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    This was from an early morning in summer 2009, anchored by Holbrooke Island, just after the mist burned off.
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    Not sailing, just drifting on Lake Huron, from the drone
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    This really isn't hard to figure out. The Melges 14 , D-Zero and RS Aero are clearly superior boats to the Laser. And of these three, the RS Aero is now being sailed in many.more countries than the Melges 14 and D-Zero. So the answer is obvious. The World Sailing bureaucrats will chose the Finn.
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    'Not sailing' last weekend. Light to 0 winds overnight, the whole Fox Island Thoroughfare was a millpond. This was 5:30 am. The sun rising over Deer Isle on the far, eastern horizon. Didn't even feel a boat wake the whole time, because we didn't see another boat pass through. Cool late September morning, I kindled the first fire of the season. Still not sailing as the sun began to dry the decks. Finally, just enough wind to sail slowly, home.
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    Actually, with his age and science degree he will bury you and your ilk. Glad he’s financially secure at a young age, augurs well for your grandkids. But he, and they will likely tire of your opinionated idiocy and keep em away from your archaic “ideals.”. All you seem to be leaving as s legacy is national debt and hatred of your fellow Americans. The GOP is dying and being replaced by a more tolerant, browner and more tech and science savvy population. Cya!
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    Fuck off. The Clintons had $100M of investigations thrown at them. Go ahead, investigate more. Sessions runs the DoJ, why doesn't he investigate? Maybe because he knows more than the conspiracy idiots like Hannity, and there's nothing there? Nah, that's too simple - it must be the Deep State! Bunch of fucking idiots tearing down the country
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    Apparently this was foolish I was too inexperienced and probably should have died...whatever. lol damn what a good challenge and mostly incredibly awesome time..sometimes it sucked though. Got y ass a little bit kicked one day near chub key in a big norther that spun around and made my anchorage untenable so I ended up motorsailing into some really nasty 30+kt confused crap for 7 miles back to the marina. live and learn.. Other than that mostly awesome days, great people met... occasionally interspersed with annoying boat repairs (as expected)
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    Looking forward to a future Royal Commission into that "industry".
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    What nations are not 'Dipshits' Jack? Apart from mother Russia, obviously.
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    Probably come with a few extras such as a rattlesnake or two!
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    To reduce weather helm. Move the mast butt forward and shorten the headstay. If you cannot move mast butt, then at least make sure the mast is chocked forward in the partmers. Moving the rig even slightly forward or reducing rake has a big effect on the helm.
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    It's fun to speculate the technical side, but both the 50's and 75's should be spectacular.
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    Honestly? Higher Ed rewards fund raising and publications are part of the currency. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, you overwhelm them with volume. That's just part of the tenure track. People don't like to admit it - or maybe that just don't know - but most publications really are pretty derivative and most technical journals aren't that picky. The editors are often volunteers from within the industry and they try to find some SMEs that are willing to review the paper and get back at least SOME edits/comments within a reasonable period of time. Most professors don't write papers - their students do. And their students write papers not because the research is brilliant - they write papers to get practice at organizing and presenting their work - whether it's data, analysis, or opinion. And those papers have to get published somewhere. If you trash my student, guess who's going to get THEIR student trashed when they have to publish? Freakonomics 101. It is a bit of a race to mediocrity but how else do they get practice? There's only so many grad student seminars you can run.
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    What shit are you referring to? Our president being a tax cheat? Serial Liar? Pornstar fornicator? Outright conman? That our congress is railroading a purjuring, alcoholic, partisan hack to the supreme court? That our country has become the laughing stock of the world? You're gonna have to work harder to earn that Russian Troll money.
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    I heard that Olympics is replacing Soccer with Snowflake Round Ball. It’s played with a Soccer ball on a round field. There are no goal cages or scoreboards. A bunch of people will go out in the field and kick balls around. Everybody will receive a Gold Medal. Transsexual participants will receive two medals.
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    Probably very little under the present laws as my net worth doesn't reach the trigger levels. Besides, I'm not one of these rich people obsessed with hampering my kids with a fortune and preventing them from learning to fend for themselves. I've always stated that if your last $20 is used to tip the guy that fills in the hole, you've planned well.
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    Not on my boat, but nearby: VHF net in mid-ocean: Oh My God It Exploded Have To Go Rest of the boats in range are frantic - WHAT exploded, do you need help, etc. etc. Well a few minutes later the boat comes back on and explains: While we were all yacking, someone on that boat was taking a shit. It was really hard to pump the head, so they put all their might into it. They pumped really really hard. Last user of said head had turned off the seacocks. The hose was expanding and blew off the fitting shooting shit all over
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    Windows 10 is the *last* OS I would ever think about for a nav computer - YMMV.
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    I'm pretty excited about this SailGP league. I'm also excited about AC36 and can't see why we need to divide into camps over which we support. One thing they need to get right is the broadcast. It needs to be free, online, and not geo-blocked in any way. If it goes to pay TV they're fucked.
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    I've got a bet fewer than 35% of the people reading this thread and affirming Dog's narrative will read this link: https://www.chronicle.com/article/Sokal-Squared-Is-Huge/244714
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    You said Frankenstein.... did you/someone flip the extrusion? Looks like the bottom groove of a lot of masts that have a wide slot for gooseneck slide, vang plates etc
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    His testimony was submitted in writing and was entered into the record.