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    you can't call it a trial without a jury of the people either. What it was was a farce.
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    First trip abroad? I thought she was an immigrant?
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    A sad day as we lost one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Despite being told 4 years ago he had 6 months to live Matt Pillow Owen fought on and set an example for us all. He was always positive and would greet you with "Gday Bloke" and smile. A champion sailor but more importantly a great person. His most memorable quote "Hamilton Island Race Week is just Schoolies for Fat Bald 50 year olds" Its not how you deal with things that you can change that define you its how you deal with those things you can't change. He certainly showed us how to deal with the latter Love to Karen and Will and all his family and friends His last interview with Nic Douglas https://www.facebook.com/sailorgirlHQ/videos/263556067475868/
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    Evil Gnome has entered. I have been slack, did some things to the boat, ordered new sails, organised the crew and was getting all ready to go just forgot to enter. SO anyone else in this frame of mind please register so the committee can work out numbers and get the event moving along.
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    Is there DNA evidence. Did they do a rape kit? You are a moron.
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    I would have considered it rape then and I'd consider it rape today. A drunken person, especially drunk to being passed out, *cannot* give consent. Therefore, any sexual activity is rape by definition. That was my opinion 50 years ago and it's still my opinion today. I wanted and still do want, enthusiastic affirmative consent. FKT
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    I disagree, Legs. Putting on my amateur psychiatrist hat, his flat affect and "often wrong, never in doubt" inward focus are both red flags. If they arrested him for a spate of grisly murders in the vicinity, I can't say I'd be surprised. I'm glad he's got a hobby that may keep him at least partially occupied.
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    My question would be; will Senator Dianne Feinstein be investigated by the Ethics Committee for holding back her original letter for six weeks before "someone" leaked it to the press?
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    I suppose the easiest basis would be their Senate advice and consent hearings, which I watched with an accomplished Harvard Law Graduate explaining and giving running commentary when I was in over my head, along with suggested written articles that I found useful: Roberts was spectacular, getting down to constitutional and legal opinions, how they intersected, and how those logics applied to the legal issues extant in case law underlying Senate questioning. Gorsuch was just weird- a good example was ‘Golly, I’ve had some sleepless nights over that decision’- he seemed more concerned more about his gut, his image with the Federalist Society, and his social standing in the community. The guy looked like a follower, and that is what his role looks like on the Court. Kavanaugh looked like a really smart emotional basket case, a kid pushed too hard by a Mother intent on her immortality. It was all about his emotional state, and how that informed his view of the law. When push came to shove, he started yelling and crying, where Gorsuch got all conservative suck up, folksy and charming, but Roberts got a light in his eyes, the smile of reason on his countenance, and showed an ease of knowledge in precedence, scholarship, and opinion. I don’t care for Roberts politics, but he has a spectacular legal mind rooted in legal logic. The other two? Pretty smart guys, but their views seem rooted in their politics, and how they can manipulate the law to that end. There are better judges out there, like Garland, but it seemed more important to mirror the president’s personalities that nominated them, and accept or reject them on that basis. And Jeff, I said I was being cheeky. Our Beautiful President has got what he thought he wanted, in some ways a psychological mirror of himself, a lost lad pushed so hard by ambitious parents that he has nothing much left except acting out. And this act is over. Will Kavanaugh find himself? It’s happened before- look at Souter....
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    Quality group. All highly intelligent with a great blend of skills, experience and knowledge. All on Rastegar's payroll...
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    How about verbally gang raping a good mans lifetime reputation ?
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    Those arched beams are really very simple to laminate. I could do it for you up here, and you could bring a trailer up and haul 'em back, but it'd be cheaper to just do it yourself in your carport. All you need is some 1X4 PT or Cypress lumber, a bucket of Weldwood glue (The water proof stuff) and a bunch of steel "L" brackets lagged into the concrete carport floor at the appropriate arc..... It's not rocket surgery.
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    Hey Ross, the reason the International Paralympic Committee, IPC, dropped sailing is because it was the Same Countries, Same Sailors (ocasionally a new person), and all were heavily funded. I downloaded into a spread sheet results from 1996 to 2015 and was astonished at how little things had changed. The IPC wants to make sure emerging countries (3rd world) have a chance, as many of these countries have many many disabled people. Mostly because the 1st world countries wage war in 3rd world countries. One other reason the IPC ditched disabled sailing from the Paralympics is many of the TOP participants were barely disabled. It seems the Euros, along with the USA and Aus, could not define disabled very well. It seems that the classification system is a major issue. In order to get more women involved, the standards were dropped instead of actually getting real disabled women in to sailing?? The question that should be asked, but is not, is "When is disabled, disabled enough for disabled sailing?" 90%, 75%, 60% ?????? It was and is a total pile of shit. I say still is because douche bags like Dee Smith are still classified as Disabled. His claim to being disabled is because he cannot look behind because he has rods to stabilize a few vertebra. He has 2 working arms and 2 working legs, a neck that works. But his mind is gone, because he was a VOR watch captain at one time and has now sunk to the depths of hell so he can feel he is sailing at the top of something.
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    Today's right-wing nutjobs are not Nazis. "Nazi" is short for National Socialist Worker's Party. More appropriate would be "Naffi", short for National Fatcats and Fuckwits Party.
