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    I just had one delivered from a local store. Laphroaig 10, of course.
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    Fastyacht - this is NOT racing ..this is blatant infringement by people who are well paid to know better. And they are repeat offenders. The result is that unless they are held fully accountable, people will choose not to race and our sport suffers. You say you've raced on lines with 90 footers....well so have I...repeatedly with 100 footers...and I know that when you mix these monsters with smaller boats there has to be some serious thought given to safety, contingency and good seamanship. Often It means NOT pushing the limits, regardless of the rules being in your favour. But here's the thing...Scallywank is a repeat offender that ignores this premise and the result will be serious injury or lives lost. It'll happen quickly, and there'll be remorse..and it'll be too late. This was not an "accident"...this incident was a wilful act resulting in serious contact. There were bail-out opportunities that were ignored by professional sailors in clear breach of well understood rules. You say "We accept that when we race"...and you are wrong! We accept that there are rules to protect us and reasonable risk...Scallywank has demonstrated again an attitude that should see them brought before the authority with a "show cause" as to why they shouldn't be suspended from the sport.
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    Reading some comments here, I'm glad we have protest committees.
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    Since always between 2 boats racing, it is in the pre-amble of Part 2 The rules of Part 2 apply between boats that are sailing in or near the racing area and intend to race, are racing, or have been racing. However, a boat not racing shall not be penalized for breaking one of these rules, except rule 14 when the incident resulted in injury or serious damage, or rule 24.1. When a boat sailing under these rules meets a vessel that is not, she shall comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) or government right-of-way rules. If the sailing instructions so state, the rules of Part 2 are replaced by the right-of-way rules of the IRPCAS or by government right-of-way rules. Yes they absolutely do between 2 boats racing. And ovetaking boat is a prime example of this. The lack of rules knowledge in this thread (overtaking boat, room at a starting mark etc.) is frankly terrifying. I hope to god none of you participate in another race without reading the rule book.
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    if i were in a charitable mood.., i might be tempted to agree..., except that the contact w the 52 occurred when they were breaking another rule.., by taking room to which they were not entitled... so.., no.., they do not get a pass.
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    Yes. Everything, it appears. This is page 5, after 47 episodes, and you write this. Watch and read all of it. Then, from your armchair, make commentry.
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    "The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.” The sad thing is that what he is describing is mothers who have known their child would die after birth. Mothers who have developed babies with lungs that won't work once they are exposed to air, hearts that can't support themselves.....the worst, worst scenarios for a mother, family and medical professionals. The mother does meet with the doctor, and they talk through the scenario of giving birth to their baby knowing it will die once the cord is cut. They talk about giving the child skin contact with its mother while she talks to it and gets a chance to look it in the eyes. The medical staff do take care of the baby, so it can live as long as possible with its mother. They then wrap the baby up, probably beautifully and certainly with respect, and take it away for burial. But these vile cunts like Malarkey are actually so stupid, so dense, so lacking in basic humanity that they believe their patron saint of cuntiness because Hillary, because emails, because libtards....because whatever salve they need to rub on their flaccid cocks of personalities to make them feel stronger, more superior are more important.
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    Chessy and his Conservative brethren have been marginalized. They used to the center of the Republican party, and long for the days when they stood shoulder to shoulder with the segment of America that fought wars and then went home to farm, to run small businesses and bellied up to the bar at the yacht club. But they became complacent, and did not establish similar vigor in their kids, or spread their message to minorities, LGBTQ, women. It turns out that the yacht club was purchased by rich developers, the farms were bought up by industrial agriculture behemoths and the conservative voters are now a miniscule and irrelevant part of the lobbying firm turned government union run by the Koch's, Rupert Murdoch and the Waltons. They purchase votes, they craft divisive campaigns on trigger issues and they amass more & more power. The GOP has been corrupted by this attack. The proof was when we invaded a country on false evidence, ostensibly to take oil revenues from an recalcitrant dictator and enrich Haliburton, and no one was punished. The proof was when bankers crashed our economy and the GOP made sure no one lost their bonuses. The current president, currently the ruler of the GOP, has no interest in responsible governance, to protect out national security, to appoint qualified judges or Fed members. Its all message and no substance. And the message distracts from the plan... to give our money, our banks, our education, our heritage to the rich.
