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    Personally, knowing that California has about the same population as all of Canada, i.e., a little over 30 million humans, with most of that mass of throbbing, sweating humanity south of SF, makes me want to stay far offshore of that area :-)
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    I have and you answer the questions specifically, clearly, concisely, truthfully and without emotion. Crying, yelling, bantering and "what-aboutism" is NOT advised. Bart O'Kavanaugh sucked as a witness for himself.
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    And you put man in bold because there's some esteemed society of testosterone that has to be recognized here? Standing up for himself by whining, crying, playing word games and pumping up the faux outrage, all the while demonstrating his unfitness for being seated on the nation's highest court.
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    Finally we are getting to the heart of the matter. If each entry represented a quality fashion brand, it would give the fans something to really get behind and we would not have to worry about these nationality rules. Italy- Team Prada: Team Burberry -UK Team Coach - USA Surely France would never allow itself to be left out of a fashion war, so Frank Cammas would be back Team Hermes - France And of course Team New Zealand
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    You're talking about sales people, not fiduciary type advisers. Ours costs us way less that the MER on a fund and she has made us more money than we thought we'd ever have - and we both worked in the financial industry. She has a degree and is constantly going to seminars etc so saying she "doesn't know anything special" is just bullshit. Like I said - if you act as your own financial advisor you will have a fool for a client.
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    I am more concerned that a Judge whose colleagues of 30 some years cannot find fault with the man, a judge vetted for a federal position years ago, a judge whose 1000s of opinions remain largely unchallenged sit on our SCOTUS. This is not Aus where every kid gains manhood by fucking a kangaroo, dingo, sheep or wallabee (oops, sheep reserved for the Kiwis) A left wing smear engineered by Feinstein (CUNT) is not going to derail an admirable nomination.
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    No, both parties weren't responsible for the Patriot Act. It was sprung as finished work by Republicans and passed without debate. The vast majority who had the cojones to vote against it were minority party Democrats. So why do you think The Left, and BHO definitely wasn't The Left, is going to do what The Right has done?
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    I've seen enough of his conduct and learned enough about him that I believe he is not a good candidate and should not be confirmed regardless of his party affiliation. However, partisan politics are far more important to you and both parties. Pushing this confirmation through has always been about stacking the court with a solid republican majority. It has never been about choosing the best candidate. Essentially your criteria boil down to whether a crime was committed or not. If that's the level of morality that potential supreme court judges need to meet, then I suppose your criteria are as good as any and I fear for this country. One thing is assured. If the Dems get a majority in the senate and Kavanaugh isn't confirmed, the next candidate will actually need to be somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum to pass muster. I know you don't get this, but that's a GOOD thing.
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    No. He’s still a demonstrable liar, lacking the composure one would expect from a SCOTUS Justice. And he is obviously an overt partisan. I question his ability to be a fair and honest arbiter of truth.
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    Can they investigate Kavanaugh's statements on conspiracies on the part of "the left" and Democrats revealing him to no longer be considered an impartial jurist? None of you dip shits seem to recall it, so if the FBI put it in writing would you? I've got it on the DVR if they'd like to send some agents over. I hope they don't mind Sapporo.
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    Mexico is by far, one of our favorite places to cruise. We've spent about 3 years there between 2 different boats. Yes, there is violence but a lot is drug gangs killing each other. Subtract that out and it's safer than many big American cities. Always feel way safer there than the US. You have to like different cultures and like to travel to appreciate it. However those who have never left the Canadian Pacific South West do not know how good you have it. Thousands of protected anchorages, lots of cool little towns with a waterfront pub, mild climate from about June to September. Alaska is a lot colder even in summer.
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    I went for a wander down to Wynyard Wharf yesterday. It looks like work has started on the western bases.
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    Spareness of deck hardware - gotta like it.
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    It's not a plan. It is a clear as crystal, timely, and factual observation. I think your problem is you question motivation. In all cases. If a liberal were to tell you it was raining out of season, you would stand in it, soaking wet, and deny it on the claim of the liberal having a hidden agenda on climate change.
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    I didn't get the bottom part of that photo, maybe because it was kind of small on my phone, was the significance a dry creek bed? Was it that there was fresh growth from the ashes? I have a friend who is a devout Christian, an avid hunter, has more guns than most of us and he supports wildlife conservation in a deep and meaningful way, in other words, with cold cash. And somehow, my tree-hugging lefty self deeply admires this man, because the reality of nature of the back country, of the high country, of the forests, is that the trees and the predators and the prey don't know anything about politics. They tend to either find a healthy balance, or they collapse. When people derive a quality of life from a healthy environment, they tend to take a vested interest in the health of that environment.
