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    We keep those locked in the cupboard and out of reach so you don't hurt yourself.
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    Doug claims Gitana was not injured (maybe to his credit this time, for he was giving props to Sodebo), and of course he is proven wrong. Fact of the matter, Gitana was unable to foil for most of the race, which did keep her at a disadvantage compared to Sodebo relative to drag. So, we can look forward to better from Gitana in the next race (if they can keep her from breaking again). Anyway, from the Gitana site: http://www.gitana-team.com/en/a-1275/gitana-team-the-maxi-edmond-de-rothschild-second-in-her-first It will be interesting to see how these problems occurred, and what can be done to prevent the same problem from happening in the future with this new tech.
  3. 3 points
    Squid Routing is now available also. https://gis.ee/vor/
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    good on yer [sarcasm font] is that a thick skull or a numb skull [/sarcasm font] hope it's two healthy world citicezens, whether they are polish, italian, ahmurricanistani's, does not matter, as long as they are a o k , grin
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    Hi Mad, You are quite right. Appendicitis requires an operation to remove the appendix, however if at sea and unable to have an operation then antibiotics MAY help it to "wall" off and form an abscess. The patient still requires urgent transfer off the boat. The appendix is a small blind end tube, which may become blocked and infected = appendicitis. If it perforates the infection may spread throughout the abdomen. This requires urgent specialist treatment Dave
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    At which point did they state they had ‘a colossal routing mistake’ ? 2 strikes by UFO’s or fatigue failings? All of us here would love to the foils work, it’s your delusional and pedantic rambling and false claims regarding your design claims that piss everyone off.
  7. 2 points
    Hah! Child's play. Look at the CO2 levels the teams just sailed through not to mention the little alien man in the tool bar.
  8. 2 points
    Theodore says he is sick of filling in for you driving and wonders exactly what it is you do up front??
  9. 2 points
    LOL. A Strip Chart Duel at 0600. Come armed with excuses.
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    Funny how when Maserati won a race due to a navigation mistake by their opposition you kept banging on about how all that mattered was the result! If a mistake cost them 60 miles and their foils weren't good enough to make that back, it doesn't say very much for the foiling set up, but that really ignores the big mistake in your comments. Gitana didn't make a mistake in their course and they didn't tack back. Gitana sailed their optimum course downwind, which was higher than Sodebo and meant they had to GYBE to get back west and actually sailed over 100nm to get back to the same track as Sodebo. If they had sailed deeper like Sodebo, they wouldn't have been as quick as they were, but that speed came at a price. Simply, Sodebo made better VMG and when Gitana got back to where they needed to be, they were behind. When you sail hot and higher, that is the risk you take. If Gitana had sailed the same angles as Sodebo, they would not have pulled out the same sort of lead. You also ignore some simple truths. Gitana was behind for half the race when the race became a one way track. They trailed almost straight behind Sodebo and if they had a speed advantage , they should have overtaken Sodebo easily. As it happened, there were only fleeting moments of speed but for most of the time, they were slower, proving that Gitana doesn't have the all round ability needed for these long distance ocean races.
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    Amazing the development really - The clipper ships used to sail the long way because they couldn't sail upwind - then we worked that bit out - then moved on to fast reaching/ downwind so the long route came back. What next I wonder - Foilers that sail sooo fast upwind such that the shorter route comes back into play. I'd be surprised but never say never....
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    Suppose I should have said "many of you", or use And quite honestly you, and many here, really do know a lot and make great contributions. Thank you all!
  13. 2 points
    And here a bonus history lesson for tonight: sports tops? Who wants a frigging sports top? Tracy Edwards, then 22, steered the Maiden to a second place finish in the around the world race in 1989 CREDIT: ROGER ALLEN
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    Trying to sloooooooooowly enter in scene. Yesterday I was tempted to go the great flyer route north of the high. But I consider a bit safer trying to round the corner on the inner lane. Let's see...
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    The curse of Doug strikes again !! Well done Sodebo.
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    Here’s the latest view of the b group at the equator. I think the order crossing the equator was HKG, Jahmbo, Your Mom, Me (J2B2), Swamp Rat, Blitz and Tommmzzz.
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    Ya but boy do I sleep great at night with you in front and the real fleet just behind! Its like 2 posts and a hammock for lazy sailors (me)
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    Been out most of the day visiting a prospective college for the youngest. Glad I missed a lot of the tradewinds banter though! Some interesting takes. Yesterday Df and co did better than yesterdays routing would have suggested. Today's solutions looks like a complete 180 from yesterday, adding four days or so. Again, though, remember there is a five day reality cap to all of this. Finally the southern part of the course is starting to get really dynamic.
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    Unless it’s used as an adjective, ‘every day’ is. Two. Fuckin’. Words. Clanging halyards means the boat’s operator is either a novice or a hack. Your Honda portable generator isn’t as quiet as you think it is. So at least have the decency to run the fuckin’ thing in the middle of the day. Not at sunset or all evening. K? ‘Community reputation’ is NOT anarchic.
