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    Overplay, Thank you for 14 downvotes. I thought I was above getting bashed by... hold on a minute there..let me read your last blast. Oh, that was not too bad. Most intelligent thing I believe you have ever posted
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    What were you girls bitching about while I was over signing up to a really cool Facebook club?
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    The facts are these. The original keel for STEALTH was fine and in the right place. We made a decision to reduce the ballast weight to get better light air performance. Retaining the original bolt pattern was a must. Very similar to the new keel Lorrie did for CASSIPEA with the same result, i.e. a forward swept keel. It had zero to do with the first keel being in the "wrong place". Bruce was happy with the result. Happy enough to have me design his next boat FREE RANGE CHICKEN. Aircan go on restructuring his "facts" all he likes. But he's a jealous bitter person with an adgenda here. No matter, he's still someone who can produce nothing beside vitriol and bull shit. In then end I'll still be me and he'll still be nobody, just an angry whiner. I'd ask him this question again: If STEALTH had been a failure, why did Bruce comeback to me for anther design? Simple question.Common sense should tell you that if Stealth had been a failure, Bruce would have not come back to me for a second design. We were working on a third design when health issues forced him to give up sailing and move to Colorado. We remain very good friends. There seems to be this weird idea with a small group here that they can "undo" what I have done. That's never going to happen. As of this morning there are now 4,093 members of the Robert Perry Yacht Design Fan Club on Facebook. I am i contact with owners of my boats all over the world. There are a lot of very happy Perry boat owners out there. But, you can't make everyone happy. I'm good with that.I'm happy. I can't be responsible for a small handfull of angry losers.
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    The UK (RORC) has a large 2H entry in all their races - 2H is shorthanded, not a formula relative to length. RORCe 2H divisions (autopilots are allowed) are probably the best supported and competitive of all the RORC IRC categories and the 2H crews do beat the fully crewed! 2h is THE way to go
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    Greetings Fellow Sailors! I am introducing an idea to all sailboat race organizers in the San Francisco Bay. I would like to share a letter I just sent to a popular local sailing magazine- it lays out the concept. I hope others in the wider racing community embrace and propel the idea forward, as I believe it will seriously increase waning participation in regattas. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Sailing Anarchy for everything you do for our sport!
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    The author was pretty much an idiot, as most writers for sailing magazines have been. The gybe problem would most likely be a problem for neophyte sailors, just the kind that were likely to buy Perry boats. So there is some validity to what was written. The real issue was the weather helm problem the boats had. Cutting down the E helped, but not enough. Later it required the bowsprit too. Big design fuck up.
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    Here's a picture of AlR, overlay, and 6 year old in jammies discussing their next posts to this thread:
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    I downvoted Air 1 hour ago. I got 2 downvotes back immediately from Air and Overlay. I never get downvotes back. Sock confirmed.
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    FWIW my experience from Sydney. This is a great idea. I tried for many years to get this happening, with the CYCA vehemently opposed to it. They threatened me with a Rule 69 hearing if I entered their minimum of 6 crew offshore races but then raced two-handed, even though I obviously would have been disqualified each race. I gave up. Although a guy in Adelaide had done exactly this and eventually the CYCSA gave in and allowed him to race two-up. RPAYC in Pittwater north of Sydney allowed two-handed entries in their offshore races by special arrangement, and now they have a two-handed division in their Pittwater to Paradise race. A few other clubs in Sydney have a minimum crew of two so we raced two-up in those races. I think the categories should be solo and two-handed with autopilot, three-up no autopilot. That worked for us for many years to get bigger yachts, mono and multis, racing together, from 30 - 60 feet in length, and once an 80 footer two-up! There is a famous story about the 1962 America's Cup challenger Gretel being raced two-up from Sydney, south to Botany Bay and back two-up, with spinnaker including gybes. And that was back in the days of wire sheets! Good luck with it. I hope you succeed.
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    Trump thinks Morrison is the Prime Minister of Austria. He likes Austria. Hitler came from Austria.
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    SEVEN! In the very back is the IC(A), GBR299!
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    We (bronte yacht club) run a sunday afternoon series called Sunday Stroll, its shorter and mid distance point to point or 5-7 miles out to a dropped pin and back. Single and double handed only, use your phrf rating, autopilot allowed. The whole point is USE THE BOAT. An upside is many of the boats that regatta fully crewed are using it with wife/girl boy friend to get more comfortable running the boat short, without the gongshow mark roundings There is a bigger single/double series that runs on Lake Ontario, but its longer races and take more of a time investment. The distances and getting to the start line from 30 miles away. Ours started with 3 boats, if you build it they will come......
