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    Squid Routing is now available also. https://gis.ee/vor/
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    And here a bonus history lesson for tonight: sports tops? Who wants a frigging sports top? Tracy Edwards, then 22, steered the Maiden to a second place finish in the around the world race in 1989 CREDIT: ROGER ALLEN
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    Trying to sloooooooooowly enter in scene. Yesterday I was tempted to go the great flyer route north of the high. But I consider a bit safer trying to round the corner on the inner lane. Let's see...
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    The curse of Doug strikes again !! Well done Sodebo.
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    Here’s the latest view of the b group at the equator. I think the order crossing the equator was HKG, Jahmbo, Your Mom, Me (J2B2), Swamp Rat, Blitz and Tommmzzz.
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    Ya but boy do I sleep great at night with you in front and the real fleet just behind! Its like 2 posts and a hammock for lazy sailors (me)
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    Been out most of the day visiting a prospective college for the youngest. Glad I missed a lot of the tradewinds banter though! Some interesting takes. Yesterday Df and co did better than yesterdays routing would have suggested. Today's solutions looks like a complete 180 from yesterday, adding four days or so. Again, though, remember there is a five day reality cap to all of this. Finally the southern part of the course is starting to get really dynamic.
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    Unless it’s used as an adjective, ‘every day’ is. Two. Fuckin’. Words. Clanging halyards means the boat’s operator is either a novice or a hack. Your Honda portable generator isn’t as quiet as you think it is. So at least have the decency to run the fuckin’ thing in the middle of the day. Not at sunset or all evening. K? ‘Community reputation’ is NOT anarchic.
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    Nowadays your Sassy looks much different, but With New name, new a bit different shape, new sails, SHE Is One more time GREAT AGAIN. Irek would like to start to Non-Stop Solo Round The World in second half of December. * about website, It will be in English version, but I've got problem with my IT specialist, he's strike out all of deadlines. * you can check news on fb profile, I'm trying to add there English version of post And last question to you (on the pics which you can see below, there is single handed gennaker which've got 290 sqm). How much sgm have got SPINNAKER and SUPERFLANKER? Knows that somebody? .woj .
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    I'm a female sailor so my perspective might be a little different. I love sailing and I've raced competitively on a few different teams. A few years ago, I decided to stop racing. Not because I no longer wanted to, but because I just became so turned off by the race scene. I don't like how sexist and perverted some sailors and owners can be. I'm not saying all sailors and owners are this way, but quite a few seem to act as if though they are truly the best thing to ever happen to the sport. Just look at the names of so many of the boats, not even a subtle innuendo, just pwrverted. Because I've agreed to sail on your boat doesn't mean I have any interest in sleeping with you. Fellow racers, you're not a "rockstar", you're someone that has an incredible opportunity to get paid to do what so many people enjoy, and to see some amazing places along the way. Calling yourself a "pro" should mean more than accepting money to sail. You should act like a professional both on and off of the race course. I like to have fun, sometimes a little too much. Being a pro sailor doesn't make you God. I don't want you hitting on me, nor do I want to hear about all of the women you've had. Again, not all sailors that race act this way, but a few sailors I've encountered during my trip me racing come to (MB, WVW, JG, KJ,) Especially when everyone, including myself knows you have someone waiting at home for you. Enough with the derogatory comments about women; we are not all racer chasers or bow beauties. We are sailors that just happen to be women. If the behavior of "pro" sailors were scrutinized like the behavior so many other professional athletes are subjected to, the shenanigans of NFL players reported on ESPN would pale in comparison to the way "pro" sailors conduct themselves.
