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    Eight years ago today we lost Spike Perry. The SLIVER project was started just about that time. The project was then dedicated to the memory of Spike. The Spike Burgee will fly on FRANCIS LEE today.
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    Or you could just get your head out of your barrel and think with some semblance of cognitive thought process. But then why let the odd shooting get in the way of what 'you' want. Fuck those that think differently, they can get the fuck out of the way. Must be nice knowing you have some lead to show them you mean business if needed. Tosser. Firstly, as you are so want to point out to others with regard the US, what the fuck is it to you. You are a gun loving seppo*, so stay the fuck out of other countries shit. You and your elk have been doing it for a long time and it usually ends up a clusterfuck. You then sit back, look at the mess, and go 'why does everyone think we are a bunch of cunts'. Secondly, there is a push from her to get social media to do more. They got onto it once it was pointed out, but you would think in today's world their algorithms would be able to spot shit like this. But then again, just another pesky fact for you to ignore in your blind defense of what 'you' want. As for our licensing law, you obviously think it is fine as it is. But then again you probably know fuck all about it, just what the little voices in your head tell you. Personally I find it wrong that I could get the basic gun license, walk into a gun shop and buy a Barret .50. I could also buy as much ammo as I wanted, including armor piercing. I could then walk down the road and on sell it to anyone I wanted to. No need to confirm he has a license, or a brain cell. No need to e4ven get a name. Just take the money and walk off. But that's okay Jeff, as long as you get to do what you want. I guess the last thing you really want is for a reasonable discussion on our gun laws and whether they need to be changed in some way. I can only presume that you are just concerned it might flow over borders and waken the multitude of Americans who are also concerned. In the meantime you really should get back to the range, have some fun shooting at bits of paper, and shut the fuck up about our place. * Many and most Americans are not included in this comment as I have found in my experience the majority of you are reasonably nice people. Unfortunately all countries have their assholes that can reflect badly on the whole nation.
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    I may have related this before. In 1973, we bought our first "real" boat, and 18' Alberg Typhoon. We had a first sail, and after putting her to bed, I couldn't tear myself from her, and stayed on the dock admiring her from all angles, until I fell in backwards.
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    Hold on. Like any profession teachers have some bad eggs. But as a whole they do an admirable job. I had 2 kids go through public schools and out of the 100ish teachers they came in contact with I only had issues with 2-3 of them. And those issues were not major. To tarnish an entire group like that is wrong. If you want to cite specifics and have a thread for that, Have at it. BD and I disagree on a lot politically, but I can put that aside and appreciate the work he does.
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    he cheats like a king on the course. I know, first hand...my dad played 3 holes with him. (Trump National Hudson Valley...prior to him buying it it was Branton Woods CC and my dad was the Head Starter...donny played a few rounds there before buying it) My dad came back to the clubhouse and couldn't stop laughing. cheater used his foot wedge more then any other club. There are over 80 deep bunkers on the course. He found a few of them, yet miraculously, the ball moved into the grass. Why is this important? Simple, because if you cheat at the little things and expect to get away with it, you also cheat at the big things and expect to get away with it...I FUCKING HATE cheaters.......
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    Being able to do the things you love is the biggest gift life will bring you. Naysayers may be well intentioned, but they’re still negative. You’re 24, you’ve loads of time to try things, fuck up things and move on and recover. A good friend owns a mini, her eyes sparkle whenever she talks about it. Do it. We’ve all been cold, wet, tired, partly terrified and thinking we’re not good enough whilst worrying about how to fund it all. And it’s all worth it when the stars align and you’re hooting over big swells with your hair on fire. Welcome to boat ownership. SB
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    Hulls No. 1 and No. 2 of the carbon fiber cutters snug at home. Hull No. 3 about 85% finished. Hull No. 4 about 15% finished. Two C F cutters by robert perry, on Flickr
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    I congratulate WS. Finally we have recognition that sailing is a rich person's sport and we have an event that will exclude the great unwashed. This harks back to the golden era of Olympic sailing between 1920 and 1932 when Olympic sailing was recognized as an exclusive gentleman's sport and proud of it!. That was the era of the privately owned 8 meters for four Olympic cycles and of course....1920 was the jubilee year.....when the working classes are distracted by mundane matters such as the great depression and unemployment but gentlemen were racing 12 meter yachts at the Olympics. There was none of this nonsense about gender neutrality or crap about including 3rd world countries like India or China. Olympic sailing was a decent yacht from a proper country sailed by someone with the means to pay their own way without being subsidized by the taxpayer. A yacht costing $200,000 or so, should bring back some decent owner types and if they choose to hire a professional sailor so that they can buy an Olympic medal in addition to their son's place at Stanford....all credit to them. Its capitalism at work. I think it diminishes the event to allow charter boats or provided boat. If you cant afford it, you shouldnt be there. That is why they are called Olympic trials.
