest of the world views the US as ‘the greatest example of a stable country’ You would have to disarm your population and stop thousands of your citizens shooting each other to even achieve the level of safety many people who live in third world countries enjoy. As long as your constitution and a huge pro gun lobby encourages every scared citizen to arm themselves and you have a divisional, egotistical moron as president the world will continue to laugh at you. MAGA indeed...
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    You have to remember that just because he pleaded guilty doesn’t mean that he was funneling Russian money to the Trump campaign/ inauguration. He could be completely innocent. And there’s no adjudication of guilt involved in a guilty plea. And Hillary was worse. She used email. There’s no crime here and I don’t support Trump.
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    I'm a Gen-X-er and came up through the yacht club sailing programs in the 70s an 80s. Best memories of my life. My daughter next year will be old enough to start the sailing programs at Cottage Park YC and am looking forward to seeing her flourish (keeping fingers crossed). She may be a little spoiled driving our larger boat. She has already asked why the Optis dont have wheel steering. LOL. Here she is at 3: and 4:
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    Off Bristol at the Herreshoff Regatta
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    We actually had a mom make an appointment with me to discuss why we did not hire her son after one of our hiring processes. We limited applications to 5,000 (which we handed out in about 5 hours). We took 500 of those after the prescreening to the written exam. Top 300 of those went to oral interviews and those cumulative scores placed the candidates into 3 hiring bands. We hired 30 on the first go round (but the list remains good for 2 years and we usually hire 3 or 4 times off that list before we go through the process again). Her son was not one of the first 30. She disagreed with our assessment and wanted to give me her view of why we were wrong. My secretary let me know she had called asking to see me expecting me to politely decline. I told her no...schedule it....there is no way I am going to miss out on this..........in comes mom with a file folder full of her documentation of little johnny's life accomplishments to date going all the way back to cub scouts. I enjoyed myself immensely and had a very difficult time keeping a straight face through this and nodding thoughtfully at the appropriate pauses. When she was done I opened a file folder I had on my desk and took out a piece of paper (which was fake), looked at it and said "I have your son's oral interview panel's results here (we use multiple panels of existing firefighters to interview the candidates and apply some HR math to "normalize the scores" because there are multiple panels) and their notes indicate they felt he may not be well suited to be a firefighter". Indignantly she asked why. With as straight a face as I could manage I said "well they said here they thought he might be a mama's boy". We stared at each other without saying a word for a good 30 seconds. She then got up, picked up her file and left without another word. I smiled for a week.
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    This. Try the daughter test next time yer post a picture...'' would I be happy to see this picture if it were my daughter?'' Three cheers to those who contemplate raising quality of content here, or in our minds, a notch or two,, shouldn't be that hard when it's so deep in the gutter. It's called evolution,, join it some time.
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    Scenario 1: Trump loses his shit and blows up the world. Civilization Fucked. Scenario 2: Trump blows a sprocket, but the "football" guy calls in sick that day. Civilization Saved. Scenario 3: Trump goes berserk, opens the nuke briefcase only to find it's full of Nixon's old underwear. Civilization Saved. Big laughs for everyone in the oval office. Nixon was cool. Scenario 4: Trump has a spasm, tries to enter the launch codes only to realize he can't read (even numbers). Civilization Saved. Scenario 5: Trump has a conniption fit, opens the briefcase and a bunch of those snake-in-a-can things hit him in the face. He dies of heart attack. Civilization Saved. Sales of Can-O-Snakes goes through the roof.
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    Aww, man this thread can be real fun. True story, I shit ya’ not. 1980 something Coronado 15 Nationals or North Americans. Buddy of mine and me must have been 16 or 17 years old. Anyhow, C-15 NA’s come to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. My buddy , Ben, and I find a C-15 tucked up behind a McDonalds in a town called Niceville in Florida, covered with leaves, and Ben walks up to the building and somehow comes out with the boat as a loaner. Owner says clean the boat up, fix it, and bring it back after the regatta. Nice guy, helping out a couple of kids really. We clean the boat up, get a new CB put in, put some lines on it, soap up the hull, and show up at the YC for the regatta. Allison Jolly was active in the class at the time and was measuring boats and sails for the C-15 Class at the regatta. Big kudos out to AJ, as she must have felt bad for us two teenagers. During sail measurement, she said our sails were so bad and blown out, she loaned us one of her spare jibs. Weighing the boat, she let us know that the boat was like 60 pounds over min weight. She said bring the boat back tomorrow after seeing what we can do, and she would remeasure the boat. Now, there was nothing illegal about the boat being really freaking heavy, she was giving us the opportunity to do whatever we could to make the boat at least possibly competitive. Insert K.T. K.T was an Aussie with a metal rod stuck in his neck, who, by most accounts was a glass work artist. KT tells us to bring the boat to the local boat yard, “The Boat”, in FWB. We follow orders, and KT shoves Ben up inside the boat thru the bulkhead hatch. KT hands Ben a Budweiser, a hammer, a chisel, and a hack saw, and tells Ben” Cut out anything you see, wanker!”. KT then hands me a beat up 8ft VHF whip, takes the drain plug out of the back, and directs me to “transom fuck the boat, knock the foam out!”, which I did, with the VHF whip. A lot of waterlogged foam, clogs of resin, and bits of wood came out that day. We measure the boat the following day, and the boat lost like 50 lbs! AJ was really surprised and measure boat again and came up the same. Big smiles on AJ’s face, and she gave us a thumps up. During the event, the compass binnacle, which covered the back of the CB casing, would pop off, and I would screw it back downwind. Shit was popping off the boat all over the place during the event, we would screw it back in downwind, and keep on racing. On the way in after one of the days of racing back to the beach, I pop out on the wire, and WHAM!BANG!, the mast drops thru the deck. We find that Ben had cut out the wooden post between the mast step deck and hull. KT got us back on the water, and I think we ended up seventh overall. Good times!
