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    They have finally left the inner harbour! The teams have definitely been sharing notes on how to hide behind harbour cranes!
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    And another fast pass by North Head at the end, heading for home. RG will have some spectacular shots, he was even closer than me.
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    Pushing, pushing ... Hard, wet work out there today, I am so impressed that they can control her in those conditions.
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    Here is my new one. Definitely not sailing in these pictures. It will be soon. It is my design based off the profile of a Monk designed sloop I restored in the 1970's.
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    Thanks for posting this. Don't care what Nationality or Team you might be or go for, this is one seriously cool machine, showing pace and poise with party pieces 8 months out from Cup Time...... What's not to like? I loved the AC72's for the sheer size and complexity that they brougt to the sport. The AC50's were cool, but their lack of size almost downplayed their achievements - bit like watching G0 Karts. These platforms however have both the prescence and power that is needed. The complexity is clearly there. The timing and choreographing required to make all that look so polished cannot be understated. The capacity to fly into a leeward mark and pull off a perfect rounding folllowed by a bang on tack with spot on pitch and yaw control is not to be taken lightly. Really sends a message to the other teams that if you can't do this now; then they will punch on, steal their lunch money and kiss their girlfriends in the playground that we call the America's Cup....... Good things ahead for this Cup Cycle - which according to some here is dead, meaningless and headed elsewhere.
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    I joined this forum awhile ago and have enjoyed all the witty repartee from all involved, seems like my kind of place. This is my first boat of any kind over 20' , I've sailed in a bunch of dinghys and on a few larger boats belonging to friends and relatives. We bought a vacation property in Goderich Ontario last fall that happens to be part of a marina and right on Lake Huron so it seemed natural to get a sailboat to enjoy. After a few offers on local boats that didn't pan out this one came up right at the marina we are. It's a 1979 Pearson 26 One Design, which is perfect for me because I'm going to be day sailing mostly. Once I get comfortable with it, I'll take it out for an overnight somewhere on the Huron shore. My dad and brother both have cottages on Georgian Bay(Woods bay area), the plan for next year if things go well is to take it over there and moor in the Massassauga Provincial Park and back, looks like a good trip with an eye on going up to the North Channel later on. The boat does not have anywhere near standing headroom,. so it's more like camping with a hard shell tent. The motor was not running well at all, it went to the shop and came back running well,I had it out last weekend and had a blast with some buddies. So far I have just over a grand into it, lots of work to do, but I have time and am familiar with working on boats, should keep me out of trouble. Here's a pic, it needs some spit and polish for sure, but it's mine!
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    just setting up in the Channel and off North Head before heading out around behind Rangi. Two bulbed foils up today? And LR and AM in close company.
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    And so it came to be that in the space of a few hours and three dozen posts, the kind-hearted nice guy who is restoring a classic S&S boat has been reinvented as an antiquarian, spear-carrying, sheep-shagging, despotic harbourmaster with no underwear. @Ajax, you might as apologise now for sinking Atlantis and blowing up Krakatoa
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    Boat has been salvaged, written off, bought back and rebuilt...... Today we relaunched Happy days
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    Found a ride finally! Flying to USVI for a delivery, so stoked. Only will be five months but who's counting! Seems like a nice skipper. There is some miracle possibly of them resuming flights to Panama but everyone in Panama I have talked to is not optimistic, only a week or so difference anyway. Got my sinus depth checked again yesterday, hopefully only one more before home. Yahooo!!
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    Just 15mins of the team out sailing
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    bought it with reservation to the underwater part. (checking tomorrow end of the day) she needs a bit of (upgrade) work but everything is functioning at the moment. engine (Buck 7hp 1 cylinder) has run 200 hrs. electrics were installed by a pro. (looks superclean/ nice wire harness through the bilge), tack tick wireless windset, autohelm speedo and depth, autohelm autopilot, raymarine vhf with gps (no separate gps...), electric shore power unit thing, never used/ never installed solar panel, furling headstay, newish lewmar hatch on the foredeck, dacron used sails (genny 3, genny 2 (2 years old), main, two spinakers (never used by the last owner), all the old sails (hanks) inlc. from what he told me a staysail.