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    This is the core of the issue here. AIS and other new technology will and should be adopted to their full extent. It is the mindset of the competitors that needs to brought in line with its advantages rather than the perceived disadvantages. A comparable analogy is Body cameras worn by Police - lots of talk that this unfairly obligates Officers. Bollocks I say - having been on the end of a trigger happy cop - I want to know that their actions are recorded and are not open to being tampered with. Safety matters - even if this race has become perceived as a coastal sprint - the next time a major storm savages the fleet you will suddenly see all yachts AIS functions miraculously come to life............ And the people who both do this, and tolerate this, need to be both outed and disqualified. The WOXI story as laid out by MR stinks. The following actions of the RC and PC also stink. The stench is not limited to these people. The Turd on the carpet remains - you just need to open your eyes to see it; Despite the attempts by cetain closely aligned media to deodorise the situation.
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    After a long day sitting in the waiting room, initial surgery is done. Just got good news, lymph nodes clean.
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    My take is that, phew! The Trump team did not create any quid pro quo with the Russians regarding their attempts to alter the outcome of our 2016 elections. The Russians did engage in two primary means of manipulating our election, firstly through online social media efforts and secondly by hacking the DNC and Hillary's emails. The Mueller investigation not only identified these methods, they charged various persons with these crimes. Despite reaching out to them the Russians did not have assistance or direction from the President's team. Anyone who belittles the utility of Mueller's investigation needs to remember that one third of the work was a national security response to Russian operations which has had impact on our nation's unity and security. To minimize these successes is to minimize our national defense. Troops, ships, satellites and this investigation all have their roles. As for obstruction, Mueller punted. He made no formal prosecutorial decision on whether it occurred. He laid out the evidence for AG Barr, and left it to him to decide. He does note that in the absence of impending charges or legal action from the government, it would be nigh on impossible to establish motive for such a charge. Since there was no collusion, what would be the motive for obstruction? It's a good day for the president, and a good day for America. Hats off to Mueller for a job well done, and to his team for maintaining a leak-proof operation. We can trust this work, and it is important for both sides to understand the implications on the value of a job well done. Minimizing the importance of trusting and respecting the Special Counsel's work is to minimize the value of a united country. Righties, especially NM2, I'm talking to you when I say congrats on having a president who has been exonerated on collusion. That's great news for all of us. Do not think this means he can do anything with impunity or that because you've been proven "right" you can insult your fellow countrymen. There was good reason to investigate, and this should be a time to ratchet DOWN tensions, not escalate them. Otherwise, you are continuing the work of the Russians.
