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    And here in this thread is the proof that the US' worst enemy is in fact yourselves. The divide between the Republicans and Democrats was recognised and exploited beautifully by Putin. Nato? Same thing. Nato has always been a benefit for the US, it's you that has changed. You're the problem. What happened to all the traits that the US was famous for? Be empathetic, show respect for each other and re-learn how to get along, or watch your country degenerate to a melting pot of hate. A word of advice from a long term ally (remember them?) , a large majority of you lot have become a pack of selfish cunts, I hope you can look at your kids or in the mirror without feeling dirty. .
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    Yeah, Barfys Herald link does talk about cops initially having doubts, thought it was a drug smuggle gone bad but barnacle growth on the submerged topsides was consistent with the claimed time. Just watching 2015 TV movie about it https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/abandoned a thing I hadn't realised is they did have & deploy an EPIRB, why wasn't that picked up? There's also an older one https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/back-from-the-dead-1996
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    Just because the US decides to spend insane amounts of cash on the worlds largest military industrial complex doesn't mean that the rest of the world should do the same.
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    Yesterday my son Will received his diploma in Yacht and Powercraft Design with High Honours from Southampton Solent. I wish he was allowed share some of his work here, some of it is quite stunning. He received one of the top thesis grades in the program and designed a brilliant boat, among other things. Sadly SSU doesn't allow sharing of these sorts of things to fight plagiarism, so we're all the poorer. He's headed back to Betts Boats in Anacortes in August.
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    We'd back the US to the hilt. Unlike you, we take a different view on our mates. Even if you are a cunt. Edit: name one time Oz has NOT sided with the US since WWII. Zero. Now name on time the US has lifted a finger to help Oz since WWII. Zero. The appreciation seems somewhat misguided. Or is that just lack of any modicum of education? Over to you , oh eludite one.
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    He has a point. People need to get off their ass to get rid of him, he isn't just going to wander off. He is having WAY too much fun wrecking the place to quit now.
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    That might be the only way that your nation will see a Cup in the near future.
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    Actually, no we didn't. With the state your own country is in, its laughable you think the rest of us need your help.. You realise wealth is a poor matrix to gauge success against, don't you? Happiness and self worth is what the rest of us use. Tell you what, we'll let you keep him all to yourself.
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    Maybe Canada should invade and drive out the criminal element.... FKT
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    I remember this well. I'm an ETNZ fan through and through ... but I feel uncomfortable that GD is now defending a very expensive boat with, lets be honest, not many challengers. The very things he has been strongly criticising for years.
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    I'm here only to avoid VOR withdrawal and going to AC Anarchy and losing it.
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    From the Article: "But the Democrats have to fight back if they want to succeed and say, ‘This is not the American story Mr. President. The last 250 years in particular, the last 75 years, America leading the world and Democracy, that’s the story.'” This is truth. They need a better plan. The media LOVES the ratings that Trump provides and aren't about to reduce his exposure - that's hard to overcome. Democrats need to find their center, come up with something they all agree and believe in that's tangible, and start building the case. They need new spokespeople that aren't 80 year old career politicians. The only way to disrupt chaos is through consistency of message that appeals to 51% of voters. My suggestion is Medicare for all. Obamacare was a stepping stone. Move on.
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    Well thats a load of bollocks. The intent and desire has clearly been to fill 8 bases & have to turn away a few flakey teams. AC with 3 teams is absolutely a failure, just like the SF AC. (albeit that was saved by the unusually long Match with the epic comeback, if it'd been a 'standard' best of 7 it'd have been a nothing wipeout) I thoroughly believe the boat choice is the cause.
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    And then make sure the protective gear is in the correct location when you sail an IC! A few seasons ago, after an afternoon on my IC, I met my wife to sail our Viper 640. She noticed that I was leaving a trail of blood each time I was on down on my right knee rigging the Viper. I was still wearing knee pads from the IC outing and found a nice cut that required 6 stitches under the knee pad! I guess the pad was out of place at some point on the IC and then combination of cold water and adrenaline I didn't notice the slice on my knee... (instead of sailing the Viper, I drove to the emergency room...).
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    Trump Lied. Doesn't mean you have to lie. Wait. Yes it does.
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    Unlike you, I've dealt with him. The Aussie entreprenuer and he fleeced every poor cunt involved with the project, even though it was brought in on time and under budget. Why? No other reason except that's how he makes his money. He has one interest, his wealth. And no I didn't get caught, I'm much smarter than a New Yorker real estate wannabe. That doesn't say a lot, he's a low bar after all. "Don't listen to what he says, watch what he does" is oh so true with Trump.
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    Good, they don't need to be involved in every military conflict on the planet anymore.
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    As much as I’d love to mock a lefty Canadian right now, I’m siding with that guy. Let’s be honest folks. Who hasn’t been drunk and a little forward in our past? I know I’ve been that guy, and apologized the next day. Sometimes we misinterpret signs. It’s not always the actions of an evil person.
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    Huh? Brazil has won 5. France has won 1. even if they beat the Croats and make that 2, they're a long, long way off Brazil when it comes to World Cup.
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    If the AC was a press release competition, Adelasia of Torres would be the hot favourite.
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    Just finished a search on the 65 year history of the Mug Race. Dave in his Raider was the second time a single hander ever won it. The other was Chris Cordes in an "A" Cat. Obviously he was the first single handed overall winner in a monohull. Also, probably the most senior overall winner. Good job sir!
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    Saw the latest edition “ Dead & Company” last night at Dodger Stadium. Same freak show in the parking lot. Same idiot dancing in the isles. Band was Tight! Nice version of Jack Straw and Cumberland Blues and great Stella Blue with Bob Weir on lead vocals. While my tickets were a gift I guess I don’t get out so much as parking was 35.00 $ and a can ( ice cold ) of Mexican beer was 18.00 $. Temp on field at show time was ONLY 95 o
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    The new JPK is going to be the 1030 (or 10.30). The newest Seahorse has a little bit on it but overall still pretty vague. The drawing I saw shows a very similar cabin to the Pogo 36
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    Love it, I’ll rewatch occasionally to just remember the high- and lowlights of this edition. That three boat tie and the lost of Fish and the poor fisherman will stay with me forever.