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    Nowadays your Sassy looks much different, but With New name, new a bit different shape, new sails, SHE Is One more time GREAT AGAIN. Irek would like to start to Non-Stop Solo Round The World in second half of December. * about website, It will be in English version, but I've got problem with my IT specialist, he's strike out all of deadlines. * you can check news on fb profile, I'm trying to add there English version of post And last question to you (on the pics which you can see below, there is single handed gennaker which've got 290 sqm). How much sgm have got SPINNAKER and SUPERFLANKER? Knows that somebody? .woj .
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    I'm a female sailor so my perspective might be a little different. I love sailing and I've raced competitively on a few different teams. A few years ago, I decided to stop racing. Not because I no longer wanted to, but because I just became so turned off by the race scene. I don't like how sexist and perverted some sailors and owners can be. I'm not saying all sailors and owners are this way, but quite a few seem to act as if though they are truly the best thing to ever happen to the sport. Just look at the names of so many of the boats, not even a subtle innuendo, just pwrverted. Because I've agreed to sail on your boat doesn't mean I have any interest in sleeping with you. Fellow racers, you're not a "rockstar", you're someone that has an incredible opportunity to get paid to do what so many people enjoy, and to see some amazing places along the way. Calling yourself a "pro" should mean more than accepting money to sail. You should act like a professional both on and off of the race course. I like to have fun, sometimes a little too much. Being a pro sailor doesn't make you God. I don't want you hitting on me, nor do I want to hear about all of the women you've had. Again, not all sailors that race act this way, but a few sailors I've encountered during my trip me racing come to (MB, WVW, JG, KJ,) Especially when everyone, including myself knows you have someone waiting at home for you. Enough with the derogatory comments about women; we are not all racer chasers or bow beauties. We are sailors that just happen to be women. If the behavior of "pro" sailors were scrutinized like the behavior so many other professional athletes are subjected to, the shenanigans of NFL players reported on ESPN would pale in comparison to the way "pro" sailors conduct themselves.
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    Brief report for the benefit of others. forecast was for 20kn se wind. We set the boat up with one reef and self tacking heady. THIS CONFIGURATION IS VERY MANAGEABLE IN 20KN. We started sailing to windward with the intention of building speed then bearing away to go downwind. Main traveller was fully down and a crew member was holding the main sheet. Speed built very quickly as we got hit by a big gust (40 kn) hull started to come up, main was completely dumped but hull kept climbing. I (helm) turned up to feather the sails but response was slow because all drive was coming from the heady and the bows were pressed. Boat capsized sideways. Whole thing took maybe 5 seconds. Mistakes: Bloody B&G wind instruments were not working so no appreciation of building breeze. (Rushour commonly does 20kn on a shy reach so 30kn of wind across the boat seems normal.) We never normally hold the jib sheet. (obviously a mistake) We were rushed with some inexperienced crew and I never allocated roles. I was complacent. I never even come close to even flying the hull high on the new Rushour. The gust of wind combined with boat speed gave approx 55 kn over the deck which was obviously enough to capsize a 7 ton boat. The wing mast may have contributed to the capsize. lucky we were only in 4 m of water and Rushour has a very strong wing mast so we were able to attach ropes to the high hull and tow her around so the bows were pointing into the wind and towed her over. The bottom hull was flooded and that helped to right the boat. You need a very big tow boat to pull a big cat over. We used a commercial cat Cat of Nine Tails to pull her up. We had her upright about 2 to 3 hours after capsize. I would not want to go through that in the open ocean. A huge thank you to all the people who rallied around and helped right, retrieve, clean the boat, and for all the messages. It makes you realise how good it is to belong to a strong sailing community.
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    Well, it's now over 2 months since Irma devastated the Virgin Islands. Nanny Cay was particularly hard hit, no boats survived intact in the old marina, most boats ashore were dismasted or blown over or both. Triple Jack was literally blown off her mooring as one of the 1" lines severed the front beam, the other broke, chafed? who knows. She landed ashore about 800 yds away, upside down on a concrete bridge, the mast broken in 4 places and the deck heavily damaged. Being on the bridge she was in the way and we were asked if she could be broken up with the excavator to clear the way. Fortunately Nanny Cay are our sponsors and we decided against the demolition job and to try and re-launch her by flipping her 'up and over' and back into the marina. That didn't go well , the stbd sponson was ripped off during the attempt. Plan B was simply to strap the sponson back on the beam and lift/ trundle her upside down onto blocks and out of the way. That went well but then came Maria. She fell of her blocks pushing her primaries through the now shattered deck. A pretty bleak scene indeed. Steve and I have owned TJ for 25 years, during that time she has never let us down despite some severe beatings both sides of the Atlantic. That includes the last 18 years or so of hard Caribbean racing pushing her ever harder and faster making some very necessary modifications along the way, mostly structural! Post Irma both our families have evacuated and returned, my roof went, Steve's didn't but in general things have settled down and it's time to glue her back together. Day one was today, we will keep you posted!
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    Are you taking your social relations education at tRuMp uNiVeRsItY - you fucking tosser?
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    Thanks. Good luck with the game and races. I look in the game thread once in a while, and 'trialling' foils sounds intriguing.