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    Hi everybody I've been a "little" busy the past few months, but happy to jump back in the thread to address a few queries and give some updates. I apologise for the long post! Firstly, Gunboat 68-01 CONDOR has left France and she is headed south. To clarify she is not racing to make any race, she will be taking it very easy and will be arriving at her sunny destinations in her own time. Watch this space. If you’re realistic, a new boat always has teething issues and we are closely in touch with Condor to support. The owner and crew have been incredibly patient with our (small) delays and as it stands the build time was 16 months and first of carbon layer applied to handover was less than 18 months. It was an ambitious target from the beginning, especially considering we had to build a project/design team, a factory and a build team in conjunction. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this moonshot, even guys like you on these forums, we do try to listen and learn and aren't afraid of -constructive- criticism. About the boat: It isn't for us (totally biased of course!) to judge, but for the people that have been shown the Gunboat 68, she has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. We launched the boat on weight (Yes, we launched a catamaran, first in series, on weight), which is for me personally the biggest achievement. We weighed the boat 6 times in production and we have a weight spreadsheet that takes a minute to open it is so loaded with data. One of the biggest areas we wanted to make a leap in was the interior fitout and finish and so far the feedback says we have done so. It isn't to everyone's taste, but for those people we do offer many different 'moods' inside. The key thing is the actual quality of the furniture, the paint, the fabric. Having usable storage (never ever enough of course!) and aircon vents hidden yet functional, etc, etc. Another area is the steering. It is one place we went completely back to the drawing board. From the wheel all the way to rudder. We now have real finger-tip steering. Systems are neat and so far it looks like we made the right decisions on components and their placements, we have had the typical new boat teething: Leaks and a few hoses plumbed wrong, Czone setups and tank calibration that takes a little longer on the first boat. Structure: we didn't have any issues during seatrials except for a davit sheave block that pulled off the first time we tried to pull the tender up. The boat is on rails, very stiff. Performance: I will not say too much here other than she hits design polars easily and it will be for the market to judge. All I can say is everyone we took sailing, including some very experienced Gunboat owners and skippers, are convinced the VPLP have nailed it. Looks: Definitely the most commented on aspect is the exterior design. She's drawing crowds of sailors and non-sailors alike on the dock here in La Grande Motte. As our first owner likes to say: "Life's too short to sail an ugly boat!". I can go on and on, but now it is time for the team to debrief and optimise. We aren't perfect and we have several areas we want to work on. As someone mentioned a boat is always a compromise. We can now shift that compromise as we see what people value most and least on board in the real world. Addressing some previous comments: We offer a rotating mast on the regatta rig version because those owners really care about the extra power you can generate in the main. The standard rig is lighter because it isn't rotating, you get rid of another function on board and some weight. 90% of our cruising owners mirror the opinion that the complexity and cost of a rotating rig is not worthwhile for their programs. Of course, if pressed we can do a standard rig rotating. I won't get into the bottomless pit of fwd vs aft steering argument. I will just remind everyone that Gunboat at its core is a cruising boat. A really fast world cruising catamaran. The central helm and pit have proven themselves as being a great central command station. It may not be for everyone, but that is what we do and our owners love it. We talk a little about this in this article: https://www.gunboat.com/gunboat68-deckgear/forward-thinking-gunboat-68/ We have listened to the trend to steer aft when racing and offer tillers back there. We also do a remote which puts the traveler and mainsheet in your hands. With the aft winches most of the work moves to the back. I think for those who want it we can certainly investigate moving other things like the jibsheet to the back. In fact, I think we could probably do it on 68-01. A year or so ago Hall pushed us to consider their newest in-boom furling systems but we haven’t seen them live long enough without issues to be comfortable. Regardless this will at best be an option as most of our owners seem to want the lighter solution. Locks/hooks don’t require people on the roof when done well, but it’s always better to have someone up there with eyes on if you can. As someone mentioned we are very open with owners that the Gunboat 68 requires crew, although we do have very skilled owners that go for short trips alone in the 60+ fleet. Fantastic. If we do an owner-operator version every decision will be made to suit the brief. Finally my personal views on the relationships at play here between the past, current and future. Gunboat is entirely owned by Grand Large Yachting which own several brands, including Outremer. It is not owned or controlled by Outremer. We are in a production facility across the road from Outremer and the engineering ‘brain’ of 35 engineers are all together at the Gunboat site. This includes Ocean Voyager, a day charter brand. Gunboat has dedicated engineers for Interior, Structure, Deck/Rig and dedicated process/production engineers. We somewhat share engineering resource with Outremer and Ocean voyager for systems, this makes sense as there is a big skills overlap here. Our production team is completely dedicated to Gunboat. I have met so many Outremer owners and seen so many launched and sailed on a few. Stunning brand, fantastic loyal and incredibly enthusiastic owners. Here we don’t try to act like we compete or that one is better than the other. We complement each other perfectly and the group gives potential owners a huge variety within the cruise-performance-luxury spectrum to choose from. In the end we are in the same group and the brands support each other, but the path each brand (and product as a result) is walking is a separate one. If you have questions about the boat we’d be happy to try our best to answer them. Like someone said above, does the whole thread need to be about performance? For example: does anybody care to know how well the boat is wired? I like to think the boys did a world class job! Here’s some pics as an example (these were WIP of course). By the way, she doesn’t have a generator. We spent a lot of time on making that a reality on a 68 ft boat with aircon. Greenflash
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    I must say that I am impressed by NZ's response to the mosque attacks. Seems to me that every turn they have handled a very difficult situation with grace and intelligence. The PM has shown what true leadership is all about.