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    Nothing cooler than brand new stuff! Happy Sailing to six lucky people.
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    The panels feed an inverter/charger that has input transistors, which can be thought of as valves for electric current. When the transistors are on, current can flow. When they're off, they cut off current from the panels. The panels are still sitting at high voltage (because of the sunlight bearing down on them) but no electricity flows. It's similar to the fact that when you have nothing in your wall outlet, it's still energized with high voltage but no current can flow because there's no circuit formed until you plug something in and turn on the switch.
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    yep, I'm far more interested in joining regattas which have shorthanded classes. the whole day is better; far fewer cats to herd, and everybody gets all the 'job' they want, all day.
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    Beer:" I've met a lot of designers. I have become good friends with many of them. Even Brit Chance was "chummy" with me or at least as chummy as I think he ever got. George Cuthbertson once walked into my office unannounced. We had a great chat. Al Mason stopped by one day with his daughter. He was a lot of fun to chat with. I became friends with Ted Hood. There were a lot of gaps in the conversation when you chatted with Ted. He was a man of few words. Ted's Little Harbor dealership became the Lafitte dealer. Of course Bill Garden and I were friends starting in 1963 up until the end. Bill had a razor sharp wit and was full of design stories. Once with him on his island he talked almost non stop for two hours about all the law suits he had been involved in. I thin k he was trying to scare me. "Write everything down Bob, everything." Gary Mull and I were thick as thieves and there was no finer man to hang out with than Gary. I still talk regularly to Chuck Paine and Yves-Marie Tanton. I wish I had taped the conversation when Lorrie Davidson and Ron Holland came to lunch at the shack. That was a a hoot. I once gave a talk at Mystic. Olin Stephens was there. He would also give a talk. (That made me nervous) Another group gave a talk on a nice old S&S boat that they had restored. They gave the first talk with glowing reports on how the boat sailed. Then Olin got up and said (I'll paraphrase) " I can't believe you put all that effort into that boat. It was not that good a boat. And then he listed all the problems with the design. It was an eye opening talk. I had much respect for him. He was a very nice guy. When S&S became the dealer for the Valiant 40 I thought that was quite an endorsement. They sold a bunch of them. I have client due to show up any moment but when I get a chance I'll write some more on "balance".
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    One thing that would help this is having two defined handicap setups for boats: fully crewed and short handed. Some boats might run the same way for fully crewed and short handed. On my boat we would fly a #2 and a smaller cruising asym kite when short handed, which would drop my rating from 72 to 84 or 87. Since fleets are already small I wouldn't make a new division, but I would suggest recognizing the top 3 finishers in the short handed classes.
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    The boat will be presented for the first time in Europe at the Paris Boat Show in December 2018. A real opportunity for French sailors to see the boat and program a demo. www.ufofoiler.fr
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    We can pretend that Cruisin forgot how to sail, bought a San Juan 24, and embarked on a round the world voyage.
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    Did I miss this one?
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    I nominate the D&M 22 as the ugliest boat every to wear the S&S label. IIRC, it was a Quarter Tonner. I always suspected it was a side effort of one of the house designers.
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    When I'm older, I may settle into a heavy preference for a single type of sailing, but there's just too much to see and do across the entire spectrum of sailing to limit myself. Rowing and sailing along the Chesapeake estuaries is as pleasant and amazing as what you describe in your own sailing grounds. Here, I can and do access any kind of vessel from classic plastic to multi-hulls to tall ships to small, traditional fishing/sailing boats. It's true, waking up on the hook on a cool, spring morning and sipping that coffee is a wonderful thing. We've had 3 years string of harsh winters here. The bay is fickle. When the winters are very cold and the water is hard, I fettle so that next season's sailing is pleasant and free of mechanical worries. If I'm living on the boat for a week or two at a time, it makes for a more pleasant stay if the interior is in good nick and visually appealing. (I've spent enough time in the industrial environment of a nuclear submarine interior that this matters to me.) My one loop around Delaware/Maryland/Virginia was also fantastic. The solitude of the Atlantic, my first time experiencing the ocean swell (on my own boat) was rewarding and enjoyable. It was definitely not boring. I really hope for more offshore time next season. With sailing, I have very few prejudices. I'll try nearly anything at least once. So much to learn, see and do and an entire world to do it in.
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    From Zombie Classic Boats on FB: It's Zombie Art.