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    when you pictiurre thisse service repp in you heade, ist she dressed licke a geeshia?
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    I’ve lost Stage 8 even before I start. Rosie could toss me over the horizon with one hand. Mind you, he could probably lob a Clydesdale that far too. Keep it on the water, let’s make the race full contact. I’d rate my boat over these pussy little out and out racers in a port starboard anyday.
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    Stage 1. From the start to the Redcliffe Leagues Club . Stage 2 . Redcliffe Leagues Club to the Wharf at Moolloollaba. Stage 3. The Wharf to the Reef hotel in Noosa (anchor off stage) Stage 5. The Reef hotel to the Tin can bay Hotel Stage 6. Tin can bay hotel to Lady Elliot island resort bar.(leave to starboard) Stage 7. Lady Elliot island resort bar to Keppel Bay marina. Stage 8. Cage match in the beer tent.
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    True. I had to sign a legal document designating SBI as my "mail agent". To be fair, a number of banks and financial insitutions struggle with this too and they have very few Australians trying to sort the problem.
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    spray PVA over it. You can use a Preval sprayer for small amounts
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    if I'm volunteering my time running RC and someone has a problem with the AP flag not up becuase we didn't start at the appointed time, we're going to have a short talk at the dock..
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    I’ve got two neighbors who put down reservation deposits the first day. That was about in April.... edit: and I live in California
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    L.F. Herreshoff's rotating D section mast with (approx) 30% double surface sail and very clever jib:
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    This is a bit off topic but I think this is the ultimate thread in recent sailing history for going slightly off topic. Earlier posts on this thread led me to Sven Yrvind's website: http://www.yrvind.com/ where on my iPad I randomly clicked on his Manifesto, which downloaded as a PDF, and then I went off to do something else. A few days later we are camping and in a tent just out of wifi range (lying in a tent in the summer when you have wifi and can read illuminated text on a tablet is one of life's great pleasures) so looking for something to read and lo and behold Yrvind's 95 page manifesto is still there. So over the last two evenings I read it. Now it turns out he left Ireland in early June bound for New Zealand at a hoped for speed of 2kts. Unfortunately as of July 7 we have: Yrvind is now on Porto Santo. He has decided to restart with a new boat. ExLex, which is basically an experiment, has some issues that must be solved. For example is the boat too heavy, which affects both speed and stability. There is a serious problem with the stering control that causes the rudder to lock. It is too cramped inside and it has not been possible to handle the sail from the front hatch as it was intended. All in all, this means that Yrvind decided to make an restart and design a new boat where these problems is corrected. Yrvind now needs to rest and comes when he feels ready with a status update here on the website. The manifesto is his argument for sailing in tiny ocean going boats and I lack the yacht design expertise to put my finger on where he goes wrong, or if even wrong is the right word. He's 79 anyway so maybe he's solving problems no one else has, but the lack of testing which produced the problems above, on ExLex's first voyage, is remarkable. I do like his point about "peak performance" though. This is the idea that any machine you own should operate at peak performance if it is to serve its function and give you pleasure. I strongly feel this way about bicycles, and boats too, though the latter can have all the systems work but still have old sails. Anyway, I hope Yrvind has a good think about things and maybe writes an addendum to the manifesto where he reviews what assumptions in ExLex's design were wrong. Interesting fellow. Now I'd better go back and check the tracker in case I missed something.
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    He looks more like a sprayed roach to me.
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    You are literally one of the worst customers any company could ask for. No one here becomes or is used to bad customer service. Sometimes shit happens, and sometimes its out of your control. Your route you have taken as you mentioned, is to be a self indulgent assclown. As others pointed out, there is no doubt this policy was enacted by Spinlock and not APS, Fawcetts, or any other company who had the Spinlock promotion. So to say you are taking your business elsewhere because they adhered to a policy directed to them by the manufacturer is the biggest bullshit ever. You probably only went to APS because you saw SALE signs anyway. For what I see, you have no loyalty to any company as you state above. Just whine and complain when you don't get your way. You could have overnighted the items via UPS or FedEx to have them delivered today which may have been within the window. However, because you are the cheap motherfucker you are displaying, certainly you wouldn't want to eat that cost either. Like others mentioned elsewhere it is a small industry. It is easy to obtain ones name in customer service, and have a relationship with that person at any of the companies involved. Customer service still exists at all these companies. I am sure if they messed up an order, they fixed it. If they didn't have it in stock, they ordered it. It is really just you, and your I want what I want now as cheap as fuck mentality that is the cause of this so called bad service. It is great in all you mention in your first post you have been a customer since 2010, so congrats there, however, they have been outfitting sailors around the country for over 25 years so I am sure they are doing something right. Furthermore, you should be directing your comments to Spinlock directly. If you jacket fell apart after 5 years they probably would talk to you, and maybe, just maybe offer you a replacement at cost. But, then again based on your reading of the fine print, the other question that begs to be asked, did you fill out your information and submit it when purchased? Probably not. Moral of the story, don't be a douche ripping on companies for your own inadequacies. Own up to your mistake as you had a week to ship the items back. Don't be a cheap mother fucker. And if you can't afford $225, why the fuck are you even sailing as your FE28 costs more than that each year.
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    Well the mixed wax needs to float up to the surface to seal it from the air. I honestly don't know how well it does that on a vertical surface. Don't think the gelcoat cares how thick it is. Lots of it is applied in a thinner layer. Cover with some plastic film and wait a day. I'm not a big gelcoat user preferring epoxy and paint for most repairs.
