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    1. The RIg will need to be different as the IMOCA rig % loadings were not considered acceptable for the Super 60, or the 65. This is already in discussion. 2. Are you joking? Do you not realise that that the crew get woken up and moved to the most suitable position depending upon the wind angle? Downwind in the Southern Ocean, the crew all need to sleep as far aft as possible in order to send the boat as hard as possible; because if you don't do that, then you will lose out to a team that does. This sort of thinking is what I don't think some people are grasping. 3. Remodelling what though? Do you tell your sponsor that they need to wait for the end of the Vendee Globe to buy a second hand boat (assuming the one you have agreed to buy actually gets to the finish)? Because unless you are building new, then that is your only choice. Or do you agree to buy a boat now (if you had the money), knowing that any purchase now will require an agreement to let the boat do the VG with the current owner? Your only other choice is a new build. Don't get me wrong, I will be working to get a team to the start line given whatever rules are in place. I just don't think a lot of it has been thought through properly. At the end of the last race they were getting 1 million hits per minute on the tracker (on the last two legs). That will never happen again, because the racing just won't be as tight. There seems to be a thought that just
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    $1000 won't get you very far either. It isn't trivial to add a pilothouse or switch from a cutter to a ketch rig. As a self-declared newbie, part of what you'll be paying for is an education. But if the designer is offended or put off by your questions, run away! Save yourself the frustration and wasted money by moving on to someone else who is more compatible with your vision and can quickly demonstrate an understanding of what you want. Better yet, just keep looking at real boats until you find one you love. Far better to be on the water sailing than squandering precious years and cash on an elusive dream.
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    The whole "we have to have a boat ath the cutting edge etc." vibe comes from the sailors and designers. Their motives differ, but are aligned. But, if they thought about the sustainability of the event from a commercial perspective perhaps they'd be a bit more measured in their support for this aspect?
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    Actually, she's doing quite well (up to 29%) considering: Guess there might be a bunch of netballers checking out Dee's website and what an MBE means.
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    Wildly different opinions. Still trying to figure the crew into this. 1. Skipper (male/female, under 30 [possible]) 2. Navigator (male/female, under 30 [slim]) 3. OBR 4. Boat Captain trimmer/helmsman/fixit (male/female, under 30 [possible]) 5. Crew/bow/helmsman, medic (male/female, under 30 [possible]) I suppose there would be a tendency to load the boat up with all IMOCA sailors who are efficient at all roles on the boat. Skipper could also be the navigator for example. This might exclude other pro’s whose experiences are on fully crewed boats. It makes a lot of sense to merge the two races but the boat has always been a puzzle. Curious to see what they come up with. (A great white just breached right in front of me). Nature.
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    I have a little trouble understanding : The priority of current IMOCA owners is the VG. And they will do the intermediate races. We will see what Alex Thomson will do but if Yan Eliès or Paul Meilhat manage to build a new boat, it will compete with Beyou's Charal and probably won't be made for a VOR . Will they sell or rent after the VG ? And harm the class by depriving the fleet of its boats for short-handed racing ? There is what, 8 months between the end of the VG and the beginning of VOR, less ... Do you think this's possible they will be able to transform the boat and train with ? Or the new owners of the VOR will put money on the table to finance new boats? But may be that's also why the VO65s are still needed ...
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    Great, but there are no bunks either. SO you redesign the interior, redesign the cockpit, fit a different rig, carry more safety gear, why go IMOCA?
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    I mean, he did make it around the world non-stop via the capes so I'd say the design has some serious merit as an blue water ocean going vessel. I don't think Jerome would ever want that to be said about the W32. I know he absolutely loves that boat, design and the community/history that comes with it. If I had to guess about the quote based upon speaking with him during his trip I believe the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn was just a bit more than he expected. I think he experienced some incredibly scary and dangerous conditions (as saw by the life lost during the VOR) and it was just incredibly dangerous to be out there, by himself, in a boat of that size.
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    Yeah, the BoatYard concept has been a winner, and also seemed to build even more camaraderie amongst shore crews, since there was less chance of 'conflict of interest.. Too, many sailors who didn't have rides or contracts seemed to find jobs in the boatyard, and gained some pretty valuable experience. It's an --unintended consequence?--benefit that I hope other large race organizations will look at. Can it work when the boats are not OD and each team is then forced to look out for their own? Will probably be harder, more expensive, and generally less efficient. Did your friend at Harken see anything like that, beyond the usual camaraderie amongst shore crews/ preperateurs naturally have? Would be interested in your friend's impressions.
