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    thanks for the comments and sentiments, one and all. Even the fat and old one This race was everything and more than I ever expected. It was an unbelievable and awesome experience. I hope some of my scribblings were able to share the adventure, and provide some amusement and entertainment. Sunday was all about getting to the dock, having a meal and then falling asleep. Monday was a scramble to get the boat sorted and entertain a couple classrooms of kids who came down to the docks to see me and Dragon. Then Rob Windsor, Mark and Eileen Washeim all shoved off for Key West. As of this evening, they are off the USVI. A flight home for me this morning, and in the office this afternoon. Jack was correct about the strategy and my decision, and with 20/20 hindsight I think I sailed an almost perfect course for my boat and the conditions. Better to be lucky than good, I guess. With another 20 miles of runway on the last day, I probably would have caught Tibco. No small feat given that 123 is (in my view) the most versatile design in the fleet. Chocolat Paries might have been in play, but everyone else was frankly out of reach after the first few days. I feel real good about the outcome.
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    Oh God, here we go again. We did all this analysis 12 years ago at KiteShip. It just isn't economically or practically feasible. Technologically perhaps OK, but the master will hate it, as it means more people to look out of the windows, and the owners will hate it as crew numbers climb badly, and it only works when you're on a reach, and you have to keep shifting ballast to windward, and tacking is a nightmare, if possible at all, and there are so many more reasons.... Nice idea. But doomed not to happen. Sad but true.
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    Don't forget that Voodoo(as Limit) beat Alive(As BJ66) over the line in the 2008 Hobart
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    My Grandfather was a member of the Larchmont Corinthian Yacht Club.... He tried to take a business partner to lunch there in the 50s. The business partner said "John, I think we ought to find another place...." My Grandfather said "Why? It's a great club!" The guy said "My name's Kuhns.... that mean anything to you?" My Grandfather said "no.... Why?" The guy said "John, I'm Jewish. They don't let people like me in there, even for lunch." My Grandfather resigned his membership the next day.
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    Carbon cutter No. 2 on it's 2nd outing.
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    WTF? Saving fuel hauling CARS? That entire ship would fit inside a car carrier too
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    what a great looking hull .
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    Saw him lugging a suitcase from base to hotel a couple of volvos ago. Mate and I shamelessly followed him asking how much lead he had in the case. Luckily my mate is much bigger than he is.
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    I don't care what she looks like, but I could not continue serving in any capacity that required me to vomit abject bullshit and lies on a daily basis. That has to wear on someone with even the slightest bit of conscience.
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    Probably the best reason to choose a boat!
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    That's definitely a boat/program to watch. Fully funded, top design, vastly experienced team.
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    Excellent dispersion. I wouldn't use it riding in a pack though unless I were WAY faster than everyone else.
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    I’ve never seen any real comparative figures or reasons between settling in mainland europe and the UK. It must be that it’s easier, because personally I’d try and settle in Spain, Portugal or France etc. Somewhere warmer and with better food than the UK.
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    I also wonder if 17 kts in a congested waterway was a good idea. Makes the window for timely, correct decisions that much smaller.
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    I think you need to elaborate on the highlighted section ... a lot. I have Chinese in-laws and have spent some time there. Upward mobility is a lot more possible there than in the West. MY DIL's parents went from being peasants to millionaires in the construction business and they are far from unique. My BIL retired at 42 because he decided he had made enough money to support himself for the rest of his life. At no point in human history have so many people been raised out of poverty as in China in the last 30 years. The current system is called 'socialism with Chinese characteristics', the Chinese characteristics essentially being you can get rich. The average Chinese person is quite apolitical and likes the government because they have provided stability and a playing field where you can rich or at least wealthy enough to provide security for your family. The role of Mao today is an interesting one. No one criticizes him and the same time no one quotes him. My in-laws are university profs and I have visited a few university campuses. Each one has a Mao statue in an older part of campus, generally quite big 25 to 35' high. No one has proposed removing them because it is not important enough to make an issue of. At the same time they are just ignored. People old enough to remember Communist times have much more affection for Chou En-lai than for Mao.
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    Boats would be a lot prettier if people just learned to love bumping our heads and being in a cave with no way to see out.
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    Most of the Gampians were designed by Alex McGruer. I think he was a good designer, but Grampian's boats were "built to a price." The rather nice looking Grampian Classic 31 was designed by designer/builder Peter Van Dine who is probably best known for his little schooners.
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    I think he has you on ignore, so we’ll leave the agreeing with you part alone. But the diss part-pure J6.
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    A bit of publicity about bunch of girls doing the race may well get my 4.9 yo girl remotely interest about this sailing thing. its 2018 mate, pull your head out of your arse and welcome something different that creates interest into the sport.
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    Actually its not. Mate my guess is the majority of girls on that boat would have you for breakfast.
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    Proof we could follow their environmental, infrastructure, regulatory and educational and safety net ideas but the Republicans wouldn’t have to swallow their principles (again).
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    Ventusky with the 3hr acc rainfall showing. Her position from Proas post. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=-35.0;-109.7;3&l=rain-3h
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    Pano - This is the only place around here that does fore-aft mooring. As mentioned, it's a state park and they make the rules (and charge to stay). While we only get 6 foot (2m) tides, the passage between the island and mainland, 'Raccoon Strait', can have quite a bit of current; I've sailed backwards there. Frankly, it's a bit annoying, as you don't swing to the wind, and often get waves on the beam. But it's a pretty spot.