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    Holy shit this is crazy. I've been on these boards a long time, and often take breaks of a few years. And yet when I come back it is literally all the same bullshit. I think my favorite recent development is this new cycle proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that many of my Kiwi friends are huge hypocrites...like we knew all along. It's truly hilarious to see them perform their backflips to justify this latest cycle (radical boat design, # of competitors, expense...all things that were proof of how evil Oracle always was) Look, this is sport. We favor our teams and want them to win. We often look the other way with our guys while we hold the other teams under a microscope. I get it. But FFS, can we just be rivals and end it there? Let it be "our team" vs "their team" instead of "good" vs "evil" or "always right" vs "always wrong?" My experience with many friends from the upside-down part of the globe is that they are almost always eminent sportsmen. Happy to compete fiercely on the pitch, but even happier to share a pint after the match, win or lose. Why is it that this place is so different? Good to see that there are still a lot of fair-minded stalwarts here like Gaucho, Renn, Stinger, dogwatch, maxmini, T-C, and many more. I honestly don't know how you guys do it. Alrighty--back to my hibernationnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
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    Just before being splashed in 2006.
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    Allow an 'old man' a little pride : ) Here are my two lads port tacking (and clearing) a fleet of 105 boats at the British Schools Championships (2016 Chichester Harbour). The photo is taken ≈5s after the gun from a safety RIB upwind of the pin. They had a great race after that, but were a long way out of the running in the event, being only 12 & 14 y/o, and confessed to "bricking themselves then giggling all the way to the windward mark". But ever since they have had the confidence to look for and make spaces where others daren't or can't be arsed - so start 'em young, I say! It might have had something to do with me showing them this Merlin Rocket clip the night before, play 'til 40s in ... As for yelling "fake rules" - sign of the times and deserves no respect - is his name Donald by any chance?
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    Lately I have become aware of some sort of civil kindness that I had always assumed existed. In the last few weeks, months I have been dependent on a wheel chair, or a "walker". Soon I hope to become independent on these items, but they are, for now, a fact of life. I try to keep on going on with as much of my usual daily routine as possible. I have found that most often people will dart ahead of me to hold the door open for me. Sometimes people will purposefully ignore me and dart into the door and leave it to me to open and navigate.... That's OK... Yesterday a cop brushed past me as I was trying to navigate the entrance to the door, and let the door slam in my face. I opened the door, got my walker in and entered the store. The cop already had his cup of coffee at the counter. The counter lady said" excuse me sir, but this man was before you... What would you like sir?" She said to me, knowing that I'd come in for a 6 pack of beer which she would hand deliver to my truck after payment.. The cop looked perplexed.... "I'm sorry sir, I didn't see you". How can you not see a 6'2" guy with a fucking walker trying to get into a convenience store? Thankfully most people, most places, people go out of their way to help, to carry groceries, hardware, or just open doors.... It's really pretty eye opening, and very heartening that people are willing to just do a little extra to help those who can't. And to those people, I thank you. I never thought I'd be here, but I am.
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    Hold your Bic lighter under the monitor until it catches fire. Once it's extinguished, you're safe. Don't lick the embers.
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    Something must be wrong. Florida is only number 16.
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    You are coming here for detailed and trustworthy information.
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    Not all of us here are liberal but cannot understand how you don't find Trump to be a bad egg on every. single. level. Would you let him babysit your tween daughters? Be your financial advisor? Trust him to follow through on a deal made with a handshake? Believe anything he said if you were chatting at the bar? I wouldn't.