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    Is there a word for the opposite of one upmanship?
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    Well done - https://www.thenational.ae/world/the-americas/us-muslims-start-fundraisers-to-help-pittsburgh-synagogue-victims-1.785266 US Muslims start fundraisers to help Pittsburgh synagogue victims Nearly $500,000 has been raised by Muslims and immigrants for the victims of the shooting excerpt - In a phone call with The National, Mr Messidi said he did not expect the campaign to go viral. “We are on average receiving $1,000 every 20 minutes.” The Celebrate Mercy campaign, he added, is inspired by “Prophet Mohammed’s own life in responding to evil with good, and to hate with love.” “We saw a community that is hurting and is under attack at its own house of worship, and we wanted to help and show a gesture of good will.” Mr Messidi described a sense of empathy felt by many Muslim Americans toward the Jewish community given the recent spike of both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in the United States. “There is lot of threats, lot of bigotry … While the money will not give back their loved ones, we hope it helps with the funeral costs, and medical expenses.”
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    Beginning to sound like those wankers who said the pictures of the ETNZ 72 foiling were photoshop. What possible reason could they have for faking that video. They have far better things to do with their time than faking videos.
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    Umm, you have. Remember the “armed guards at the schools.” How about arming the folks at the churches and synagogues like El Presidente recommends? Voila. More gunz
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    Now we have a *resident and a ruling party that basically wrote a trillion dollar bad check to pump up the already rising economy. Some, like Ryan, were hoping that it would work - against all evidence and advice, but in line with their beliefs. Some, like McConnell, don't give a fuck, but love giving money to rich people. Some just want government to fail. And have an excuse to cut social security, medicare and anything else that helps people. Ryan's probably in this camp as well. So he gets a two-fer.
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    If the shipping industry pisses us off, we might sell them destroyers and include crew.
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    Last sail,... Gusting to 30, forward of the beam, is no way to end a season. Once in the lee of my home harbor, I had time to kill so I sailed her in under genoa and mizzen alone. Going to windward, 'jib n' jigger' is a test with my boat. Sometimes it's hard to realize any progress to windward. And while the harbor in the lee was pretty flat, wind was still in the 15 to 20 range, and the outgoing tide was working against me. This is how it went, I can't embellish this track, but at times I got a good speed: Even with the centerboard down, in the gusty conditions, the lee helm makes it difficult to keep her drawing to windward. I started to get the motion. I had to anticipate rudder changes, before I could feel the bow blowing off, to make much progress. But then it got pretty good, overall, and I was happy to see the old boat - lee helm hobbled - clawing her way in. And then the yawl bonus at the end (final hair pin loop at the top), heaving to in the (now) 15 knot cold North wind. With the main already furled, all you do is, furl the genoa in and let the wheel go; it spins and hits the quadrant on the stop block below the cockpit sole. Done. It was good to relax, warm up and just sit. We (the boat and I) sat in our slick for 20 minutes or more moving at 0 to .5 knots, DDW, away from the outer moorings. I hate 30 knots but love the calm out on the water. This was a good end to my season. Apologies if I caused anyone, yawl envy.
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    The breaks are not only in nearly the same place, they seem to be on the "trip back to the club".... Have you checked for snipers?
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    The cause of this disaster should obvious to all. Offset companionway.
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    When I was a kid my skipper taught me that it was the boat's job to protect the sailor from the sea. It was the sailor's job to protect the boat from the land.
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    This does appear to be another variant on the often-repeated tale of buy a boat and set off without having learnt much seamanship.
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    Why do you folks take the time to seriously respond to the troll’s threads??
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    GSR is perfectly capable of defending himself, especially with the use of prose. However, if anyone deserves good sailing karma it's him. First to show up, first to crawl into an otherwise inaccessible space with a wrench, first on the starting line, first to advocate NOT doing something stupid on the course, and first place results calling tactics and trimming the main. Now, back to the mast on the Megabyte...
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    Hard dodger +1. Great protection for cockpit...360 view from inside pilot station Rig +1 Also BOC and Open 60 inspired. Looks great for short handed Ikea Interior -1 Do away with needless chinsy cupboards w/o latches, round out edges, add more hand holds Over all build quality-No idea Speed-??Would be interested to see how sea trials go... Sail away listed price-Skeptical Overall? It would be great if more designers incorporated lessons from offshore shorthanded racers. These innovations are now dating back to the mid/late 80s. Think Allied Bank BOC(1990). Pretty slow trickle down...