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    Just finished a 2 day dinghy regatta in the snipe. It was in honor of a legendary mate of mine. My 7 yr old daughter crewed for me. It was so cal windy on day 1 (12+ knts) and we struggled through 3/5 before she got cold and I got exhausted. Woke up this morning with a standard man cold and really sore back. Forecast same as yesterday. I asked if she was game and with a resounding affirmative we set off to the club. Barely made the first start as she lost her life jacket after racing yesterday, and ocs but bounced back to a 4th. Breeze kept moderate to soft for most of the day and we put up a nice scoreline of top 5s including a nice bullet until the final race when it piped up again. She had an absolute ball. Her enthusiasm was infectious and i ended up with one of my top 5 most enjoyable sailing days ever (which is a big deal as I sail for a living and am fortunate to have so many epic days on the water) . I am just so amped to have a kid who loves the sport as much as I do. My wife, who is also a fuckin good sailor, and I have tried really hard not to push our girl into this, and dont want her to burn out. But shit is it great when they just get it and love it as much as we do!?!? I'm just a bit sauced and bragging at this point but what the hell, I'm a lucky dude...
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    Clean: not so sure the UFO is slower than. Waszp. Dave has cuffed more than one or two around, but that could also be pilot differentiation. But to repeat and reiterate, we weren’t trying to be faster, just a shit ton more practical and way more affordable. The sizzle is flying, not thirty knots SHC
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    How bout a two cabin/two head 68? Ahhh...the simplicity! Giant office, movie room, workshop. Dope.
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    When I made the 8 parter about Britain's biggest Firth I decided to leave the music out - to stop Google taking control of all my work. A few espressed dissapointment and I promised that I would make a film for the music lovers (and google because they need the cash} For those who like their sailing films with a bit of music - and on the shortish side here it is the music is from the Kruger Bros The Moray Firth - pronounced Murray) is about 70 miles wide at its mouth - it has its own 200 strong population of dolphins - the most northerly dolphins in the world. Dylan PS in the end frame there is a link to an unpleasant film about old sailors and fingus
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    Now I'm feeling like the "sole bird on the wire." being shat on from above and who has to either speak up or just fly away. In approaching 3 months of some 4K posts and over 90K views to this thread, or over 1,000 views per day average, no one has posted "AISGATE" on the race course in detail. I find that quite bizzare. Well my wings are fucked and I'm stuck, so here goes. TIME TO PUT A FEW "AISGATE" URBAN MYTHS TO BED A. THE LEAD UP TO AISGATE It is around midnight Thurs/Friday or 27/28 December and 100's approaching the Maria Is Layline for WOXI and Comanche being on different Gybes and the Tracker as Trackers do simply recording pretty useless SOG/COG snapshots at 10 minute intervals, that I went to MarineTraffic (which I seldom ever do) knowing they were within Tas AIS Repeater Range and worried my LH money on WOXI was going down the shitter. Low and behold I find WOXI was not showing up on AIS and her last AIS TX received was fucking Bradleys Head B4 the Start. WTF and alarm bells started going off. So I saved that and then some subsequent Tracker screen prints thinking those tucked up in bed in Australia are going to go epileptic when they see this. I had no idea obviously at the time what was in store. It was clear by the last forecast Thursday that a NW to SW Change would come through at or before the 100' got to Tasman Light and after that Storm Bay would not be glass out as well as the Derwent with a daylight finish. Thank God for once I thought. So the approach and first around into Storm Bay will probably be the decider, particularly as the 2 fat boats had done a brilliant job hanging onto the two skinny boats in the lighter stuff on Thursday and Comanche who contrary to my prediction "brained it." Sorry @PIL66 you knew better than I. I then started looking at the Tasman Light weather station to get real time observations as to the timing of that SW change and how may WOXI money was looking. So mindful of @terrafirma and @paps49posts I have now got around to marking up those time stamped Tracker results including two detailed locations, one off that Maria Is Layline at around 0045 and the other for the Tasman Light Approach