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    Here are tonight's rankings. More big changes in the last 24 hours. Rank Group SA Name Boat Name DTL 1 A,B,C spadadua 0.0 2 C puckhead 6.2 3 B Rimike rider1982 21.5 4 A Rainbow Spirit Rainbow Spirit II 27.0 5 A Lat21 Hamachi SA 44.6 6 A daan62 hutspot77 49.3 7 B mkgsailor J2B2 49.3 8 C wpbeardsley wpbeardsley 50.4 9 C mred mistered 53.5 10 C rolltak Awkward Turtle 62.1 11 B gary hschutz 63.7 12 A Hike, Bitches HikeBitches 66.7 13 B hmsmweasel Stay Thirsty M 43 67.0 14 A Vibroman Vibroman_SA 67.7 15 C Dirty Sea Rag 69.5 16 B unplugged Dcarr 70.2 17 A prettyhatemachine prettyhatemachine 70.4 18 A BlueMountainsYC shockwave11 70.6 19 B Shorthanded Shorty 71.1 20 C Will Lee Lorraine III 71.2 21 C JeSa-SA JeSa 71.2 22 A Breitling Breitling_SA 71.5 23 B Gufmiester Gufmiester 71.6 24 A Marty6 Cambodunum 71.7 25 B sailon2 jahmbo SA 71.7 26 B jacksparrow Malamute 71.9 27 B N/A Walkaround 71.9 28 B Iluvitar 71.9 29 B Mr. Fixit Yodaman 72.3 30 A HKG1203 HKG1203 72.5 31 C Sapphire Girl Sapphire Girl 73.0 32 B Milli Blitzquart 73.2 33 C Sambaopreis Sambaopreis 74.3 34 B Swamp Swamp Rat 74.8 35 A Ozzy Ozzy 85 77.3 36 A From The Rail A-Squared 81.6 37 A Golden Rose Golden Rose SA 82.5 38 C Loon Localdog 82.6 39 A Tunnel Rat Mongrel 82.8 40 A Mike G Mike Ventura 84.8 41 A I Sail The Black Boat Thistle1678 85.5 42 C sailingk8 She Wolf 100.0 43 B GrandbendOnt 236.1 44 B cg_ 395.8 45 C Vin Divided Sky 421.7 46 B Alpina ColombaRacing 435.7 47 B Magool Magool 438.60 48 B kea.nn kea.nn SA 441.3 49 B EquusAsinusDomesticus ON9270 461.5 50 A Gybe Turkey Gybe Turkey 468.6 51 A Driftwood Me Rongo Rekohu SA 470.2 52 A Kapt'n Kirk prowler_1-SA 473.9 53 B stanlutz USA644RAVEN_SA 481.0 54 A Mud Sailor Mudsailor SA 922.8 55 A Wet Hog WetHog-SA 973.8 56 B Tommmzzz tommmzzz 1074.0 57 A Your Mom Your Mom SA 1077.1 58 B stufishing Stufishing_SA 1124.6 59 B CaptainSENer CaptainSENer DNS 60 B RunSampRun Samsonite SA DNS
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    No fair question. Here is my press release. Hello fellow inhabitants of this beautiful planet. You will have seen many requests on this site all for very worthy and personal reasons. I am raising money to buy a Super yacht and race it at all the great regattas around the world, for the future of this planet. Saving the environment. Like so many people I am horrified by the plastic in our oceans, and to help save the seas i will be leading a global awareness campaign to stop beer being sold in plastic bottles. As we attend the various super yacht regattas we will not only be show casing the glass bottle product in an aspirational setting, we will be rubbing shoulders with our fellow owners- captains of industry who's support we can gain over cocktails with the Aga Khan. Only by gaining their trust and respect can we on the left hope to change hearts and minds of the capitalist elite, and to join our worthy crusade. It is a high profile, low key approach and it is for this reason we have reluctantly decided not to name the boat 'Save the Ocean'. We are hopping to have 'Pussy Galore' ready for this season. Here are some more boats we are considering. We also will be giving some young people a chance to experience working in the industry. We have already begun interviewing potential crew. Please help us make the world a better place.
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    Is the Trump Administration hiring him right away, or do they want to wait until he gets his security clearances?
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    Volvo Race Tracker = 1 hour excitement + 5 hours thread drift and abuse = 6 hour updates.
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    I still say that those who are donating know where the money is going and they are giving. Their choice. To say they should give the remainder of the money, after paying to remove the boat is ludicrous. Then you should tell the 1%ers, that they should give their excess money to charity. At least these folks are more honest than many of the 1%. They made no secret of the fact that they want to try again. I am with RKoch, I think the jury is till out on how stupid they really are. I am not optimistic, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they learned something.
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    Or they left it because only someone with shit for brains would trophy hunt in the first place.
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    That's a random thought, MV.
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    WTF are you on about? The AC will be nothing like that. If that is what you like and think that the AC should be like, why aren't you ripping into ETNZ for what they are proposing? Think about what has been proposed. They are going to have foiling boats that handle unlike anything we have ever seen before and which they claim will be as fast or faster than the last AC. You do realise that once they get over a certain speed, which will be in everything but the lightest winds, there will be no kites. It will be just like last time - a mainsail and a jib, on all points of sailing. Being a new class, there will be significant differences in speed, just like last time. Unless they have some sort of power source, most of the crew will be grinding in order to trim the sails, tip the outrigger arms and control the foils. If you think it is going to be anything like the TP52's, you don't understand sailing at all. While there are still a lot of details we don't know, the one thing that is certain is that these boats will be unlike anything we have seen before.
