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    Now that comment is worthy of Moderate..People that work in libraries are not the soft protected little snowflakes you stereotype. And one of the kids that sleeps over at my place, actually lives at his grandmothers because his deadbeat parents wont have him. Another is doing an electrical apprenticship. One of our staff is a old Viet Vet, one a Sudanese Refugee, a few have done Street time and a number actually do or have owned small business..my good self included.
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/23/opinion/politics/conspiracy-theory-trump-cohen.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur An excellent explanation of why the Doggy Stylers are full of shit.
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    Blackfin, Grenada. I was Sailing Master. Also, in that epic and classic shot of Equation above, Blackfin was the boat in the distance above and behind with the big red radial head by Hard Sails ("Sail with a Hard on"), and a spinnaker staysl with red and blue stripes.
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    Yes, but the hope was for Abbott & company that it wouldn't because they know that most of the public is easily swayed by scare campaigns. They had simply left it too late on that issue (a decade earlier and they might have squeaked a "No" out of the public). Sorry, but frankly the "mass public" does know less than experts. The "mass public" doesn't know as much about secure programming as you and I do. The "mass public" doesn't know as much about treating cancer as a doctor. The "mass public" doesn't understand international trade the way a Trade Minister would with the advice of his expert staff. And so on. I used to think a "democracy by the people, of the people, and one vote for everyone on all laws" was the way to go. Time and hard lessons (locally and internationally) have taught me otherwise. Sadly, the "mass public" does not rise to it's best members, it sinks to the lowest. Don't believe me - look to the US and their electoral results. I don't believe everyone in the USA is monumentally stupid and looks up to Trump, but as a whole - that's who they elected.
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    I have been east coast for all my life unfortunately (Bahamas can go off though!) except for 4 months, fall in Encinitas, latish 70's, working as a dishwasher / sou chef at "Rocco's Vegetarian Italian" at night (owners had steaks brought in for their meals) and surfing every day. Anyway, Dale Dobson would show up at D Street occasionally, absolutely ripping on a Morey Doyle soft board, without a fin. I had a 5'-6" fish which seemed perfect for Swami's! I will never forget watching Dobson ripping on that finless soft board though....best surfer I ever watched in person. No idea how he did it. Pure poetry in motion.
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    Says every spearfisherman. Always. Constantly. Sheesh, it's like you guys are the vegan cyclists of the angling world. Hell even the fuzzy La Vag had to say it half a dozen times.
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    When you're a prosecutor, you can do anything. They let you do it. You can grab them by the Pecker.
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    It’s always good when dealing with bad dogs to start with the facts: Prosecutors charged Cohen for a crime(s) Cohen plead guilty to the crime(s) the judge accepted that a crime was committed and Cohen was guilty. Trump paid a porn star off to keep her quiet. Just thought I’d throw that in there for the party of family values team...
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    It's an easy sail from Vineyard Haven to Falmouth(after you tow it from Edgartown to VH) but you'd still want the trailer waiting for you back on the mainland.
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    I speak as a woman sailor. The original photo on the FP does not help the cause for women in sailing , but in all honesty it doesnt really hurt the cause for women in sailing. It says far more about the minority of men who felt titillated by such a silly shot than it does about women who sail or most men who sail. We already know that a certain small proportion of the male population never turned 13. It is not new news. Its a shame that the testosterone levels of the editor of the best website of sailing never got in balance but that is not new news either. You dont have to go much further than his facebook page to see that. What bothers me more and offends much more is some of the images and comments posted on the subsequent forum. It started as a vigorous discussion about the images that sailing portrays to women sailors, with strong opinions on both sides. I think both men and women sailors could have chimed in ...but then the usual small minority showed up and the thread turned just plain offensive. I could give the editor a hall pass for some of his SCOTW images if only he shut down and/or banned the truly offensive images and the internet misogynists. So here's the truth about women sailors. We love the sport as much as the guys.We share a passion for sailing. In all my years at dinghy parks and yacht club docks and sleeping on damp sails on distance races, i have nothing but good things to say about the real men I have met through sailing. As a sample population of the male of the species, they are better than average. I have had to knock one or two into shape but generally they are more respectful, more adventurous and smarter than the average. Heck I married one of them, and although the poor thing probably doesnt realize it, 20+ years later , he is still the best thing that ever happened to me and vice versa. But there is always a small sample of sad smutty men, who wonder why they are good looking but unattractive. The good news is that you meet less of them at sailing regattas than fishing competitions!
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    Exactly. How often do they use a lead line instead of a sounder? Never! When did they last work up an EP? Fix position by a dipping light? A running fix? How many still carry a copy of Harrison’s clock on board? These days stupid fools often go to sea with only 4 or 5 independently powered and often water proof chart plotters. Not nearly as accurate as ‘fixing’ their position with a hand bearing compass on a single copy of a soggy chart. One should make voyaging under sail as difficult as possible after all. It is not supposed to be easy or fun, God damn it!
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    She's stunning from all angles, but the best part is she's a sailor.
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    Holy shit. She looks just like my wife! Well...except for youth, slim body, puffy breasts, smooth skin, begging eyes and pleasant demeanor...
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    another nice one... same boat... running in first position... in the end winning the one ton revival regatta 2016 in Breskens (the Netherlands)
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    Taken a couple of weekends ago. "Steeds in the corral". (Mine is the shortest mast) Context looking down (yeah, yeah, enjoy looking down on my wife's ride).
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    I want it to be the blue one, but it's the white one.
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    Downwind with an all-lady crew.
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    Today s this one. 107 by robert perry, on Flickr
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    Light air racing is tough but we ended up well at the end of the day