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    30 knot Phantom Drone launch.
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    Weather routing (2/2) Routing detail zoomed in for 210 UTC - tide is fiercest against them but will slow down after that. And they can anchor.
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    And then there is fan engagement. I was walking with Dee to where the sailors gather before departure and she was wearing a Musto Jacket that has reached the end of its offshore life. There was a young girl there who had a blue TTTOP hoody on. Dee stopped to talk to her and, realising how big a fan she was, she took her jacket off and put it on her. Now there is a young girl with a team TTTOP jacket with Caffari on the back. The look on her parents face was quite simply priceless. It is going to be a few years before she grows into it, but I bet she will be conscious of her plastic use and always think favourably of Volvos. Again, impossible to value, but that is what all sports can bring that branding alone cannot.... Engagement.
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    there's bow, and everyone who is trying to kill the bow.
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    Conrad just called Akzo "Paintwagon." Wonder where he picked that up?
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    Remarkable sledding skills on the old girl. Who knew she had it in her? It's more impressive to see these kind of miles squeezed out of a VO65 than it is from a boat designed to break records and with the luxury of waiting for the perfect weather window. Well done Team Akzonobel. And well done Simeon. A nice reward for all the struggles.
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    Myself and Mrs Sea Breeze have been happily unmarried for close to 30 years. Every time I jokingly suggest we tie the knot she says "weddings are expensive, lets buy a bigger boat instead". It's a hard road finding the perfect woman ...
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    Full standings. I was going to apply a correction factor since I also had Spadadua in the lead, but it didn't change the standings, so I didn't bother. Have a great day or night wherever you are. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 A Milli Bitzquart 1537.23 2 B frostbit spadadua 2.3 3 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 14.4 4 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 17.0 5 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 17.7 6 A Breitling Breitling_SA 18.5 7 C JeSa-SA JeSa 19.5 8 B jacksparrow Malamute 20.2 9 C mred mistered 21.2 10 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 22.5 11 A Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 24.3 12 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 24.4 13 C KMan2K7 KMan2K7 24.8 14 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 25.1 15 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 27.4 16 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 27.4 17 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 28.6 18 C Will Lee Lorraine III 30.3 19 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 32.6 20 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 33.4 21 B Iluvitar Iluvitar 34.6 22 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 34.8 23 C 4010 grimlin 34.8 24 C 33jesus jesus 39.3 25 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 43.4 26 B Magool Magool 43.9 27 A Marty6 Cambodunum 44.7 28 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 46.7 29 A Mike G MikeVentura 58.3 30 C Shorthanded Shorty 60.5 31 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 63.0 32 A From The Rail A-Squared 71.7 33 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 71.9 34 A daan62 hutspot77 76.2 35 A Ozzy Ozzy85 80.4 36 B GrandbendOnt GrandbendOnt 81.7 37 B gary hschutz 82.1 38 C Peacefrog Team False Racing 105.4 39 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 108.6 40 B Alpina (Columba) ColombaRacing 116.6 41 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 120.5 42 B Rimike rider1982 129.0 43 C onedesignracing TeamSatisfaction 135.9 44 C Patman Patman 139.9 45 C Vin Divided Sky 142.0 46 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 152.2 47 B N/A Walkaround 159.8 48 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 193.0 49 B cg_ 203.0 50 C Sandpipper Sandpipper 215.3 51 C Loon Localdog 258.3 52 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 270.0 53 C sailingk8 She Wolf 290.5 54 A HKG1203 HKG1203 929.4
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    Full standings for all three groups. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 B frostbit spadadua 1997.5 2 A Milli Bitzquart 51.8 3 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 82.5 4 B jacksparrow Malamute 85.1 5 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 85.4 6 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 85.6 7 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 88.1 8 A Breitling Breitling_SA 89.2 9 C JeSa-SA JeSa 90.3 10 C mred mistered 91.3 11 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 92.6 12 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 94.3 13 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 94.4 14 A Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 97.9 15 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 98.5 16 C KMan2K7 KMan2K7 98.7 17 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 98.8 18 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 99.2 19 C Will Lee Lorraine III 101.9 20 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 102.6 21 B Magool Magool 107.3 22 B Iluvitar Iluvitar 108.6 23 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 111.4 24 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 112.7 25 C 4010 grimlin 113.0 26 C 33jesus jesus 114.5 27 A Marty6 Cambodunum 119.3 28 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 120.8 29 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 130.4 30 A Mike G MikeVentura 134.1 31 C Shorthanded Shorty 142.8 32 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 143.9 33 A From The Rail A-Squared 145.3 34 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 152.2 35 B GrandbendOnt GrandbendOnt 158.4 36 A Ozzy Ozzy85 159.2 37 A daan62 hutspot77 165.3 38 B gary hschutz 169.6 39 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 176.5 40 C Vin Divided Sky 185.3 41 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 187.0 42 B Alpina (Columba) ColombaRacing 194.2 43 C Patman Patman 198.3 44 C onedesignracing TeamSatisfaction 199.0 45 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 200.5 46 B Rimike rider1982 206.3 47 C Peacefrog Team False Racing 208.5 48 B cg_ 214.8 49 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 243.0 50 B N/A Walkaround 250.5 51 C Sandpipper Sandpipper 254.3 52 C Loon Localdog 260.1 53 C sailingk8 She Wolf 285.3 54 A HKG1203 HKG1203 471.8
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    I was hoping someone would.
