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    IMHO - that boat is what many of us need today - simple, easy to handle, large enough for weekending, with classic looks. I'd love to build a yachty Skipjack w/an engine and an updated underbody - but what would I do with that much boat besides spend cubic $$ to store and maintain it? Unless I hit the lottery - I'm going to be trading hours for $$ for a long while yet, and my nautical goals are going to continue to be realized in little dribbles, not the big trans-oceanic splash I daydream about. Accepting that? The boat in that ad makes a lot of sense.
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    Sure. I reckon the plan (in running for POTUS) was stupid simple - get more exposure by running, lose against someone more suited to office, milk the exposure and right-wingers who thought they were robbed electorally for every last penny. I don't think it was anymore complicated than that. There were no further plans than that because no-one, including Trump, really counted on there being enough yankee morons to get him into office. Everything since then has been pure short-term exploitation of whatever looks best in any given 24hr period.
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    Unofficially: don't be a dick, stay away from the race Officially: Same rules as always
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    I've heard that they're great if you're not in a hurry and don't wish to go high upwind. Which is great for me. If I'm in a hurry to get upwind, I'll take a powerboat. As for free standers, they typically have one or maybe two failure points instead of many dozens. From my list of things I know, but should not: if a free standing carbon mast has been through a hurricane and a neighbor reported it whipping around like a blade of grass, it might not be OK. Even if a good surveyor looks at it, it might just fall into the water one day while reaching along calmly in ten knots. And no, the broker who sold it to you doesn't know where to get another one.
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    if any racers think RRS 24.1 has anything to do with boats that are not part of their race fleet, then they should not be in charge of a boat.
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    I totally get that the tag line in the OP was humorous.........but some of the posts make a good point separate from the humor. Success? Loved one woman, raised 5 kids who are contributors not takers, led remarkable people in impossible efforts, and helped some folks along the way. I feel successful.
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    @colinparker Colin Welcome to the UFO forum! Chrissy Field is a beautiful place to sail, I was there last month and wishing I had my UFO! I think you have received some really good responses to your questions. One more observation, I find that on takeoff I am usually hiking hard while the boat is not foiling but accelerating toward takeoff. Keeping the boat flat in this phase is crucial—in particular you really don’t want leeward heel on takeoff or you will never get the boat back flat once airborne (foilborne??). As the boat takes off, keep hiking until the boat starts to heel to weather. Once the boat starts rolling to weather, pull your body weight into the center of the boat (stop hiking and snap your body to a seated position). The theory here is as follows: as the foils begin to create force, the force is not solely vertical, rather the force is 90 degrees to the plain of the foil. This means as the foil beings to heel to windward, it not only produces vertical lift (lifting you out of the water) but also righting force that counteracts the heeling force of the wind against the sail. (This is called ‘force vector decomposition’ in physics in case you want to check it out on Wikipedia.) Once airborne, I describe my role as the manager of the tension between the righting force of the foil vs. the heeling force of the sail. I do hike but body adjustments are just not fast enough to deal with the rapidly changing roll-forces of the sail and foil—sheeting and tiller movements are preferred. As an aside, once the boat is heeling to leeward your hiking is fighting both the heeling force of the sail as well as the heeling force of the ‘heeled-to-leeward’ foil. Practically, this means ‘forget it’….you can’t hike hard enough to win that fight. Most people either do an aggressive bear off, sheet out and hike to flatten the boat (advanced move) or just sheet out and land the boat and redo a takeoff once flat.
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    10 pound poms refer to UK immigrants to Aus. saorsa is easily confused.
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    Ultimately: The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGs). Practically: Courtesy and the intention to not effect the outcome of the race via your wind shadow, wake, forcing a racer to alter course for you, etc. It is considered to be a dick move to press your [COLREGs] rights. If your are just "sailing along" and a fleet is converging on you, you can almost always hold a steady course and allow the racers to "do their thing" around you. If the racers seem to be headed to a permanent or temporary buoy or other mark, the non-racer can make things easier for everybody by steering clear of the mark. If either a racer or the non-racer gets emotional about the situation, it's a sign that they are feeling uncertain and uncomfortable and should chill out.
