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    when you pictiurre thisse service repp in you heade, ist she dressed licke a geeshia?
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    True. I had to sign a legal document designating SBI as my "mail agent". To be fair, a number of banks and financial insitutions struggle with this too and they have very few Australians trying to sort the problem.
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    spray PVA over it. You can use a Preval sprayer for small amounts
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    if I'm volunteering my time running RC and someone has a problem with the AP flag not up becuase we didn't start at the appointed time, we're going to have a short talk at the dock..
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    Did you also get told how eager the owner is to hang on to it until someone who can truly appreciate the masterful way he has maintained it comes along to pay the full asking price?
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    Jesus tittyfucking christ, are you on drugs?
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    Well, that's easy to explain - the guy's a self-declared "libertarian". Take a look at how self-declared libertarians conduct themselves here for instance. Manufacturing offence, defending their right to offend, and generally being twats about every sensitive subject is what they do.
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    I can imagine a scenario of sheltering and exploring a cave either to cool down or to escape the rain, The water blocks the exit and starts to rise, so you climb your way in looking for another way out, Up and down either looking to escape, or at least to stay above the flooding water, until you can’t go any further.
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    And folks, that does include woman.
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    I just received a copy of a survey done by Tranquil Waters Marine (yea corney) Donald McCann SAMS-AMS Impressive detail and photos. White Stone VA, pretty close
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    He looks more like a sprayed roach to me.
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    That's correct. We also have a zipper under a flap at the forward edge of that vinyl, a cockpit awning zips to that for shade at anchor. The grab bar at the aft end of the dodger is there to prevent the fingerprints, but nothing is foolproof, since fools are more determined than the rest of us. That will be covered by elkhide by next season.
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    Those of us wishing to enjoy the humor of this contrived excuse for a competition would prefer that those of you who wish to discuss contrived excuses for communications would take that humor to another thread.
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    Sand the whole thing down and then clear coat. If it is getting patchy then a complete coat of clear will do fine but don't try just doing the bad spots, it will look like a mangy dog before long. If you don't sand the good areas then the clear won't stick well. Bite the bullet.
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    It's amazing what people think they're entitled to when they have made a mistake.
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    You're correct, science isn't about beliefs, but the left picks and chose what they want to champion in the face of science, as has the right. And both are wrong for that. Its not a lack of intellectual rigor its you refusing to admit that the Left does the same thing as the right on certain topics regardless of the science behind the topic. Its not that one party doesn't believe in science its both parties stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing from their base and they move in that direction. Its never about the science, its about the votes and the support. At least I have the honesty to admit it. Its not debate, in the other thread I referred to or this one when people start calling names. It only takes an opposing opinion or even fact and people are off with the "pigs" remarks
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    This is great. I think I have a new are to follow! Slowly.... This us
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    The topic is about GOOD CREW. Crew loses winch handle, a good crew purchases new handle and brings it the following race without the skipper/owner saying anything. No fuss, no fanfare The GOOD SKIPPER should immediately pull out their wallet, "You didn't have to do that, let me fix you up for the cost. Thanks for saving me the trip to the shop"
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    I hope it's a miserable failure from the get go. I can't afford to get sucked into another RTW race for 9 mos. Better put a smily in for the serious folk ().
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    The sport is correcting itself. No need for rule 69 protests. There's just a few assholes and soon that will be all the fleets have. Just my opinion. I have no desire to race anymore because it's not fun. --Kevin
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    I'm seeing more and more fishing being done on the FloraBama Gulf out of these SUP's which now come as geared up for fishing as Bertrams used to be! Look at the Kahuna's on Luiza!
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    Jr. still bone-slaying in The Bahamas...
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    three man j boat with just a jib. Hmmm..... J/22
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    Budget offshore boats are a losing game, impossible to compete with the used market full of well set up expensive boats being sold for pennies on the dollar.