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    Regarding improvements and performance I think it's always a bit apples and oranges. Given a second generation one design boat the pressure is all on the Teams and occasionally the Gods. Mapfre and DongFeng were the best prepared and it showed but the first 2 legs had more leaders than breakfasts. Akzo and Vestas showed pace as did the others at times. The first Southern Ocean leg was brutal and the red boats showed their strength with mixed results behind them. Leg 4 Scally took a flier and it paid off but they took the lead with 2700 miles to go and never really looked like giving it up. Leg 5 was the Akzo/Scally show with TTop being very unlucky not to podium. The second SO leg was dramatic for all and hell for some, Brunel shone brightly and has never looked back. Dong Feng and Akzo did well and Mapfre impressed everyone. The next 2 legs were hard fought and hard lost at times, especially bloody Newport. The 4 on top of the table all deserve to be there and the other three have had their own issues but on their day can give it a shake up. Many things can influence success in this race. Budgets and prep time, crew composition, experience and luck being some of them. Is P Burling jelling with the older heads on Brunel a reason for their success? Did the virtual 2 boat testing of the red boats in leg 3 and the orange and purple in the last leg have an influence on their success? Akzo stuck to Vestas like glue for 1500 miles before saying "hold my beer" and taking off like a scalded cat with Brunel in tow to smash a few records. Its bloody fantastic.
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    Congratulations Team Brunel! Well done, flawless finish! Alltough they lost the last leg (very expensive) Yellow dominated the last three legs, quite impressive. We will see where it will lead them at the end. Capey got it right (again) and the team sailed the boat really well. They’re a long way from lifting the cup but the red boats should start to get a tiny bit nervous about the yellow danger. That will make the last few legs even more interesting to watch. Congratulations AkzoNobel with a fantastic leg and speed record. Well done.
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    Charles is about to blow all his fuses in this clip:
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    Weather routing (1/2) OK, found after intensively googling the instructions how to use both a current and a wind GRIB file for weather routing in Open CPN. Input: - http://www.sailingweatheronline.com/currentsgrib-weather4d.html Irish sea currents; resolution unknown but looks OK. Accuracy unknown. - GFS last run Sun 18 UTC - that's old - 10 UTC positions for the first 3 boats. - anchoring is ON. The brown arrows are the wind feathers with a blue box bottom-right indicating projected wind speed, the black arrows the current arrows (proportionally sized to speed) who have the projected speed of the current in knots bottom right next to them. Output: - TBRU and AKZO neck to neck within 5 minutes ETA. - DFRT 1 hour behind the current leaders. - They all should pick the south side of the Bristol Channel. Current looks 1 knot less against compared to the north side. Still not taking any bets as the GFS run is old and the current accuracy also unknown. Go Brunel! If the top-3 do tack around 12 UTC my trust in the routing will go up a few notches.
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    He's a short video of the new pedal drive in action. I started a blog post with some details and I'll post a link to that soon.
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    Just a random off-the-cuff thought of support for, NORBowGirl: Lord Nelson was blinded in one eye, early on in his illustrious naval career. On that basis alone, the best is yet to come.
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    Aww, Jack, that ^^^wasn't really necessary. Or called for.
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    Weather routing (1/5) The big picture (see the green numbers & letters on the NOAA synoptic overlay chart for today 00 UTC) N = northern fleet S = Souterhn fleet 1. The cold front has finally passed the southern boats yesterday, forcing them to gybe to the NE. 2. A second front has passed the northern boats yesterday, front is stationary. 3. A HP zone is off the coast of Newfoundland, moving due east and making way for.. 4. A LP zone from the NE coast of the US will move almost due east and .. 5. Develop into a gale according to NOAA. A gale = 34 - 47 kts windspeed averaged over a 10 minute interval. This gale will be impacted the whole fleet tomorrow. 6. The gale will move along the coast of Newfoundland to the NE towards Greenland and deepen further. The fleet will hook on to it's tail and enjoy broad reaching conditions with 30 kts of wind. See second big picture. 7. Another developing gale is expected off the coast of Newfoundland for May 25th 00 UTC in the NOAA +48 hrs surface forecast. So a challenging couple of days are ahead for all boats. More time to keep the stuff together than push for max boatspeed. Input - GFS 0,5d - boat positions 0730 UTC - 1 hr timesteps Output 1. ETA is pushed back compared to the weather routing yesterday (ETA was afternoon 29th) to the early morning of the 31st. A lot of HP zones projected off the coast of Ireland, UK and France are blocking a swift passage. 2. Unbelievable. All boats are projected to finish within 10 minutes of each other. This is possibly going to be One-Design racing at it's best again! I won't take any bets on the winner. But go Team Brunel!
