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    Is there a word for the opposite of one upmanship?
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    Well done - https://www.thenational.ae/world/the-americas/us-muslims-start-fundraisers-to-help-pittsburgh-synagogue-victims-1.785266 US Muslims start fundraisers to help Pittsburgh synagogue victims Nearly $500,000 has been raised by Muslims and immigrants for the victims of the shooting excerpt - In a phone call with The National, Mr Messidi said he did not expect the campaign to go viral. “We are on average receiving $1,000 every 20 minutes.” The Celebrate Mercy campaign, he added, is inspired by “Prophet Mohammed’s own life in responding to evil with good, and to hate with love.” “We saw a community that is hurting and is under attack at its own house of worship, and we wanted to help and show a gesture of good will.” Mr Messidi described a sense of empathy felt by many Muslim Americans toward the Jewish community given the recent spike of both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in the United States. “There is lot of threats, lot of bigotry … While the money will not give back their loved ones, we hope it helps with the funeral costs, and medical expenses.”
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    That is super cool! Your wife ROCKS!!!! Do you ship?
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    Don't you mean it's time for universal education for all people? Because that's what's shown to be the indicator for reduced population growth - and even population decline. If the whole world was educated to grade 12 level, the population would not be growing, and the world could probably continue to support humans.
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    Beginning to sound like those wankers who said the pictures of the ETNZ 72 foiling were photoshop. What possible reason could they have for faking that video. They have far better things to do with their time than faking videos.
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    Umm, you have. Remember the “armed guards at the schools.” How about arming the folks at the churches and synagogues like El Presidente recommends? Voila. More gunz
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    Now we have a *resident and a ruling party that basically wrote a trillion dollar bad check to pump up the already rising economy. Some, like Ryan, were hoping that it would work - against all evidence and advice, but in line with their beliefs. Some, like McConnell, don't give a fuck, but love giving money to rich people. Some just want government to fail. And have an excuse to cut social security, medicare and anything else that helps people. Ryan's probably in this camp as well. So he gets a two-fer.
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    If the shipping industry pisses us off, we might sell them destroyers and include crew.
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    Last sail,... Gusting to 30, forward of the beam, is no way to end a season. Once in the lee of my home harbor, I had time to kill so I sailed her in under genoa and mizzen alone. Going to windward, 'jib n' jigger' is a test with my boat. Sometimes it's hard to realize any progress to windward. And while the harbor in the lee was pretty flat, wind was still in the 15 to 20 range, and the outgoing tide was working against me. This is how it went, I can't embellish this track, but at times I got a good speed: Even with the centerboard down, in the gusty conditions, the lee helm makes it difficult to keep her drawing to windward. I started to get the motion. I had to anticipate rudder changes, before I could feel the bow blowing off, to make much progress. But then it got pretty good, overall, and I was happy to see the old boat - lee helm hobbled - clawing her way in. And then the yawl bonus at the end (final hair pin loop at the top), heaving to in the (now) 15 knot cold North wind. With the main already furled, all you do is, furl the genoa in and let the wheel go; it spins and hits the quadrant on the stop block below the cockpit sole. Done. It was good to relax, warm up and just sit. We (the boat and I) sat in our slick for 20 minutes or more moving at 0 to .5 knots, DDW, away from the outer moorings. I hate 30 knots but love the calm out on the water. This was a good end to my season. Apologies if I caused anyone, yawl envy.
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    The breaks are not only in nearly the same place, they seem to be on the "trip back to the club".... Have you checked for snipers?
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    The cause of this disaster should obvious to all. Offset companionway.
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    When I was a kid my skipper taught me that it was the boat's job to protect the sailor from the sea. It was the sailor's job to protect the boat from the land.
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    This does appear to be another variant on the often-repeated tale of buy a boat and set off without having learnt much seamanship.
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    haha nice, bet getting in and out of there was way easier for you guys!
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    All that gas released as bottles are opened or as heads die down. https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2018/10/27/icelands-bars-ran-out-of-beer-trying-to-serve-drunk-us-sailors-and-marines/ A national crisis hit Iceland this week when a force of 7,000 American sailors and Marines who know nothing about the third president’s propensity for alcoholic self-restraint invaded the country’s capital city of Reykjavík, flexed an unquenchable thirst for frosty suds and swiftly drained much of the city’s beer supply. Upon arrival, sailors and Marines taking part in NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise wasted no time getting wasted, Iceland Magazine reported, with most making a beeline straight from the ship to the closest bar to locate, close with and destroy beers. Bar owners tried to accommodate the onslaught of American patrons, but “they were fighting an overwhelming force,” said local blogger, Eiríkur Jónsson.