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    crazy thing is I think he might actually believe that shit.
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    She just fucked up Donnie's weekly cocaine shipment. Of course they're going to claim it's cornstarch.
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    I tried to report the drift but had no luck I'm running Windows Network Diagnostics now so we're sure to get to the bottom of this...
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    Now available in the VOR online store
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    Heck, the SR-71 had a real life R2-D2 in the back that did celestial navigation with star sights. The nice advantage jets have is that they get above the clouds and the turbulence. Just on the subject of GPS - from the point of view of the satellites there is now close to zero chance they will go away, there is GPS, Galileo, Glonnas, and BeiDou-2. US, European, Russian and Chinese. All provide open access, and most modern chipsets have the ability to use more than one of these services. Even your humble iPhone. If every one of these constellations went away when you were at sea, I would be looking very hard for a small island community to offer your services as boat owner and seafarer to, in order to eek out the rest of your life. You could safely assume there was nothing to go home to. The biggest risk is failure of your navigation systems. No matter how much redundancy you might have, you need to power nav systems, and it isn't hard to concoct an accident that leaves you dependant upon only a handful of dry batteries to power your reserve GPS receivers, and thus with a drop dead date depressingly close by. A well aimed lightning strike may well leave you very short on capability. There is an argument that this risk is so low that you are better off spending time on more important things, and this is a human failing. But it remains a real risk, and it is one that takes little to no mitigation, so why would you not keep manual tools to hand? Celestial nav is a fascinating subject. Len Beadell's Gunbarrel Highway was driven across the middle of Australia with nothing but star sightings. There is a reason for the name, and Len's survey and nav skills were it.
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    If a Maxi skipper feels the racetrack is so short that he'd rather risk losing a protest than do a 720 then, yeah, too short.
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    No. You would have heard about her. Such a Macho boat to be called Her. In France boats are He. On the subject: very difficult in the US. to get anybody interested in the Class 40; very little actions in one offs of any kind, and you can even forget about starting a sailboat production line. Except for the herd mentality that seems to hover the general population in general. Just observation.
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    I passionately condemn this terrible incident. Corn starch should not be wantonly wasted in such a cavalier manner. Soggy meat and watery curry will not be tolerated in the name of vigilante culinary attacks. I also condem real and faux terrorism attacks, but that’s boring to say.
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    It is, it' sick and wrong. Attempts to harm them or family members like this is bullshit that should be stopped. The hammer needs to be dropped on whoever did this. I wish no more ill will on than Trumps than would be applied via due process under law.
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    There must be an advanced search to count the number of times he has asked that strawman question, and a matching number of times he has been reamed by facts. But fuckwits can't learn, they just stay at the limits of their mental capacities and just continue asking the same stupid questions again and again. And again in this thread facts are reported and this stupid cunt attacks the journalist. "oh look over there!" YCMTSU
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    Do you know them? I don't...and I'm not going to invent personality characteristics to justify hating them. That's for the online trolls.
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    Look how Wharram crossed the Atlantic the first time : https://www.sailmagazine.com/multihulls/james-wharram-sailed-across-atlantic-home-built-catamaran When Moitessier left Asia, it was similar stuff. Obviously they became good sailors soon after.
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    If all comms went on the boat then the 2 x extra hand helds they carry (I assume they do.... I do) will suffice.... But if Kim Jong Un lets off fireworks, maybe the GPS accuracy is affected or lost, then what.... Why wouldn't all navigators know celestial navigation..? I still think it should be mandatory to at least know how to do a noon sight on any boat crossing an ocean. But i'm 52 so maybe it's the era I was born into They must feel Scally is right to get down there at all costs.. As someone else said, what a difference one day makes.... I didn't think the northerners would out run that wind line.....
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    How much are these kids going to learn by getting bailed out of their situation within 36 hours I wonder? When I was young and stupid, and needed to be bailed out of one situation or another, it came with grovelling and accepting responsibility on my part, and a stern lecture and repayment schedule on my mother's. If these guys don't spend some time figuring out what they don't know, I won't be convinced they've learned anything beyond the power of going to the media with a good sob story and setting up a GoFundMe account.
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    The majority of long range cruisers do not know much about sailing, so you can skip that. Maybe read a primer about it on the way across. That leaves anchoring skills. The easy way to learn about anchoring is start a new thread with the words "How to Anchor" in the subject. Most everthing else you need can simply be purchased. You do have money, right? The YouTube/GoFundMe sailing the seas gimmick is a thoroughly occupied space. Sailing to CA from QLD directly is not advised. You can go via the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, or via Japan. The best thing about the Japan route is that the Philippines lies along the way. Most sailors stop in the Philippines, immediately come to their senses, and go no further. This will save you much time, distance and risk. There is really no reason to go on to California. I speak from experience. There is nothing here for you. California can be a nice stopover on the way to Latin America, however. But you will find the airline connections from QLD quite affordable compared to the anchoring gear recommended by the forum. That is all I know.