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    Good morning. Blitzquart has done a nice job of crossing the fleet and gybing ahead and to leeward of the main gang. However hats off to Spadadua who properly committed to the southern routing and is currently another 50Nm ahead of Blitzquart and travelling a knot faster, but probably with less VMG. I am sad that HKG1203 has abandoned the party and parked on Nova Scotia. Rankings from 01:00UTC. Place Group SA Name Boat Name Dist to Leader 1 B frostbit spadadua 1997.5 2 A Milli Bitzquart 51.8 3 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 82.5 4 B jacksparrow Malamute 85.1 5 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 85.4 6 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 85.6 7 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 88.1 8 A Breitling Breitling_SA 89.2 9 B JeSa 90.3 10 A,B Gufmiester Gufmiester 92.6 11 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 94.3 12 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 94.4 13 A Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 97.9 14 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 98.5 15 A,B rolltak Awkward Turtle 98.8 16 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 99.2 17 B Magool Magool 107.3 18 B Iluvitar Iluvitar 108.6 19 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 111.4 20 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 112.7 21 A Marty6 Cambodunum 119.3 22 A Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 120.8 23 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 130.4 24 A Mike G MikeVentura 134.1 25 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 143.9 26 A From The Rail A-Squared 145.3 27 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 152.2 28 B GrandbendOnt GrandbendOnt 158.4 29 A Ozzy Ozzy85 159.2 30 A daan62 hutspot77 165.3 31 B gary hschutz 169.6 32 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 176.5 33 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 187 34 B Alpina (Columba) ColombaRacing 194.2 35 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 200.5 36 B Rimike rider1982 206.3 37 B cg_ 214.8 38 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 243 39 B N/A Walkaround 250.5 40 A HKG1203 HKG1203 471.8
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    Christ almighty. If Trumpy and Fox News are allowed to peddle this deep state conspiracy horseshit to the point that it's believed by more than a few fringe-type nutters, then I have overwhelming doubts about the future of your republic. You may as well also make the flat earth theory and no-moon-landings mainstream beliefs.
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    Intro Due to some posts by Jack Sparrow and SX towards the end of leg 8 I have been less active here. My vacation to northern Sardegna and looking out over a bay with the local sailing school helped distracting too. I can just say that I felt personally very disappointed about the negativity and can spend my time also elsewhere on a more positive note. QED. Back on topic, here we go for the weather routing of leg 9. The small picture out of Newport: 3 possible courses - There are 3 possible routes out of Newport, depending on the wind strength an extra race round the cans is in order (course 1 start at Fort Adams). Course 2 is a start at Fort Adams but no round around the cans. Course 3 has also no extra cans but starts at Castle Hill Start instead of Fort Adams. The pennant number shown during start will indicate the course out of Newport. - Tide during start (20:00 UTC = EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME -/- 4 hrs = EDT 16:00) is outgoing, the last 2,5 hours before Low Water. At Castle Hill, there will be the maximum current of a little more than 1 knot SW outgoing at 2000 UTC/1600 EDT. So the start time is selected for the maximum outgoing tide. That should make Charles and Pascal happy . The great picture: - Multiple HP zones between the US east coast and the Azores in the coming days. - HP zones moving NE towards Scotland in the coming days. - A deepening LP zone is moving from Canada (current position 0N 70W) east and generating 20+ kts winds on the east coast of the US and Canada. Later moving NE towards Greenland. According to NOAA rappidly intensifying and a developping gale. - Later new LP zones wil come from the east coast of the US and Canada and a new HP zone expanding from the Azores and later moving to Iceland. - The highway is between the HP zones to the east (starboard) and the LP zone to the north (port). Between the hammer and the anvil. Input: - GFS 20/5/18 0600 UTC run for wind - Resolution 0,5 degree - 1 hour timesteps - VO65 polars (own recipe with data input from @Volodia) - Ice limits - Various other exclusion zones Output: - A trip of 10 days is the result. The routing wanted to go north as possible for pressure, but the ice limits prevent this and shifting the routing a lot more south as an alternative. - ETA in the evening of May, 30th.