at around 0345 Local Time when the NW to Sth Change came through. Both can be regarded scenes of the "AIS Crime". B. MY OPINIONS I'm sure many will have their own opinions but for what they are worth here are mine at the time and explained using the following time stamped Tracker snapshots. Note: For brevity I have omitted any reference to InfoTrack not out disrespect, to the contrary having regard to comparative team resources offset arguably by Team Bekking/Cape being on the same boat, produced a remarkable and worthy outcome for a old first edition fat boat. 1. Weather Routing from Maria Is at around 0045 AEDT to Tasman Light. It was obvious by the Tracker after the Maria Is Gybe, Juan Vila (Navigator) on WOXI was prepared to carry it further and stay east even if it meant burning up some VMC. So his rounding strategy of staying wide in advance of the NW to SW Change was pretty clear in advance. Seeing what was happening via AIS to say Comanche where it got flaky inshore around this time reinforced that decision. Commanche and BlackJack (BJ in in particular) on the other hand were happy to go max VMC after passing Maria by staying inshore and west, so their rounding strategy pretty obvious being they may even have to gybe later down the race track when breeze started to soften and clock south. This is in fact what occurred. By the way all this occurring "real time" in the "dead of night" and with WOXI being AIS "dark" to other competitors beyond say 0.5 nautical mile as reported in Sails Magazine Feb/March 2019. 2. The SW Change on Tasman Light Approach around 0345 AEDT WOXI was the most easterly and Black Jack the most westerly with Comanche in between. Just before this is the scene of another potential"AIS crime" as articulated by Black Jack to the media upon hitting the dock. No one could see WOXI's conditions on AIS but WOXI could see them first get bogged, then having to gybe east. WOXI kept her distance and reinforcing a rounding plan hatched off Maria Is long before. WOXI absolutely blitzed the last section of this Maria Is to Tasman Light rounding approach. As for any 100' competitors getting WOXI's real time weather conditions using just the Tracker, have a look at the screen grab for 0345 AEDT. WOXI was heading home to Sydney. If that the only Tracker gobblygook result, it alone equates to 20 minutes for other competitors being in the "dark" (and daylight still over an hour away), noting the LH #1 and #2 delta was not much more than that. The 2 fat boats bogged and the 2 skinny boats got around Tasman Is quicker. 3. The Tasman Light Rounding at Daylight On account of the above the rounding order at Tasman Light then became the LH finish order as there were no speed bumps in either Storm Bay or the Derwent and as forecast the day before. 4. The 1st Tragedy of AISGATE Juan Vila's (Navigator on WOXI) decision to carry their Maria Is gybe further and gain an easterly leverage for the approach and rounding of Tasman Is with the SW change in mind. With no shadow of a doubt this why why WOXI was first over the line. Unfortunately a professional accolade flushed down the toilet by his own Skipper's subsequent actions once hitting the dock.If I was Vila I would be very pissed off. 5. The 2nd Tragedy of AISGATE This was Black Jacks bleat to the media and not mounting a Protest.. As you can see by reference to these Tracker pics, Black Jack was the most westerly boat at the scene of both "AIS Crimes," the second in particular. Black Jack put herself there, no one else and was the one most least effected by not knowing what WOXI was doing courtesy of AIS. That said I believe that outcome more setup on a relatively new boat than a weather routing outcome. Commanche in fact actually has a far greater axe to grind being further east and potentially being able to correct their approach knowing what WOXI was doing but didn't know. I don't think it is a coincidence that of the Black Jack "afterguard", both Navigator and Skipper did not buy into the media bleat, only the Owner and paid Tactician (Butters). Black Jack being too far west says more to why no Protest was mounted than anything else, despite the frustration experienced. That aside a big bad mark for bleating with no protest but passing the buck to the RC to do so far worse. 6. The 3rd Tragedy of AISGATE Mark Richards totally ignoring the Race Documentation (using a story concocted being no way you can tell if your AIS TX is working, despite #1 - #5 upthread) with only one thing on his mind it seems, being "redemption for WOXI" so he and the Oatley Family could raise a "9 Finger Salute" after not making the finish line in two prior races and a third being blown off the water by a Protest of Richard's own making. That ignorance either intentional or otherwise is underpinned by a post-race Declaration according to the RRS (Racing Rules Sailing) for WOXI clearly being not in order, according to what transpired both on and off the race course. 