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    It’s a proposal for an in-port race boat, that will likely never happen. Did you spawn Alinghi4ever on a crack binge? There’s a distinct family similarity appearing
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    Here is a potential solution for DF. Only did the leader here, as there is no appreciable difference in separation for the top four. 11.17 miles east/west between Df and Brunel/Akzo projected path and 3.38 between Df and Mapfre/Vestas, both of whom are looking to follow DF's lead.
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    And the hits keep coming. I have run out of wall space.
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    ...you should try racing sailboats,,, ANY sailboats sometime. The same dramas can happen on a 2 mile course. .....oh, but I guess you'd hate that.
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    I've been re-looking at the first days in the tracker and it seems that Gitana have been seeking for stronger winds all the time, which in the end did not work so well with the stretch of virtually 0 vmg that allowed Sodebo to recover 70 miles and get ahead. Maybe they need those stronger winds to get up on the foils and be faster. If this is true Sodebo might increase the lead for the next hours and then Gitana will come back later. Or they have some minor problem.
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    There is typically a mounting spot for a scope rail on the left side of the receiver
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    Nowadays your Sassy looks much different, but With New name, new a bit different shape, new sails, SHE Is One more time GREAT AGAIN. Irek would like to start to Non-Stop Solo Round The World in second half of December. * about website, It will be in English version, but I've got problem with my IT specialist, he's strike out all of deadlines. * you can check news on fb profile, I'm trying to add there English version of post And last question to you (on the pics which you can see below, there is single handed gennaker which've got 290 sqm). How much sgm have got SPINNAKER and SUPERFLANKER? Knows that somebody? .woj .
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    Total rubbish. You keep both of them in a Pelican case or similar and there'll be no problem at all. Been there, done that. FKT
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    No Stief. The exclusion waypoints start at 44 S. The last routing solution does not go below 35 S. I cannot really see them coming into effect on Leg 2 at all.
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    Francis shhhh.. please don't use the word "dichotomy" out loud....that is a food word for critters, furry, Circular Masochistic Dysfunctional and thick.
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    c'mon man, Where is HB in that pic? I might be 50-100 miles east of you...and maybe 500 miles north too,..
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    Here’s a look at a group of us to the West, and only those that are on the B group list above. Interesting to compare this view with the leaderboard. East is king in the rankings for now. I like where I am right now, pretty happy for the moment.
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    Combined Results 23:00 UTC 11-11-17 Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 B N/A Walkaround 0 2 A,B Ozzy Ozzy 85 82.6 3 B Iluvitar 141 4 A,B Your Mom Your Mom SA 174.4 5 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 174.8 6 B Swamp Swamp Rat 177.8 7 A,B Breitling Breitling_SA 180.8 8 A stufishing Stufishing_SA 181 9 A x2sea m2for-SA 185 10 B unplugged Dcarr 189 11 A Vibroman Vibroman_SA 189 12 A, B Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 189.3 13 B Milli Blitzquart 191.2 14 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 192.3 15 B Tommmzzz tommmzzz 193.2 16 A daan62 hutspot77 193.2 17 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 195.5 18 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 196 19 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 196.6 20 A briar Wing it 198.4 21 B mkgsailor J2B2 200 22 B gary hschutz 200.2 23 B HKG1203 HKG1203 200.3 24 B spadadua 204 25 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 204.4 26 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 205.6 27 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 206.6 28 A,B Thijsk ThijsK 206.8 29 A BlueMountainsYC shockwave11 207.7 30 A From The Rail A-Squared 210.6 31 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 211.5 32 A Magool Magool 211.8 33 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 211.8 34 B EquusAsinusDomesticus ON9270 220.8 35 B GrandbendOnt 224.7 36 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 230.6 37 A Sailing My Cubicle SailingMyCubicle 234.4 38 B hmsmweasel Stay Thirsty M 43 239.1 39 B Alpina ColombaRacing 246.2 40 A The Actual Dave Davemw 262.8 41 A Marty6 Cambodunum 270 42 B cg_ 271.2 43 B RIGO RIGO 283.7 44 B Rimike rider1982 295.7 45 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 333 46 B RunSampRun Samsonite SA 535.6 47 A Iced Tea rule69 655.9
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    Even if your slow, you might win for best name
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    Please put me back on ignore, or start your own thread. Goodbye.
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    You’re dealing with the deluded on this, just give it up. Unless of course, you’re having a bad day and feel the urge to kick something.
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    Same crap at the AC. Fanboys who don't actually like the sport, but really are just hitched to the success of one team as an extension of themselves. Tend to be the classless winners and sour losers.
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    If there was a live feed up now I'd be glued - challenging tricky conditions.. Gotta sleep.
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    Couldn't find better ones, but will look for them in the future. Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race James Blake/Volvo Ocean Race Rich Edwards/Volvo Ocean Race
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    When I read Dean Barker was going to be driving Quantum Racing, I assumed he would drive the old boat while the NYYC boys would get the new boat. MS
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    What the fuck does that have to do with a comment about fanboys?
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    Fanboys are often tediously monotonous.
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    Can add shockwave11 if you have room in your rankings.
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    Wow, he must be really going well to hold his lead then. Certainly not leaving anything in the bag!