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    I have yet to see any video of the incident that makes me think that Scallywag had any reasonable expectation of starting cleanly. There simply wasn't room between where the 52 was going to be at the start and the buoy for them. It isn't a simple case of the wind shadow causing the 52 to pop up and the rigs coming into contact. Scallwag absolutely was going to hit the 52 with hard hull to hull contact if the 52 didn't bear off to give room that Scallywag wasn't entitled to. At least a minute from the start and probably much earlier it should have been clear to Scallywag that they were not going to be room at the starting mark for them. This was the start of a round the island race against much slower boats. It was foolish tactically to try for that start. And by sticking to it when it was clear that it wasn't there, Scallywag endangered both property, but, more importantly, the crews' health and lives. These boats are too big and powerful to be playing bumper boats with.
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    Before going to the local march this morning, I showed my 7 year old daughter her Great grandfather’s medals. He was captured in Malaysia and spent the end of the war in Japan as a POW. He was one of only 60 odd prisoners out of 600+ to survive that ordeal. He never war his medals, he never marched. He told me that he always felt ashamed that he survived while so many brave men die. Right or wrong I will always respected his decision. I won’t ever wear them or put them on display. They just remain stored safely in the original box they were sent to him in. Lest we forget The ANZAC Day march was over - the old Digger had done his best. His body ached from marching - it was time to sit and rest. He made his way to a park bench and sat with lowered head. A young boy passing saw him - approached and politely said, "Please sir do you mind if I ask you what the medals you wear are for? Did you get them for being a hero, when fighting in a war?" Startled, the old Digger moved over and beckoned the boy to sit. Eagerly the lad accepted - he had not expected this! "First of all I was not a hero," said the old Digger in solemn tone, "But I served with many heroes, the ones that never came home. So when you talk of heroes, it's important to understand, The greatest of all heroes gave their lives defending this land. "The medals are worn in their honour, as a symbol of respect. All diggers wear them on ANZAC Day - it shows they don't forget." The old digger then climbed to his feet and asked the boy to stand. Carefully he removed the medals and placed them in his hand. He told him he could keep them - to treasure throughout his life, A legacy of a kind - left behind - paid for in sacrifice. Overwhelmed the young boy was speechless - he couldn’t find words to say. It was there the old Digger left him - going quietly on his way. In the distance the young boy glimpsed him - saw him turn and wave goodbye. Saddened he sat alone on the bench - tears welled in his eyes. He never again saw him ever - but still remembers with pride, When the old Digger told him of Heroes and a young boy sat and cried.
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    So basically the terrorists won?
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    The only person that should have withdrawn was your dad.
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    Bill Roberts' own RC 30 catamaran was sailed in his honor in the recent Miami to Key Largo Race on April 27, 2019. In typical Bill Roberts style, the RC 30 disappeared over the horizon taking line honors with ease. Elapsed time of 3:01, 2nd place 4:11, 3rd place 5:05. The boat was a pure joy to sail and it felt just like an easy cruise down the bay. I'm sure Bill was on board in spirit. Youtube video shows some early downwind cruising. https://youtu.be/_cVV3BkzYRs Much love to you Dad! Eric Roberts
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    Been reading a few of the comments on here and it sounds like there's a few people that need to get out of their armchairs and to go sailing. So just as a reminder get off your asses and get out there and live as everyday your sitting there watching your computer is another day you won't be able to go sailing! Life is short what are YOU waiting for?
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    Witty ain't known as F. for nothing. Very poor form for professionals.. they should know that the leeward boat will pop up in their shadow. Lucky that TP(?) didn't lose its rig.. Scally's leech line stayed hooked to the mast crane and dragged her over. EDIT: Found a Photo on the race website -- looks like the lazy runner
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    SPOILERS I was pretty pissed off at this episode. Not because of Missy's head rolling, though I do wish the Mountain did something a little more creative than a basic neck stroke. Not because Rhaegon caught an arrow to the knee (and neck, and body). Stupid Danny deserves to lose her air force if she doesn't know basic tactics and strategy. I was pissed because of the Uron's bolts sinking the ships like they were made of cardboard, and then the fact that dumbass Danny didn't fly around behind them and burn them all while they were facing the wrong way. Stupidest sequence in the entire series.
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    Will you just shut the fuck up, you demented little prick.
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    Aage Nielsen Pilot 33.
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    Ther really really dumb part about this and it has probably been said above but it bears repeating, is that there were what, 4 other boats easily 40 ft shorter than Scallywag in that start right?? it would have taken what, maybe 30 sec to just duck everyone?? And if you really wanted to put an explanation point on it, just gas them for the next couple hundred yards where your rig is in play as you leave them in the dust... Would have easily made up for whatever negligible gain they would have had by barging in the first place. Watching the vids, I gotta hand it to the TP52 guys for handling it with style. Everyone seemed to know what was up and did their job. No one went nutz and even when they were going sideways, everyone did the right thing. Gold star to them...
