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    This very nice drawing of the 18 GGR boats that started today, was created by Jacques Taglang.
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    This advice is dangerous. While heaving to, might be appropriate , running bare poles downwind in a heavy sea is just asking to be rolled. Without any means of keeping stern, or bow to the waves it is almost guaranteed that you will be left broadside to the waves and be rolled. This is precisely the situation that drogues were designed to help with.
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    If it floats ... any bets on which way up it would float?
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    While watching the video of the Grand Prix Guyader posted by huey2, believing it was a video of this year, I just noticed a detail that I hadn't seen the first time. In fact it's a video from last year and we can see that Paul Meilhat has a "hybrid" foil on his boat SMA. Seemingly, after looking at the pictures of other races, this solution hasn't been validated. Having found nothing on the forum about these foils, I just found that : http://www.courseaularge.com/foil-hybride-a-lessai-sma.html
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    Today s this one. 107 by robert perry, on Flickr
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    Took a bit to find the names of the English commentators on the GGR site. Appreciated the commentary by Assistant Director: David Pryce (AUS) and GGR Media distribution ( PPL Media Ltd) manager Barry Pickthall (GBR) FWIW, the core management team is listed at http://goldengloberace.com/4-months-start/ Race Chairman and founder: Don McIntyre (AUS) Race Director: Patrice Carpentier (FRA) Assistant Director: David Pryce (AUS) French Manager: Celine Trommenschlager (FRA) Admin & Finance Director: Jane Zhou (CHI) Safety Director: Shane Freeman (AUS) Digital Content Director: Nick Jaffe (AUS) Official Photographer: Christophe Favreau (FRA) GGR Media distribution is conducted through PPL Media Ltd and managed by Barry Pickthall (GBR) Pryce and Pickhall had some interesting audio tidbits that came up after the video switched to ads/newscast. Added time remaining from spyderpig's post 207 above (thanks!) the French perception that Moitessier would have won, despite the facts. (-9:40). the Palestinian NABIL AMRA PALESTINE and the Hungarian ISTVAN KOPAR USA are actually American; the two Aussies were actually born in Manchester(-4:18) two boats are penalized already. Keeners Mark Slatts (NED) and Philippe Péché (FRA) tried to save weight by inside mods; penalty is to carry an extra battery (-3:46) there's another prize of GBP 5,000 for the fastest around this race too which is a bit like the 5000 Sir Robin donated to Crowhurst's widow so she keep her house (last few seconds)
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    First picture is on a s2 9.1 I race on called odyssey. The second picture is of a Nelson marek 30 I also race on called Half Nelson, it’s from the start of an overnight race where we were beating a Henderson 30, hobie 33s and a Peterson 37, we are on the left
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    Some nice lazy plane action on 675
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    Winter squall...of R de la P.
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    Seriously gorgeous hull lines, enhanced by the simplicity of the wishbone rig ... but badly let down by the coachroof. The shape is suitably subtle, but it is featureless. It needs some contrasting colour, or portholes, or handrails, or something.
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    Why is it stupid? This race isn't that far removed from hiscock, pardey, guzzwell, chichester or others of that ilk. This is a bunch of blokes having fun in the guise of a race. I wish them the best of luck.
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    This is replacing the Opti's in the junior racing program.
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    Witty could stay ashore and do Media Relations & PR.
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    Sadly, looks that way, but an IMOCA with a crew rule ("gauge", I roughly translate). " In the next six months, Imoca and Volvo Ocean Race will indeed work through a bipartite commission to the drafting of a "crew section" of the existing gauge , specifically for the Volvo 2021" The OD VO65 evolved, so two more editions to see a crewed IMOCA rule evolve. Everyone will be back to "it's not me, it's the boat, it's the rule." Glad I got to follow team racing like we had never seen before, and will not see again for many more years. Still hoping the "crewed" IMOCA rule will be OD, but judging by the number of architects quoted, I doubt that they agree.
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    Yep...the grandparents won't be happy with the kids name though.
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    Detail of 'Nyala', a new Dutch-built replica of S&S yawl 'Impala'. Just... wow...
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    Joshua has arrived in Les Slables D'Olonne. This is the first time Suhaili and Joshua are in the same place together.
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    Leo’s been around the classic-boat rodeo long enough to know what he’s got. Good on him. (It’s the nautical equivalent of doing up a ruined Grand Designs castle; Paging Kevin McCloud?)
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    Having spent yesterday afternoon on the couch watching almost all of the episodes on the channel since sailing got cancelled, I’d have to say it’s one of the best sailing channels on YouTube. Stacked full of useful information and very well presented. I hope he is able to keep the quality content going for the rest of the build and beyond!
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    He is doing it, on his Westsail 32, while we are all just watching. Just sayin'