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    I’ve heard of people taking that option, not for a few years though. Not a bad call really, last place to have a ruptured appendix is in the middle of an ocean.
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    programmatic diddling allows for quantitative disputes. A whole 'nother realm of discussion, vs "cogit ergo FU"
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    Yes new. Nice tool for local surf.
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    I am ADHDESL... In the Rimas Round the World thread (a race to nowhere), they all argued that I was a Merican sock. English is almost the 1st language here, and we like fucking rappers, like Chris Brown. You are referring to " and not making up suspense re direct upwind to Cape Town." ? I read that like: "not making up things re direct upwind to Cape Town", while you probably ment "leaves no doubt" ? Sorry for that, my bad.
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    Fiji, can see that took time to link gathered the discussion in one spot. Big mistake is saying or thinking "I know you guys are all experts here". What were you thinking! That'd be a tough one to document and support.
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    How do you read and watch that video and miss the point re boats are different now? Upwind downwind - as long as they were fully powered up, the old displacement hulls didn't have a huge performance difference that would make a longer distance beam/downwind route faster. Modern hulls and boats are light and beamy. They plane. They can do 20-30knots. IOW they can sail double the distance and still come out on top because the boat is faster and stays in the 300-400nm per day range vs the round strong hulls of yore that bash 150-200.
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    Beat you guys across the equator! Hopefully it will be worth it at the finish line where it counts lol
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    No Miffy, you have it all wrong. It is about Mapfre finding a way to sail West to East or East to West, because somebody has conclusively shown they are faster than the others when going in that direction.... It's going to be hard to steel a march on the others unless they go to stealth mode or manage something under the cover of darkness. With the distance between DF and Mapfre, they can probably see each other even at night (of course they can see each other on AIS).
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    One hour before i get to the south! and then the big question, which side of the high to go. There seem to be two very distinct groups one of which going to the north and east of the high and the other south and west. Zezo keeps flicking between the two so it must be quite close between them. Probably will be the most interesting section of this leg.
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    That’s the last thing europe needs right now!!
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    Foils do make these boats faster......................................when conditions are right. The problem is that you need to be able to sail in a wide range of conditions and unless you get lucky, for too much of the time, the drag penalty of the foils seems to slow you more than the times when you get benefit from the lift. I see a number of things going on. First, there is way too much wetted surface from the foils so that in non foiling conditions, you are stuffed. Contrary to Doug's claim above, you cannot simply add sail area to compensate. Maserati says they are going to keep developing their boards and I suspect we will see new configurations. The biggest thing that many choose to ignore is just how efficient these big tris actually are. That efficiency becomes even more impressive when you look at all round efficiency in all conditions with all wind directions. Add to that safety margins and you are really up against it to find a better all round combination that will work over the course of a decent ocean race.
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    anyone you add into your friends list will always show up. It makes it interesting seeing people from here rather than a random assortment. I’m with you, it’s hard to see him climb the leaderboard right now. I know it’s because he’s more east, but I also know his decisions aren’t random and uncalculated like mine.
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    The only boat I can ever see around me is Your Mom. Which is a bit unnerving. Every time he twitches I second guess my route. I'm trying to ignore him and sail my own race but it is hard knowing his track record.
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    Found you WetHog. You and I are battening it out.
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    Ok, I've been west for a while now and have yet to be included in your pictures. Where is the love? I will say I am a bit annoyed. I was the furthest west of the SA'ers for a while and then my goodnight course screwed me. Gybe Turkey and HKG came my way on hotter angles and now I am following those 2. Regardless, sleep > VORG. WetHog
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    LOL He does have a sense of humor. You may not like it. I didn't when He joked about Putin finding my emails. I didn't sleep for a week.
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    Nope. Right, but not ability because ability means registration which means confiscation to me. I'm really serious about your thread title.
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    It's an Ice boat for when the ice is very soft John
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    It was good to see Windswept II out sailing under jib yesterday. Hopefully it's run of bad luck is over and the old girl will be smokin' around the local area for some time to come.
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    Have to upload screen shots...too many claim to be ignoring someone. Just noticed that a number in my ignore list are gone. ...I wish those warning points could be posted by forum users,,,1 vote each,, ~25 and a poster is gone. ...it'd never happen though. It'd drop the ever important post count. That's an interesting idea, the ability to vote someone off the island. I could see some major lobbying campaigns going on to recruit folks to vote to boot someone and then the person under attack does the same to retaliate. However, I could see that people's behavior would change dramatically as they approached the 25 point mark. Personally, I like the free for all, juvenile, food fight atmosphere. If I wanted polite all the time, I would go to a knitting forum. Based up the experience we had with the "Reputation" feature a few years back I could see this being a disasaster. Of course, our implementation was flawed, because it didn't limit the number of up/down votes per day. People immediately started acting like morons and downvoted the crap out of everyone. It didn't help that I changed the default labels to more amusing ones than the defaults supplied with the software. I think Gator was the first one to hit "Uberdouche". I think we shut that off after less than two days. If you were only allowed a few "Strikes" per unit of time (e.g. one/month, 5 per year) you would be a bit more judicious applying them than if you have an unlimited supply.