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    It'd be a great deal if you were getting paid the money to dispose of it. If you were to buy it, here's how it would pan out: It'd take 3 to 4 x the cost to fix it compared to any original estimate. It's take 3 to 4 x the time to fix it compared to any original estimate. During that time, the effects would not be subtle. Most likely, you're wanting to buy this boat because you are on a limited budget. Every waking moment of your life will centre around either working your job for income or working on the boat. The money will pour out as fast as it comes in. Wiring, engines, joinery, structural defects etc won't take weeks to complete. They'll take months. And months. And months. If you're persistent, you'll stick at for long enough that you'll get to splash it. At that point you'll have a boat that was no cheaper, and arguably no better, than if you'd just saved the pennies from the day you brought it and then purchased a ready to go similar model on the day you eventually splash. On the other hand, If you fail to persist with this huge project, you will eventually dispose of it for cents on the dollar. However, if you're not really that interested in sailing and have nothing better to do with your life or finances for the next three to six years, go for it!
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    You sound like a fool. Having the same opinion about something as someone else is "groupthink"? Exactly who "defends it when it's Muslim? What has Trump said or done that is not disgusting and/or scurrilous? Do you even understand the concept of the center? How about pragmatism instead of ideology? Do you comprehend it?
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    I know somebody who fixed similar *looking* storm damage on a very comparable boat. He wound up getting an extremely nice boat out of the deal. While he saved a lot of money, even with pro repairs, it wasn't a steal. The thing took a lot of coin to fix. The problem isn't the hole. Anybody can fix a hole. The problem is the structural damage that may have occurred in addition to the hole. That sort of damage can be hidden and you really want a good surveyor with some knowledge about this sort of damage to take a look at that. Along with all the other potential problems highlighted above.
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    Right, or scaled-up TP52s. The design would have been standard, well known and proven, and the real money spent for the smallest advantages. So, the rich teams would have spent rich anyway, but the poorer teams would at least have a chance to enter at all... to gain experience, convince additional sponsors with a good performance, and with a bit of luck or knowledge score the one or other point.
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    Yes Petzl and Black Diamond. Get one with red night lighting On head.
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    HOWEVER UNDER PRESSURE HE CAN PERFORM THE MOST AMAZING SAILING AND NAVIGATION FEATS Miracles of reef navigation were required to get to 5 miles upwind of Texas reef then supreme sailing skills and navigation skills to sail out of there. How he managed this boggles the mind. The arrow marks the last transmission of the Delorme. Alien teleportation by Romulans using a cloaking device seems the most likely explanation. You think I am kidding.
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    That is so laughable Scot. Stick to sailing on your sailing blog.
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    Are you insane ?? There are endless photos of the missing foil during the race. Not detailed ones but it clearly is not there. You are an idiot.
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    Like you do now? Pot meet marijuana.
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    Don't know that I completely agree with this but maybe we're just differing on the appropriate context. A wise, senior Air Force officer once told me profanity had a place when the occasion called for instant attention and immediate corrective action, but there is no place in a leader's repertoire for obscenity, and habitual, monotonous swearing was obscene. I was a newly minted Navy ensign at the time, and in danger of becoming a habitual foul mouth. Dad was right (not for the first time ), the use of profanity loses its shelf life quickly if you go to that well too often. But, establish a behavioral pattern of dealing calmly and rationally with stressful situations and suddenly take the gloves off when you really, REALLY need to make something happen like right now, that gets their attention like nothing else, in my experience.
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    This is gonna be Hot Rod meets VOR + the entire America's cup forum x 10. It will essentially be what would happen if the regular VOR thread posters had to spend the winter in an Antarctic base together. Despite their better judgement, people will get really into it and in the absence of any meaningful news, just 4ksbs making desperately slow tracker progress across a vast and empty ocean, general flame wars, unprecedented thread drift and anti-Randumb malarkey will rage for nine solid months. All competent sailing and sailors, all that is impressive and elegant, from Francis Gabart and Leo from Tally Ho to Burling, Tuke and Martin Grael, will be forgotten in a desperate battle for sanity and survival. May God have mercy on our souls. And the race will be challenging too so I wish the racers all the best on their exciting adventure. Edit: Am important milestone will be reached if the thread drifts so far that we get on to the topic of foiling to the point where everyone gets in a big argument with Doug Lord.
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    This ain't the Opti fleet. I don't worry about sheltering my teen from rough language while racing. That said, on my boat, we don't communicate profanely very often while racing and handling the boat, although we're plenty profane chatting over beers. It's about keeping the temperature low when events get heated, as I see it. There's a difference between an F-bomb dropped with a light heart and one dropped with scathing intent. Grownups can handle it. A couple of the local classes, OTOH... there is one well attended class that has 3-4 dickheads driving their boats, and holy shit, are their windward marks and starts fun to listen to, from a distance. Apparently that's their class culture, never heard any of them gripe about it, though the rest of us get a laugh out of it. Then there's this one guy in another very large class that is a little fractious, but jeeeeebus, this guy stands out as a screamer. Dude's hit a couple boats pretty hard over the last few years (not just loud bang hard but insurance claim hard) and occasionally pulls a dangerous maneuver mid-race. With lots of hollering. Last weekend we were close to a mile away from him in a drifter, and you could hear this skipper screaming. My crew hears it, looks at me, and my wife goes, "Is that ________ on the SV _____?" We all knew exactly who was having the meltdown. This fucktard might have been yelling at other boats, more likely it was at his own crew. Should he be punished by Rule 69? Naaaah. His actual punishment is social. I've never seen anybody just walk up to him and talk at a regatta party. He's being appropriately punished as far as I'm concerned. Sailboat racing is a small world. Treat others as you'd like to be treated and don't invoke Rule 69 for the little shit.
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