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    Had a few sunfish growing up. Lasers were the richman’s boat, but once I found my Hobie I never looked at one again. I guess multis are in my blood
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    When the Atessa IV went into refit for 3-4 years, the Captain put up an ad on local Craigslist: "British Admiralty Charts of the world. About 900. $1 each. Pretty new". I sweated as I typed sooo fast to reply that yes please I'd like them all. We were planning on our circumnavigation then. Turns out I knew the Captain because I had been involved in some of the design aspects for the refit. He did not want to spend the next 3 or 4 years correcting the charts for each Notice to Mariners the BA issued. Was easier to just sell them all and buy new ones when the refit was done... (BA charts were about $40 each at the time) I had a stack of paper about 4' high. Charts were folded only in 1/2. Now BA chart paper is heavier than 20 lb photocopy paper. But picture a ream of 500 sheets of photocopy paper. Even allowing for the much heavier paper used in charts it was way more than 900 charts. Took weeks to sort out into regions in the lobby of our apartment. We had understanding neighbors! When I drove the car home with the charts, the trunk was filled, the backseat was filled, and the passenger seat was filled. And we were riding on the bump stops. We sold the ones we weren't going to use (Korea/Japan/China/some of S.America/2 of the 3 sets for the Caribbean) and some other sailors got great deals. I was just trying to break even. The rest went into my parent's garage until we hit a new region of the world and one of was back visiting. Never did get to the Baltic... Some of the charts:
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    Because it was so fucked up when he stepped in. Please compare that economy to the one Trump stepped into. Since only the great depression was a worse crash maybe you should compare apples to apples not some small recessions. https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000 Looks like Obama took it from the Bushes near 10 down to <5 and Trump riding on the Obama legacy economy moving it another single point. I apologize as you're not talented enough to be a shill.
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    It is very rare for freestanding masts to break anywhere but near the deck. The loads really reduce quickly. Laser masts break at the joint because there is such a big difference between the stiffness of the lower and the stiffness of the upper. A constantly tapered mast shouldn’t have the stress risers that result in mid span failures. I worked with Ted from about 1981-1985. He developed the core technology that FiberSpar used and Forte is still using. Both Forte and Fiberspar developed their own techniques to build their products, but they are using the same fundamental tool to place fiber around a mandrel. Forte has a more production like mindset. They use the same braided set up for all their jobs, modifying only the number and length of layers to make their parts. Van Dusen has an autoclave, which Forte does not, and Ted is willing to use higher modulous fibers than Forte and is more willing to do custom work. Forte typically has shorter lead times. Like any tool, there are thing they do well and things they don’t do well. You build the laminate by making multiple passes through the machine. You can braid in both directions if you are set up to do it, so you can build thickness very efficiently with very little waste. Branders deliver the same number of fibers around the circumference of the mandrel regardless of its diameter. So at the bottom of a constantly tapered spar, a single pass through the braider will build less structure than the same pass will build at the tip. As a result you have to tailor the ply drops in concert with the taper to maintain the wall thickness you desire. The nature of the ply drops tend to happen two at a time because of the way the machine is operated to achieve the ply drops. This can result in stress concentrations. The way a mast bends is a function of its cross section and the strength/stiffness/ thickness of the walls. I suspect there is a fundamental mis match between the taper of the Forte mandrel and the desired bend characteristics prescribed by the rig designer which causes Forte’ designers to taper the laminate too aggressively, causing the top mast to be too fragile. SHC
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    The Mythical Front Page ? Oh, Fuck me. Now I've done it. Like my best friend once said, "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it." i suppose it's here.
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    Haggis is peasant food from a time when all the animal was used for food. I admire the Scots for the democratic spirit of celebrating the food of the underdog. Possibly Rabbie Burns's finest achievement
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    No. 1 shortly after launch. 107 by robert perry, on Flickr
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    who cares, cat stevens did it decades ago.. , why is one's beliefs so important to everyone else?
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    I'll willingly be held accountable for poutine, tim hortons and celine!
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    Supposedly, mast sleeving is no big deal because the forces are all in compression, not shear or lateral or whatever. I still wouldn't trust it. Who the fuck trailers a Catalina 30? On the gov't front- @kinardly - Jesus, you have some back luck with the USPS. Mine are so good and so cheap, that I prefer them over any privatized carrier. Sure, they're not necessarily the friendliest people in the world and no, they're not interested in privatization. Yes, they've protected their holidays and pensions but they really don't make a big annual salary. They start at $26,5k and average $52k. The median household income in the US for someone with no degree or an associate's degree is $46k to $52k. These people are not extorting taxpayers or the government. The big benefit that they have, is the pension plan and health care. Postal workers are going to have a solid, but modest pension. They are not private, but they operate as if they are. The USPS is NOT funded solely by tax payers, so I don't see the problem. Of all the government agencies, I rank them as Not Very Evil. And @TwoLegged, the foot delivery people aren't going to throw their back out hauling mail. OSHA requires that they be given back braces and other PPE. They use a little cart to drag the mail along with them on their rounds. This ain't the 1870's, you know.