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    Below is the video from the TP52, which I don't think has been posted yet (its FB, not sure it'll work for everyone). Shows just how blatant this was, the TP is on for the pin (you can see it dead on the bow) roughly close hauled, probably on for a decent start. Scally powers down into a gap that didn't exist, on a reach. It was only going to end one of three ways: (1) Scally getting in the gap then not being able to slow down and being OCS; (2) Scally avoiding to windward and going the wrong side of the line; or (3) a big crash. Tactician on Scally should have bailed out of this well before the video starts and at worst the helm should have made the call and bailed out to windward, it was never going to work.
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    you all need to get rid of those beemers and McMansion money pits...sell em, buy a cheap house to winter in, a used subaru, and a 40 year year old 36 footer.... works for me...stop trying to live like rich people and live like a sailor... stop whining and make it happen....the only things making sailing expensive are your own expectations...
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    Well unless you tie some weights to the tip and have a few divers guide it into place... At Chagos I helped put a rudder back into place while the boat was in the water. Blade was 2m, and stock was 2m. It had a big s.s. stock so it was a lot heavier than my wood daggerboard. We just put fenders on top, some dive weights lashed to the bottom and maybe a small spare anchor on the bottom until it was floating roughly vertical. Took it by dinghy to the boat and guided it into place. A few lines to either side of the stern to position it. No divers, just snorkelers. I'll post a few pictures tonight. It may help people in a similar situation. Oh I think we lowered a string through rudder stuffing port and tied to top of rudder. Helped to get it lined up with upper bearing. Winched it in place with a topping lift for the last foot or so. None of this is rocket science really, even with tightly fitting curved boards. <edit> Just make sure you have a gallon / 4L or so of epoxy and a bunch of glass to fix things that break. I was quite shocked that most sailors that had sailed across an ocean had never even touched fiberglass and epoxy except to perhaps fill in a screw hole.
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    We are seeing that play out. What is a systematic refusal to comply with any subpoena for testimony or document request if not obstruction in plain sight. I said yesterday that it was too early for impeachment because there was more investigation to do. That is what Congress is trying to do. If the executive branch will not allow the legislative branch to provide a check on power, then it is time to impeach. We don’t need a king.
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    Sorry to have upset you, comrade! If we set aside how vapid or otherwise my contributions might be, I will admit I sold my last laser, a 140000 era shed that had been in the family since 1993 a few years back - maybe 2015, but I've owned 10 lasers (and countless more sails, spars, parts etc) over the years and done at least 2,000 hours of laser sailing, some of which during the beginning of the Rastegar era. I've designed a few boats - production to custom, racing to leisure, built a lot of boats in a variety of ways, and for the production stuff I have had intimate knowledge of the financials, so I think that entitles me to some opinion on the matter, no? I don't own a boat manufacturing concern and praise Allah every day in that regard. Of course it is facile to say in absolute terms what profit a builder should make. Of course its not communism and if you go to any dinghy show there are plenty of boats to chose from in a semi competitive market, albeit not many that are Olympic AND Youth pathway boats AND frankly, everywhere. I personally would like to see a sailboat maker make a profit if his product is good, with some proportionality to volume, such that he has a sustainable business and can support his customers and people who like what his customers are getting and also want to get involved. Maybe even invest a bit back into his business, R&D etc. This is often not the case in small sailboat world with a few exceptions. Of course this is all first world stuff, guys moaning about the value that they feel that they are getting from their luxury purchase. I don't like seeing the abuse of monopoly positions, crap governannce and / or incompetance, and defence thereof, regardless of how little it might directly affect me. Who does? Internet would be pretty boring if everyone rolled over and accepted it.
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    I think that we got off on the wrong foot with the righties here. I for one would like to read in their own words an exposition of positions on a whole host of subjects. I think they have been given too much of a free rein in sniping at the majority of us citizens of our beleaguered constitutional democracy. Nailing Malarky you could start off. J28 step up. Warbird where are you, is this too challenging? Meanwhile explain why you accept the behavior of trump when your own written history here had you squealing like 6 year old girls about Hillary, spent untold millions on investigations and then when the best (?) minds of the GOP came up with nothing slunk away into the covering darkness of quietly eroding the stature of our intelligence agencies. Oh, and FUCK YOU