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    Ran across this on another forum and recall there are a few folks on here looking. I have known this boat boat forever and my wife and I often watched her sail out of Barnegat Bay decades ago. Worth a look if you are in the market for fast and fun and well built. Not mine and no vested interest. Just happen to think she is one cool boat!
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    Echos of Valiant? It's really nice.
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    It's a real effect. When the most recent kids met my friend, they wouldn't look at her, let alone speak to her. They had to be prompted to say hello, and then again to say it audibly. Then they got new shoes, socks, and undies and realized she was a "safe" person. Now they run up and hug her and won't shut up. I think being nice gets a nice reaction and new shoes get a much nicer one from kids who seldom, if ever, had new shoes.
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    I think it is religion with the likes of jzk rather than any real understanding. Religion believes and provides an identity. Understanding is difficult and you're wrong a lot of the time. With religion, you're never wrong.
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    Traffic is common. Reactions are mixed. Sail on.
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    The cost of a hotel room is only the start of how a building or hotel can be used to funnel money to a president. Meetings can be held and packages exchanged. Services can be rendered and paid for at easily manipulated prices. Back channel lines of ommunication can be established. And if the building is in a foreign city, such as Moscow, and Sanctions relief is on the table? Imagine the potential for graft! And, boy, if only we had an easily imposed system of price hikes a president could levy on foreign products, which could only be removed after that president was satisfied. (Or bribed). Imagine how such a system could ensure that president unimaginable riches. It’s a lmost like tariffs were invented for him. Trump is treating our country like his own piggy bank, folks.
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    VPLP had 9 years of design time & were still slower than WOXI! Just fucking with ya’s! I love Juan’s wording about the keel - not allowed to say what happened but the owner asked me to draw him another boat lol. Well said!
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    This little splinter of a RC glider flies at the cruising speed of a 747 airliner. Pushing the transonic envelope!
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    So. Here we are 2 years later. She is just about to finish her third co-op rotation with the same company (as required by her program) from day 1 she was working in engineering and never had to fetch coffee or do someone elses filing. And aside from having to explain to several co-workers that they were allowed to curse in front of her and assure them that if she was offended by anything she would not go straight to HR, but she would tell them first. It all has gone well. Not everyone in a machine building environment is used to working with 20 year old women. She was accepted into a 5 year Masters program, so starting this upcoming semester she will have undergrad as well as grad school classes. When she finishes up her 5th year of college she will have the bachelors in EE and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. So now she is beginning to look for a Biomedical Engineering internship for next summer. It’s not required by her program, so she has more flexibility in where she goes. So if anyone is in that field and has advice please send it to me. Thanks
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    Stupid memes say more about the people propagating them then they say about the subject.
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    Do you have inside info from that captain? From what I recall from that thread, he was out of SF. In any case, the tank thing was just one of many theories in that thread. It was also said that they had no idea if the water was fresh or salt. They just bailed after reporting that they couldn't find the source due to screwed-down boards. The boat was also reported as still floating after the SAR. The only first-hand "captain" report I saw in that thread was this... He also delivers Benes and said "they don't break easy". I agree on all counts. Yet another case of don't blame the boat...like with the incident in this thread. Again, maybe you have some inside info here - but the Bene 55 is definitely not a "coastal boat". And if you really believe it is, you should stay very close to shore in whatever boat you're in.
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    He’s probably already on it.! We’ll have to run into each other and have a cold one or two eventually
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    This may help: What is a Deep Cycle Battery There are only three brands of G-24, 27 & 31 batteries we have tested here that have actually delivered 100% of their rated Ah capacity, and those are; Trojan SCS line, US Battery DCXC line and the Crown's.
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    Ish: What is that old fantail cutter? Love the reefing bowsprit detail. You don't see that around here often.
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    That for sure depends on what is on the boat now, what goes on the bottom during the redo, what the fairness of the boat is now/what is the desired fairness after, what level of sanding /burnishing are you looking for. So without knowing this - between $4k'ish and $20K'ish
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    All these years on all the Great Lakes, I haven't really seen anything like what you are telling. Out them and let us know. Must be that very small number of A$$hats that do this.