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    As you may know, there are 10 distilleries in Kentucky officially on the “bourbon trail” and undoubtedly others that offer tours and/or tastings, some free, some with nominal $ admission. We toured Makers and Woodford this past July, and thoroughly enjoyed both. The warden doesn’t like bourbon, but she also loved the tours. I’d recommend it for anyone at all interested.
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    Bad? You mean the bankrupt economy Bush and his cronies left for Obama? He saved our version of capitalism, put our economy on a long upward road of gains which are still going today. You are a fucking shill or stupid. Do yourself a favor and look at a graph or two.
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    Cane you spelle a-t-t-h-e-h-I-s-t-t-e ?
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    Philip Rhodes Astro is a cool boat to watch sailing. I have to remind myself, this is an 80 year old design. From above the WL, it could be mistaken for a contemporary 'daysailer'. Below, with a long keel and attached rudder, how does it even move?? These kids know the old boat. Their dog kills me, he's the only nervous one onboard. All the summer people have gone home. As their prized yachts await tucking away for the winter, they would be glad to know the local kids use them as gates to run through in our harbor. Lining up Concordia yawls (also a 1938 design)... No sweat (just mind your mast head in the gusts,...). A perfect sail ends at the mooring. Rounding her up below,... Did I hear the girl at the masthead say, "it's a long way to the pick up buoy,...just sayin' ". On the very, very, very,... last bit of way, a long young arm just reaches the wand.. Kids, killin' it,..
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    Its fascinating to read all the comments here about this race. Especially the ones suggesting modern communications, weather forecasting and GPS should have been allowed. Maybe these comments come from those who are not old enough to have sailed out of sight of land before the days of Decca Navigator, GPS and the like, and when weather forecasts more than a day ahead were useless. If you cannot go to sea without these things you simply cannot consider yourself to be self reliant in the same manner that was normal 50 years ago and more. I still have a love/hate view of GPS as I miss the adventure and occasional adrenaline rush of old style navigation, and especially coastal navigation in strong tides off a rocky coastline in foggy and windy conditions on visual nav and dead reckoning only! I remember the huge difference it made when I first bought a Seafix RDF! In those days very few pleasure boats would set out from land in a fog, and knowing where you were was always a constant issue. Accuracy was measured in miles, sometimes tens of miles, not metres. Yes, now I use a pc with Maxsea and I have 3 GPS sets on board. I still carry my sextant and RDF set and trailing log, but being honest with myself, I have lost much of my early hands on skills of navigation due to simple lack of day to day practice because of constant use of GPS. Today if I didn't have GPS I would not trust myself to make some of the landfalls which I considered routine 50 years ago. I guess my critiscm of this event would come from the opposite direction. Why have rules on boat type and materials? There were none for the early navigators? And if you want to replicate the conditions which applied in the old days there should be no communications other than a VHF and a MF radio and a catapult to send film and written narratives to passing ships. As regards weather, the old navigators used a barometer and a piece of seaweed. As for a RO giving a competitor weather routing advice??!!! You have to be joking. Also don't forget that EPIRBs and the like didn't exist and the range of rescue services and the ability to call for help was also very primitive. Australian taxpayers would not be complaining because likely your SOS would not be heard and you would not get rescued! Back in the day even a short coastal voyage single handed in a small yacht was quite risky and any long distance ocean voyage in a small boat was extremely risky. But if an adventurer wants to experience the situations faced by the old time race navigators, they have to face the fact that these folk were knowingly putting their lives at considerable risk. Every little bit by way of chipping away at that risk to life seems to me to progressively erode the validity of the objective of this race.
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    This is not going well is it?
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    Webb Chiles’ approach is interesting. He waits for a good weather window to leave, leaves, has no wx info on board. Deals with what comes. No cosines required. It’s taken him very, very far indeed.
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    Your chances of it restarting go down about 10 to 15% every time you use it, just leave it running.