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    Some are obsessing about materials and overlooking design and fabrication. Titanium bolts can be lighter than steel, but it is less forgiving of shear and you need to be extremely cautious and lube it up liberally and torque carefully. Not worth the risk IMO and there are better places to save the weight of a gallon of water. Folks were talking about fatigue above as if simple material changes solves problems. Continuing the bicycle frame analogy? When we started on steel lugged frames fatigue was not a thing, because cromoly steel was extremely forgiving of high cycle fatigue - the limitation of how light you wanted your frame as diameter of the tubing was narrowed the frame became soft like a wet noodle. Then ppl started experimenting with 6000 and 7000 aluminium alloy frames (and before Giant figured out oil hydroforming) - American and EU builders were learning tough lessons. Make the diameter of the tubing larger to resist high cycle fatigue (which kills aluminium tubing), but then the frame got heavier and the ride quality was jarring. Then when the Soviets started selling titanium to the outside world in the 90s, besides learning how to weld it, the same lesson re titanium - diameter needed to be larger than steel, but narrower than aluminium, so in certain sizes you could end up with a light frame that was strong like steel but not harsh like aluminium. All this was before composite became mature and made titanium and steel novelty frames. What I'm trying to say is... you can build a keel out of almost anything. Provided the engineering challenges is appropriately understood, the balancing priorities done appropriately and manufacturing and installation and cared for appropriately. Seriously Hervé Devaux Structures have published in industry publications in the subject of flutter 5 years ago. Hydroem has been building imoca keel systems as long as the class has been around. Is it possible they're all missing something and a keel would fall off? Possible but it is less likely in an era where one design keel systems and mast have fixed parameters so the extreme aren't being pushed on the keel. Certainly they're not missing something so obvious amateur engineers who say titanium solves everything will think of.
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    In the beginning of the Nazi era, lots of sensible middle and upper class Germans thought Hitler was a bit of a weirdo and a social misfit, but he was good for business. There was work, wages went up, trains ran on time. Constructing the Autobahns, new housing, shipbuilding, everyone was busy and getting paid, and the industrialists were getting fatter fast. The less educated and less well-off were spellbound by his speeches and posturing. He would have been great for TV. He pissed other world leaders off, and they loved him for it. He gave them the Jews as a focus of hate, and they loved him for it. He told them Germany was going to be great again, and they blindly followed him. Any resemblance to today's USA situation may be purely coincidental...……...
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    So, got around to testing out the 'foaming' epoxy. Wanted to know the expansion rate, time frames and whether it expands past restrictive boundaries, or just condenses the foaming action when confined? Turns out it creates a bit of pressure while expanding! Ask me how I know!?!?!?! Scared the shite out of me, blew the lid off (wish I videoed it, but only took pics this time. If I have some left over, I'll do another explosion test in the backyard with video and slow mo), got epoxy foam all over the shed! Decided to have one open container (right) and one sealed but not air tight (on left). Anyway, this stuff is sticky and expands dramatically as per manufacturer (claims X30). Mix is 1:1 and mixes very easy and well. What you see in the pics is 65g of each component. It starts to foam rather quickly, around 30sec and goes into full expanding mode at around 45-60sec. Finishes expanding within around 4-5min. Drying time, dunno???? Having a beer at the moment. Got epoxy foam to clean up, but will wait till it's dry, the soft stuff is unbelievably sticky! Already touch dry after 1 hour, but still a bit of warmth in it. Now just have to figure out the internal volume of this rudder. Might just fill it up with water and measure what comes out, unless any of you guys know a better way. Certainly don't want to over-fill with this stuff, it builds pressure. Anyway, hope it's entertaining :-)
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    What I mean is that the standards in inspection, maintenance, and usage of PFDs are awful in much of the racing I have seen. On a little boat with a couple of good seamen aboard, it's easier to make sure everyone is sorted. On a bigger boat with everyone bringing their own gear or a boat captain taking care of a dozen boat-owned harness/PFDs/tethers, the availability and state of the equipment varies way, way too widely. As for having less loss of life than 'other boating', I don't know that anyone in sailing should toot their horn. Montezuma killed a lot fewer people than Genghis Khan, that doesn't mean he 'did it right'
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    That's life. Sad thing is that his squealing outrage did more damage to his suitability for the position than the unproven allegations..the fact that the FBI got knobbled is but the nail in the coffin of public perception..Clarences name is still suspect and the allegations about him were less.
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    I guess BP IX is still more or less in testing mode following the repair, I would be surprised if it has not the same or even higher potential than Gitana and even more for Macif. About Macif, when you think that Gabard has already another project going, I wonder if they have key improvements in the bag.
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    I’ll go along with that, but in my defense guys like Trump think they are barely surviving- on the edge of penury at every second- it’s those damn taxes! Those damn regulations! Those damn laws!
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    The Saudi royal family are a total stain on humanity, but without their oil America will grind to a halt, so they've been best buddies since the 40's/50's. Hell, Donnie even curtsied to the old King, who was a vile drunk dictator. Osama and the 9/11 crew certainly weren't Irish...……... They don't even have to cut off the oil, just raising the price and cancelling their multi-billion$ weapons orders will fuck the US economy. Comments like this will have them thinking about it. Their concept of pride and "face" is touchier than most Asians. Trump proving again that he is an ignoramus and utterly unfit for the office.
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    Worth noting too, that the majority of classes selected for olympics in recent times had no existing boats at all except the trial horses. This includes: RS:X sail boards 49er skiff Elliot 6m keel boat Nacra 17 49erFX
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    My new girlfriend's car got a flat tyre as we were on our way to see my parents, so I called them up and said, "Sorry Mum, I'm going to be late, my girlfriend's got a puncture." "Oh Tom!" she sighed. "I thought you had a real one this time."