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    Hi Shaggy! I tried to message you and answer you directly. Only after I composed the message did I see that you do not accept messages. So, I will answer you directly here. As I have told others who have messaged me, I simply realized that I am not a good fit for the kind of conversation that permeates this forum. I had about 13 people on ignore, and still couldn't get away from it. And when the shit started getting directed toward me personally, I absolutely knew I didn't want to participate in that ugly "game". I sail for enjoyment. I don't mind arguments at all - but many here seem to talk "at you" rather than "with you". Some say things I do on my boat won't work for them (Fine!), but then they say it doesn't work for ME, even though I know it does! ( Halyards at the mast; Atomic 4; centerboard; no lazy jacks; etc.). Others here seem to go out of their way to TRY and attack at every possible opportunity. Sure, I get that this is "anarchy", so there is no changing it. But, I just don't enjoy the mudslinging. I would far prefer to disagree without being disagreeable, and far less ugliness ..and that just isn't what SA is all about. I am a bad fit for here. The precipitating moment for me was this: I got a bunch a shit thrown at me in a thread I started about shoal draft cruisers, and a couple of others piled on there and elsewhere. It was said that I was "argumentative" and "bullheaded"? ..Of course there was no way for me to argue that point without making their point. I came here to talk about sailboats, not get into personality wars. I lurked here for many years long before I posted - and I am happily back to lurking now. (..I actually lasted longer than I imagined I would! ) I truly have no issue with anyone who thinks my boat heels too much, or doesn't agree with how I sail her. My "issue" arises when the disagreement evolves beyond someone arguing about what I do, and becomes focused on attacking me personally - as if I'm personally flawed because I don't sail the way they do, or do things the way they do. Perhaps that difference seems subtle to some - but not for me. It's the difference between saying: "That rigging you have there is fucked up!", and "You are fucked up". And while I do tend to be rather thin-skinned, my departure was really about not wanting to be drawn into repeated ugly conversations - something I could readily do if I didn't control myself. I see more and more people just being rude and ugly to one another every day. It sickens me. Being ugly and rude has nearly become a "new normal" almost everywhere, and it seems to be celebrated here. I don't want to be that way. Since the age of eight, sailing has always been my vehicle to step away from all the ugliness I encounter. I'm choosing to value and protect that. Bottom Line: I'm just not a good fit for here. Hope this clarifies things for you. Tom Scott
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    It's fractally fucked.
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    This is a President of whom all Republicans can be Proud. His truthfulness and integrity sets an example for all beautiful GOP children to follow, and for their parents to be so proud. The same holds true for his selflessness, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and dedication to our Constitution. His administration is a breath of fresh air after the constant scandals of the Obama Administration, what with his failure to resolve his Birth Certificate questions and his penchant for acting like an emperor. What Good Republican is NOT proud of this great man and all he has done for The Party?
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    It’s difficult to believe the editor could exceed his usual ignorance, but he’s really outdone himself with the lame attack on the Golden Globe retro race. The latter is the coolest thing that’s happened in long-distance racing in decades. I almost never read the FP. It’s just a platform for naked stupidity and prejudice.
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    What vise is on it? A good vise is like a good anvil, expensive. And they sound good.
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    Maybe that's why he won't show the boat in person?