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    A couple more from this afternoon
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    ". Replying to Panoramix: #1285 Posted June 6 "Very cool. After all the effort she put in and the problems she surmounted - like the ladder fall - I felt sorry for Jeannie losing the "oldest person" record so quickly to that old guy. I don't think she held the record even as long as her trip took." Thanks to so many of you for all your amazing support! I'm pleased to say that I still hold the record as the oldest person to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world VIA THE FIVE GREAT CAPES - Bill Hatfield only rounded three of them - he didn't sail S of Tasmania or NZ....
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    This thing is on rails!!
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    ...you're just living in it. I was just appointed Dockmaster of the little "community docks" for my neighborhood. I have one dock with slips and the other dock is for fishing with a small side-tie for kayaks. The dock with slips has 30 amp power and water but it's all very rudimentary and easy to maintain. The dock structure itself is in good shape with about 15 years of life remaining before replacement. I can pound nails into dock planks, glue PVC and make simple electrical repairs and upgrades well enough. We have a community "clean up day" annually, so I can draft other boat owners into pounding fresh dock planks to help me out. Winterize the water system and deploy the ice-eaters in the fall/winter. I assign slips and collect insurance information but I don't touch the money, which is nice. I think of it as a marina with training wheels.
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    The old girl XL2 was relaunched this morning after repair / rebuild / and upgrades Thanks to all that helped after the capsize and then the journey upside down to Bermagui before being written off and bought back i tried every way to turn the pic but failed i couldn’t be happier
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    Because the people who need hospitalization do not number in the millions is no reason to be dismissive of the impact. Even those who “recover” May have a miserable possibly life threatening course. I did. I still don’t know if there will be any permanent damage.....data shows not a small number of survivors have heart, lung, kidney, or neuro damage. I have a co-worker who did die. The husband (45 years old and strong as an ox) of another coworker has been intubated for 12 weeks, 5 brain surgeries, several pulmonary embolisms and a DVT in his leg that may still cost him the leg. He has been extubated and a week or so later was able to whisper to his wife that he loved her. They have been through hell and their lives will never be the same. Yet he is classified as a “survivor”. In my county, on June 23 there were 316 hospitalized and 147 of those in ICU. Yesterday there were 716 hospitalized 324 in ICU. While it’s true that most people do not die or have a bad course.......most people did not contract polio and yet it was a catastrophic health problem globally and in the US and for those who contracted it......life changing. Yes, life must go on but not at the expense of preventable possibly catastrophic illness for a large enough number of people to be a serious concern meriting marshaling all our resources to minimize /reduce/eliminate the impacts to our countrymen and the rest of the world.
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    We heard the 'bang' as they went past, just as they got up on the foils.
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    As canadian sailboats continue to violate the US border Fox News reports them to be carrying drugs and weapons of mass destruction and urges Pres. Trump to take action. The US pacific fleets gets restationed to guard the northern border. Chinas seizes the opportunity to sack taiwan. When a US SSN sinks after allegedly breaking off its persiscope on a canadian pleasurecraft, Trump issues an ultimatun demanding Trudeau to acknowledge Trump being "more smart and sexier" than he is. Trudeau gives in, but speculation arises that he winked at the end of his statement. Trump orders a full scale invasion of canada, but it gets delayed until november, because Trump is busy playing golf. The canadian armed forces retreat into the mountains and start a relentless guerilla warfare against US occupation. In the grim canadian winter the US troops take heavy casulties. Trump declares "noone could have seen the cold coming. Noone knew it could be cold in countries you invade." After 10 years of fruitless struggles CIA papers emerge proofing that Trudeaus wink was faked by the CIA to justify war. Peace talks led by queen Elizabeth II start in London. In 2045 presidents Justin Bieber and Kanye West sign a peace treaty stating that Trudeau in fact is more smart and sexier than Trump. Trump writes a record 53673 twitter messages in a day about this being the worst hoax in history from russian exile. The US is forced to pay for a wall at the border meant to "keep criminal southerners out of our land".
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    Defiant out in the morning sun and mast up.
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    Thats the fucking point! From recollection @The_Alchemist has previously compared his measurements with reported race data & confirmed reasonable accuracy. Its always going to be a rough estimate but as he says its a more informed estimate than 'oh boy that looks fast'.