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    Most of this easily applies to Happy Jack.
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    I don't think twin-skin will ever be as efficient as a rigid wing, surface area for surface area. But I also can't see a twin-skin being used if it offers no performance advantages over regular sail. So if what we get is a new and better type of soft sail, that can be used and hoisted in 'regular' boats, I'd see that as win.
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    I was assisting on a rib on saturday. They looked good when there was enough breeze. Good racing with a mix of lowriding and foiling. I still believe boats would be better off with a bigger mainfoil to have better flying time, but I was surprised to see a couple of actual foiling tacks from the top guys; impressive! I was told sunday was glam and thursday and friday were shit. Overall a lot of young guys in there, and that has to be a great result for amac, since getting the kids on the foils was the whole point of the new class for him.
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    another nice one... same boat... running in first position... in the end winning the one ton revival regatta 2016 in Breskens (the Netherlands)
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    Cuttyhunk sundown.
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    It'll make sure there are some teams at the starting line when in 2020, there's a realization that no one is building a new boat specifically for 2021 because it is now too hard for wealthy corinthians, you get more fun sailing your own boat in the classics or circumnavigate at your own pace without being tasked to PR events like a Formula 1 driver (but paying to participate - so Lance Stroll?). I thought before that the best chance was to essentially accept the death of traditional fully crewed racing, no more traditional navs, 3-5 crew (2-3 bean bags for sleeping), accept the IMOCAs as what all boats are, compromises - accepting autopilots and let the specific teams decide how they want to manage their duties on board (if it is faster for someone to trim full time vs. holding a tiller, so be it). Not even sure that's going to happen now if the disorganization means everyone is delaying the inevitable until it just becomes Barcelona 2.0. The really big problem they need to solve is how to get participants to be ready and partake in the classics 18 months before the actual event. Drawing from what's going on with the AC 34-35 and what's going on in the current build up to AC36, there's no magic bullet re boat tech, boat size. AC34 had some of the best coordinated PR/site coverage in San Francisco, great story book comeback - but there was only 2 boats racing. AC35 had a few more proxy entries - but they weren't legit and really probably wasn't a commercial success that Bermuda was looking for. I think the most realistic end result is going to be IMOCAs being leased from owners for the VOR, or owners participating themselves - extra funding and increase the competition cadence so people stay employed and advancements keep happening within the framework of the IMOCA. Keel and mast will stay OD - hull molds are already shared with all these sister boats from the same architects. Foil/interior/deckplan left up to the owners. The boats will be invariably less safe than the 65s - they won't have the diesel endurance or robustness, but that can be alleviated by not designing stops for people who don't care about safety/right season for the course. And keep silly IMOCAs like Conrad's frakenboat because it barely sustained 1 person let alone 5.
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    He reversed the decision. Of course, SHB claims the denial wasn't from President Trump, and when he did hear about it, he ordered the flags to be lowered. Yeah, right. Some staffer took it upon him/herself to, on behalf of the POTUS, deny the request - and nothing will happen to them. Just another example of the President making impulsive decisions, and then reversing course when it reflects poorly on him.
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    Resistance to flow goes as the inverse square of the pipe diameter and is proportional to pipe length. With a 15-20' run, there would probably be a big benefit to upsizing the hose to 2", way more so if the existing stuff is corrugated on the inside and the new stuff is smooth. This would be true even if you've got narrow fittings, again because the length of the run likely makes it the dominant source of flow restriction.
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    Dick I get the impression that Bice is the only gatekeeper preventing the frenzy. If he loses control everyone is out of a job incl his employer. But good as he maybe the question is how much RO money is on the table? That is between now, at some point when designers will be be doing no more on spec and want a cheque, expectation then to match budget and when future team money hopefully arrives, if only as strong prospects to make it happen? Bicey will be looking forward to the Xmas break is my guess.
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    Real risk of a Marine Industry Feeding Frenzy - sailors and designers may align around options that drive massive development costs which could hurt both RTW events and IMOCA classes, There's a lot at stake so you'd hope those driving the bus get it.
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    If flags are flown low for every mass shooting in this country, they'd never see the top of the staff. Just not practical.
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    I don't think so. IYRU Rules 1947: Rule 45. Protests can be made by any competitor against another. (emphasis added). IYRU Rules 1961: Rule 68. A protest can be made by any yacht against another.(emphasis added).
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    A good one from last Saturday...
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    The biggest difference between them is that if they are trapped with you when you die a dog will starve to death beside your dead body while a cat will eat you.