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    Here are the full standings. TR, I can cover tomorrow if you have a conflict. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 A Milli Bitzquart 561.1 2 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 2.1 3 B frostbit spadadua 2.5 4 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 2.8 5 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 3.2 6 C JeSa-SA JeSa 4.6 7 A Breitling Breitling_SA 4.6 8 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 4.9 9 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 5.1 10 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 5.1 11 B jacksparrow Malamute 5.2 12 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 6.4 13 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 6.8 14 C mred mistered 6.9 15 B Magool Magool 7 16 A Blue Mountain YC shockwave11 7.1 17 C KMan2K7 KMan2K7 7.3 18 B Iluvitar Iluvitar 7.5 19 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 7.7 20 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 7.8 21 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 8.3 22 C Will Lee Lorraine III 8.7 23 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 8.7 24 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 9 25 C 4010 grimlin 10 26 C 33jesus jesus 10.2 27 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 10.8 28 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 12.2 29 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 13.1 30 C Shorthanded Shorty 16.0 31 A Marty6 Cambodunum 16.7 32 A Mike G MikeVentura 18.9 33 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 19 34 A From The Rail A-Squared 20 35 A daan62 hutspot77 21 36 B gary hschutz 22 37 B GrandbendOnt GrandbendOnt 28.8 38 A Ozzy Ozzy85 29 39 C onedesignracing TeamSatisfaction 33.3 40 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 33.6 41 B Alpina (Columba) ColombaRacing 57.2 42 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 59 43 B Rimike rider1982 61 44 C Patman Patman 70.9 45 C Vin Divided Sky 77.1 46 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 77.8 47 B N/A Walkaround 89.0 48 C Peacefrog Team False Racing 90.5 49 C Loon Localdog 140.9 50 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 149 51 C Sandpipper Sandpipper 207.2 52 C sailingk8 She Wolf 216.1 53 B cg_ 484.0 54 A HKG1203 HKG1203 1908
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    IMS - now ORR had time corrections that accounted for changes in wind speed, but it was expensive and complicated. Not practical for club racing, it was barely practical for "Grand Prix" racing. The best thing I can suggest is that when it is blowing 12 throw more beer in the cooler and just soak up the fact that you are out sailing and not doing something unpleasant. PHRF racing is like grade school track and field day: the goal is to get out and play and if you get a ribbon to take home it is just bonus. The guy who thinks the club series is a big deal probably has his grade 6 long jump ribbon on the wall.
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    Quick FYI: I finally got all the Leg 8 videos tagged and described in the spreadsheet. Sorry I got so behind. My birdwatching obsession has been getting in the way. I'm gonna work hard to stay more on top of things for Leg 9. (Admittedly, I'm already 6 videos behind. But after tagging about 120 in the last few days that doesn't look too bad.)
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    Hey Despo. No special inside info, but I think of them as 'underfunded', much as Potter says, in comparison with the big money teams like ADOR the last two times, AKZO this time, and especially Groupama and DFRT. Also, from what was said in the past two editions, post recession in Europe hit Spain hard and their big sponsor, Telefonica, pulled out. IIRC (and can't look up the details just now), it was even questionable if they would be on the start line last edition, and then Knut? Mark Turner? talked about a deal with Alicante for the VOR Museum and Race Control, with some kind of condition that there would be a Spanish entry. Have thought of them as a 'scholarship student' since then. VS11 and TTOP (maybe TBRU) get the underfunded podium this time. As for being 'underdogs,', they have not been the popular choice of most Anarchists. Their English media reach has easily been overshadowed by Puma's American fans up north and Camper's down under in 2012; the fascination with DFRT, SCA and ADOR's winning ways last time last time, and TTOP this edition. btw, Cape, when he sailed for Telefonica with Iker and Xabi, regularly blew off the OBR, and rightly so. Gad, that OBR was irritating in English. Maybe it was a Spanish thing--as Chuso said, 'brand of the house', or some translation like that. Plus, MAPF fans are easily outnumbered here. (Aside: only recently has SC come out of the closet; figured he was like Mad, interested in them all, or perhaps leaned to TBRU). Personally, I thought I'd be a commonwealth team fan--Camper Nicho/ Sam Davies, but found myself fascinated by the Spanish getting knocked and getting back up again and again, and climbing back up. So, against my inclinations, they earned my 'loyalty' and I refused to abandon them just because they were training partners for DFRT and accorded the 'other' team set up to be knocked down (again) this time. I'm sorta being a bit facetious here, but figure you know what I mean. The Melbourne leg gybe-fest was the big payoff this time. And by a trimmer-turned-skipper, not a rock-star.