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    Brief report for the benefit of others. forecast was for 20kn se wind. We set the boat up with one reef and self tacking heady. THIS CONFIGURATION IS VERY MANAGEABLE IN 20KN. We started sailing to windward with the intention of building speed then bearing away to go downwind. Main traveller was fully down and a crew member was holding the main sheet. Speed built very quickly as we got hit by a big gust (40 kn) hull started to come up, main was completely dumped but hull kept climbing. I (helm) turned up to feather the sails but response was slow because all drive was coming from the heady and the bows were pressed. Boat capsized sideways. Whole thing took maybe 5 seconds. Mistakes: Bloody B&G wind instruments were not working so no appreciation of building breeze. (Rushour commonly does 20kn on a shy reach so 30kn of wind across the boat seems normal.) We never normally hold the jib sheet. (obviously a mistake) We were rushed with some inexperienced crew and I never allocated roles. I was complacent. I never even come close to even flying the hull high on the new Rushour. The gust of wind combined with boat speed gave approx 55 kn over the deck which was obviously enough to capsize a 7 ton boat. The wing mast may have contributed to the capsize. lucky we were only in 4 m of water and Rushour has a very strong wing mast so we were able to attach ropes to the high hull and tow her around so the bows were pointing into the wind and towed her over. The bottom hull was flooded and that helped to right the boat. You need a very big tow boat to pull a big cat over. We used a commercial cat Cat of Nine Tails to pull her up. We had her upright about 2 to 3 hours after capsize. I would not want to go through that in the open ocean. A huge thank you to all the people who rallied around and helped right, retrieve, clean the boat, and for all the messages. It makes you realise how good it is to belong to a strong sailing community.
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    Fiji, can see that took time to link gathered the discussion in one spot. Big mistake is saying or thinking "I know you guys are all experts here". What were you thinking! That'd be a tough one to document and support.
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    OK, let's get this straight. I know you guys are all experts here, and have probably done this route many times. I respect that. I do read all the books that those silly boat people here in Fiji leave behind, search the internet, and watch all the old videos on Youtube. I also just graduated from the Oppies to the Lasers. So my knowledge is somewhat limited, and hope you respect that too. Now, that Peter Af Tans is hard to understand with his cloggy accent and the low volume on Twitter, but I can clearly hear him say: "In the past the boats went straight from ...? to Cape Town, beating 2-3000 miles into the SE-Trades, that was pretty much a horror show." So, are you guys deaf, or daft ? And blind, because he even draws the same rhumbline as me. In fact I think he reacted to me mentioning the men of steel because he probably bashed into those trades for a couple of weeks on Equity&Law 2 in 1989 ! So, go and check the history books, or tell me what I am missing here. You are welcome !
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    There is also the TR42 design which has an aft cabin; cruising version.
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    Hmmmm I am getting sleeeeepy
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    Retractable systems will help but you cannot retract a T foil on the main hull and I therefore suspect there is a fundamental problem with the current configuration which leaves it at too big a disadvantage when they are not foiling. These boats are never going to foil for the majority of a race, so managing the drag at other times is really important. If you cannot come very close to matching the drag profile of the non foilers when not foiling, you will always be vulnerable. Playing catch up all the time is never good.
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    That’s the last thing europe needs right now!!
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    No it does not. Would be nice though. One edition going round Sri Lanka i think it was, people cut right in close to land against big current in light wind and passed those like myself who were off further looking for breeze. The expedition routings were wildly different to the game routings.
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    Rumour has it they hadn't got round to doing the final buffing before they took it out for trials. When it got back they reviewed the data, had a chat and agreed you can't polish a turd. So they didn't.
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    The only boat I can ever see around me is Your Mom. Which is a bit unnerving. Every time he twitches I second guess my route. I'm trying to ignore him and sail my own race but it is hard knowing his track record.
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    Found you WetHog. You and I are battening it out.
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    Ok, I've been west for a while now and have yet to be included in your pictures. Where is the love? I will say I am a bit annoyed. I was the furthest west of the SA'ers for a while and then my goodnight course screwed me. Gybe Turkey and HKG came my way on hotter angles and now I am following those 2. Regardless, sleep > VORG. WetHog
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    I thought this may be referring to an increase in the negative AoA due to the lifting vector on the foil, similar to how leeway produces lift to windward on a centreboard. Not very effective though, as it only operates while the boat is rolling and would be very short lived as the foil would soon breach and ventilate, and suddenly there'd be zero downforce. Using downforce on the centre foil is effectively just adding unstable weight. Maybe it's way too low tech, but wouldn't it be simpler to just pump 500 litres or so of water into the windward float? Twice the effect per kg and no foil related issues.
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    There is this other great network called Sailing Anarchy, the characters are varied and content unpredictable. Good entertainment, highly recommend.