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    It’s a proposal for an in-port race boat, that will likely never happen. Did you spawn Alinghi4ever on a crack binge? There’s a distinct family similarity appearing
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    Here is a potential solution for DF. Only did the leader here, as there is no appreciable difference in separation for the top four. 11.17 miles east/west between Df and Brunel/Akzo projected path and 3.38 between Df and Mapfre/Vestas, both of whom are looking to follow DF's lead.
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    And the hits keep coming. I have run out of wall space.
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    ...you should try racing sailboats,,, ANY sailboats sometime. The same dramas can happen on a 2 mile course. .....oh, but I guess you'd hate that.
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    Francis shhhh.. please don't use the word "dichotomy" out loud....that is a food word for critters, furry, Circular Masochistic Dysfunctional and thick.
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    c'mon man, Where is HB in that pic? I might be 50-100 miles east of you...and maybe 500 miles north too,..
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    Here’s a look at a group of us to the West, and only those that are on the B group list above. Interesting to compare this view with the leaderboard. East is king in the rankings for now. I like where I am right now, pretty happy for the moment.
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    Uh oh, I am about to fall off the chart....better get my act together. Thanks for the spreadsheet work MKG.
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    The image of Terry Hutchinson on board Fauth's 72-foot Bella Mente just about sums their campaign up. Last year they mentioned with some pride that instigating a post-race debrief improved their performance.
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    Well..thanks for that..it came from a J/29 regatta back in the day at Key West Race Week in like 1999..we'd been last all week, and even though we were bringing up the rear, we had a great team effort and made a nice move at the bottom mark and passed a boat or two, and I got up on the rail and said, 'Hey we just picked up a boat and we are not last, so Hike, Bitches!' We ended up 9th or 10th out of 10 boats in the regatta but that moment of glory was great.. My avatar is actually a picture of all of us hiking our asses off on the J/29 'Rhumb Punch', and we won that class a few years later at the now defunct KWRW. Hike your ass off until you can't hold the heavy#1 upwind even while feathering the mainsail and then hold on downwind!!! But, none of that really matters when you are racing in the Florida Keys in January and not freezing your ass off in Maryland. Florida in January = better than Maryland in January. Here's to hoping that Key West Race Week comes back and lives another day!!! (or week!!)
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    Even if your slow, you might win for best name
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    Isn't that why you fitted Simon out with infra red goggles for pond twilight's..or is that Theodore?
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    Prettyhate has me beat on the leaderboard, and also on the heading changes.
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    Please put me back on ignore, or start your own thread. Goodbye.
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    If there was a live feed up now I'd be glued - challenging tricky conditions.. Gotta sleep.
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    Glad to see Brunel making a little progress up the leader board. And I mean a little!
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    Couldn't find better ones, but will look for them in the future. Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race James Blake/Volvo Ocean Race Rich Edwards/Volvo Ocean Race
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    Big deal, he's still got a rudder. Tell him to saw that off and then I'll be impressed.
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    What the fuck does that have to do with a comment about fanboys?
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    Fanboys are often tediously monotonous.
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    Can add shockwave11 if you have room in your rankings.
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