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    Erm, yes, my point was about abuse. A few posters were saying there should be no rules 69, or rule 69 should be thing for the courts, not protest committees. My point was there are things, which aren't illegal but shouldn't be apart of sailing, like abuse and deliberate / premeditated cheating. Secondly, I used the family members as an example, as a rhetorical question. How would you feel if it was your family being sworn at? I did readers may not have much sympathy for someone charging in a start line getting a verbal lashing, but they may think twice if it was someone they are close to and do have empathy for, like a family member. You obviously interpreted at this being some sort of stance that my family need m protection or something, they don't, I don't have any family who sail (except my partner). Read my other post to get the clear drift I'm talking about abuse, not specifically swear words, but swear words used at or toward someone can be part of that verbal abuse. However, after calling me out for bullshit, you now seem to agree with me, a sailor abusing others, especially kids - should be penalized. Well, fuck me, it seems we agree! Finally, the word fuck is not categorised as 'abuse' to me. I never got close to saying that. Swearing at people, deliberately trying to intimidate or bully them. There's a link to my sailing videos, watch a few and you'll hear some colourful language. I'm not for one moment suggesting letting slip a f-bomb when you stub your tow, mess up a mark rounding, or find yourself over at the situation you find yourself in should be punished or is abuse of those who might overhear. Do not try to use 1950 standard to a 2020 world? I'm not sure what your point is here. Ill tell you why I don't think abusive language should be part of the sport. I think sailing should be about using boat handling, wind shifts, strategy, sail trim, tides and waves to get a sail boat around the course. I don't think verbally attacking people, hoping they will be fearful or your aggression should be part of the sport and change their actions (i.e. bullying someone out of your way) should be part of the sport. Let me ask you this. When you attack some verbally, shout them down on the race course, what are you hoping to achieve? You'll say if they don't want to be called a fucker, they shouldn't act like a fucker. But it's clear your just trying to induce an action from them, otherwise you wouldn't be communicating with them at all. But who's to say they were acting like a fucker in the first place? That's just your call. And you're not always right. I've been in enough protests and done enough sailing to know people can be convinced they are righteous, when in fact it's just them being the fucker. It soon descend s in to sailors, whether they're in the right or wrong, abusing / intimidating / bullying other, so they get out of their way, regardless of whose right in terms of RRS. There's plenty of great ways in sailing to get an advantage over competitors using sailing skill, without resorting to bullying. So it's not about snowflakes or anything like that, it's just something that doesn't add to the game of sailing and shouldn't be in the sport. Finally, your wife. She takes zero shit, somebody talks shit at her, she comes back harder. What specifically does that mean? She shouts louder? She uses naughty words too? She resorts to a bitch fight like walmart mums? Is there an implicit threat of violence when she returns heat with heat? Well, she sounds like a keeper. But I really think the testing of this special skill of hers shouldn't be part of what makes a good sailor good. I don't think many people want to be part of a sport where taking a dressing down from MRS CLEAN is a key determination of your ability to play. It just sounds like a shit sport. So in conclusion, its not me conflating all sorts of things to avoid saying that I don't like swear words being used. It is you who are conflating things, because it is not the language per-see that I object to it's the use of the language to attack people. My underlying motive is that I want to keep sailing about sailing, not bitching at one another.
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    Which 'she'? Melania? She does seem very unhappy. I assume there's some clause in the pre-nip that keeps her attached. Hillary? She's perfectly happy with douch bag Bill. Without him she's just an anonymous corporate attorney. Probably pretty well off, but nowhere near the fortune she and Bill grifted. And she rode Bill's donor-list Rolodex into a Senate seat, Secretary of State, and two presidential campaigns. Nothing to indicate she'd do that on her own. She doesn't blame Bill for the 'bimbo eruptions', she blames the women. It's for sure a dysfunctional relationship, but both seem happy to have profited greatly from it.
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    I dunno, Chessie. I really think that no matter what the left does, it will be described 24/7 on Breitbart, FOX and InfoWars as communist or socialist or unAmerican and there will be no effort made to understand and look out for the good of the country by the GOP. I'd like to say kumbaya, and lets now forget past slings and arrows... but it didn't work after the Iraq invasion, because no one in the Bush administration had to apologize for killing all those Americans & Iraqis, nor for ballooning our deficit by starting two wars and putting it on our tab. During Obama's term, there was a systematic effort to block every piece of reasonable legislation by the minority leadership. This prevented the usual "let's take this bill and make it better" process from making the ACA better than the original... instead the legislative process became a political punching bag, and making it ALL fail was the goal of the Republicans for seven years. Once they got into power they tried their best to kill the ACA, but then they realized that it was actually working pretty well AND they actually had no idea how to replace it. I'd give your team more credit, Chessy, if they were trying to be constructive. But they are NOT. They are, as you state, setting our house on fire and expecting Democrats to share the blame. Sorry, we are still trying to make dinner and get the kids to do homework while putting out GOP fires, as the long and consistent (albeit sluggish) recovery has shown. I'm sorry, there has to be a system of accountability, and the recent leadership dumpster fire in charge of the GOP is one of three colossal examples this century in which their policies have directly harmed our national security, our economic fortunes and our leadership in the world. We've got to identify those practices which caused the problems, and much as you'd like Democrats to share the blame, I really haven't seen you make the case this plainly why they should. You just say, "I know you are, but what am I" as if that is persuasive. You've got to realize that the GOP still has NO IDEA how to address the structural problems facing our nation on healthcare, race relations, immigration, the wealth & wage gap, and international relations. We are increasingly isolated, Americans are increasingly one health care crisis from bankruptcy, and hatred is on the rise. We've pulled out of major treaties and scored no diplomatic wins, and are starting trade wars without a recognizable framework or plan. This is all happening BECAUSE of Republican leadership. Not sure why you think Democrats shouldn't call you on it.
