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    So toay I was doing an up the lake and back pursuit race on my Hot Foot 20. Short crewed with just myself and and my female bow person. To make my story short we broached and my bowgirl slid off the deck into the water. My first man or woman over board in 30 years of racing. She manages too grab onto the boat as we are on our side being drug down the lake by the spin. I get her to work her way to the open transom so I can drag her back on board when I notice her ass is bare. Apparently being drug by the boat still being drug on its side pulled her one piece shorts and undies down to her knees. I get a good grip on her with my one free hand and tell her she better grab her shorts before she loses them. We manage to get her back on board shorts and all. What a relief. I did not want to bring her back to the dock with no undies after all we are both married but not to each other . It was bad enough a couple of boats sailing beside us saw the whole bare ass thing. Lots of hehaw at the after race social.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/748354018542060/permalink/2136736729703775/ dont know if this ones already been posted...
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    I’m sick shitless of entitled parents bringing their too-young children to nice restaurants. If you can’t afford a babysitter, you can’t afford the meal. And no, ‘tolerance’ does not mean your fuckin’ screaming get should be allowed to disturb the entire restaurant.
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    Heard her grilled on NPR today. https://www.npr.org/2018/08/10/636955054/omarosa-tells-npr-she-heard-trump-n-word-tape-contradicting-her-own-tell-all-boo Trump seems to have protected himself by only hiring crooks and liars who have no credibility if they bail.
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    reputable former members of "Team Trump" You really need to consider your posts a little more before you click on Submit Reply.
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    "Which boat do I put on the mooring ball and which one stays at the private dock at the foot of the garden"? We should all have such problems. I'll say it's all good.
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    I don't know how you'd get that done at sea. I've tried for a couple of hours before hand-steering to shelter, fortunately only a hundred miles. Even at anchor, the slight swell made it an exercise in frustration to get it lined up. For a tired 73 year old, he's tough.
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    Don't know about Jersey. Land of my birth but have not lived there for 60+ yearS. Now I live with Chicago deep dish and Milwaukee super thin cracker crust. Funny story. Niece was out visiting a year and a half ago. Sad story why, but we will skip that. Anyhow, one night we had pizza for dinner. She looked at the pizza and gave me the strangest look. She has spent her entire life in the southern Jersey/Phila area. Out in WI pizza is cut into small squares, called "tavern cut" rather than the traditional pie shaped wedge. Could not figure out how to pick it up with no crust on a piece. She learned fast.
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    Robert Mueller's investigators just keep questioning Roger Stone's associates (snip) Why Miller is fighting so hard to avoid testimony isn’t clear. The Washington Post reports that the subpoena to him asked for information on WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Guccifer 2, and DC Leaks. A Super PAC run by Stone also made a payment to a firm run by Miller during the 2016 campaign. (snip) 2) Kristin Davis: Another recurring character in Stoneworld who’s caught Mueller’s interest is Kristin Davis, the former “Manhattan Madam” who gained national fame during the prostitution scandal that forced the resignation of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Davis did some work for Stone, and ran for governor of New York in 2010 at Stone’s urging (her campaign manager was Andrew Miller). (snip) Then, when questions were raised about Stone’s claims to have advance knowledge of Assange’s plans, Stone put out a story that all his contact with WikiLeaks in 2016 was actually through an intermediary: Credico. It later emerged that this wasn’t true, because Stone and WikiLeaks exchanged Twitter direct messages. Additionally, Credico himself denied that he’d been a back channel between WikiLeaks and Stone, saying Stone was trying to make him “the fall guy.” Stone responded with fury. Emails he reportedly sent to Credico around April this year, according to reports by Mother Jones, the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo News, include: (snip) https://www.vox.com/2018/8/11/17675288/mueller-roger-stone-trump-russia-investigation
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    I still like the socialist wonder...TATRA.
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    My god does that bring back some memories. Many of us learnt about sex, joint rolling and throwing up in that car park. Fuck I loved that place...
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    nothing says patriotism like charging the military for flag ceremony's and veteran reunions.
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    If the system worked properly that Nazi cocksucker never would have been in that position in the first place.
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    The irony of possible voter fraud involving the guy President Trump picked to investigate “widespread voter fraud” is simply delicious.
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    She should have told them she was a dirty white girl. She could have fixed the fine up right there in the back seat.
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    They should make them sit in the back of the train and see if anyone picks up on it.
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    It's been pulled from here http://youtu.be/ilYAl3yr8CM - obviously. Where is "here"? Paste the title, "2013 Americas Cup. Artemis Racing - Foiling Their AC45" into the youtube search bar and you will find it again.
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    http://www.slperform...ts.eu/page2.php SL 33 dimensions from their website. Published waterline dimension for both versions is 10 meters. The waterline must indicate the hulls have no overhang. TNZL must have ground off .001 of a meter or so.....
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    Apparently she did a lot of guiding and teaching of rock climbing. At least that's what I understand. That's easier to understand.........thanks!
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    Great looking boat! Er--- you can get paid to climb rocks?
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    Argentina is looking good too...