7. The 4th Tragedy of AISGATE A Race Committee (RC), Race Organiser (RO) the CYCA and potentially even the races International Jury (IJ) having exactly the same thinking as Mark Richards and Team WOXIas evidenced by a Claytons Protest destined to be deemed invalid under the RRS, namely the 2018 S2H RC Protest WOXI. That outcome underpins the claim being the RRS Declaraton provisions were never looked at all by the RCC or the IJ. That is bizzare by any subjective measure. The irony is that if they had been via either RC investigation (automatic penalty no hearing under Si) or alternatively via an IJ Hearing which void the "conflicted rule" in the RRS, then claims about the lack of AIS TX propagation strength by Mark Richards and Team WOXI would have been vindicated, then no penalty would have eventuated.That never occurred so this is where the smell from the turd still sitting on the carpet as @Boinksays upthread gets even stronger. 8. The 6th Tragedy of AISGATE Those at the very top of our sport world wide are now contemplating making AIS the subject of compliance checking by RC's. All on account they have swallowed hook, line and sinker Mark Richard's and Team WOXI's nonsense that AIS TX "can't be self-policed." A line Richards conjured up to underpin a non-conforming post-race Declaration and a line which has no technical basis as proved up thread by AIS TX Tests #1 - #5. If this total disregard for the paper/digital post-race Declarations are written on and this compliance nonsense goes unchallenged, turnstiles will be needed at every Protest Room. All concepts then of "self policing" are thrown out in favour of introducing more rules. That and more rules where interpretation favours some is the scourge of this sport which both discourages entry and participation. 9. Conclusion So six (6) Tragedies all instigated by just one guy wanting to have 9 fingers in the air for one race and could have all been easily avoided by following RRS regarding Declarations and still have 9 fingers up if what happened to WOXI's AIS is actually what happened. Has anyone in world sailing ever achieved 6 tragedies in one race for one finger? Must be a world record surely? One can only assume his sole remaining thumb is up his own arse and that of the one paying him. Wow that must be a fucking thumb juggle. The real fools in this are the people who put up with this shit and say absolutely nothing, yet complain when it happens to them. PS. Is that good enough for you PapSmear?? I get it now...you pricks are just wearing me out so I just drop dead and fall off the wire.
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    The ironic thing about white supremacy is that the people who openly advocate supremacy of the white race are the best examples of a distinct lack of supremacy.
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    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1960/sparkman-stephens-custom-45-3520505/ Oh mamma... I wish my wife and kids loved varnishing
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    It's not really about WS either. Look, when you're sailing around the world, you are very rarely flying hulls. With foiling, even more rarely, since foils like a flat boat. When either a trimaran or a cat is flat, it is on two hulls, so the drag factor becomes irrelevant. Now compare a flat cat vs. a flat tri: (1) The tri can heel to leeward in ultra light air and keep air in the sails when the cat is dead flat and slatting - important when sailing from squall to squall in the doldrums. (2) The tri can have a long, retractable central dagger to help upwind, and it's got lots of support in the case to provide backup for when an ama foil breaks (3) The tri is wider and therefore can carry substantially more power. (4) The central hull of the tri can be longer than the side hulls, providing reserve buoyancy that comes on gradually compared to both bows of a cat digging in; in other words submarining in a big tri has less dynamic loads than in a cat. All of this info comes from an article that was i think in Voiles and Voiliers a few years ago. After crewing for years on the Crowther 40 Nice Pair and then on the ex-ORMA 60 Arete for the past three, I can tell you reason (1) is real as shit here in the great lakes and reason (3) and (4) are the reasons that there hasn't been a new RTW cat since Orange.
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    The President should call on the Russians to hack Mueller's computer and get the full report.
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    Nose down attitude.