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    Root 66... I didn't realise that panther was ex Cyno that had a stint (and a lot of work done, plus a capsize) in Tassie? Quick boat:)
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    And treated like a one design as there is no handicapping on the finishing side. Edit: They race under a single design rule - one design. Same for level racing. They are scored as one design.
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    Yrvind actually got young women to sail with him over long distances on tiny boats and had the pictures to prove it...an achievement Rimas will never unlock.
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    I think Leo already touched on the subject early on in the series. Paraphrasing, his bottom line in concordance with other shipwrights in Port Townsend was that since wooden boats can be repaired in every way and as many times as necessary, there's no inherent paradox. By design, they immortal if we chose to keep them alive.
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    I saw that comment as well. My immediate thought was........No......everyone does not deserve respect and dignity on death. Far from everyone in fact. Whether this woman's life meets that threshold is not possible for me to judge from her obit. But no.........everybody does NOT get a trophy.......and not everyone deserves respect.
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    Ed - it IS just you. This is one of the coolest races I can think of. Your snide "heh heh look at the dorks in the old boats" attitude is one reason racing is dying all over the USA. This is something *I could actually do*. I'll never get millions of dollars to get a high tech fragile boat, run around real fast, forget how to work the plotter, and hit a reef, but I might one day do this. This race is sailing ANARCHY 10,000 times more than VOR employees getting a paycheck to stand a watch and getting in trouble because their comments offend their corporate bosses
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    Come on now, Ed. Us po' folks want some racing that we can relate to. The carbon sleds and canting keels are cool, but many of us still like to watch the Catalina 27 fleet duke it out, too.
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    what attack? it's called commentary. thank you now go fuck yourself.
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    I'll follow this race. I follow lots of different races. It's all fun. I might even learn something. You never know.
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    Real women do. They also need helmets and clubs.
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    Trump got a solid majority of the white vote, which was 70% of the voters. He lost the 30% minority vote by a large margin. He lost the under-29yo vote by a large margin, and lost the 29-40 vote as well. Demographically, Trumps largest support was white voters with low education levels, high school grad or less. He got solid support from elderly white voters as well. In general, the changing demographics don't indicate a long term success of Trumpism. It's the final last ditch counter-offensive by the racists to keep minorities 'in their place' and women under the domination of men. My own, unscientific, breakdown of Trump voters indicates 4 main groups. 1) The white supremacists and neo-nazis stirred into a frenzy by Breitbart/Bannon and other shit-stirrers. They're the ones feeling especially emboldened by Trump to come out of the closet. I equate them to sexually frustrated Islamic terrorists...subconsciously they know they're a small minority and have to use intimidation and violence to force their views on society. 2) Republicans and indies who were apprehensive about Trump, but figured Clinton was worse. Small business owners, white working class, retirees, etc. Clinton certainly wasn't going to do much for them, so it's hard to fault them for rolling the dice. 3) Republicans who pay no attention to politics and simply vote R. A fucking pedophile in Alabama got a lot of votes.... 'nuff said. 4) Evangelicals who think God sent them Trump to do His work. They are mostly bat-shit crazy. There is some intersection between groups of course.
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    I for one am disappointed that we won't have that this cycle - its the role I've been training my whole life for!
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    As the rest of the fleet sailed across the harbour, John knew he was in trouble when he discovered he couldn't fit under the boom.
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    i have them all on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yab4ewoebutzg7g/AADXCzwq-pRoP_5puAF5t6NCa?dl=0 access will be cancelled after 30 days from today, but send me a pm if you need them after this period https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yab4ewoebutzg7g/AADXCzwq-pRoP_5puAF5t6NCa?dl=0
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