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    Corsair...a 1981 C & C 40-2 observing the non-start of J24-Worlds
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    Aw man... (insert sound of the scuffling of a shoe kicking dirt here)
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    No gloves, no boots, his crew was wearing jeans and a wool sweater, no fancy gear on the boats, no elaborate training facilities, no warm water. Just hard work, intelligence, integrity, and a bunch of gold medals. Perhaps we should show this to our aspiring young American Olympic sailors. But what's the deal with the mirthless back flip into the water?
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote An amazing resemblance... "The story follows the adventures of a Russian noble (hidalgo) named Rimas who reads Kon Tiki so many times that he loses his sanity and decides to become a World Record Adventurer (caballero andante), reviving chivalry and serving his country, under the name San Juan 24. He recruits a simple airline pilot, Shannon Buys, as his squire, who often employs a unique, earthy wit in dealing with Don Rimas' rhetorical orations on antiquated 4knsb. Don Rimas, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story. Throughout the sagal, Rimas uses such literary techniques as realism, metatheatre, found poetry and intertextuality. The Delorme posts had a major influence on the literary community, as evidenced by direct references to Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers (1844), Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), and Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac (1897), as well as the word "quixotic" and the epithet "Ohey"; the latter refers to a character in "El curioso impertinente" ("The Impertinently Curious Man"), an intercalated story that appears in Part One, chapters 33–35. When first published, Melesyhus was usually interpreted as a comic novel... it was popular for its central ethic that individuals can be right while society is quite wrong and seen as disenchanting. In the 19th century, it was seen as a social commentary, but no one could easily tell "whose side Cervantes was on". Many critics came to view the work as a tragedy in which Rimas' idealism and nobility are viewed by the post-chivalric world as insane, and are defeated and rendered useless by common reality. By the 20th century, the saga had come to occupy a canonical space as one of the foundations of modern literature." "
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    The "environmentalists" have been using "sue and settle" quite a while before 2014. https://www.uschamber.com/report/sue-and-settle-regulating-behind-closed-doors
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    Can someone please show this to Serena
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    This might help. North Americans coming up this weekend. And World Champs next July. With World Championship on Horizon, 12 Metre North Americans to be Hotly Contested NEWPORT, R.I. (Sept. 16, 2018) – From Friday through Sunday, September 21-23, nine historic 12 Metre yachts (including four past winners of the America’s Cup) and 150 of some of the world’s top sailors will be racing on Rhode Island Sound and Narragansett Bay in quest of the title 12 Metre North American Champion. In addition to being the capstone of the 2018 12 Metre racing season, the 2018 North American Championship will be the last major regatta before the 2019 World Championship season, which includes the 2019 12 Metre World Championship scheduled for next July 8-13 in Newport, R.I. “The North Americans will be the last chance for the teams to identify opportunities to fine tune their boats and develop a work plan for the off-season to find that illusive extra tenth of a knot,” said Event Chair Peter Gerard, who also has spearheaded the organization of next year’s Worlds. Competing in Traditional Division will be Defending Champion US-17 Weatherly (Jay Schachne, Barrington, R.I.); US-16 Columbia(Kevin Hagerty/Anthony Chiurco, Boston, Mass./Newport, R.I.); USA-19 Nefertiti (John Wullschleger, Sarasota, Fla.), USA 18 Easterner (Scott Bernard, Annapolis, Md.); and US-21 American Eagle (Bob Morton/Cindy DeLotto, Newport, R.I./Edgartown, Mass.). Competing in Modern Division will be Defending Champion KA-10 Challenge XII (Jack LeFort, Jamestown, R.I.); US-26Courageous (Ralph Isham/Steve Glaskock/Alexander Auersperg/Ward Marsh, Newport, R.I.); US-30 Freedom (Charles Robertson, Guilford, Conn.); and K-22 Victory ‘83 (Dennis Williams, Hobe Sound, Fla./Newport, R.I. Eight races are scheduled. Courses will be windward-leeward, and at the end of each day the Race Committee may run a “race to the harbor” (that will not count as part of the North American Championship scoring).
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    It was freaking cold!
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    Sorry - but having to recore/skin a 15 year old (supposedly high end and definitely expensive) boat is beyond pathetic. That they all has/had this defect is not a good excuse - it actually points to reprehensibly shoddy workmanship in the original build. Even most carrol marine boats made it longer than 15 years...................
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    Top right corner. Lapsktrake hull. Might be the one the photographer missed from the helicopter...drone congrats! I’d be proud to own that boat!!